Temple Predictions – October 2019

We've been o-so-right and o-so-wrong, but nothing beats prediction the announcement of new temples.

Santa Cruz Bolivia

Geoff: The largest city in Bolivia, Santa Cruz has eight stakes, making it the area (not country) in the world with the most stakes but without its own temple. Indeed, Santa Cruz has more stakes than Cochabamba, Bolivia’s only temple!

This is a pure numbers play by me. The saints simply might not be ready or the Lord is waiting for something more. That’s OK. A new temple coming to Salta, Argentina, nearish to the Santa Cruz area, might also complicate things.

Joseph: I’m genuinely surprised this place is so bereft from having its own temple. Especially in the context of today’s temple map, I mean, a place like Santa Cruz without a temple is practically a unicorn.

Then again, for as good a prediction as this would be prior to the Nelson era, we’ve noted several times now how the calculus appears to be dramatically different, making our little game here a far sight less accurate or sure footed than what it once was. But for this cosmopolitan cultural powerhouse for the region with a history that dates back to the 1500s, I think it’s safe to assume that the temple design committee would have a field day.

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