Layton Utah Temple Site Announced

Layton Utah Temple Site Announced
Utah continues amassing an unheard of number of temples, and the Layton Utah Temple will fill a critical gap in temple coverage.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nother piece of the Davis County temple puzzle – the puzzle of puzzles! – is coming into place. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced the location of the Layton Utah Temple. We’ve been big fans of a the Layton temple for some time, mostly because it has occupied a place on our temple predictions lists for many years. We even ran some crazy data to show how the Weber-Davis county corridor needed a third temple to balance out the temples-per-capita load to be at parity with Utah County. When President Nelson finally announced what should be known as the Hill AFB Temple, we rose to our feet and cheered!

So here we are, and we now know that the temple will be situated at the corner of Oak Hills drive and Rosewood Lane in Layton City (it’s a Utah thing to put “city” after the name instead of “City of Layton”), roughly 25 miles north of Salt Lake city and equidistant between the Bountiful Utah and Ogden Utah temples. But don’t take it from me. Look at this graphic that shows you!

If that’s not enough, enjoy this Google Maps Street view screencap showing the site.

Oh, those power lines will be buried, make no doubt about it.

In the immediate vicinity of the temple site are, uh, a small apartment building, a Latter-day Saint meetinghouse, a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall, and a nearby Smith’s grocery store. The temple is not being built in a newer, posher area west of Interstate 15, as we might have thought. But given the amount of undeveloped land near the chosen site, we can all but guarantee that a Cafe Rio will be opening in a new, fancy shopping center within a matter of years.

The Church hasn’t released plans for the temple, but we do know that it’ll be large – approximately 87,000 square feet. If that plan holds, it will be the seventeenth-largest temple in the Church, or in about the upper fifteenth percentile of temples by size. Not bad, Layton. Not bad!

Utah is currently home to 17 operating temples. We once published a tongue-in-cheek article about how Utah needed three more temples to hit the magic number of 20. Well, Layton, in addition to the three other temples announced in Saratoga Springs, Tooele Valley, and Washington County, makes 21 temples! When will Utah hit its saturation point? Which markets remain underserved at this point? Orem? Heber Valley? Provo 3?!

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