New “Come, Follow Me” Resources Make Your Personal Study Even Easier

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For those like me who are looking for some additional FREE resources to help in their Come Follow Me study, look no further, I've got a couple for you.

I know I’m a little behind the curve on this, since we started “Come, Follow Me” at the beginning of the year. But better late then never, right?  For those like me who are looking for some additional FREE resources to help in their “Come, Follow Me” study, look no further, I’ve got a couple for you. I recently came across these two resources and have really enjoyed listening to them. I’ve found that they’ve not only enhanced my own study, but helped our family as well.

Don’t Miss This!

Don’t Miss This is a weekly recap of the “Come, Follow Me” Lesson, complete with chalkboards and free printable study material. Hosted by authors Emily Belle Freeman and Dave Butler, this YouTube channel is sure to give extra insight and context to your lessons. You may recognize Emily from her Time Out For Women appearances and from LDS Living’s 5 Minute Firesides, and Dave from his 5 Minute Fireside.

And if you are still unsure how to implement the “Come, Follow Me” lessons, Don’t Miss This gives you another easy way to study. Simply watch their latest video and study along with Dave and Emily. Check out their video for July 29th-August 4th below.

Gospel Talktrine

I know it seems sacrilege to pump up another podcast, but in the case of Gospel Talktrine, I’m willing to take that risk. Hosted by author, and speaker Mark E. Holt, Gospel Talktrine is intended to be a deep dive into the Sunday School Lessons. According to their website, Holt draws upon years of experience as a teacher, writer, travel guide and as a missionary to better analyze the scriptures. Each episode is also accompanied by a blog post with visual aids, prep notes and more. You can find Gospel Talktine on your favorite podcasting app.

More Podcasts

If you search “Come, Follow Me” in your favorite podcasting app, you will find many more resources. There are also resources out there that over study guides and printable materials at a cost, if that’s your style.

As a side note, Whatever you choose to do, don’t get bogged down with feeling like you are failing at “Come, Follow Me.” This program is meant to be individually tailored to your circumstances. You do what works for you and your family.

Remember, Elder Cook said the following:

“In the home-centered, Church-supported portion of this adjustment, there is flexibility for each individual and family to determine prayerfully how and when it will be implemented. We trust you to counsel together and to seek revelation for implementing these adjustments—while not looking beyond the mark or trying to regiment individuals or families.”

 And if, by strange chance, you want to revisit older Gospel Doctrine material, you can always check out our Sunday School Bonanza archives right here.



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