EP 425 – I Pity the Stake!

Arianne and Tiffany are back to talk about... men's cotton garments.

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]resident Russell M. Nelson is off to the Pacific! He’s spent the week visiting various Polynesian (and Melanesian – hey, Fiji!) nations, spending time with Latter-day Saints there, as well as meeting some world leaders.

While visiting New Zealand, President Nelson met with prime minister Jacinda Ardern, herself a former Latter-day Saint that left the Church over LGBT issues. President Nelson pledged money to help repair mosques damaged in the Christchurch attack. The Church leader also used the opportunity to present the prime minister with a Book of Mormon and some genealogy, per custom.

Also, Tiffany is angry about female speakers on Mother’s Day. And she also just wants some chocolates. Lindor, we’re looking for sponsors and are happy to take your money. However, the “Just Like You” video is great:

After the great, fleeting fun that was a Lego Moroni in the Gospel Library app, the Church has continued its digital purge of all things “Mormon.” Now the other mobile apps have been de-Mormonized. Nothing will ever be the same.

BYU continues managing Honor Code fallout, and the director of the Honor Code office has outlined new changes to the Code. Know the code! Leadership has pledged transparency and that students will know up front what any interaction with the Honor Code office is about.

Hey men! New garments! Men can finally stretch their cotton!

A full-time missionary in Mexico City died of asphyxiation in his apartment. Terrible stuff.

So there’s this weird billboard in Utah of an alleged “Mormon millionaire” looking for a spouse, and Utah being Utah, nearly 1,000 women have applied to meet the fella. What could go wrong?

Latter-day Saint comedian Stephen Hughes decided to get all serious and talk about polygamy in a new three-part series. Our own Jeff Borders covers it.

Some guy named Dean Hughes wrote an historical novel about faith and polygamy. OK.


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[0:11] Hello welcome to this week in Mormons the twin sisters Edition with Arian Smith.
And Tiffany Hale said we are your host here today yes we’re back to Pick-a-Part some Mormons in the news or
members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the new exactly we need to get that Mormon vernacular
out of your out of your vocabulary there my friend I know so we are almost done with the month of May yes and what anybody who is listen to our podcast cuz we started in the month of May.
Is it two years ago when we did our first one
we we have very much and hate relationship with the month of May but we’ve made it we have made it Mays always a marathon not a Sprint we’re still standing we and we are in the home stretch might I add.
So and anyone who is a mom understands exactly what we mean by the month of bats right and if you’re not don’t worry about it.

[1:10] Just and just enjoy your life may continue as you have been because once you are a a parent with children you will come to hate the month of May so yes we made it through our.

[1:24] Big thing well one of our big things on our last weekend was the daddy-daughter campout our Ward does it every year in May again I question the sanity of doing this in may not only for the weather
but because of my schedule although for me as a mom.
Mostly daughters true May is a great time to do this because I could use one night of good sleep and Loan in my house okay fair enough.
The stars did not allow this year okay so what happened recently we just had too many things they do always on a Friday and,
it’s about a couple hours I don’t know hour and a half away anyways starts to not like we had too many things going on the Saturday
they couldn’t go on Friday nights we had you know soccer games and cleaning the church and recitals multiple recitals the next day so it wasn’t going to work out,

[2:20] It’s a good thing because as you mentioned the weather the weather did not cooperate this year it was raining on Friday and I heard the numbers were,
fairly low this year because it was wet and rainy.
Coldrain even warm rain so I know that even if we hadn’t had things my husband would have been like nope I’m out
exactly will can you even imagine as a dad yeah I’m going to take my girls up into the woods where it’s cold and wet and rainy and we’re going to have an enjoyable time I mean you might get that with your son’s they probably would enjoy that
but the girl that’s so much
up until the sweeping part that I would say would have not done well,
so anyways to make up for it this weekend as of course my daughters were so sad to miss this they love this event they look.

[3:19] To make up for it this weekend he is taking them to a,
Hotel downtown Eau De Pere overnight on Friday so they are getting their daddy-daughter campout in a hotel I think this is a really good safe is the type of daddy-daughter campout I want to go out
do I want to sleep in a tent in the woods oh no I do not want to sleep in a tent in the woods do I want to sleep in a fancy bed in a hotel in downtown Boise
sign me up for that one so they’re all excited and I will get my one good night of sleep yes cuz I assume that because the baby is a boy the baby will be staying with you oh yeah he’ll stay with me,
so jealous okay so the big event that happened in our life is my daughter Lauren
at Seminary graduation on Sunday and so you know it’s typical Seminary graduation
this is the third year in a row we’ve had a graduating senior so you know I’m kind of a pro at this by now I know next year in the month of May when I don’t have to deal with the graduating senior going to be a piece of cake
oh I don’t know what I’m going to do with all my time in the month of May yeah anyway so you were over at my house because we were celebrating the birthday of one of my children on Sunday night at before the Seminary graduation because like you.

[4:34] Double triple quadruple booked practically everyday and so my 15 year old son made quite the hilarious comment because.
Keep course was not excited to go to his sisters Seminary graduation there was much grumbling
he did not want to have to go upstairs and change into church clothes he did not and he did not want to have to sit there and so he said,
when I am the stake president here are the three things I’m going to do for Seminary graduation.

