EP 440 – Rogue Sunday School Teachers

Plenty of Mormons Behaving Badly this week, plus some heartwarming and tragic news about missionaries.

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ey party people! Welcome to another week in This Week in Mormons. The Sisters (not the great Sistaz) are here to recap the most recent week in Latter-day Saint news.

Did you miss out on last week’s dynamite interview with Dr. Matt Harris about Ezra Taft Benson and the rise of Mormon fringe conservatism? The Sisters adored it. You should adore it, too.

EP 439 – Ezra Taft Benson and the Mormon Right w/ Matt Harris

Are Mormon men “groomed” not to listen to women? Blogger Jana Riess says yes. Some others say no. So let’s talk about the ins and outs of this and also give you a chance to rake us over the coals for our Facebook post about it.

Weeks after we broke the news that firearms and other weapons are now prohibited in church facilities, the trickle effect continues, as the institute at Utah Valley University had to clarify that one cannot carry a firearm within the institute.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Updates Handbook to Prohibit Firearms in Meetinghouses

Lavina Fielding Anderson, one of the “September Six,” a group of intellectuals excommunicated in quick order in the early 1990s, lost her bid to be rebaptized. Despite having attended her ward faithfully in the 25 years since her excommunication and having her request for rebaptism approved by local leadership, Church leadership in Salt Lake put the kabosh on the whole thing. Why?

Time for Mormons Behaving Badly™! A St. George chiropractor/fake doctor was arrested on charges of sex abuse. An Oregon driver’s ed instructor who was also the bishop of his ward was arrested on sex abuse charges. A Utah County woman was arrested at Manila airport with a newborn in her bag.

Two missionaries in Klamath Falls, Oregon were injured by a “stray bullet.” More seriously, two missionaries serving in Canada were in a major car accidentUpdate: one of them has died.

Utah’s Records Committee ordered Brigham Young University’s borderline discredited campus police to provide copies of emails between law enforcement and the Honor Code Office. It’s the latest in a series of volleys against BYU’s handling of Honor Code and other issues.

In more lighthearted missionary news, a group of missionaries in Taiwan, in search of a Chili’s (because we do desperate things when abroad for too long) helped a blind woman only to find out later on the entire thing was filmed Candid Camera style. Heroes!

So, the Smoots are a fabled name in Provo. Abraham O. Smoot has a building named after him at BYU. The problem in 2019, however, is that Smoot owned at least one slave. Now there’s pressure to rename his building.

Some old people died in close succession to one another. Whip.


[0:00] Hello hello everyone welcome to this week in Mormons the sisters Edition with Arian Smith
and Tiffany Hale’s we are here for our monthly podcast to update to you all things from our perspective in the world of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint that is right we’re back for the money
of September okay S I haven’t asked you about this yet but did you listen to the podcast last week OMG.

[0:30] I loved the podcast last week I loved it so much and this is not to deny our own horn it was not far podcast Jeff last week on the twin podcast interviewed
that’s Professor dr. Matt Harris who’s written a book about Elder Vinson yes and he studied other Benson and how he affected the church,
towards like political political matters,
fascinating it was so fascinating like I just wanted it to go on and on and on an hour was not enough
the professor he had on was so knowledgeable and so will spoke as I think it is probably one of the best podcast if not the best podcast
that women has
ever done I thought so too is my favorite interview that Jeff has ever done and I felt like it explained so much of my childhood exactly like things that I had been taught school teacher exactly now I can pinpoint
pinpoint where the Sunday school teacher that I’m 10 years older than you and explained even more for me in fact after I listen to it now my husband is not a big
podcast guy I said dude you have to listen to this podcast and so I made him get in the truck.

[1:49] I can’t remember it was Thursday night or Friday night and we drove around for an hour while I made him listen to this podcast okay and what did he think he was completely fascinated by it to because he grew up with those same myths,
yeah I know that we had heard you know the White Horse prophecy and some of the other things.
Add so he had grown up with that until it was very interesting and fascinating for him to see where that all originated from.
The other thing is well that just surprised me was the ripple effect of President Benson,
in terms of cultural things in the church doctrinal things but cultural thing.
And it also fascinated me as well that you don’t that they would get up.

[2:39] It’ll 40 50 60 years ago from the pulpit and say political things that there is no way you could get away with that today
or when he said in conference with President Benson alohi with elder Benson at the time setting conference
that there are judas’s among us even in priesthood leadership that he was referring to another Apostle Hubie Brown,
hello we don’t do that today so anyways we.

[3:10] We went off on a tangent here but if you have not listened to last week’s interview on Twin go back and listen cuz it’s really good absolutely
so what’s going on in your life okay well as you know I dropped my daughter off,
college cuz you went with me and it was fun we made a girls trip out of it and helped her put a room together and
it says that you know this is the first kid out of my kids that I have taken several to the MTC
this is the first time I’ve taken one to college right it’s
a similar experience to take him to the MTC except you know she facetimes me probably two or three times a week and told me I get to have a lot of communication with her I’m planning on going down but
you know it’s the best worst thing ever is what I say because I’m so happy that she’s in college and I’m so happy she’s doing what she’s doing because that’s where she needs to be.

