EP 445 – How to Pronounce ‘Kiribati’

Why on earth are we not using "Come, Follow Me" in Elders quorum and Relief Society?

Devin Thorpe, arguably among the 10 nicest persons in the world, is in the hot seat as we hash through dozens of amazing Latter-day Saint news stories!

Did you know that the sacrament prayers are grammatically wrong? This is the hot-ticket news you need to know!

Mac Christensen, founder of fabled Utah apparel chain Mr. Mac, passes away at age 85. He’s remember by thousands of missionaries who loved his polyester suits.

Are Mormons to the rescue in the every-downward spiral of American politics? The New York Times explores one Willard “Mitt” Romney and whether Latter-day Saints will finally be the bulwark against Donald Trump.

Also from the New York Times, a fascinating overview of the burgeoning film industry in Utah, some of it done by the Church itself, other parts from independent filmmaking. One thing is crucial: Kirby Heyborne lives.

A couple random mentions: the president of Kiribati visits President Nelson, a beer truck spills its load all over a meetinghouse parking lot in Sandy, President Nelson is off to carry on his Global Ministry™ tour in Southeast Asia, and a school in Utah will open a time capsule from 1887!

Oh hey! The beloved Layton Utah Temple rendering has been released. The temple looks… fine.

Rendering Released of Layton Utah Temple

Devin shares a wonderful story of black Latter-day Saints finding the gospel, and personal insights into the lift of the priesthood ban in 1978.

The Church Newsroom has been sort of neutered in terms of its social media presence. Want to visit the Newsroom on Instagram? Too bad!

Church Combines Social Media Accounts of Newsroom and Main Pages

Ugh. Latter Day Matchmaker is at it again…

Check out this very random video where two different analysts independently peg the date of the First Vision!

LDS Earth Stewardship is a thing!


Geoff Openshaw:
[0:00] Everybody Geoff openshaw here before we get to the show I just want to wish you a brief apology and before you think I’m going to apologize for ragging on Bakersfield.
Like Elder Oaks I will not apologize no it’s recorded the episode this week when I got everything back to do some post-production I realized I had the wrong microphone selected,
so most of the episode if it sounds like you’re hearing me on the microphone of a webcam it’s because you are,
hopefully you won’t Karen will be that big of a deal but it’s the kind of thing that bugs me enough that I feel like I need to issue a warning and an apology because we try to produce a top-level show,
that’s really it let’s move on.

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Devin Thorpe:
[2:09] Yeah the reason you should pledge to patreon is the halogen bulbs that’s that’s the reason.

Geoff Openshaw:
[2:16] Yeah it’s all so bad in my 401 computer tower anyway spokes the man laughing is the wonderful and always just incredibly.

Devin Thorpe:
[2:26] It is such an honor to be with you again Jeff thanks for having me.

Geoff Openshaw:
[2:29] I love Devin he is the nicest guy and I do not deserve.

Devin Thorpe:
[2:32] That’s not true at all not true at all but it’s it’s so fun to be with you.

Geoff Openshaw:
[2:38] We’re going to have you do you ever get mad Devin I mean I know you I know you got a brand to maintain here.

Devin Thorpe:
[2:42] Yes I am it is it is really my life challenge.
Said to be nice and I will admit I’m getting better at it and I’m really quite proud of getting better at it but,
I know by nature is to be a real jerk and so I’ve been fighting that I’ll tell you the long story
It’s Quickly that can I got fired from a job like I quit a job by
2530 years ago the boss at 2 no one have Alexa to interview with you and you know I thought he was looking for feedback
as is the custom in an exit interview no he wanted to give me some feedback and said them in your kind of confrontational and I thought to myself like hell I am.
And and then it occurred to me probably 2 years later as I reflected on it after using some harsh language scold someone,
and that’s putting it very politely.
I thought I wonder if my boss had a point and is it begin to ponder it I said okay yeah he does and so I’ve spent the last 28 years or so trying to overcome my jerk Ness and I make I’m taking gram,
take Route.

Geoff Openshaw:
[4:00] Well I think you are succeeding with Applause.

Devin Thorpe:
[4:03] You’re very kind that was a story apropos of nothing I apologize for wasting precious twin time.

Geoff Openshaw:
[4:11] I mean yeah but you listen to the show enough to know how we do this. We waste a good 10 to 15 minutes in the beginning.

Devin Thorpe:
[4:14] No thank you thank you very much.

Geoff Openshaw:
[4:20] Don’t worry you’re going to be fine is everything going well there in Utah or whatever how is that how is your mark on the world.

Devin Thorpe:
[4:27] Yeah yeah you know it’s it’s great we’re actually going to wind up that your mark on the world show after 8 years I’m recording my final 50 episodes and I’m back at published about half of the final 50,
I will wrap up with episode number 1200 with New York Times columnist Nick Kristof who is for me.

Geoff Openshaw:
[4:49] I love him.

Devin Thorpe:
[4:50] He’s kind of a role model a hero and I convinced him to come on the show I’ve already recorded the episode but we’ll will air that when is the last episode of the your mark on the world show at probably,
just before Christmas.

Geoff Openshaw:
[5:06] Okay well Nick Christoph is a great journalist people aren’t familiar with him and I love his Facebook feed he’s a delightful facebooker if you don’t follow him on there he’s he’s a very interesting fellow.

Devin Thorpe:
[5:18] He is in one of the things I love about him you know super liberal guy like me but he is.

Geoff Openshaw:
[5:24] One of the things I love about you.