[5:03] Do you want to hear the three things he said first of all you can go in whatever clothes you have on you don’t have to put on your church clothes second he said no siblings allowed at Seminary graduation this is a parent’s only activity,
answered what talk 10 minutes the whole thing last no more than 30
we’re wise young man words of wisdom from the fifteen-year-old so you know the steak that ends up with him is a fake president someday
although they might like his ideas on Seminary graduation okay.
We also had of course in the month of May Mother’s Day.
Was that our first it was our first podcast when we be like totally dived into like Mother’s Day at church and Friday.

[6:06] What’s cheesecake it’s always cheesy rewards as the same thing every single year it’s cheesecake in fact about a week before Mother’s Day I was sitting in a Relief Society enrichment committee meeting,
The Bishop’s Wife was in charge of the meeting will not in charge of the meeting but she’s the counselor from Relief Society and so I said yo Dooley.
Can we have something other than cheesecake this year in Relief Society and she said it’s probably too late for that request and I thought to myself note to self put on the calendar next year in March put into Julie’s ear.

[6:39] Ask the cheesecake for Mother’s Day pick something else cheesecake you’re just sick of it I just sick of it you know we we you know we had it about 12:30 I’m hungry for lunch.
I’m eating this big piece of cheesecake about the first two bytes are good and then I’m kind of over it
Botanica guilty throwing away this huge Slice of Cheesecake because of course they are not small slices because
the men cut the cheesecake to slices that they would the size of slices they would like as opposed to the women if I just had like a little tiny sliver of to the cheesecake,
I would be delighted I don’t want the cheesecake I want the sliver.

[7:15] All right that’s fair okay so my whore did really good this year okay so what did your kind of a down here I don’t know if you remember we got bath bombs last year Oye I do remember you been today at 5.
Some activity day girls are government which I felt horrible about like,
not enjoying but I was like but you know whether the beauty you have kids who enjoy the bath bombs that’s you just reject,
the boys came and pasta something and it was a little bag and there were some balls in it so automatically I thought all this is just yeah that’s okay,
okay I got home from church and I open to the bag they were balls of Lindt truffles Isaac I hate to you I so officially hate you
that is what I’ve wanted that has been my one-woman campaign is give me some really good chocolate in a little package that I can take home and Savor in my closet away from my children that’s Mother’s Day right there but we also had
cheesecake and brownies and relief society but that was just the Relief Society teacher that brought it which I thought was nice because Kate had never done that in this word here my password.
They always did something like that I’m not going to say where you got a chance to visit anyway.

[8:31] We had an excellent Relief Society lesson okay we split into groups we got to have discussion we had enough time at the end of our discussion 2
have a treat to meet this cheesecake anyway one of the things that the teacher showed us toward the end of the lesson.
Her lesson was on I believe she did Sister Sister Eubanks conference talk okay from this past conference and one of the video she showed us at the very end kind of pick finishing up our tree.
Was a video that was just released right before my birthday yeah I think it was released what on the 13th right.
I heard that that’s what I thought I’d hurt you I must have been right before because she can video is called just like you.
And it was done by the Relief Society General presidency I’m bored okay and they each had them gathered in a room yet her act and they were discussing.

[9:37] Who had been through the various challenges that that all of these women have been through in their life and there are 10 women
on the general board including the presidency and it was really cool they talked about who hears had infertility problems who’s had money problems,
who have a family member that identifies as LGBT queue.
Who has family member with addiction who’s battling chronic illness or has that in their family and they totaled up all these numbers and there’s more and more than yes that they went through.

[10:12] Who’s been affected by depression and anxiety and just.
It was amazing to be vulnerable and share these things.
That we’re all dealing with it was a really cool video and it was the perfect end.
Two are left in our teacher did such a great job on that lesson and it was the perfect end because I feel like it brought us all together and it wasn’t like there was no like weird Mother’s Day gif.
We’re doing it we’re just plants,
I really like that they showed that video on Mother’s Day I didn’t see it until it just recently started floating around the internet but you know we have talked about before that Mother’s Day at church can be,
such a landmine for all the women for a whole variety of reasons I’m one of the things that I really really like about this video.

[11:04] It is okay let’s admit it in general conference when you see whether it’s the Young Women’s Presidency
whether it’s the primary presidency whether it’s the Relief Society presidency they all look like they’ve been cut out of the same block of cream cheese
we had a colorful Blazers they have their colorful Blazers on I mean heaven forbid should we wear a dress they all have the same kind of blond or brown football helmet hair just all look the same and then they get up
to talk and I swear they must have a vocal coach cuz they all speak the same women when they’re giving these talks and I think to myself.
You don’t have a freaking clue probably your life has been completely perfect.
You don’t understand you know what it’s like to be divorced to be a stepparent you know to have some of the challenges you know that we have faced and and I just.

[12:00] It looking at them which I get I realize this is me projecting onto them is not them but it just looks like you don’t get it and that’s what I really liked about this video is because,
first of all you got to see the entire Relief Society board.
And there are sisters on that board who are not cut from the same block of cream cheese and so I they look different and I appreciate that and I really appreciate it
all of these experiences that they talked about having and it made me feel like okay
these women get it right it gave me a whole different perspective.

[12:44] You know not to judge yeah just by what you think someone by the pastel suit you wear Emmanuel conference,
it’s easier to judge someone from far away like that oh yeah I like somebody who comes into our church building we probably give more of a
you got the benefit of the doubt then someone up there yes but it is it’s great it’s.