[4:10] But it’s also hard to admit oh my gosh you know she’s an adult she’s going out now she’s not.
Under my little cocoon and Under the Umbrella of my house and write so but it is sure is fun to
watch Alex. She’s she’s having in some ways I I look at the experience of she’s having and I’m like
dang I’m jealous I want her life she’s having so much fun she really is
which is exactly what she should be doing but we are we are missing her her little sister really misses her which as you can relate to you because you were little sister when I went to call it was I think I was first in first grade when you went to college.
I thought you were older than that I think it was first grade I really anyway I used to just cry and cry.

[4:58] So I can relate well at least your little sister’s 12 so she has a little more ability to come that’s right so I have to
quick update on something our stake did I think we talked about this last week, and we talked about it in our podcast in August because it happened in August or state,
did this Tabernacle like they put together an actual life-size ancient Tabernacle.
From the old testament old testament Tabernacle and this is something they did they built it I don’t know I guess several years ago for.
I use conference and then they brought it back again this summer for another news conference and then they decided to stick it out in the community up for the public to come through yes and do chores now
did you guys I presume I did not get a chance to go to it it was during probably my most busy time of the year
do you go to I went it was I mean I knew it would be a big deal because everything my sick does,
is a big deal well you know we’ve mentioned before my steak is extra your steak is extra and when you moved in toward you were told welcome to Zion so I knew it would be a big thing,
holy cow it was like Temple open house ish.

[6:14] I really like the production okay describe please so you went you so they had it up on the grounds of Cincy which is a big local company that’s owned by a member of our sake and they have
ample room on their lawn and in their Lobby and in so you went into their gills of parking yes see what into their building and there were all these displays
you know Ancient Temple clothing and posters and signage to all of that was actually it is since he held a building and then there was a like mini replica of
the ancient Tabernacle to look at and then there was a video to watch like a 9-minute video which we actually skip.

[6:55] Okay this is the problem I went I went on a Saturday with all of my children okay because I was told this is a family-friendly event well and you would hope that it would be a family-friendly event.
I did not realize how long of a family-friendly event this was going to be.
So I mean it was pretty crowded so that’s part of why it took a long time but then along with the display inside.
And the video inside outside they had all of these booths set up on the lawn where they were talking about the symbolism of the temple and they had.
Live sheep.

[7:30] O matic to see and they had great you could crush grapes with your feet oh my and they talked about the sacraments and the bread and there were just all these individual stations so we got our family through the
inside display.

[7:46] Already I was like we’re skipping the video we got to go to the tour cuz then the video is inside to at this point my kids are already losing it we’ve only been there like 10 minutes but
clearly this is over their heads so okay we should maybe I should have considered
but don’t know what you were getting into no I had no idea what to expect so then we go down on the lawn and we kind of Breeze through all the booze because the booths were
there was a person speaking at every Booth get a cat giving a lesson on the symbol is okay there were chairs
and then after you listen to the symbolism then you got to stomp stomp on the grapes so I might know we have to skip this to
we can’t fit through these little lessons we got to get to the main event how long do you think like a little presentation was all people from our steak that they were recruited
do this because they did this didn’t they do this over the course of about 10 days yeah it was I think it was almost two weeks that they had a nap and they had to
different stakes and Wards from the valley came and then of course the general public so we skip through all the little stations and went to get in.

[8:57] They are at the Gathering area to go inside the Tabernacle okay so how long was that line to get inside the house it was online there was a group kind of congregated and went into the Tabernacle there was a presentation on the clothing
I don’t have to sit under a tent in listen to presentation on the clothing and then our whole group went into the Tabernacle.

[9:16] And then within the Tabernacle there were three different presentations there were can I backtrack here when they say presentation on the clothing were there people dressed in the Tabernacle and clothing they just talked about they had like a mannequin
Amana cat hat replicas of the agent clothing okay
okay so anyway so then we finally get into the Tabernacle at this point it’s midday and it’s starting to get hot.
My kids are losing it okay so there’s a nice young man giving a presentation about the altar.
Very crowded so yeah come see him my kids couldn’t see us mic’d up can you hear him no not my dad’s so couldn’t hear him.
So then we went into.

[10:00] They talked about the washing there was like a little washing and then you went actually inside the inner part okay of the temple and they talked about incense and we were squeezed in there like sardines and I and I had a baby in a stroller and I had a.
9 year old who is losing it the five-year-old has actually holding it together better than the nine-year-old it just anyway so then you went into the holy of holies which was another room in the back of the temple by then I was like.

[10:29] And my nine-year-old was already like,
I’m out she ran out like a minute before me and I was like well I’m going to go change the night so did your husband stay in there with the twelve-year-old and I went out with the baby in the night time I am sweaty.

[10:45] I am hot I am mad,
I am not spiritually uplifted my 9 year old is having a full-blown tantrum dear my baby’s okay as long as I keep it moving and that okay.
Anyway so I decided when it was all over that.
I might have appreciated it if I had gone on a date night without my children that seems fair but I also decided I might not have and I think that’s what bothered me the most the whole rest of the day I felt.
Like why did I’m get nothing out of this because I had this feeling like even if I didn’t have kids.
Would it have been Faith promoting you for me and for me personally I don’t know if it would have
but I know it was for a lot of people and half but that made me feel like I was something wrong with me because everybody in the state has been talking about this wonderful experience we’ve been having lessons on this Tabernacle for like.
Weeks and weeks and everybody is saying how amazing it hasn’t helped meaningful it makes their Temple experience and I’m going.
Really what’s wrong with me.