Devin Thorpe:
[5:25] But but he he is really good I think about calling liberals on their crap,
yeah he he is I think self-aware enough and aware enough of our own political weaknesses as liberals to to call us on our own stuff when we deserve it so that’s one of the things I love about you.

Geoff Openshaw:
[5:47] What are the things I look too I mean when you look at people who are more liberal in the church especially but I guess in general is.
It can be very easy to be angry with anything,
but they don’t have like I think there’s a stereotype of sort of a combative,
or either combative or like a nonchalant demeanor like when it comes to living the gospel and being nice I get there.
The Liberals in the church especially our are trying to stir up trouble,
and I have a certain personality type so I love my friends who aren’t that way at all I know it’s like super nice people who love the gospel and
see the weaknesses in arguments that are just trying to be nice rational folks like just kind of Democrats.

Devin Thorpe:
[6:49] Yes yes I agree we all need to be more kind,
and and I think Nick does a pretty good job of being jective analytical sometimes incisive but without being
personal or rude or mean.

Geoff Openshaw:
[7:10] Good and it’s also nice because a lot many journalists will not sit down for interviews themselves on principal and I’m glad that you were able to get an interview with him this is where I will call out 1 Peggy Fletcher stack who is going on the record.
Saying she does not do interviews.

Devin Thorpe:
[7:28] She does NACA.

Geoff Openshaw:
[7:29] Why are you wasting your time we could bump that we could swim bump the trip so hard we could bump you all the way to a better website.

Devin Thorpe:
[7:34] Seventh chord website Peggy I love Peggy but.

Geoff Openshaw:
[7:46] You should know you probably have you should ask Peggy and she can discuss her mark on the world.

Devin Thorpe:
[7:53] And an inch or she can tell me no she doesn’t do any.

Geoff Openshaw:
[7:56] And then in the middle of the areola called crash it will show up physically.
Gotcha moment it’ll be great it’ll be killer for your ratings.

Devin Thorpe:
[8:06] Yeah that’s right.

Geoff Openshaw:
[8:07] We were here and you’re clearly already longer.
Oh man so it sucks been an exciting week,
and the world of Latter-day Saints last week of course that conference I think we still have a little bit of leftover conferenc stuff we might get into this week,
there was other news conference related that we did not discuss,
is there a conference we just going to talk about only conferences so let’s go down this week a great grab bag of many interesting some seemingly random headlines,
map between I think Devin between the two of us we probably grabbed like 20 stories or so.

Devin Thorpe:
[8:44] Oh my gosh I didn’t listen to 30 yeah we could go on.

Geoff Openshaw:
[8:47] We will not get on that we will not get on all them this week don’t worry we know you have lives but there’s been a lot of good stuff this week so clearly the thing I should lead off with is that the president of Kiribati visited the church I mean that’s the hard-hitting news you’re always.
President tinetti Mamou along with his wife and delegation swung through Salt Lake City on their way back from the UN General Assembly and met up with President Nelson and president Oaks,
it’s relevant to your body’s about one-fifth Latter Day Saints I don’t know what the activity rates are but it’s about one-fifth Latter Day Saints and there actually are a number of steaks in Kiribati it is a,
a surprisingly LDS,
Place yeah it’s the capital of chihuahua chihuahua has long been our Temple prediction list based on how many steaks are on what’s really a relatively small geographic area so.
So I know you’re all waiting to hear.

Devin Thorpe:
[9:41] A twerking on a little late I’m 10 Jen chili involved with a service project in cannabis,
and yeah so it’s cool there is a great Utah / Mormon connection to give us if it’s great to see their president come by for a bit.
Yeah I was just going to say we should spend 20 minutes discussing whether the pronunciation is Kiribati or cannabis but.

Geoff Openshaw:
[10:11] O c c this is how an educated I thought that was just like a town in the country I didn’t realize that you were pronouncing it the correct way to spell differently.

Devin Thorpe:
[10:23] No no it’s it at and I don’t understand I think I think grammarians and we’ve got another grammar topic later and show but I think grammarians,
view this as an alternative to legitimate Alternatives but I think there are some from,
cannabis who have strong views about this so I don’t I don’t know you know if you poop,
if you,
told all the people in could have asked if they would agree on the pronunciation or the preferred pensi pronunciation or not.

Geoff Openshaw:
[11:06] Pronounce let you know Google knows me I start typing a how to pronounce the auto populate Xterra body it does say the correct pronunciation.
In the in the gilbertie’s language which is their language so everyone this is why you have come here so the the ti is pronounced as a sub in the language so therefore the correct pronunciation is carob.

Devin Thorpe:
[11:31] Yeah your kid about Spanaway I don’t know what do I know that’s a perfect segue into the your article about the,
Sacrament prayers at Central topic I’m so glad you raised it.
Explain your your this and that and which and who probably there.

Geoff Openshaw:
[11:54] Okay I’ll get into it and in person to offer anybody that might be listening for the first time I will read my first couple of lines so you understand the tone I’m attempting to use,
moving into a topic like this I say hey again because I your favorite polemicist promises,
I once brought you the notion of the way you might be ending or talk or testimony is wrong and today I come to you with the earth-shattering news that our Sacramento prayers are grammatically incorrect,
I’m not tearing down hoe lyrics as I make a point to say and then over the years in English
improve the grammar in the meeting and let you know what you out I mean there was a time,
a couple years ago they updated the Book of Mormon to get rid of the white and delightsome to talk about the Nephites right and that was Far More Than Just A,
oh there’s some, or some grammatical disagreement that was straight up like using different language so as not to be more effective so anyway
by and large fine you know they haven’t been updated much over the years we swapped out the word whine up for water at some point but which I should mention quickly,
I found the Sacramento prayers in American Sign Language on the website and for some reason I’m still stay wine.