[13:10] It’s a good feeling as a woman and a man to know that this Committee of women is representing us and they have this
background of all these experiences combined exactly and if you haven’t watched the video I encourage you to do so it’s really short it’s wet like maybe 2 minutes yeah just a couple of Misfits
keep completely shorts so go watch the video It’s called just like you it’ll just like I said it really changed my perspective
okay so moving on in the news will get to some other news stories here we didn’t talk about President Nelson he’s on his little nine-day South Pacific tour right now
and like any good Rockstar he go who goes on tour he has to bring his groupies with him and he has to bring his media crew just like the president
depressed travels with them Elder gone right Elder gong and his wife are on tour with him and then they have I believe Elder hallick
who is an area Authority somewhere over there in the Pacific and his wife there there with him too
so they started out in Hawaii and then they went to Samoa they’ve been to several other other places they are starting now to conclude it.
One of the most interesting things he has done is when he went to New Zealand he met with their prime minister.

[14:35] Now many of you may or may not know their prime minister is a woman her name is Jacinda Arden.
And she made headlines alone just when she was like dat she Minister and all over the news yet has she was a woman elected and then she had her baby she had a baby while in office and then she was back at work.

[14:54] What just a few weeks after your super log.
Really big headlines all over the world because it’s just so unique yeah I begged I dare to say I don’t think there’s been can’t remember because it’s been awhile since she had the baby but.
You don’t one of the very very few female leaders that has ever,
had a baby while in office leader of a country exactly.
So president Nelson goes to meet with her and,
scuse me he meets with her for several different reasons I’m first of all one of the things that he was doing there when he was in New Zealand is as we know there were two mosques in Christ
Christ Church that were blown up and so he was there presenting the donation on behalf of the church to the leaders of those Moss
to help towards rebuilding so he wanted to let her know that and so this is what he had to say about her and this,
this created a little bit of commentary color commentary online he says she is courageous
the world will discover they’ve got a real leader here it’s an unlikely scenario a young mother leading a great nation a peacemaker a policy-maker a consensus-builder we’re very confident she’ll have a great future.

[16:15] Now this created a stir for several different reasons reason number one.

[16:23] People were saying would you ever say a young father leading a great nation you know was that you know kind of a sexist to dig towards her I didn’t take it that way because,
I get it is really unusual that you would have a world leader of a country.

[16:40] Who gives birth and I think she does send an excellent role model for women the other thing that created a little bit of tension here was right after the mosques the shoot the blow ups at the mosque.
She very quickly let a virtually unanimous legislate legislation to ban most semi-automatic weapons and some pump-action shotguns and that made World headline.
a lot of maybe the extreme rightist who have some very strong feelings about gun control or maybe not as pleased with his appraised of prime minister Arden to say the least,
so the other thing that was really interesting and again present at the meeting were her uncle.
Now her uncle is a gentleman by the name of Elder ins Arden.
Elder as in he is a member of the seventy because folks she is a member of the church or she was she was a member she was raised a member for a few years now and.

[17:49] I had no idea did you know this before I did know this before she was raised a member she’s no longer practicing,
I don’t know if she has officially given her resignation or it’s just not her thing anymore my understanding is that
one of the biggest struggles for her was lgtbq issues and that’s one of the reasons why she’s not practicing anymore.
But when President Nelson melt with her along with the gong gong’s and halex.

[18:18] Uncle was there who is the 70 along with his wife and her father who is her uncle’s twin brother was there.
Along with her little baby girl and she said oh is just like family and she also indicated that when she became the prime minister.
Are the church prepared for her books about her family ancestry and then apparently president Nelson presented her a book of Mormon.
With her name embossed on the front so just this week or just this week so I think the ancestry was Prior but then just this week.
He did that so.
The next day I believe after he met with her then he met with some of the leaders of the mosque and there were two different mosques and he presented,
$50,000 to each leader of each mosque and there is a really short probably one and a half minute video on him with the leaders of the mosques again.
Heavily produced an edited just like a good church video there’s one where it shows him arm-in-arm with one of the mosque leaders and he says,
so what can we do we can pray we can love we can minister.
And he was saying to these mosque leaders that he wanted to leave a blessing with them in a blessing upon their family so.

[19:39] Very cool good way for him to reach out and give us all an example of ministering to those not of our faith right very good.
Okay next thing we have to talk about polygamy.

[19:57] We don’t have to talk about this but we’re going to because we have some strong feelings today
well not only has it been put in your face
if they put it in the most favorite way to put it in your phone book catalog
yes because I believe last year at this time
we have the Mother’s Day catalog cuz do you remember it was like women who know as are strong women or whatever it was we had to pick apart their Mother’s Day ad campaign because it was all about hey can we make you feel more guilty okay,
this year they did not do that they have to take their Mother’s Day desserts book like Kellogg was normal
maybe they listen to our podcast maybe I’m sure they do but this latest one that just came is the Father’s Day Edition is Father’s day okay.
All of the you know gifts inside or like gifts for him okay like very manly like oh oh by the way they have ties.
They sell ties at Deseret Book and the ties have names,
Truman Newell Joseph Heber Edwards shut up.

