Latter-day Mixtape: BYU Noteworthy – “I Can Only Imagine”

BYU Noteworthy
BYU Noteworthy continues to produce incredible a capella material.
BYU Noteworthy

That’s right music lovers, it’s time for another round of the Latter-day Mixtape. This time I bring you the latest from the powerhouse that is BYU Noteworthy. If you’re unfamiliar with Noteworthy, they are the female counterpart to Vocal Point, and our very own Joseph Peterson did an amazing article on them, which you can read here.

Noteworthy is a 9 member A capella music group. That’s right, they do all those sounds with their voices. Their biggest hit so far has been their version of “Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)”, which has garnered a whopping 47 million views on YouTube and is guaranteed to send chills down you spine.

Their latest release is a cover of Mercy Me’s smash hit “I Can Only Imagine.” This can be a difficult song to perform, because it can be hard to replicate the heart wrenching soul in Bart Millard’s original version. That’s why Amy Grant, whom originally was going to sing it, decided she couldn’t (If you haven’t seen the movie I Can Only Imagine, you should). That being said, I think the ladies of Noteworthy bring their own unique style to it, and still do justice to the core message of the song with their beautiful voices.

How Great Thou Art

In addition to “Amazing Grace”, and “I Can Only Imagine”, Noteworthy has a beautiful version of “How Great Thou Art” which you can watch below. In it, Noteworthy alumni from years past come together to sing this beautiful song of praise. This is probably one of my favorite versions of this song.

Come Thou Fount

Noteworthy’s work can even be seen in videos produced by the Church.  In this video, the group sings their version of “Come Thou Fount” as we see the story of a mother and daughter struggling to come together after the devastating loss of a husband and father.

If you don’t have BYU Noteworthy on your listening devices already, then you are missing out.

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