Devin Thorpe:
[13:14] I think we need to be going to the ASL Wards from now on Jeff I think that’s what that means that’s for the party is on Sunday.

Geoff Openshaw:
[13:24] In 2019 how how is that I don’t understand that slip through the cracks so,
the main argument here on the water is basically fine,
for the prayer over the bread has one primary if Ultra picky error code says near the end and keep his Commandments which he had given them you all know that,
which confusion confusion we often use that and which interchangeably that are common speech,
even though it’s incorrect however this is the scriptures and really what it’s about is a conflict between two things are called non defining clauses,
and defining Clauses and so the main arguments is the way it’s written it said and keep his Commandments which he has given them no, anywhere in that frame,
and you basically can’t do that in English basically if you don’t want to,
you could say and keep his Commandments that he has given but in so doing that but then it becomes a defining clause and what that means is,
I’m saying that he had given them is essential to the meaning of the sentence write an implied that there would be Commandments that he is not given that which isn’t true.

Devin Thorpe:
[14:41] If they are his Commandments he’s giving them to us.

Geoff Openshaw:
[14:46] So so what that said I don’t think it would be appropriate to get rid of the word that because there’s no comment or give her the witch because of no, and replace it with that cuz I don’t,
so we move on to a non defining Claus is a pretty proper use of which in this case I’m arguing that there should be a, between which he has given them, that they may always have his Spirit to be with them,
you see it because it’s a non defining Clause that which he has given them add some color,
to the freezing but it’s not essential to the meaning of the sentence now the problem is the way it’s written does neither of those things and therefore it is gramatik.
And it must be must be fixed or we will burn the Church of the ground.

Devin Thorpe:
[15:34] I think it is a fascinating.

Geoff Openshaw:
[15:40] You are the only person to ever think this even that I say that including my wife.

Devin Thorpe:
[15:45] So I’m glad you raised that thank you so much for correcting the scriptures and making clear that you’re wiser than everyone else knows that is a good cat I think that.

Geoff Openshaw:
[15:59] My goal with the pieces for most people to say wow you’re smarter than Joseph Smith that was the Ho.

Devin Thorpe:
[16:06] You know I think in terms of grammar most most ninth-graders probably are which is why he had scribes write virtually everything for it.

Geoff Openshaw:
[16:15] That’s a good.

Devin Thorpe:
[16:18] So you didn’t say much.

Geoff Openshaw:
[16:19] How do you feel about my pickiness in this regard I will stay the course scripture,
even poetry like how many situations like that you know is coming actual grammatical rules can go out the window and I could understand someone
the same time The Book of Mormon has been edited substantially since its first publication for clarity and grammar so.

Devin Thorpe:
[16:47] Yeah I think you are right I have sometimes wondered if there isn’t a legitimate,
mission of the, in advance of the witch butt,
I think the I think the grammarian’s in the world would generally say that the, goes before the Witch and so you’re you’re right we’re either missing a, I think you’re you’re right that we’re missing a.

Geoff Openshaw:
[17:15] I think we’re missing a, not that we should change which two that that would be.

Devin Thorpe:
[17:19] But you and I talked about this very briefly the fact is that phrase doesn’t that any Clarity or meaning to the prayer you could just strike which he has given them because all of its Egypt entirely redundant.

Geoff Openshaw:
[17:34] What’s interesting is in the prayer of the blessing of the water there’s a correct usage of London on defying closet solutions than they do it in remembrance of the blood of thy son, which was shed for them and their the, is you which of the same idea so.

Devin Thorpe:
[17:48] Yeah so oh my gosh that the Mayhem the met him now everyone’s going to distract it on Sunday.

Geoff Openshaw:
[17:57] Haha I sure will give you listening at that priest who is normally known for reading through the sacrament prayers with much pet.
I’m not just blowing through as a sixteen-year-old buy do yeah I’m sure it’ll be it’s going to rock Sundays I mean like I said I will lead to a better understanding of it probably,
bitter experience taking the sacrament hurt right now because of this snow would correcting this make our experience better know.

Devin Thorpe:
[18:25] But we did use 10 minutes to talk about it during twin week so that way we go.

Geoff Openshaw:
[18:32] You’re welcome everybody.

Devin Thorpe:
[18:35] It lets let’s talk about something that people do care about a little bit anyone who’s been on a mission and his body suit or,
this sister equivalents there to have probably heard of Mister Max that the apparel store that is a chain here in Utah.
And at the guy who ran it used to do his own commercial so he became quite famous Matt Christiansen this is.

[19:06] Yeah quite famous in Utah because he was on TV all the time and he was famous because he would wave his arms around when he was talking and it was very distracting and they tried every witch way to get in,
hands out of the shot that the closer in they would get on his face you de-seed less frequently the hands popping into the shop
he was also and this is not as well known he was also I think the title was president of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir,
I think 30 years a very long time he was at about Latter Day Saints loved music,
and he passed away this week,
and truly truly a loss but you know he lived a long and wonderfully amazing life so kudos to him and condolences to his family but he will be remembered he is such a,
such a no-hit he left a great legacy he left his Mark of world it’s it’s great to remember mattress.