[21:18] Pioneer Enid okay so I like number 11 wettstein number 11 number 11 is George Georgetown okay,
that was a side note okay so this Father’s Day Deseret Book catalog showed up in my mail last week and on the cover is a brand new book called Mud.

[21:39] Muddy where faith and polygamy Collide a historical novel by Dean Hughes oh my.
So I put the open to get someone like what we’re reading historical fiction on polygamy don’t we just kind of want to like
and that didn’t exist on the Shelf that’s why we’re putting this on the cover of Deseret book cover and we’re heavily promoting it husband and he was laughing so hard he’s like.
It’s like the work and the glory but the polygamy Edition
does he theorize that somebody put Dean Hughes up to writing this historical novel he has like this conspiracy theory
that’s with the church tackling the polygamy issue head-on as they’ve tried to do in the past few years in the gospel topic essays yes.
He has those conspiracy theory that.
They told this guy to write a novel about it’s a beloved novel so we can read about it like the work in the glory and then we can feel better about polygamy.

[22:43] It was like I don’t know I haven’t read the book so I don’t I don’t I don’t know if it’s going to,
make me mad or if it’s going to make me feel all warm and fuzzy okay so here is the description so it really is kind of work in the Glorious okay.

[22:56] They did not have a great description in the desert
catalog hey but I needed more information so I looked on Amazon of course the everything store there are no reviews yet unfortunately
game okay we may have to follow this up next month with reviews of the but we need to tell Jeff to read it and review it that’s a really good idea I do I think Jeff needs to read it and review it
or better yet maybe we read it and review it I don’t know I don’t know ya.

[23:24] But you know or maybe he has a male Reading and Review it and a female made it and review it and get the point Counterpoint that would be good because I have a feeling,
the Bell take on the book,
could be significantly different than the female take on the book I don’t know okay this did appear on the Father’s Day edition of the catalog and not the mother’s dead okay good point story is about a young
Morgan and his new bride Angeline who are sent south to Nevada,
from Utah to develop Nevada as pioneers and it says together they faced difficult request from church leaders multiple failed attempts to settle deaths of loved ones and then perhaps the ultimate Challenge polygamy.
What do stalwart members do when faced with conflicting feelings between what their hearts tell them and the hard instructions from Salt Lake City.
Morgan and Angeline are about to find out.
Anyway I just thought it was really interesting it’s written by the same guy that wrote.

[24:31] What was the one Saints was it children.
It was the war when it was a children of the promise it’s a look at the promise yes
but it was about that was worth based on World War II he’s done a lot of I Googled him he has a hundred and two books that he’s written most of the books that he’s written our series that are geared at either
kids or like.
Teenagers are young adults so I think this sounds like this is perhaps his first foray into a series that
perhaps adults would read because I really don’t see my 16 year old boy 15 year old picking this up and going
let’s see where faith in polygamy collides very very interesting.
And then like a day or two later I saw actually in the Twin feed okay bug they posted on one of the true
Klim contributors wrote an article about some videos,
that have just been put out by the church by the side.
By this guy named Stephen Jones who is a comedian.

[25:49] I didn’t remember who he was until I looked him up and I’m sure he’s one of these people that’s probably well known in Utah.
He’s a comedian / host / you know.
Actor personality he was when I looked him up I I remember the video to remember when the BYU students did the spoof.
On the Old Spice and yes I guess so funny everybody loves it he was the guy the star of that that was playing the Old Spice guy got it.
So apparently his he’s like a comedian and and doesn’t stuff anyway so when I clicked all these videos because the title said he was a comedian and yes I’m videos on polygamy.
What are we telling jokes and I know it so you and I see that point I don’t think we’re there no you and I are completely,
look at the videos yet and so we’re like okay let’s see what these videos are about expectation.
Trying to take on polygamy and tackle some of the hard questions of polygamy he goes these videos are with him and two young girls.

[27:03] Ladies ladies ladies College age 22 to 24 and they are they all have their phones out and had a Posley answering some
hard questions on polygamy no it is unclear where these questions originate from or who these two girls are they didn’t know I don’t know who the two girls are you there
I believe their PR in terms I do too because here’s here’s the deal
so each video is what about 12 or 13 minutes long and there’s three it’s on the Relief Society General board
it is a commitment and so.
Add the first video they’re all sitting down kind of in chairs kind of I don’t know if it’s in front of a fireplace or you know whatever the background wasn’t and they’re talkin and these
and he doesn’t really say much it’s mostly maybe he asked a question and then the girls,
Batman sir back and forth that are answering more he’s exactly and they are just.

[28:10] Like smacking it down they are just throwing it down going well here is this and this and this and this and this you don’t have a little bit there read off their phone it’s not impromptu it all it is very very very scary.

[28:23] And production quality is really good so I’m looking at these and my first thing when I’m looking at these and several times throughout the video These Girls will say will critics will say or people who criticize will say.
I think it myself my first thought was these videos are somehow Church produced at because they just have that feeling about them.
And this is to combat Millennials who are leaving the church over these issues or who are struggling with these issues this is completely geared towards millennials.
So that I started looking at some of his other videos I thought I hate who is this guy.