[11:54] What is wrong with me and then I came to peace with it
how did you come to peace with it I decided I just had to come and look at me and my personality and I decide you know what I think it has to do with like I don’t love ancient history
I am just not it’s never been my capriotti in college when you when we studied that that was not my thing.

[12:20] Mike young US history
I love ya ancient history I struggle with and maybe it’s just because I never got into it will let you know I was saying wasn’t that meaningful to me
you know I was kind of thinking the same thing I was like well neither one of us are really Scholars of the Old Testament don’t spend a lot of time
studying the Old Testament I mean a couple years ago when I was gospel Doctrine and we were teaching the Old Testament I was like huh last time I did this was Seminary right because again it doesn’t
to hold a particular degree it’s hard for me. Gets doesn’t hold a degree of Fascination so,
I’m okay with that so glad you’re okay with that too I’m coming to peace with this just not my thing but I know for a lot of people that is their thing and they love it and I find it very Faith promoting so that’s great for them
that was great but I decided for me
wasn’t it wasn’t really Faith promoting experience but I also have my small children there which could have been contributing you don’t have made me think it’s hard to feel the spirit with children or screaming at then like you really need to be 12 years old
older Tallahassee because it was so over my kid’s head even my twelve-year-old 7 she could grab.

[13:38] There is no way my little kids
thing they were told they were just like you taught these people if this is like church only outside like the symbolism and the things it was
all right well hey thank you for that recap I have we haven’t really talked about that and I have been curious what your experience was since you had indicated last month that it was coming but it had not come yet so it was.
Quite the experience okay for some people all right what should we start off with some new stories and that’s what we are here to promote.

[14:15] Our first story tonight we can get them with kind of broken it into sections are first section tonight is going to be a section on missionary stories.
And our first story tonight is kind of a sad one you know kind of.
I can’t believe we’re starting off on a sad story but there are two missionaries who were serving in the Canada Vancouver Mission and it was released today that they were involved in a very serious car accident on Friday.
They were in a vehicle that was apparently said that collided with a truck.
And it does not say who was at fault or what happened but they said they sustained injuries that may be life-threatening they’re both 19 years old.
One is from Arizona when is from Colorado and so just keep those missionaries in your thoughts in your prayers.
That’s really hard you know when you send your kid out on the mission I’m having the kid on a mission right now you kind of have the expectation that.
They’re going to be watched over and write and for the most part they are but sometimes things happen so so everybody remember them.

[15:22] In your prayers okay next story is not this is hilarious.
On a funny note we’re bringing it up now to Miss Sheri’s and Klamath Falls or one missionary in Klamath.

[15:36] No is it to tilt there were six missionaries at the home at the hotel got in to got injured in Klamath Falls Oregon these missionaries Warehouse
they were helping with a service project it doesn’t say where this was a member or non-member it doesn’t say but whoever the owner was in this house.
Took a gun out of a display case to show the missionary because that’s you do good idea anyway anyway.
The gun apparently was loaded and discharged.
On accident on accident accident this was not intentional so a 9 mm bullet.
Went through the owner’s hand and hit a missionary on the right forearm and then careened off the man’s arm on his collarbone before hitting a sister missionary in the abdomen,
okay this is all it was flying what does zigzagging
I’ve never felt it off everywhere I mean it’s kind of crazy when you think it goes from the gun to a hand to the arm to the collarbone to an abdomen thank goodness everyone is fine otherwise we would not be laughing about this is very true
everyone is fine no life-threatening injuries but.

[16:57] Well that’s going to be a good Mission story to tell exactly I expect at my children
my child is going to come into contact with a bullet with anybody should be worrying about,
you used to live there then surprise Klamath Falls there their they’re.

[17:24] Alright so let’s move on to work third missionary story.

[17:29] Alright so this one is a fun one this one is about some LDS missionaries that were caught on hidden camera helping a blind woman in Taiwan
AKA candid camera style yeah so this was someone with filming they didn’t know it’s for these missionaries are on their p-day.
And ended up being part of a hidden camera social experiment.
This is like my biggest fear just have you ever seen the guy on I think he’s on ABC of the what would you do has yes I totally seen that I would be.
Horrified to be filmed on one of these things.

[18:08] Horrified that your filter horrified that you might not behave in a way that would be socially appropriate.

[18:17] I don’t think you have to worry about that I think I should worry about that a little bit more.
But I have to come at one of the oh it looks like you highlighted what I was going to comment on that I’m going to let you comment on that cuz that’s hilarious so they’re going to do some sightseeing in Taiwan they’re going to go see the.

[18:35] Building and then they admit that they’re part of the reason why they’re going to go see this tallest building.
Is because there’s a Chili’s nearby and chili has all you can eat chips and salsa which played an equal role in their decision to go do this on payday so you know the
the tallest building or the chips and salsa I’m pretty sure they just went for the chili with all you can eat chili at Chili’s a blind girl.
Standing by herself next to a tree asking for help and it says they noticed a lot of people walking by not doing anything.

[19:10] I’m so they went and talked to her and asked her what she needed help with and she wanted to go she want to be guided over to different area.

[19:19] So they helped her over there and then she asked to take her picture someone to take the picture.
Will it rain ever on her phone so they took a picture with her on her phone and took off had no idea that the whole thing was filmed.