Geoff Openshaw:
[20:11] I’m not really a patron mr.mac very often,
I was born and raised in California so what is empty seat I mean I just bought soup down there I do believe I’ve been rubber,
shoe covers for rain,
that’s what I was think they tell you to bring and like Bill they don’t sell them so so I picked him up there and I use them never.

Devin Thorpe:
[20:40] I never had.

Geoff Openshaw:
[20:42] I don’t think anyone did I remember at some point at some point I finally just said I got to go from space IDs are pointless,
just dropped in to whatever apartment I was in before I took off to somewhere else thank you mr. Mac for happy.

Devin Thorpe:
[20:54] I have bought many a mr. Mac suit over the years many many and I.

Geoff Openshaw:
[21:02] Are they good quality.

Devin Thorpe:
[21:03] Yeah that’s why I keep going back is for the money you can’t beat him when I was young and this is way before your time,
Deschutes the missionaries are bought and that I bought we’re all polyester in the early days of polyester
right to eat by these 100% polyester suits the basically you could play basketball in them throw them in the wash and then wear them to go track
and cuz they were almost indestructible but they were pretty horrid looking.
You know compared to a nice wool suit they don’t sell hose anymore I don’t think it’s been probably 15 years since they got rid of those but anyway.

Geoff Openshaw:
[21:47] Well it’s it they might as well sell I do appreciate mr. Mac in that they sell to the general public but they have an entire like missionary section they just straight-up say,
your missionary buying clothes don’t even waste your time going anywhere else let’s see here a lot of wool blend I’m seeing only cost $240 yes we’ll blend what should I wear.
Basically means it’s a little bit wall and then it’s on 60% polyester.

Devin Thorpe:
[22:15] So it used to be a hundred percent polyester but those are going to be nearly indestructible suits great missionary suits and they are going to look fine they’re going to look like.

Geoff Openshaw:
[22:24] Did they breathe I mean that much what do you serve with.

Devin Thorpe:
[22:28] I was in Argentina yes hope you know we had really hot summers and unpleasantly cold winter so we can’t we wear thermals and overcoats in the winter even though we didn’t see snow it was cold.

Geoff Openshaw:
[22:43] Well goodbye goodbye mr. Mac.

Devin Thorpe:
[22:44] Diamond.

Geoff Openshaw:
[22:46] Bless your soul,
related to the Latter Day Saints so one of them an opinion piece by Timothy Egan is called Mormons to the rescue?
The reddest faith in America is also the one most skeptical of Donald Trump first of all,
I’m very tired of Latter-day Saints on being labeled the reddest faith in them,
I get where the label comes from like I understand the way you can do the analysis and get there but I firmly do not believe that based on both our Theology and our culture would you have a conservative culture,
would you vote more lively Republican than most blocks but I think overall as a faith we are not nearly as,
conservative as evangelicals or Baptists or other.

Devin Thorpe:
[23:36] You’re probably right about that but we are more consistently Republican I think and then they are for and I don’t understand that I guess I guess the reason
I’m guessing is it somewhat racial there a lot of Evangelical Christians who are African Americans who are probably not voting,
are in that Republican Direction I may be Canadian.

Geoff Openshaw:
[23:58] Tell me how much we are well I mean for all our our diversity that we,
grown to in the church we are still pretty white,
so the article in case you’ve been reading the news there was a president of the United States is in some hot water here and there and there is one proud Senator one Willard Mitt Romney from Utah.
Who serves as Mike Lee you took Orrin hatch’s seat,
fits and starts is criticized the current Administration but ever since I’ve been in the Senate and seems to have some teeth vote he is been much more outspoken and now with the impeachment stop going on,
even more so it remains to be seen what will happen I mean Jeff Flake you know went off on Trump all the time but he still voted the party line.

Devin Thorpe:
[24:48] Don’t confuse Romney with a with a Democrat he’s still all in on Republican policy but.
He’s got the Integrity to say that what the president has done is wrong and wrong enough to be worthy of Investigation.

Geoff Openshaw:
[25:11] I feel so bad for Mitt Romney in that sense because one yet he still like he’s more of a mainstream what was the Republican you know up through the eighties in a lot of the 90s you know it’s the sensible business,
we can type right and and it’s it cracks me up how many if you go to support Facebook page,
help us do the nicest stuff just like they were helping,
this Regional Bureau in Utah get up on its feet so when you tons can get to work and if people go off support the president you rhino.

[25:49] I don’t support a lot of Mitt Romney policy ideas necessarily.
Chinese are conservative
and I promise you yet I mean it’s the same thing goes on for John Kasich who was also just like always been a never Trumper and everyone’s like about Mitt Romney though but it is about how weather Latter Day Saints who do we have kind of cholesterol and Trump,
but we can still Bend not super comfortable with them and what I didn’t realize I remember that of course usually a republican carries Utah,
quite decisively in a general in a presidential election usually end up seeing like 80% of the vote which is crazy in politics,
the plurality Evan McMullin Evan McMullin play a big role if you actually would have given all of Evan McMullin votes to Hillary I’m not saying I would have happened,
but if you did Hillary actually would have want you to.

Devin Thorpe:
[26:42] A pit with that fascinating exercise and I think Mormons in general and I think that’s the point of this article right as the Mormons in general are less fond of trump now than in 2016 they’re losing their H&M.

Geoff Openshaw:
[26:56] I mixed on that you sent I feel like it very clearly like uncomfortable with Donald Trump and now in the past three years I feel like so many or just kind of.
Cool with it now and he’s going to give us conservative judges what can you do but I don’t know.