[29:04] So he has a Facebook page and he’s got about 2,600 followers on his Facebook page he’s got a YouTube page and he’s got about two thousand followers on his YouTube page and he has these videos on both his Facebook page and is YouTube age,
YouTube page not only the polygamy videos but he has videos about.
Why we go to the temple and just all sorts of other kind of gospel related questions.
And again they are slick slick like a church video and I’m thinking to myself this this this that there’s just something going on here so that I Googled it and here’s what I found on his LinkedIn page.
So on his LinkedIn page it says for his job it says educator.
It says the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints seminaries and Institutes of religion January 2016 to present so 3 years and 5 months.

[30:01] No it does not say he is a teacher like what you would expect a teacher to dig to say so I am wondering if by educator.

[30:11] You know it wouldn’t surprise me if he goes around and talks to youth groups on behest of the church.
But I really think these videos although they are coming out on his website I really think the church is behind the production of these he’s like a secret Church
influenster he is a church influence her I think that is exactly what it is again designed to
hit those Millennials so it’s not like this is the church telling them that because maybe they have a little reservation of so they believe the church or not I’m going to try to sort my testimony out for my parents.
We’ll look at Stephen Jones we really liked him to see what he has to say is very interesting Theory and it makes you wonder if there are other.
Influencers under the wing I know because I told you that deny that my about what my brother-in-law I think you didn’t remind me okay so my my brother-in-law who lives in Utah.
Says he has friends that work for the church not even in PR but.

[31:11] Not the PR department work for the church in various Department yes and that they are.

[31:18] Not required strongly encouraged to make a certain amount of social media posts on their personal accounts regarding.

[31:29] Interested I’m not saying it’s true but you never know what that is.

[31:38] And you know we love her and I want to say I mean I don’t mean to sound negative about his videos because I actually enjoyed his videos and they are very well produced,
are the quality of them is excellent and I do appreciate he really is tackling
tough subjects a tough question he is he is things we don’t want to think about he is in way that I think very specifically appeals to Millennials I mean I’d like I said I am not
being negative about his videos because the videos are all really really good,
quality material it’s it’s very well done. Like I said I just I guess for me I like what you’re going to be an influencer call yourself an influencer don’t try to pretend to be something you’re not that’s that’s that’s the only thing I question because,
like I said the production value on these very much reminds me of the production value of church videos,
anyway so that it popped up the same week as the exactly and here’s the other thing to I noticed when I got on LinkedIn he is connected to one of our cousins,
who does video production and so we are going to have to Corner her at some point in time and say
what do you know about this guy and see what her inside information is right anyway all right we need to do an update on BYU Honor Code because we get hit on that heavily last month.

[33:04] When we discussed news it was kind of fresh all the controversy in the.

[33:11] Picaditas.
Exactly so it’s the latest so the latest is and and we talked about a little bit about this last month.
In January the Honor Code office got a new director his name was Kevin Ute and this of course exploded Within.
Gosh the first 60 days 60 to 90 days his employment of being the new Honor Code director he had a rough few months
talk about you know out of The Frying Pan Into the Fire he probably had no idea so their Honor Code office on I believe around honor about the 14th of May came in the form of a letter.
Are they said there are several areas of change when it comes to how they are going to handle issues in the honor code.

[34:02] First of all students will now be told during their first contact with the office what they are being accused of.
Because sometimes they were told that they would go in there and they say why anything you want to tell us we got a report what do you think we got a report about.

[34:17] Accused students will be giving me the names of those making allegations against against them.
Accepting situations where does a matter of safety to the members of our Campus Community I really liked that too because.
There were people who only wanted to report anonymously and we heard stories of,
I had a bad breakup and so my girlfriend reported me to the Honor Code office for things that never occurred right I don’t honestly or roommates that are exactly.
I don’t need to be reported I think this will definitely help with that culture of tattle tailing exam that they were experiencing hopefully exactly.
I was of the opinion if you’re going to say it and report it own it
if you’re not willing to own it then don’t report it right students will be told from the beginning what they can expect from the investigation process and what support resources are available.

[35:16] So I thought you know I like that the other thing is.
They were referenced a little bit of an interview with him and one of the things that I liked if they had a Q&A session in April and he encouraged others in their commitment to comply with the owner.
What he said was an encouraging others to comply with their commitment to honor the owner honor code that’s not synonymous with turning someone in right.

[35:45] Kind of worry about yourself exactly in regards to be on a coat and less obviously I mean there are situations I’ve ever met is bringing a boy into your room.
While you’re asleep and that’s obviously very uncomfortable situation there are Scituate but if it’s not affecting you
yes Ali I’m like yeah exactly don’t need to worry about it well and I think that you can encourage others to comply with the honor code
without necessarily calling up the Honor Code office and idling but then again that goes back to us has Mormons who we are so adverse to
confrontation that it is so much easier just to call the owner Co. Has true need to sit down and have
a hard conversation hard conversation anyway I hope
it will be I hope these changes stick I think they will because I feel like he’s genuinely sincere in what he wants to do,
of course it’s going to be a matter of where rubber hits the road you know he is the director but
you know so he’s got to be responsible for the people who are under him who will actually have to Institute those changes so you don’t we won’t know for a. Of time whether that has made a difference I did think it was interesting I get the alumni emails
I know you said you don’t I think they sent out an ally might I might just throw them away I don’t know you but yeah I don’t know how I feel cuz I don’t really pay attention.