[19:33] And then a couple days later their phones start blowing up.
Because it turns out the girl was not actually blind she was pretending and they were secretly being filmed for this experiment and the video went on YouTube.
As part of this series on YouTube and and they were the only ones that stopped to help.
I didn’t even read that they were the only people who stopped to help her and I have to say here’s a here’s just kind of another interesting.

[20:02] When you look at the photograph on here there’s four elders and there’s two sisters right we’ll one of the sisters there in the photograph
it’s wearing a blue dress and she actually if you watch the video she is the one after the elders approach this
Blount this allegedly blind person and start talking to her she’s the one that says hey take my arm and she leaves her over to where this girl wants to go and they get her situated.

[20:28] She’s in my ward I know she’s actually work shoes from my ward hear her name is Sister Larson
I think that this is even though it just got posted this week or this weekend Mormon site I think that this is a little bit of an older story because she’s been home for her from her mission for a few months now but she served in Taiwan and that’s Heidi and I was like,
holy cow that’s Heidi right there so we’ll that’s fine Oh I thought it was really fun anyways good story.

[21:00] There’s some good good press for members of the church because now we have a lot of.
They were dealing with exactly so we were joking beforehand that we should title this episode Bad actors because we have a number of Bad actors now,
if you listen to our podcast regularly we have a section that we called Mormons Behaving Badly.

[21:23] Now we have a story for that section which we will get to a little bit later but before we even get to that section we have other more other members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
AKA Mormons who are behaving badly that we need to discuss a whole bunch of we always say that they really do because we had a
a month and I think July where we didn’t have any warrants behaving badly but yet oh the gloves are off and they’re out in full force.
Okay so I’m going to talk about three stories at in quick succession here that have happy.

[21:57] The first two story involves a Hillsborough driver’s ed teacher and Bishop is arrested for sexual abuse.
I’m so when I saw this I knew that Hillsborough was somewhat close to where you used to live in Oregon so I immediately called you up and I said do you know this dude and you did not know him
different fake anyway so he was a driver’s education teacher and warm and Bishop and he was arrested for sexually abusing girls under-15.
Now there’s a good news and bad news scenario to guess the good news stereo is that.
As of now there’s no allegations that he was abusing girls in his calling as Bishop
the abuse occurred occurred in his professional career where he was a driver’s ed instructor and he would allegedly
I broke these girls at while they were taking practice tests and he would also make them perform Jumping Jacks and try and record it on his self.

[22:58] So I’m the allegations range from 2012 to 2000,
teen in 2018 he was removed from his position with his job but he was still the bishop they didn’t remove him as Bishop until he got arrested and so and nobody knows if
it didn’t the article didn’t say well the article didn’t even yeah talk about his church much but we’re curious if.
Any word got back as to why he was removed from his job if he just hit it and what exactly exactly because
if he kept it under wraps and nobody knew that he was
removed from his position because of these allegations then you wouldn’t expect a release but if it was known that he was removed because of these allegations and they still allowed him to continue to be Bishop until he was arrested
that doesn’t sit well but again we don’t know and I would think in this day and age with everything
going on lately I would think they would have yanked him so fast I mean things like she did with emission present exactly.

[24:08] Exactly so that’s that’s our first bad actor these are these are all white male Bad actors I’m so scary though can you imagine if you’re in that word I am I calling my teenage daughter in NBA.
So tell me everything have you had any
my God a clarifying exactly well I think it’s I think it’s equal parts terrifying and equal parts disbelieving because I’m going to assume
like most Bishops I mean most Bishops were pretty much beloved by the members in their Ward you come to love that bishop and so when you hear those allegations like that you have a hard time.

[24:50] Connecting the person that you know and love is your Bishop with the person who is alleged to have engaged in.
Very serious misconduct and so so yeah. Only are you hauling your kid in and ask him questions but I think at the same time you know it’s messing with your own mind going.

[25:09] That’s not that’s not the person I know right it just proves that you know.
We are multifaceted individuals and can have you know sometimes what we know is not always what is true so that brings us to bad actor number 2.

[25:23] So bad after number two is a local chiropractor in st. George.
And he was arrested after the depart the division of Occupational and Professional Licensing,
received several reports of sexual misconduct as part of his Chiropractic services
he believed that massaging breasts and breast exams were necessary to treat his patients however he had some patients that disagree that maybe that wasn’t the best practice,
he practiced this one particular type of Chiropractic Services National upper upper cervical Chiropractic Association it’s a method designed to free the nervous system.
He was the only chiropractor in the area that practiced that so the patients kind of really didn’t know better and let her stay.
Had either been to another chiropractor or some of them subsequently went to another Cairo.

[26:20] The practice. And then realized his exam was me being up so good so he was arrested at first he denied it and then
he ultimately said well maybe some of my exams were outside.
Does sad of what I should be doing so the article does not reference that he is Mormon but I look,
look at his picture and I was like oh dude is so Mormon so course I looked up his Facebook page and he’s referencing his mission and he can’t believe it’s been X number of years since he’s been home from his mission Junior still Mormon.