Devin Thorpe:
[27:17] Maybe I’m Wrong maybe I’m wrong but I think I think it speaks for that for Mormon Republicans and I think there are some who’ve never been comfortable with him.
What he’s done is wrong don’t get me wrong,
they’re thrilled about his Supreme Court nominees they’re thrilled about you know deregulating environmental controls their throw that so many things that are Republican tenants that they’re truly excited about their side of the,
and I think some Latter-Day Saints are still excited about locking down the borders at although the church that unit to your point,
about whether the church is conservative or not certainly,
the church’s view on immigration Alliance much more closely with the Democratic party than the Republican Party.

Geoff Openshaw:
[28:06] Yeah in general and the article has a decent section about one of that that’s one of the key issues that actually makes Latter-Day Saints uncomfortable with the president cuz we are by and large more into the compassion side of border.

Devin Thorpe:
[28:20] You know it is only for protecting families.
Antenna wiring family destroy to get put back together when you have family split across a national border there needs to be more compassion in those policies.

Geoff Openshaw:
[28:36] This article has perspective on whether basically weather Latter-Day Saints or maybe the One Step Up,
and say enough is enough amongst Republicans I don’t know what’ll happen to know what kind of course we try not to be,
specific political philosophy or anything on here but I do think we are still curious place as Latter Day Saints as far as being we’re not totally monolithic but,
as a faith group we often march to a different beat,
here and there we can surprise people so I don’t know I don’t know if Mitt Romney’s going to quietly be one to lead the charge and you’ll get people like Mike crapo kind of getting on board likely we know they lost cause and that’s fine but.

Devin Thorpe:
[29:20] Yeah he doesn’t seem to be on board with this which surprised me cuz the the politics are essentially the same I don’t think either of them in Utah is at risk of losing their seat if they support,
and impeach an inquiry.

Geoff Openshaw:
[29:35] What’s what it’s it’s fun to see someone like me,
barely coming off as he’s got six years there he doesn’t need that either he doesn’t need to be a senator from Utah I-70 something years old.

Devin Thorpe:
[29:51] And he made you as a one-term senator I don’t know if he plans to run again and it made feed depending on a lot of things including his health and his wife’s Health spin fighter.

Geoff Openshaw:
[29:59] True but in the spirit of taking the seat from Orrin Hatch needs to stay there until is 117.

Devin Thorpe:
[30:06] Keep the tradition going.

Geoff Openshaw:
[30:08] Keep it keep it alive so anyway so.

Devin Thorpe:
[30:12] Speaking of New York Times let’s go to the other article that you mentioned in the New York Times this was just today I think,
no it wasn’t quite that fresh it was yesterday but it’s talking about the film industry here and Utah very interesting article that talks about how much of the film industry here is built around,
did Church Productions and BYUtv and related Productions so that,
a lot of people are even though a lot of this work is done not by employees but people who are contractors one sort or another but some of some people in Utah are essentially learning all of their income.
And you know whether it’s building sets at acting directing editing whatever they’re doing and there are large,
assets insights and studios around the state because of this and the article highlights one that is.
A part of Jerusalem that’s out in Goshen Utah.

Geoff Openshaw:
[31:20] Yeah this is talking about the song about the they highlight the church’s production of the new Book of Mormon videos that are going out seasons are more focused on video of the church for the to be larger filmmaking industry in Utah.

Devin Thorpe:
[31:32] Answer that that was kind of an interesting thing United most yawns most Latter Day Saints would not know most of the facts in this article so Orchard.

Geoff Openshaw:
[31:48] Have you watched any of the Book of Mormon videos.

Devin Thorpe:
[31:50] I have not yet have you.

Geoff Openshaw:
[31:52] I have failed I’ve been excited about this. Just totally just not watch him I’m terrible.

Devin Thorpe:
[31:56] I need to watch you know what will get a chance next year and it’ll be great to have that incorporated into our come follow me studies next year it’s nothing like a good video to help make Sunday school and our prep,
for a little more tolerable.

Geoff Openshaw:
[32:13] Can I offer a tangent on come follow me.

Devin Thorpe:
[32:16] Yes fit stange.

Geoff Openshaw:
[32:18] I’ve been thinking about this so we know after conference you know they were speaking about some of the changes to use and there was a very quick mention,
of the fact that some of the youth so you got there Sunday School classes but they seem to imply that the actual lessons with in young men and young women will also they said they’ll be adjusted,
slightly systematically they follow come follow me,
okay so it seems like they’re not saying to do the same exact reading but they’re going to kind they’re going to get a nudge it along that way just a little bit more.
So with that said,
that means the outliers in education in the church are the is the elders Quorum and relief society are still nothing but caught.
And I do not like this model I,
I’ve never I never went a few years ago when they changed it and they had to know what was the first Sunday with the presidency lesson then they got one they got rid of teachings the presence of the church and they did two weeks of copper socks on the 4th Sunday would be.

Devin Thorpe:
[33:23] Elevation for 1 year it was like a council.

Geoff Openshaw:
[33:29] Yes with the council thank you yes oh so that was dumb as fine but I think we’re doing ourselves a disservice by,
Simply Having copper socks and I know that if you have effective teaching if you have people are passionate about it you can make a lot of their assignment from a conference talk and turn
need the themes and materials from that copper sock into a bigger lesson about an idea but by and large,
you pretty much show up for elders going on and I would say 70% of the time someone just had you watched the whole talk on someone’s iPad or a TV first and then you just fine but why don’t we just,
Elder’s Quorum and relief society just do the other week of come follow me like right now on our Sunday school lesson there’s two weeks worth of material that we try to cram in there all the time why don’t we just like one week and Sunday school do that week and then the next week,
have the next week lesson and Elders Quorum or Relief Society cuz I’m sure we’ll have different points of view if it’s an all male or female audience or seen through the lens of your car,
why don’t you do that.