[37:09] They said I feel like I send a newsletter every few weeks okay,
so the day that this came out this was the title of the alumni in the actual email cuz usually they say they’ll put something in the title but then the email will be like a newsletter with.
All kinds of information various things happening at BYU will this was what they chose for the title of a male interesting that’s why I clicked on the email because the title was changes.

[37:36] To some of the rules at the office or whatever so they change something so I clicked on it and then head.
More about it so I thought that was interesting they were definitely wanting to get the word out till I’m not very interesting,
cuz you may have remembered in our last podcast I said to the little group of students who was who was that behind this effort I said
you guys need to get the alumni inboard because once you get the alumni mad and they threaten to pull their donations
all of the sudden people stand up and take notice Money Talks moving on moving on this story I think is.
Hilarious take I cannot get over this one this was from KSL.

[38:17] They did a story apparently there is a millionaire in Utah who is seeking love will do we know if he’s in Utah or do we just know that he is,
a millionaire who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I guess we don’t know that he’s in Utah because the Billboards were a millionaire dad was he hired an LDS Matchmaker.
To find him love.

[38:44] And what they did Fiddler on the Roof Matchmaker Matchmaker make me a match Bachelor and The Bachelorette,
so what she did and I don’t know if this was his idea his her idea who knows.

[39:06] But he was okay with that he signed off on it exactly they bought 10 Billboards across the I-15.
From Utah County through North Salt Lake okay well at least they’re targeting their correct.
So on the Billboards it shows a picture of a big gagement ring.
And it says LDS millionaire looking for his wife exclusive VIP event June 7th.

[39:31] LDS Millionaire Matchmaker. Cam I can’t I just can’t.
So you go I guess if you’re interested and there is a website in there you go to this website and you fill out a form.
And the Matchmaker will then screen you and they are having this event on June 7th.
They’re accepting applications through May 31st and I understand to date they have over a thousand applications,
so they will narrow down there
they’re narrowing down the candidates through video interviews okay and they will narrow it down to 20 women who will attend a private
dinner event on June 7th this is where it gets very bad so gets bachelors.

[40:25] This is going to work hey did you ever you probably ain’t never watch this it was on Bravo and she was literally called the bills from The Millionaire Matchmaker millionaire,
she would find a group of about 20 women,
now of course she played the mall with alcohol so this could be a very different scenario with nobody’s drinking and so he would come into the room and he would kind of work the room with the 20 women on the TV show.
And then out of those 20 women he would pick like 3 to have a mini date with and then she’d bring them back for the mini day and he’d have a mini date and then he would pick one final one to go to Grande.
So I’m wondering if this is kind of a similar type of deal where he’s going to meet these 20 women.
He’s going to have like a little mini date that night and then pick one for a grand date and see how that goes probably but if that doesn’t go can you then go back and go bold can I try this one now.
Let me see all those other let me see all those other applications I don’t know it’s fascinating the only information.
She get will give on him is he’s between 31 and 45 years old.

[41:34] That’s a big range that is a big range he’s tall and he’s tall dark and handsome.
Is what she is saying and a millionaire he’s never been married and has no children.

[41:50] But he’s very committed to making that happen. He’s very busy but he does have time for a relationship but doesn’t have time.

[41:58] That causes me some pause I just really I feel like we’re not going to get the information we want.
On this story I feel I like I’m going to need some closure and I want to know,
how this is turns out well I just hope KSL in the media down in Utah stay on this you know like flies on honey
and so that we can find out you don’t mean I suppose if the whole thing is a busted he doesn’t like any of the girls will never know what should he find true love and fall in love you know then we might get a little maybe a little follow-up story oh well I would hope so,
because I’m sure his LDS Matchmaker would want to be putting that on her resume exactly and shouting it to the world exactly anyway I just think it’s hilarious.
So for all you single ladies out there you have until May 31st to submit your application if you’re interested in the LDS millionaire.

[42:59] Alright next story.

[43:03] You may recall a little over a year ago a little over a year ago we had new stretch cotton garments for women.
Well the men did not want to be left out of the excitement of new stretch cotton garments so there are now new stretch cotton garments for men
and I think they were released earlier this year you could buy the bottom line but they were not available to buy at a at a distribution center.

[43:29] They are now available to buy at a distribution center and I went to said Distribution Center over the weekend and I purchased two pairs for my husband,
oh okay so they have them in stock there wasn’t like a run on the garments like there was with the women will
they were you don’t we was kind of interesting because when I first walked in so our distribution center here is part of our Deseret Book
and so there’s a little kind of side thing right by you literally have to go through the Deseret Book to get to the distribution Park
anyway so when I first walked in the line for the counter was backed up probably about five deep and they were all men
so interesting it was very interesting so I go back to check them out and you were told my husband I was going I said what size do you want.
So you know I easily locate the size of bottoms that he want and I go to start looking for the top.
And the top is very interesting because for two things first of all they have now provided a v-neck for the men should you want to have a v-neck garment
they also in the rounded top which is been known as the crew top.
This is called a lower crew top and so I’m looking at this lower crew top.

[44:46] And I know my husband he wears you know the crew top that goes up to the neck preppy look he’s a child of the eighties he can’t help himself and so I’m thinking of myself I don’t know how he’s going to feel about this lower crew.
So I can grab the the the little old lady who’s working there and I said do these come in a higher like.