[26:57] Then we have bad actor number three bad actor number three and Jeff and Janet talked about this but they didn’t.
Which have all the facts right of Jeff and Josie Jeff and Josie exactly Jeff and Josie talked about this
so there was a gentleman from the Sandy area that was traveling to Nashville to pick up his son from his mission and he was a high councilman in Utah
he and his family are doing some shopping he’s in the H&M he leads this lady into addressing booth in H&M then goes into the dressing booth next to her puts his phone up there and starts to
poured her she happens to see the phone she quickly puts on her clothes,
she comes out of the booth he’s trying to erase what he has recorded she is smart and she smacked that phone right out of his hand goes running up to the front of the store saying this guy is recording me
the greatest wife come up and say hey do we really have to make a big deal about this and he ends up getting arrested as well as released from his calling so to speak.

[28:01] Anyway then that brings us to an article by a generous so Jana riess this past week wrote a.

[28:12] A pretty strongly opinion article about the reason these men are acting.
Seriously what the title of her article and this was on flunking sainthood.

[28:27] The title of her article with Mormon men are groomed not to listen to women and this was an opinion piece by Jenna Reese and so she starts out by talking about the,
late and there’s another article that I wanted to mention okay that got Dives deeper into this but the woman’s name is Levine Lavina Anderson.
And she was excommunicated back in 1993 when there was a September 6th September 6th
in the 90s they were six intellectuals who had kind of challenged the church on Science Matters publicly challenge the church church history stuff some of it,
feminism stuff a little bit anyway she was one of these that got excommunicated because she had written some type of article.

[29:18] And citation big article and they did not like what she wrote and so she got excommunicated.
So the Salt Lake Tribune had a big article on her this past week that was actually really interesting it was very and telling her story so she recently,
reapplied her locally if she’s been going to church ever since this happened which I think is amazing absolutely amazing.
It never impacted her test tonight she still believes the church is true she goes every week.
She obviously can’t participate in the sacrament or other snakes in the water have calling.
But I think she can sing in the choir think that’s what they said she can accept accept assignments you know so she can come help set up tables and chairs but she’s there.
Every Sunday in the church pews like her faith never wavered.
Her faith in pain like father and the plan and the gospel yes so her local leaders recently encouraged her to reapply.
For membership you get re-baptized so she passed the local level and then it went on to First presidency and got tonight. Tonight so she did not get to be re-baptized,
really sad but the cool thing was and she says in the Salt Lake Tribune article because I mean it it it certainly a 10 we don’t you know,
obviously we don’t know why the first presidency denied.

[30:45] They may have a very legitimate reason we are not aware of we don’t know all the details you know but based on what we do know it
it seems like she shouldn’t have been denied but she says it doesn’t matter next Sunday you’ll find me sitting in the church. Just as I always do
right which is amazing it’s absolutely amazing to go all these years and then be denied and just be like well I’m going to keep going and I think it’s a testament to the fact that.
Her testimony and her faith is not wavering right and it’s not.
Based in church leadership or decisions it’s yeah truly based on the Savior it exactly,
and the exact so anyway back to Jenna Reese’s article she mentions
what does start out the article talking about Levine she talks about Levine and her case and how she was denied and then she kind of brings it back to,
I think probably comparing like.
How are we treating the women versus the man yes and she does bring up a couple of these cases she brings up the guy the bishop.
Don’t forget the driver’s ed teacher and she does say you know the church is getting much better about quickly dentist disciplining me but.

[32:00] She brings it back to in her opinion the reality is men are groomed within the church to not listen to women.
Or and not purposefully does not intentionally it’s just literally subliminally culturally how we are.
It’s just culturally the fact that women are never in leadership over men or.

[32:28] Even really partnered with many exactly that actually subliminally men or sent the message that there.
More important or yeah well and she says men are conditioned to church to see women as ancillary to decision-making and again I don’t think there is intent on that part now I think.
I think it is just.
Culturally I mean how our church is structured and they’re very much is a division between the responsibilities of the men and the responsibilities of the women.
But again I mean I I know that I have been in a number of situations.
In my work in the church where I have definitely felt like,
my voice was not given the same weight that a male counterpoints voice was given and I probably see that a little more acutely just because in my work environment
my voice is given equal I mean not always but,
more often than it is at church given equal weight to a male Counterpoint so when that happens at church it’s it’s more blaring for me,
you know it isn’t one of those things that I can go shopping off and get mad about and take offense to it because.
I understand where it comes from.

[33:56] I think that we have definitely improved over the years from where we used to be but still it inherently,
I think it comes back to leadership and the fact that all leadership in our church is male-dominated and so it.

[34:15] By that fact alone it it create rice and it’s not purposeful but sometimes it’s just a numbers game yeah when you’re in ward council and there are three women.

[34:27] And you know 10 men it’s it feels.

[34:33] Like you may not be back to hurt as much exactly well and do you remember I wrote an article on this I think back in it in April I think it was in April that sister Bingham at Women’s Conference
sister Bingham at Women’s Conference was telling a story there she was working with male leadership and she was very frustrated and she would come home and her husband would say was that another person lambing meeting and
she talks about how she had to.
Readjust her attitude and learn to engage with him so that she wouldn’t be frustrated.

[35:11] Which again you know kudos to her for doing that I always encourage my kids and myself to you know what can I do in this situation too.
Change what can I control what can and can’t I can’t exactly,
but at the same time you know are we doing a disservice for the men to understand that maybe some of how some of their behaviors impact the sisters because shouldn’t they be equally responsible.
For the things that they do and say that have.
A negative impact that they are perhaps unaware of because they’re culturally conditioned in a certain way.