Devin Thorpe:
[34:35] That’s a great question and there is so much more to cover then we can cover in 50 minutes of Sunday school every two weeks.

Geoff Openshaw:
[34:46] Yeah there’s a lot I also have a lot to say about the weird hastiness in Elmhurst.
We were concerned we switch down to two hours of church that.
That we need the appropriate amount of time to get it done and so for Sunday school Sunday school Sunday it’s more time than we had before,
but for elders quorum.
The same it’s 50 minutes it’s always been 50 minutes but we decided to get rid of opening exercises and try to like not doing now it’s meant and I know I can be cynical but I just don’t think a solid 45-minute Elders Quorum lesson,
unless it’s really good with sometimes it is,
is what we need I say bring back the announcements and I want to sing hymns with the young man I want the young one of my favorite things growing up with young man,
what’s the hang out with the grown-ups and like sing songs of them and let some of the old guys tickle me that whole dynamic you know and and get to know them a little bit better and now that’s just out the window,
anyway I could.

Devin Thorpe:
[35:50] Is it raining at your right I certainly don’t year and for longer lessons in priesthood but that’s it,
Twisted lessons on average are better than our Sundays.

Geoff Openshaw:
[36:05] Ours is the other way around or Sunday school lessons are pretty okay we don’t do you have a reliable teacher at this point cuz we ever since the change we just had the presence was just kind of ad hoc had different members of the Quorum teach every Sunday we don’t ever called.

Devin Thorpe:
[36:19] Yeah we’ve been a little bit up in the air lately that’s partly because we just got a new Elders Quorum presidency.
Yeah it’s kind of like the idea of just doing come follow me every week but doing it half the time in Sunday school half the time in priests and religious I think that’s a good thing.
An interesting idea that would keep us it would give us more chances to study the the gospel in in the scriptural context.

Geoff Openshaw:
[36:53] Will anyone make sense I mean the whole point of this they say it so that we’re all working from the same material all the time not to fully correlates every lesson rigidly all the time.
What’s they want all be operating from the can the same Playbook week after week and if we’re going to the lengths to get the used on that same wavelength,
why would we just continue on we’re just doing something totally different in our adult meetings that are corms and in Relief Society.

Devin Thorpe:
[37:21] Yeah.

Geoff Openshaw:
[37:22] I think logically does make sense to me with everything we’re doing the shirts why would even keep it separate like that but I’m not in charge as we all know I just write articles about the.
So a couple quick a couple quick interstitial mentions for you here we have seen a rendering of the Layton Utah temple up there in Davis County folks.

Devin Thorpe:
[37:43] All that up so everyone can see it.

Geoff Openshaw:
[37:46] Okay to click on it then that’s all you’re going.
This is fine we talked a lot about temples here and we’re kind of,
boxer for temple architecture and I think it’s fine I think it’s actually sort of,
it’s a reasonably generic-looking but I like the Art Deco flourishes on the spiders designs,
one front one of the back and did their is it going to be huge to 87000 square feet very close to the Saratoga.
That’s great for everyone involved we don’t know when they’re going to build it.

Devin Thorpe:
[38:24] So 87000 square feet that is big.

Geoff Openshaw:
[38:31] Good thoughts of a lot a lot of these Utah one of late I’ve still been pretty sizable,
how much more do you think I mean late in the courses Wings in a populated area so I guess they’ll need it and we’re and number two years ago,
we remember two years ago and assess that the Davis Weber County Corridor which only has the Bountiful Temple in the Ogden temple,
we sort of ran it against like population and population per capita Latter-Day Saint in this and how many states they had in the areas and we realized like that corridors way underserved in terms of,
navigate Temple to shoulder the load compared to somewhere like Utah County Which is far more temples but there’s basically a lot more,
steaks per capita Temple,
in that region so it’s good that we’re getting a third Temple that clearly need one in the Ariana probably why it’s going to be so large,
that’s right there you know right by Lehigh and I got the new Temple going up in Taylorsville the temperature going up in Tooele and whenever that second temple in St George go somewhere that’s been kind of quiet.
Yuzu X Mei.

Devin Thorpe:
[39:44] We’re getting we’re getting the temples put the let’s jump just keep moving but we’ve got the beer at church,
we had a beer truck literally a beer truck crashed and dumped its load in the parking lot of a church out in the Sandy Draper area very very exciting.

Geoff Openshaw:
[40:09] This was this made national news.

Devin Thorpe:
[40:11] The irony is Suffolk.

Geoff Openshaw:
[40:14] I believe the driver was actually I think the driver was actually seriously injured that we’re all having a laugh about it but I heard that he was in pretty bad shape so I hope the driver do.

Devin Thorpe:
[40:24] Well I K Jazz says he was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

Geoff Openshaw:
[40:32] Well then I misspoke but I was about to say I was about to say pour one out for the driver but he already did that.

Devin Thorpe:
[40:38] Yes.

Geoff Openshaw:
[40:42] I’m here all week ever.

Devin Thorpe:
[40:43] Yeah.

