Relative Race Season 5, Day 6 Recap: Hold Tight To The Cheese

Relative Race Season 5, Episode 6
As the Race crests the halfway point, teams must struggle against plastic, cheese, Amish, and Big Brother.
Relative Race Season 5, Episode 6

Welcome to day six of Relative Race. Man that felt good. Seriously, Dan, if you ever need a fill in, I’m you guy, I’m sure Geoff can spare me for a while. We’re more than halfway through this familial competition, with some great revelations for the teams along the way. And there are still four days to go! Hold on to your hats, or in the case of this episode, your cheese, there is so much more to come.

First strike can’t keep blue down

A first strike isn’t about to get the dynamic blue duo down, as they cruise out of Columbus, Ohio headed to Fort Wayne, Indiana, but the local Amish population might. An allotted time of 3 hours and 56 minutes could be slowed if Chonta gets her way to have Demetrius stop so she can talk to some of the Amish people, and take a selfie with them. I don’t think she caught the irony in that statement right away.

Staying in North Carolina for this leg, the twin sisters of Team Black travel from Charlotte to Goldsboro. Some confusing directions from their cousin, and uncertain turns however could make the 3 hour and 31 minute allotted time, much longer.

Nearly to the west coast, Team Green buzzes out of Flagstaff, heading for Page Arizona, on the border with Utah and Lake Powerll. With the shortest drive of the day at 2 hours and 25 minutes, the brother are feeling well and decided to teach us, the viewers, about healthy snacking while on the road. They are flying high until their selfie is rejected because Marcus’ face is cut off. Old school tech gets you every time.

Last but certainly not least is Team Red who heads out of Scotch Plains, New Jersey, heading for North Kingston Rhode Island, with an allotted time of 3 hours and 31 minutes. Speaking of Rhode Island, go check out this hilarious Studio C sketch about people from Rhode Island. Apologies in advance for all the Rhode Islanders I just offended.

Challenge: Rat Race

In this challenge the teams in a giant inflatable ball that looks similar to a hamster ball – similar to Zorbing without the water. Working together they need to navigate a course, collecting large chucks of cheese along the way. Teams could lean or reach out of the ball, as long as they kept a part of their body in the ball at all times. Despite how tiring it looked, all the teams genuinely looked like they enjoyed this challenge, and they only had about seven minutes to do it. At the end, we got to see some mad backing skills by Demetrius from Team Blue, who zipped past a sign and out onto the road. Maybe he can give Team Black some lessons when the game is all over, and then teach everyone his secret rain driving techniques.


1st Place

Blazing into first place at just over 4 minutes over their allotted time, Team Blue had a near disaster trying to find their relative’s house. For a brief few minutes they thought they had lost their relative’s address card. After some frantic searching, Demetrius was able to locate the card in their notebook. In Fort Wayne, Chonta met her relative Tomeko, who like many relatives in the game, was also trying to make connections of her own. Until meeting Chonta, Tomeko had never met anyone from her father’s side. After a very emotional meeting, Tomeko took Chonta and Demetrius rollerblading. Demetrius seemed okay at first (we only saw him fall once), while Chonta used one of those skate trainers that the kids use. By the end however they looked to be getting the hang of it.

2nd Place

Coming in at 2nd place and safe for another day is Team Red. Maria and Elizabeth only had 6 minutes separating them and first place, coming in at 10 minutes over their allotted time. Those concerns went out the window however, as Maria got to know her 3rd cousin Michelle on her mother’s side. Together with Michelle’s husband, the sisters got in some hockey practice, and showed us their mad puck handling skills.

3rd Place

The brothers of Team Green weren’t sure when they received the address of their relative and it pointed them to a campground. A wrong turn on the way to the campground put them on  restricted government property. Seriously, it looked like they were trying to access Area 51. I was waiting for the guys in black SUVs to come chasing after them at any moment. In any case, a loudspeaker told them to vacate the area post haste, which they did. Eventually they did find Marcus’ cousin, Brian, at Lake Powell. From there, the brothers had what appeared to be a blast on the lake tubing and wake boarding with their newly discovered family members.

4th Place

Unfortunately coming in last place and picking up their final strike is Team Black. Before getting the news, the sisters were able to meet their cousin Conley and his wife. Conley, who was dressed to impress in his umpire uniform, hit the diamond with the sisters for a little hitting practice. While they probably won’t be drafted into the MLB anytime soon, the sisters held their own, and enjoyed getting to know another relative on their mother’s side.

Before ending the episode Dan revealed that the sisters would be able to see one more relative before they go home. We’re all rooting for them, in hopes that they will be able to meet their father. I guess we will have to wait until next week to find out who it is.

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