[35:52] So anyway generous is article.
Pretty pretty penny Nathan it is very opinionated probably very polarizing very polarizers a lot of comments on this there really are and I’m certainly not saying that are three bad male actors behaved this way
because they had Church positions they clearly have
some other issues and it was just interesting because Janna Reeves pulled in their behavior to illustrate this and I think they’re probably maybe could have been,
maybe some better examples of that but at the same time I want to say.

[36:33] And certainly sexually inappropriate behavior is not limited to only Mormon men but I certainly want to say to the white man out there of our church
Keep Your Hands to Yourself
it’s not that difficult folks definitely and you’re making the good ones look bad exactly because there are lots of good ones out there and there are lots of good ones and Leadership that are
trying more and more yes include women
yeah definitely I do think that’s happening more I do think so too I think we’re as we as a culture ship to like I said make
women’s voices be more heard because I certainly think in a professional sense that my voice is.
Much more heard today than it was in the 90s when I first started practicing law and so I think that as we as a culture shift that that naturally occurs within the church.
It’s just a slow shift it slow the speed of the Train on this is not rap.
That is true all right we have next you have a little article a little BYU.

[37:39] Yes he’s BYU you may recall to BYU has its own Police Department
and they are post certified by the state and they have authority to police and Patrol the BYU campus they can make arrests on the BYU campus they can issue tickets on the BYU campus
they can do anything on BYU grounds there.
Certified to do that than a regular police officer could do well they were certified they were certified this all came about.

[38:22] So there were some questions back in 2016 about BYU police officers accessing
information so because they are BYU police officers they had access to I believe the
I don’t know if it was the Utah County database or if it was the Provo City database they were able to see reports of things that were made by other agencies
and so there was a victim of a sexual assault who filed a police report not with the BYU police department but I believe with another agency.
If I recall correctly and the BYU.

[39:05] Honor Code reached out to this particular officer and said.
Hey can you find out what she reported to the Provo police department and let us know,
so he goes and finds Provo Police Department Records and he shares those with the honor code off.

[39:22] And apparently that was quite a common practice that there was a history of emails and information going back.

[39:29] So a very smart reporter from the Salt Lake Tribune said well.
Those would be open meeting records and are not open meeting records but records open to formation public information under the government records management access,
grandma Grandma I believe gamma.
West and so they filed a request to receive those records BYU denied it then there was they filed a second request.
Because there is there was a new law SB 197 that took effect in May of 2018 stating that while BYU was a private university its Police Department is considered a government Atlanta.

[40:13] And therefore subject to public records request like every other law enforcement agency right because when the Tribune filed the first request BYU said pay for private we don’t have to send it to you.
So then the law changed and then they found the second records request and byui was ordered to show up to a commission there’s a Utah records Commission.
That if you make a grandma request and the grandma request is denied or not very much information is given you can appeal to this commission before you have to go to.
To be appealed to this commission commission told me why you you’re going to show up at the hearing you could bring your records will BYU shows up at the hearing and they don’t bring their records they only bring few record.
And the commission says we don’t think you understood our request really want all your records we want them on redacted you were going to turn them over to us and we will decide if these are public record.
Happy why you said,
I know we’re not going to do that and so they are now probably going to result in this action moving to court.

[41:18] Now here’s what I find so interesting about this you know BYU tell Tucson or coated
many individuals who are supportive of the honor code say when you do the honor code if you didn’t want to abide by the honor code you don’t have to be here
well I want to say to the BYU Police Department in their records you knew that you were going to be a subject to a public agency when you want a certification to be the police department so if you don’t want to have your own Police Department then
and have to reveal your records then get rid of your Police Department you know if you’re going to live by the sword die by the sword.
So this will be interesting to see they’re just
did they’re going to have shot in court for they’re going to have to have a long time they’re going to have to Hash it out of court because it said that the university May appeal the matter and move it to.

[42:08] I think they well I don’t think they want to turn over those records.
They want to maintain that these are private records that they don’t have to turn them over until I do think ultimately a court is going to have to determine if police records
kept by a state-certified police departments.

[42:26] Are public record subject to inspection underground right and then in the meantime they’re still fighting keeping their certification,
exactly like that is still in the court system that is still in the court system as well so they’re in their kind of trouble.
Attempt to decertify the police force so they haven’t decertified their police force yet.
But the commissioner Public Safety is trying to do that in there fighting that battle as well.
Connect decertify there parking police had several run-ins with.
You know that is a really good question because you know nnn I know that they could look up your license plate than they could you know send you tickets to your house and and.
I wonder if the parking people fell under the certification of.
The police department so that they could then enforce I don’t know because when I paid a ticket hang my parking tickets I did have to go.

[43:35] To the location,
where the BYU Police Department with house I don’t know if that means anything but that,
there parking enforcement fell under there
a police certification so that they can enforce those because a lot of times you know example I got a ticket in a private parking lot a couple weeks probably I don’t know,
45 months ago and I just ripped the thing up and watch
this is a private parking lot B you can’t you know you my boo my card expired
from the meter person
and so so yeah I I knew it was a private lot in the worst they could do was boot me if I ever came in again they have any enforcement action you know that they can take against it so like I said I
I probably use that for fire kindling funny okay.

