Latter-day Mixtape: Ryan Shupe – “Feel the Same Way”

Ryan Shupe's new release, Feel The Same Way.
Jeff Borders

Jeff Borders

What do the mandolin, skipping down the beach, and a bald man have in common? The answer, Ryan Shupe's latest music video.
Ryan Shupe’s new release, Feel The Same Way.

What do the mandolin, skipping down the beach, and a bald man have in common? Answer, Ryan Shupe’s latest music video, “Feel The Same Way.”

No, that wasn’t a swipe against my follicle challenged brethren. I’ve got much love for you.

Feel the Same Way comes from Ryan’s new album “We Rode On.” If you’re unfamiliar with Shupe, or his aptly named RubberBand, their music is what some might called Rock infused Bluegrass. Or what I like to call, fun. Seriously though, if you don’t find yourself tapping your foot to some RubberBand beats, then you have no soul. Beyond his solo work, or releases with his RubberBand, Shupe has also played with The Lower Lights. Shupe plays many instruments including the fiddle, which he started playing at age 5, guitar, ukulele and mandolin. Which is exactly four more than the me. Okay so 3 more, but my guitar playing skills are definitely sub-par. So maybe more like 3 1/2 more.

In Feel The Same Way, we get to see Ryan show off some of those mad ukulele playing skills, all while skipping down the beach.

Dream Big

Ryan is no stranger to musical success, as his band’s first album with Capital Records in 2005 produced a Top 40 country hit. The single Dream Big has been viewed over 600,000 times on YouTube and has a message that resonates deeply with many people. 2 years ago, Ryan produced a new music video for Dream Big. You can view it below.

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