[45:04] Copy it on neck length or neck and she’s like oh no this is they did the lower crew top because they had request that men wanted to be able to wear a t-shirt over the top of their garments without their garments Shelly so apparently the,
the neckline is a bit lower,
but not like a scoop like God no not like him Eternal smile and my husband and I had that discussion because I told him I said if you were garments that were in Eternal smile that would have been a deal-breaker we were dating I would have been like,
Lego you get new garments or I’m not dating you anymore,
I don’t like the Eternal smile for just a little bit just a little bit longer like probably it looks like it’s probably maybe about an inch lower.
And then the sleeves are shorter as well and it’s designed to be more of a snug fit,
so like the women’s garments things are silk-screened on there’s no tags which is a great which is a great chain,
and the panel down the side is the mesh like the panel down the side for the women now when you get to the bottoms the mesh.
For the medicine the front to provide ventilation.

[46:16] Anyway I washed them I don’t believe my husband has tried them yet.
He was a little skittish when I told him that the the neckline was a bit lower and so I have a feeling.
But he’s probably not going to like these is going to be my guess which again is why I only bought him two pairs you know minimal investment.
But you don’t again and I think the only reason he’s not going to like him is he really does like that hire neckline but I also don’t know how he’s going to feel about the more snug.
Cuz he’s a loose kind of garment fitting kind of guy.
And this was good for them and you know what another really interesting thing that the worker told me when I was in the store that day she said that they actually had to push out.
Back the roll out date for these men’s garment because they had not anticipated how.

[47:13] Popular the stretch cotton for women would be,
so rather than stop the production for the stretch cotton for women to start the production for men they had to keep producing women’s garments till they caught up with demand before they could then start production of the men’s because.
Apparently we sisters love the stretch cotton garments very interesting so I knew you would like that little tidbit of information,
bass a well I’m glad they got their their chance yes okay alright oh we have to talk about the.
Change of names to the mobile app from the church.

[47:51] They are as we know gradually changing everything from Mormon to and LDS to.
Other names other names and wants to remove those from our vernacular so they’re gradually changing the app I noticed they changed the motab app.

[48:08] Fairly quickly yeah I know it’s called now I think the app just says.
Tab what does it say I don’t know I don’t see you don’t have to leave it or not I don’t have the motab app that haven’t even realize there was a motab at you and it’s great because on Sunday when you want to listen to Sunday music if you turn on the Mormon Channel app.
You will get a slew of a variety of dogs many which sound like boy bands 00
okay in Turkey songs that are not him okay that’s weird but if you listen to the motab app you will get only tab
Tabernacle Choir not all hands because sometimes I get there show tunes make the tab cast,
that’s what they change that app to Tab Choir.

[48:58] So they have also changed LDS tools now it just says tools okay and Gospel Library just says Library okay.

[49:09] Or did it always just a library,
and you know I can’t remember we’ve always called Gospel Library can’t remember so I can’t remember either apparently I didn’t know this cuz I don’t have this one but there’s a Mormon Messages app and they changed it to say inspirational messages okay.

[49:25] But I did notice that they haven’t changed the Mormon Channel app.
That one still says Mormon Channel okay I wonder if they’ll change it to inspirational Channel I don’t have the Mormon Channel app either man.
I’m really behind on my apps related to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints this one which is the hymn says Sacred Music
I think it used to say LDS and I think you did too now that when I do have I do have that app but I have to go find myself the tap cat app,
yeah you got to get it so it’s very interesting how they’re changing them and what they’re coming up with exactly
to change the name exactly okay so our last story this is kind of a sad when I kind of feel bad about ending on this note.
We got our favorite things coming out.

[50:12] So there was unfortunately a missionary over the weekend who passed away he was serving in Mexico City his name was Andrew Carr he was 19 from 4th Fort Worth Texas,
he apparently died from asphyxiation in his apartment there was a faulty water heater located.
I near the shower in his apartment so
it sounds to me like this is probably carbon monoxide poisoning is what I’m is what I’m guessing His companion apparently was just fine so I don’t know like if he was in the bathroom or something and it close the door.
And you know maybe was overcome by the carbon monoxide I I don’t really know he doesn’t give too many details but.

[50:57] Obviously our hearts and prayers go out to his family they they did.
Let’s see his stake president released a statement that said,
we are deeply saddened by the loss of Elder Andrew car but we take comfort in the Eternal plan of a loving Heavenly Father,
how grateful we are to know that in the times of tragedy we can find peace and hope through the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ,
it is a sad story so like I said I’m sorry
now I feel like a bother that We’ve Ended on that one but I’m just like we like to end on Mormons behaving badly but,
we don’t really have any that’s all I know and you know once we should be happy about last month when we recorded as well we didn’t have any Mormons Behaving Badly,
everyone’s either behaving themselves or hiding things really good lately exactly it maybe maybe word on the street has gotten out that you know,
if you are a Mormon and you behave badly those twin sisters are going to shame you I’m sure that’s it,
what I said to go in clusters we really know yet for sure they do drive. And then all the sudden it’s like all the crazies come out in the news and you’re like oh please no not another
and then you’ll have a little dry. Very true in a dry spell right now I have full faith that we will return to Marlins Behaving Badly,
they can’t help themselves.

[52:21] All right this is about it should we do our flitz slavery one of everything okay we are going to share our favorite things like we always do just for the fun of it not because.