[44:34] Well in other University news within the Utah Valley.
News about the UVU paper published like a short little article about the gun policy and how it affects the Institute of Religion at UVU which has 7,000 students.
When we say gun policy we’re talkin the church’s stance against.
Don’t bring your guns to Sacramento yet basically the article said that students and staff at UVU that have a concealed firearm are still allowed to possess it.
But obviously Institute is a church building so they’re not supposed to have it Institute and they just.
You know interview to couple students one of them said I don’t think I’m going to feel safe.

[45:20] Not knowing that someone in my class will have a gun to protect us in another student that’s like a knife with me wherever I go.
But I will no longer bring my knife to Institute class because of been asked not to,
so then that begs the question of I mean there are knives and then there are not rats.
You know how specific do we need to get a gun alright we can identify a gun you know and determine okay that’s a deadly weapon
but you don’t part that carry two pocket knife around Tyler okay with people having knives knives are not going to accidentally.
Fire like remember the guy in Utah that used to be in your voice yes accidentally fire just going to church
exactly really accidentally stabs them at the night it’s a little harder to accidentally stab someone with a knife I don’t have an issue with knives yeah you better bring your bring your knives to church
I mean probably not your swords machete.
All right well the next door we have is actually a really cute when this is a couple that was in Idaho Falls yes.

[46:38] And they had been married for 68 years and they passed away eight days apart yet so it was actually
this is actually a heartwarming story about death this very sweet it it made me warm in the husband what was their name.
Delmar and Myrna.
Now are those are those old-fashioned names or what I love it Delmar and Myrna Anderson so there in a senior living dead or living facility he suffered from dementia pretty bad and I think he was.
In the hospital at the time and when she passed away and.

[47:22] He was devastated they said even though we had dementia when the kids went and told him what happened at the hospital he was sobbing and.
He was sad will any other thing to is there was nothing to indicate that she was going to pass away her daughter calls her aunt one morning calls her in the morning and she says no I’m not feeling we’re very well I’m still in bed
her daughter thinks okay well that’s odd because usually my mom is up and so she called her brother and said hey go check on Mom and by the time he got there she had passed away the right stuff.
So they got him up and took him to the funeral for his wife and he had an incident actually at the funeral he did where they thought they had lost him he was.
Curled over in his wheelchair and I thought they lost him but they got him revived again.
Now this is really interesting how they got him revived so so they’re Wheeling there they’re about to wheel him out they’ve completed the funeral it looks like he’s sleeping.
The pallbearers take her casket out
they’re bad to wheel him out and he wasn’t moving and so the daughter says I stopped the music and said to everyone in the chapel he’s gone so they take it out of the wheelchair and they’ll aim on the bench one of her brothers gives him a blessing
and all the sudden he starts coughing so we really wasn’t gone back is that but it’s not for very long a couple days later it sounds like they took him home.

[48:44] I get to their house but I do have to say another funny point that this lady who was telling the story is really kind of funny she says you know it was kind of shocking after he kind of came back to life cuz they checked for a pulse for him.
And she’s thinking of myself I have to finish my mother’s funeral and my dad’s lying here on the bench and I wasn’t even thinking so I told everybody,
hey come back for lunch we’ve got a lot of food here
I thought that was hilarious cuz that is totally something I would do I would be like okay I have tables in a ton of food,
please don’t leave don’t leave the food he passed and they said that they could hear him.
Talking in the room next door saying oh they sent you down I can see you I can feel you they felt like maybe he was talking to
spirits on the other side and then also he started giving direct counsel to some of his grandchildren with his dementia he hadn’t recognized up until this moment so that was kind of cool.
Anyways so he passed away and then they are having his funeral.

[49:57] This week in the same child so sad but sweet because they didn’t have to be apart for very long I think it’s so sweet you know clearly 68 years of marriage
they loved each other a lot I it’ll probably very heartbreaking to be physically separated so.

[50:16] Glad that they got to go quickly and together yes.

[50:21] All right there is a funny meme circulating around and just posted this on the,
this week in Mormons Facebook page if you want to see it it was originally posted by a gentleman named Hank are Smith and it is a photograph and in this photograph.
President Nelson and Wendy stand in the middle or sister Nelson I should say and there’s two men on the side of Wendy and one man on the side of President Nelson.

[50:51] Now if you look closely at the man standing on President Nelson side he might look.
Familiar if you’ve been to the temple recently and you’ve watched a film in the temple you might recognize him.
And the caption says how did they allow Lucifer so close to the prophet on his birthday where is church security.
So funny I thought that was hilarious I feel like every once in awhile I picture will surface on Facebook with one of the characters from the temporal the video.
And everybody gets so it’s really true it’s so weird to see them out of their element it is very true cuz you kind of get used to seeing them in that element next article this is a
funny wine I can’t go over in that time so I can’t go over now but go read it cuz it’s funny this was done by Johnny Townsend and it was on.
Cultural Hall yes but it was it was an an opinion piece he did for the Salt Lake Tribune
right and they said let’s all start wearing shorts to church this is his answer to global warming yes and lowering our answer to energy consumption is we’re going to wear shorts he’s being very clever tried to tie his.

[52:04] His desire for chart shorts into church into energy consumption
cuz you know why not exactly you say hey we dissed the time we just the pants we can up the temperature a little bit more we don’t have to.
Stacy solo and quite honestly I believe there are some women who would be supportive of that because Have You Ever Seen The NeverEnding summertime where there’s,
the sister goes and turns their condition app for the brother goes and turns it down it goes up because.
Anyway it’s funny he just talks about how standards have changed over the years so why can’t we change the standard to shorts.

