Expect New Temples and Announcements at October 2019 General Conference, says President Russell M. Nelson

President Russell M. Nelson confirmed new temples and other announcements, but what could those announcements be?
President Russell M. Nelson addresses congregants in Brasilia, Brazil | Intellectual Reserve

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]ussell M. Nelson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, clearly relishes the anticipation of big, structural change in the Church, as well as how much fun and love there is when new temples are announced.  Indeed, the temple announcements thus far during his administration veered so close to irreverence that President Nelson had to remind congregants at the Conference Center last April to treat the news with the appropriate respect.

However, the man can’t help but build hype, and the Church Newsroom confirmed the announcement of new temples as well as “other announcements” in a news release as the president wraps up his Latin American tour in Brazil. Temple announcements aren’t anything new to President Nelson, as he’s revealed 27 of them since the start of his tenure, but the Church confirming “other announcements” can only feed the rumor mill, which ground to a halt after last April’s General Conference was much more by-the-numbers than the previous two.

So what might those announcements be? Based on recent news, we shouldn’t expect anything new on the Word of Wisdom. Tithing likely isn’t going anywhere. And we already have an all-new youth program ready to take off in 2020, with new details coming out this month. Speculation was speculated. Thoughts were shared. Assumptions were surmised. Passive voice was used.

Likewise, where will new temples be? We’re not yet ready to publish our semiannual temple predictions, but we’ve been pretty successful at guessing them in the past. Let’s all take a moment and put down our money for the tease of all teases, Rogers, Arkansas.

We also learned from the Newsroom piece that President Nelson is only the fifth Church president to visit Brazil. Seems like that number should be higher. Not tudo bem, folks!

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