[52:32] Weird or store sponsored or.
Anything we just we just want to share we just want you to know what we like and we think it’s cool so this has been my favorite thing over the past month I got a journal.
And it is a mother-daughter pass along Journal.

[52:49] And it’s actually done by some LDS ladies but it’s not super churchy and it’s definitely not LDS specific there are a few questions and it’s so basically it’s a spiral notebook.

[53:03] You open it up there’s prompts for the mother to write for the daughter to write and you pass it back and forth now I think this is really cool it’s really cool.
This may have stemmed from you know a tween in my home,
who maybe it’s challenging to communicate with these days
and I mean by challenging to communicate with whatever are you talking about this and I thought you would be a really cool thing for me and her a different way for us to communicate.
To express our feelings in a healthy way okay but does not involve name-calling or silent treatment or.
Driving directions other thing I bought when I have a 12 year old and a 9 year old daughter and I got one for both.
And it has been so fun and so sweet so.
The journal is called I love us so let’s write about it and it’s by Hilary weeks and.
Shannon Foster Hilary weeks she’s a singer I know she collaborated with the Foster has a big website business that I’ve heard about okay are the years I haven’t really.

[54:23] Looked into it that much but she started out I don’t know how many years ago doing graphic design.
Two supplementary materials like making cute little print out things for young women’s and.
From looking at her website lately she has grown her Empire okay the name of her website is the redheaded Hostess if you ever heard of her know I’ve never heard of that so she now does like all kinds of supplemental material.

[54:48] For come follow me young women seams and stuff like that she’s grown into a business and employees.

[54:58] But she’s doing a good thing anyways so she has this journal and you can buy online that actually do not sell it in Deseret Books but you can buy online.
They also we’re selling it at Costco recently El interstate and it’s just really cute like some of the prompts are what grosses you out,
and there’s a side-by-side for the daughter to write the very first Pages write 10 things you love about your mom and the mom writes 10 things you love about your daughter there are some pages there,
spiritual like when is write your favorite scripture and what it means to you.
And then others that are just goofy and silly like write a story of a time when you were embarrassed just so you each write your thing and then you take it and like I leave it on their bed and then when they get a chance and leave it on my bed it’s been really sweet.
I love this idea I love it it’s in fun that’s a great favorite thing okay I’m going to do to this month okay okay because I had my original one and then I had another one pop up last night okay.
So I am a lover of Oreos and of course they come out with all of the crazy different flavors and I have to tell you hands down my favorite Oreo he is the peanut butter pie Oreos,
this is a graham cracker Oreo and it has peanut butter and chocolate in it for the Philly half peanut butter half.
Well that was a limited edition thing so you know those are no more at the moment.

[56:24] But what I did see recently and I bought and I tried them.
Is they have a sommore’s Oreo so it is again a graham cracker cookie which I have to say I love the graham cracker cookie part.
I love that better than the original chocolate Oreo part and I love that better than the vanilla Oreo part I love myself a good Graham cookie okay it’s a gram cookie and it has one layer of marshmallow and one layer of chalk.
Well that sounds delicious it is delicious it’s not quite as good as the peanut butter pie but if a cat have the peanut butter pie I do like me this moratorium,
hey what’s your next my next one is so last night and I’m sitting on the couch it’s about I don’t know 10:30 ish 11 or so it’s actually about 10:30.
Myatt soon-to-be graduated daughter comes in on this is the first time I’ve had a chance to kind of really see her all day she’s been out with her friends was her last day of high school yesterday.
And so she sat on the couch and kind of you to reconnect it about what it happened during the day.
And I said well you know what were you doing tonight and she’s with her friend and she watched the show and she said mom you’ve got to watch this show it’s apparently a comedy that is on ABC.
So I found it on Hulu Hulu has all sorts of different you know Network channels and I found it on Hulu and it is called The Kids Are Alright.

[57:44] Now it is set in the 1970s which of course I’m a big fan of this sixties and seventies so I’m loving all the decor it’s about this family that has eight boys.
And they are cats.
And the oldest boy is college-age and the youngest boy is a baby and so you know they have multiple even though they’re Catholic there is so much like large Mormon family stuff that you can relate to.
Best comedies I think insult my intelligence this one I really I couldn’t stop watching it.
I’m doing this bench thing until about 1:30 in the morning thinking to myself I have to get up and go to work tomorrow morning but I didn’t want to stop watching it because it was so,
hilariously funny and very well written okay that sounds good
check it out it’s totally something you could watch with your kids so okay I thought to myself I thought my kids would really like this especially my fifteen-year-old son because he would relate to the antics of all of these boys
I need don’t make the parents out to be stupid which I really like I really like that and you know the mom is kind of the glue that holds it all together and these boys can’t get.
Pastor mom I mean it is like who’s going to outplay who the mom or that hilarious.

[59:01] Okay okay I think that about wraps it up for us so
twin Nation thank you very much for joining us at Tiffany Hales and Ariana Smith as the twin sisters we wish you well as we approach the summer months and hope that everybody gets,
it’s done with school and get some relaxing vacation time that’s right or at least a lot of girls camp and Scout camp.

Outro Music

[59:27] Are track on the punting thank you for listening be sure to find swim on their Facebook page.
We have a twin sisters Instagram there’s a regular twin Instagram Twitter all the places and as always if you want to talk to Jeff reach out to him at contact.

[59:45] Can Mormons. Com.

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