Temple Predictions – October 2019

We've been o-so-right and o-so-wrong, but nothing beats prediction the announcement of new temples.

Colorado Springs Colorado

Geoff: What? Into the lion’s den of evangelical Christianity? You’re not the only one who can focus on the family, James Dobson. We’ve got vicarious love all up in this. Oh yes! The last new stake in the Colorado Springs region was organized in 2016, giving us five in the immediate area of the city, as well as stakes farther south in Pueblo, Alamosa, and Manassa (organized in 1883!). Based on recent trends, this is enough to merit a smaller temple.

It’s not a slam dunk. The Fort Collins Colorado Temple is only a few years old and took with it not just stakes of northern Colorado, but parts of Wyoming (there are two stakes in little Cheyenne? Props!) and even the northern suburbs of Denver. A temple in Colorado Springs could hack off just a bit too much of the Denver temple’s district to be reasonable. (Also, the Denver temple is in the southern part of the metropolitan area – closer to the Springs.) In addition, a temple in the Springs couldn’t pull from too far to the west at the risk of siphoning off stakes that feed into the Monticello Utah Temple.

Still, the area is just far enough away from Denver – about an hour – that it might make sense for the area to have its own temple. And with so many inmates in nearby prison paradise Cañon City, we need to bolster the power of the spirit!

Besides, think of other worthwhile names beyond the obvious Colorado Springs Colorado Temple: Pike’s Peak Colorado Temple, Manitou Springs Colorado Temple (just sounds cooler), Great Sand Dunes Colorado Temple, or the Sangre de Cristo Colorado Temple. I’m not just getting my Catholic on with that one. It’s the name of a mountain range.

Joseph: If you recall, Colorado Springs was one of my picks a mere 6 months ago, Geoff. How are my coattails, sir? Comfy for the ride??! This was an interesting location if I recall because the more I dug into the demographics the less convinced I became that this was as good a guess as I originally thought. I think that’s largely because of your point about Denver’s temple district getting too anemic.

However, with regards to the lions’ den of mainstream megachurch Christianity, I’d be down for a temple here, if only—to borrow and appropriate a gauche phrase used in politics—to “own the Evangelicals.” [upside down smiley face emoji dot gif dot yes]

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