Geoff Openshaw:
[40:45] That was a good mention another quick one president Nelson who just he just he loves to ring the world now he’s going to go in a global Ministry tour the two were continues to Southeast Asia everybody who’s been to what he did,
is an Asia which of the global one when he first started right done to circumvent the globe he’s Pacific Isles in South America.
How big is on the rest of Asia right so southeast Asia is India right now.

Devin Thorpe:
[41:14] And he’s all over and.

Geoff Openshaw:
[41:15] He’s done some Africa.

Devin Thorpe:
[41:17] East Passyunk is he shows no sign of slowing down you know he’s got the energy of a 72 year old it is amazing.

Geoff Openshaw:
[41:28] It’s pretty cool. So he’s going to go to four countries and 7 Days trip to Vietnam Cambodia Singapore and Indonesia and that’s going to be in the middle of November,
nothing to cover approximately thirty thousand Latter Day Saints for Missions and one recently announced Temple which will which is to be in Cambodia,
he’ll be traveling with elder christofferson who looks very photoshopped.

Devin Thorpe:
[41:52] You know another little thing I came across this week is that a time capsule
was discovered in the 60s 1960s from a school that was built in 1887.
It was a school built by I think the Presbyterians,
add to provide education Utah’s education system which is frankly never been.

[42:25] Highly regarded was especially poor in Pioneer era Utah or let’s say Prix end of,
play Chimera and so a lot of protestant faiths built and operated schools in Utah to try to better educate people and,
and in fact with kind of a missionary message of don’t be a Mormon or don’t be a plug-in must at least,
and the schools were quite successful because Utah schools weren’t and there were a lot this is one of them,
the Time Capsule was discovered in the 60s but never opened,
it’s been kept it so now it’s it’s another 50 years old older so about 130 years old now and the community is planning a public opening for the time capsule,
let’s see if I can get the date.
It will be on Wednesday the 16th so two days from now we’ll probably are this tomorrow right so tomorrow it will be tomorrow.

Geoff Openshaw:
[43:38] Wow do you think of people who are expecting to find the.

Devin Thorpe:
[43:42] No no just the rings that held them together.

Geoff Openshaw:
[43:48] Another going to find The Binding there was this for the sealed portion but I’m going to say wait a minute.

Devin Thorpe:
[43:56] See what they had in terms of I would expect to find interesting writings about polygamy and Utah from the standpoint of residents who weren’t believe that.

Geoff Openshaw:
[44:09] I believe so I’m speaking of unsealing money is spent the past week.
Pondering what could possibly happen next April and the general conference unlike any other and one of the ones I heard about this week,
it’s going to reveal the unsealed portion of the book of,
I don’t know why I’m laughing if it happened but that’s one of that’s a newer one that I hadn’t thought of so I think,
do you have any thoughts about when I get to talk on the cop we talked about all the cops recap last week that you and I have an extra.

Devin Thorpe:
[44:48] Yasso,
I know it’ll be interesting to see I’m hoping that we will get a permanent shift that would include a bit more,
social and cultural,
activities around General Conference so that they’re little more pageantry a little more celebration outside of the conference sessions but still their stuff going on.

Geoff Openshaw:
[45:18] Like do you mean you mean turning it into a festival.

Devin Thorpe:
[45:22] Yeah yeah that kind of A Space Odyssey,
Mormons have all we’ve always loved our pageantry and Dean of the temple dedications often associated with big,
I’m not sure the church use the word pageants but I would use the word pageant to describe the the cultural thing of the dancing and the things
it’s not usually at the scale of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics but it’s that style of an event would be interesting to see this,
have that sort of thing is part of conference over at the Salt Palace or somewhere nearby.

Geoff Openshaw:
[46:05] Did you know we should do we should do a pageant in Palmyra I’ve got great.

Devin Thorpe:
[46:10] Yes that’s a great idea.

Geoff Openshaw:
[46:14] One another one I thought about though what if we bought.

Devin Thorpe:
[46:21] Yeah I always thought that would be rad thing to do.

Geoff Openshaw:
[46:27] I mean we don’t buy a lot from The Community of Christ happened to purchase Hans Mill from them five or six years ago and that was back in our pocket but that would be the old Smith feather in the cap.

Devin Thorpe:
[46:37] Yeah I think it’s certainly possible one day cuz our church is growing and and and prosperous and theirs is not and so but I think they probably.

Geoff Openshaw:
[46:48] Are we just and we have the resources I mean I don’t think I have to imagine they’ve asked him many times over the years I’ve got to be an ongoing lobbying effort.

Devin Thorpe:
[46:57] But you know that our church would pay almost any price and dad that at some point.
You’ll come to a meeting of the minds,
and someone like a Jon Huntsman will step up and say okay I’ll give you a billion dollars and I’ll say wait I can’t pass up a billion dollars cuz that will fund the operation of article Church forever.

Geoff Openshaw:
[47:23] I don’t think we’d offer up a billion dollars I’m in the Kirtland Kirtland Temple.

Devin Thorpe:
[47:28] Rich donor like a Jon Huntsman wood.

Geoff Openshaw:
[47:33] It probably I mean I imagine the market value of the Kirtland Temple taking the side all the cultural implications is what like literally if you were just buy that building outright would it even crack a million dollars.

Devin Thorpe:
[47:44] Oh yeah yeah yeah.

Geoff Openshaw:
[47:46] Anne Burrell Ohio I think it’s important up to us we could spend but we do spend on tablets be 20 to 30.

