Relative Race Season 5, Day 10 Recap: The Final Showdown

On day 10, it all comes down to a head-to-head match up between Team Blue and Team Red in beautiful Tuscon Arizona.
On day 10, it all comes down to a head-to-head match up between Team Blue and Team Red in beautiful Tuscon Arizona.

Wow, what a great season of Relative Race this has been. 10 days ago, the teams started out in the Gateway to the West, St. Louis, on a mission to find family. But today they are competing for a chance to win $50,000, and the title of Relative Race Winner. As we see Dan come leisurely come trotting into view on his horse, we are welcomed to day 10 and beautiful Tucson Arizona. At the White Stallion Ranch, one of the oldest functioning dude ranches in the country, Teams Red and Blue were set to compete to see who would come away the ultimate victor.

To start off, each team was given 50 pieces of silver. Teams were told to deposit silver in each challenge depending on how well they think they would perform. If they won, they would keep the coins. If they lost the challenge, the coins would be taken away.

In addition to the 50 pieces of silver, each team also had there Day-10 benefits. During the course of the race, both teams earned 3 Day-10 benefits.  Inside each box was 5 pieces of silver, which would be added to the team totals at the end of all the challenges.

The Challenges

Quick Draw

In this challenge the teams faced off in a duel with paintball pistols. While Demetrius was successful in both his single rounds, Chonta, was hit on both of hers, making the score 2 to 2. In the sudden death round the teams had to work together. The shooter, whom was blindfolded, stood behind the target, and had to take direction from the target. Ultimately the sisters of Team Red worked really well together, scoring a hit on Team Blue, and giving them the win.

The Rock

On The Rock, the teams had to climb two separate cliff faces, one 20-feet, and one 35-feet with an overhang. The team with the best combined time would be the winner of the challenge. Although Elizabeth was scared of heights, she seemed to scale the 20-foot climb fairly well, while Chonta really struggled and timed out at 10 minutes. On the 35-foot climb, Demetrius flew up the rock face like it was nothing. Not to be outdone, Maria scaled quickly and confidently. At the end, Team Red’s combined time was 10 minutes and 15 seconds and Team Blue’s was 10 minutes and 31 seconds. What’s impressive is Demtrius’ 31 second climb time on the 35-foot rock face. It was like watching Spider-Man, but it just wasn’t enough to get them a win.

Shuck and Chuck

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned game of corn hole? But this time it’s with real corn! Teams were challenged to shuck 50 ears of corn and toss them into 3 holes, each worth 1, 2 or 3 points respectively. The only catch was that the corn had to be completely shucked, and it had to be unbroken. Despite still having 15 ears of corn left at the end of the competition, some great chucking gave Team Blue a solid win.

The Round Up

For the Round Up, the teams had to herd cattle into a pen over three rounds. Starting with 1 cow at the beginning, each round would add another cow. If the teams couldn’t wrangle the cows by the 3-minute mark, professional wranglers would be sent in to help. The team with the best time over three rounds would win. Neither Team Red or Team Blue had ever ridden horses before, so there was somewhat of a steep learning curve.  At the conclusion of The Round Up, Team Red had a time of 10 minutes and 42 seconds, and Team Blue had a time of 11 minutes and 20 seconds.

At the end of all competitions, Dan brought the teams together to count their silver pieces. Based on what they wagered in the competitions in which they won, and what they gained in Day-10 benefits, Team Red was the decisive winner. As the winner of Relative Race they were awarded a giant check for $50,000. Beyond the excitement of the money, which I’m pretty sure they were stoked about, both Elizabeth and Maria were able to connect with their birth parents, which is the whole crux of the Relative Race experience. Because of Relative Race, these two sisters can begin to build new relationships with the family they have met along the way. Congratulations Elizabeth and Maria! Now how long do I have to wait until Season 6?


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