[52:45] The MiFi didn’t the funniest line was he said knees are not sex organs neither or shoulders let stop teaching our sons to Swoon when they see that.

[52:54] Kissing is making an argument for let’s get rid of sleeves and garments and let the sisters go sleep with while we’re at it while we’re at it anyway it was funny.
Very clever
what’s next all right now I will do despite the bad actors we just discussed earlier I do have a nominee for Mormons behaving badly and this one involves a woman not necessarily a man
and so this woman by the name of Jennifer Aaron Talbot she is from Utah she goes over to Manila Philippines and.
She gets a baby over there a 6 day old baby and she tries to sneak this baby out of the country in a sling bag and she was arrested for human trafficking.
I’m she had a piece of paper allegedly signed by the mother saying that she was giving consent for the baby to travel to the US.
Actually wasn’t signed by the mother was just a piece of paper but none of the other documents had been.

[53:52] I’m provided and there’s all sorts of paperwork and things I’m going to take a child out.
So the officers are questioning her as to what she intended to do with the baby at the airport which is trying to fly home this is at the airport when she’s trying to play home and they said what is your intent with the baby.
And she replied that she just wanted to give it a name at a church blessing.
That’s how we knew she was a member of the church cuz I’m reading this article going well she’s from Utah so odds are high but it didn’t say anything until the end.

[54:25] She’s mad because you know we don’t have any affiliation in the Philippines or any Pig.
Abstain that sarcastically anyways you can’t seriously think she’s in seriously interested her for the maximum penalty is up to life imprisonment so.

[54:45] Try and sneak babies out of foreign country.
How did she know these people that were giving birth to a baby
exactly did she serve a mission in the Philippines 10 years ago
everything okay are you going first or Mike I will go first I text so my favorite thing.

[55:13] This month is actually a pair of jeans ladies jeans sorry to our gentlemen listeners this is not apply to you
so I might apply if they’re wanting to get their wives a comfortable pair of jean. Comes highly recommended so,
I have to say I hate buying Jean’s hate it with a passion
it is almost as bad as shopping for swimsuit for me so true I tried on jeans a couple weeks ago and with the first time in a while and I was like.
Yeah I’d rather slit my wrists and bleed out and I don’t know why it’s so bad cuz other pants are fine but jeans or problem okay on a list several months ago of life
best Amazon fashion finds really and then
they popped up again about 2 weeks ago on just a blogger I follow okay was talking about these jeans they are Levi’s okay I have not owned a pair of Levi’s since College
five of Wands in high school fees are Levis Levi Strauss signature.

[56:19] Modern skinny is in a managing so they sell them on Amazon okay they also sell them on or at Walmart.
Okay so did you buy yours at Amazon or Walmart I bought mine at Walmart cuz then I could take them back if they didn’t fit okay because that’s that would be my biggest thing is you know probably you know.

[56:38] Is there a,
I try on so many genes before I even get one that I like that I would be hesitant to order anything online online because I’d want to try it on first ya know so same thing and they’re about the same price on Amazon $20.
And it says they’re stretched so they’re stretchy they are clearly made for a curvy girl okay I’m a curvy girl okay and the material is it’s got like just enough stretch.
And that it’s thin enough that it doesn’t bother me cuz I hate it when the denim is just too thick yes and not stretchy or festival at all and come up high enough.

[57:19] But they’re not like a lowrider so you don’t have you don’t have garment gabage yes and not too high.
I think I like a real good like natural waist good to know I might have to check those out there and they come in all sizes regular plus size and have lots of different washes they have a black.
A dark wash a light wash they might have one more.

[57:44] Oh I may have to go check this out because I got trying to find some jeans and not been not been successful in fact did been disappointed and very unhappy they are signature Levi Strauss.
Modern skinny jean okay alright put a picture of the tag up in our honorary Instagram account need to update our Instagram account.
Alright mine is The Brady Bunch.
As you know that is one of my favorite television shows as a kid I’ve every episode memorized I’m a trivia Buff when it comes to the Brady Bunch.
HGTV bought their house that was used for the exterior shots and redid it
to make it exactly like the set and waiting to watch this
I have I’ve been watching all sorts of the promo episode I have not had a chance just cuz I’ve been super busy to watch the actual episode but a lot of little promos here and there that they showed I was like
oh my gosh I’m going to love this I have read a couple of Articles and seen some of the pictures
I’m I’m very excited to watch this because I’m fascinated how they took this house that from the exterior is not.
Looks like it’s not constructed the way the entire Arab set was and how they did this and so that is my plug is I’m going to go watch the HGTV Brady Bunch special I’m going to encourage everyone else to do that as well.

[59:14] All right well I think that wraps it up for us that’s it for the month of September for us but keep listening cuz Jeff will be back next week with yes some
unknown guests do you know who it is yet I don’t think we know who it is yet but I also got an email from him that we’re going to do our traditional conference wrap-up
so in a couple of weeks after conference that’s so pretty soon swim Nation you have a lot to look forward to we appreciate you joining us and.
Be sure to find us on Facebook Twitter Instagram all of those social media places that’s right thanks for listening.

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