Temple Predictions – October 2019

We've been o-so-right and o-so-wrong, but nothing beats prediction the announcement of new temples.

Maracaibo Venezuela

Joseph: I want to keep Maracaibo on my official prediction list even though it’s really challenging and heartbreaking, frankly, to see this previously flourishing area descend into conflict and despair. If it weren’t for the political climate and the very recent news of what’s been called the Dallas of Venezuela being all but vacated and abandoned, this would otherwise be a very convincing prediction.

So, while the 14 stakes and 3 districts that could have been carved from the Caracas temple district to staff and patron a temple in this once bustling capital of industry would have made a compelling case for a new temple announcement,

Alas, political instability has an effect on church growth, but then again, we built a temple in Nigeria then promptly closed it due to instability there.

Geoff: Was “Dallas of Venezuela” meant as a compliment? Or is this just a petroleum reference? Because I’ve been to Dallas, and no offense to the fine people there, but you know what you got yourself into when you moved there.

Not that Colombia and Venezuela exactly have an open border (if a porous one) at present, but the Barranquilla Colombia Temple is newer and presumably closer than Caracas. But with that said, again, I doubt travel is easy in any case.

Maracaibo does have five stakes in the city proper and a sixth in nearby Cabinas. Two of those stakes were organized within the past 10 years. Is it gangbusters growth? No, but it’s still something. I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see a temple on the other side of the country, near Barcelona. But on principle, I have to reject the notion of any temple in a Barcelona that is not first that of wond’rous Catalonia. Lluitem per la llibertat!

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