Relative Race Season 5, Day 9 Recap: Remember The Sound

Relative Race
Jeff Borders

Jeff Borders

Relative Race

Our contestants are on the last day of relative discovery. Day 9 is shaping up to be a great day for all, but it could also spell the end of the road for Team Blue or Green, whom both have 2 strikes. This has been one of my favorite seasons to watch. All the contestants are enjoyable, each seeking an integral piece of their past. I’ve felt like I’ve been on the journey with them.

Team Green

Coming out of the lights and sounds of Las Vegas Nevada, Keith and Marcus are headed back home to Victorville California, with an allotted time of 3 hours and 39 minutes. It remains to be seen whether they will have a hometown advantage when the clock finally comes to a stop. Before leaving their cousin’s house, the brothers almost forgot their Day 10 benefits. Can you imagine how much of a frustration that would have caused later?

Team Blue

Leaving Lafayette Indiana, Team Blue heads back into Chicago Illinois for the second time on their journey. They have the shortest drive time of all the teams at 2 hours and 10 minutes. This is Demetrius’ home turf as well, so it might be advantage to Team Blue as well.

Team Red

After meeting Elizabeth’s grandfather and doing some morning woodworking, the sisters leave Chestertown and head toward Abington Pennsylvania. With an allotted time of 2 hours and 28 minutes and only 1 strike, the sisters are hoping to take first place again, and knock off at least one competitor.

The Challenge: Simon Sounds

This appeared to be one of the harder challenges. The premise was to listen to 15 sounds and then replicate them in the exact order. The teams struggled getting through the first three to four, until they started developing a system. The best system appeared to be Team Blue’s, who took the items and lined them up in the order that they heard them. This eliminated the need for them to run back and forth between items, and appeared to go much smoother than the other teams.

The Results

1st Place

Not only was their challenge strategy good, but Team Blue also asked a police officer for an escort to their relative’s address. IT was bold and it paid off. The two of those things combined put them at just 2 minutes over their allotted time, and gave them 1st place, thus saving them from going home. In Chicago, Demetrius was able to meet his 1st cousin, Audrey on his father’s side. Like Demetrius and Chonta, Audrey also serves in the military, so they had an instant connection beyond the familial one. Together in Audrey’s home, Demetrius was able to share all that he has been able to learn about his family along the journey. While he was not able to find his father, and all the teams were sympathetic about that, he was grateful for the connections he did make.

2nd Place

At 12 minutes over their allotted time, Team Red is safe for another day in Abington Pennsylvania. In Abington, Elizabeth meets her uncle Keith on her father’s side, who is only 4 months older than her. After getting to know Keith’s family, the sisters are off to have some laser tag fun. I love laser tag! Maybe they will invite me next time.

3rd Place

Coming in last place might mean not getting the prize money, but Keith and Marcus have gained so much more on the journey. On the last day of relative finding, Marcus finally met his grandma, Karen, whom he grew up just blocks from, and never knew it. In an emotional reunion, Marcus learns that his grandma never knew about him. She not only welcomes Marcus with open arms, but Keith as well, calling them both her grandsons. Together they  open an envelope with pictures of their journey on relative race. These two brothers have been so entertaining and enjoyable to watch, we wish them luck as their journey continues.

Marcus and Keith

The race continues on Day 10, as Team Blue and Team Red head toward Tucson, Arizona and a chance to win $50,000.

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