[47:58] Well folks we talked about news where a new show and many of you get news might get it from the church’s Newsroom,
and I just want to make you all aware of some changes that have happened recently that’s part of the church’s efforts to realign restructured E Mormon things all that stuff,
and so what is happening is that The Newsroom the church Newsroom room and it exists okay but.

[48:24] Effective now the church Newsroom Facebook and Instagram accounts have been merged with the church’s main Facebook and Instagram pages,
okay not groups and if you know how Facebook works at pages in the group so there’s no more Newsroom page which means the public facing,
institution with top-down you share stuff out and get it done which is interesting to us a common way to share,
News Press releases in what have you so they say that those accustomed to and interested in receiving comprehensive group,
okay so now it’s a group and when it’s a group that means if you were group member you can post up to the group,
so you control this thing all day long and have a blast if you wanted to I guess the church’s official Facebook page will be devoted to inspirational content,
and other a high level,
and I don’t know where the line exactly will be drawn on that I tried to sort of parse it out before General Conference teams like Temple announcements for example are not coming from the main page,
that’s coming from The Newsroom group pages to go to Milk.

[49:38] So everything because you can control groups but also you can’t
but also they’re getting rid of Instagram and the Twitter present that’s what’s interesting to me because least Facebook is maintaining this page so if you’re on social media and you want to get breaking news at that level,
from the church Newsroom you can do it on Facebook but as far as I know there’s no way to get it now on Twitter or on.
Because because they just folded those in completely in their no analog so that so it’s not a huge deal for a lot of people but.
There you go it’s just a bit weak.

Devin Thorpe:
[50:11] Interesting to journalists though.

Geoff Openshaw:
[50:13] Yeah for sure that’s why they got the Facebook one but I guess it means they’re not super concerned about,
chasing after other demographics I mean Facebook is famously not used by the use of the world right they that.

Devin Thorpe:
[50:27] Norbit.

Geoff Openshaw:
[50:30] Yeah exactly.

Devin Thorpe:
[50:32] Journalists are using Twitter primarily not that there aren’t exceptions but but almost all journalists have a Twitter account even if they ignore Facebook.

Geoff Openshaw:
[50:43] And then lot of used to use Instagram and we have messed with Snapchat in the past I am guessing the Church of the band in Snapchat I’m not sure I’ve heard much about it little swallow Different Strokes but that’s what’s happening.

Devin Thorpe:
[50:55] I found it really interesting story this week just so you know.
Most people have no recollection of this I I barely did but back in the.
During the. Of time when the church had a Prohibition on blacks holding the priesthood.

[51:17] And and going to the temple there were protests in the sporting communities,
BYU had trouble getting games for probably a decade before the policy changed and,
in 1969 14 black players were kicked off the Wyoming team for protesting they didn’t want to play BYU that here and he.

[51:47] That was really before that movement had gained momentum and so in subsequent years teams refused play BYU but in this that point in the 60s two players were kicked off,
what’s interesting about this guy let me see if I can grab his name real quick Mel.
You know I had a son as as he is likely Mel Hambelton was he had a son who grew up and fell in with him he joined the Mormon church,
years ago
and so that we care was just that the story was told that of course that’s the interesting point was the moment with man went home to tell his dad that he had joined the Mormon church and was more marrying a Mormon girl,
and his dad’s reaction was really interesting he was he was perfectly happy and content that his son would marry a Mormon and he wanted he made it very clear,
my protest was not against the church it was against the policy not the church I’m perfectly happy now that that policy is gone that you’re a member of the church so I thought that was really quite an interesting little.
You know Connection in the present to that history with the was good feeling pretty much all around.

Geoff Openshaw:
[53:05] Stupid story I don’t know that one that’s willing to that of course on the website with this episode over but it’s a good story.
If I was born in a couple of years after the policy was lifted.
And I just can’t imagine what it was like before that that’s my parents a lot over the years that you’ve always a dynamic in the church,
told set of Latter-day Saints was not privy to doing fathomable to me I know the people like President Oaks we do not apologize and we never will.

Devin Thorpe:
[53:39] I did.

Geoff Openshaw:
[53:48] Folks quote we talked about the importance of apologizing and like a mini error and looking for sources on
but I just can’t imagine I’m so glad that I’ve been raised in an era where.
That that hasn’t been an issue and that’s not to say that black Latter Day Saints still do not have different pads to navigate and they do when there’s a lot of space them but.

Devin Thorpe:
[54:16] You know if that’s when the policy changed there was a group of people of prominent Mormons who took out an advertisement condemning the new policy in the in the Salt Lake Tribune.
But my recollection in terms of my personal interactions.
Was it there was overwhelming happy happiness cover that.
We just we just kept together it’s what we did.

Geoff Openshaw:
[55:01] That’s all you can do that’s why I’ve heard the same thing there was a great sense of relief and you can tell, you know I’m emotional and Rodger still is no reason for you to power.

[55:19] Would you like me to ramble about something nonsensical in order.

Devin Thorpe:
[55:21] Thank you I appreciate that it’s a great please pick a story here.

Geoff Openshaw:
[55:28] What wine down here everyone just so you know the latter day match something again.
If you’re not familiar with the Latter-Day Matchmaker it’s the successor to the Mormon Bachelor / Bachelorette and they’re the ones who earlier this year had the sponsor. LDS millionaire thing that happened,
I don’t even know what happened with that man I don’t know but either way they’re seeking one very eligible bachelor for special,
televised event will they don’t disclose whether televised pink Public Access weather just mean that YouTube live stream I mean television quote on quote either way. It’s happening.

Devin Thorpe:
[56:14] This week I found the oddest thing that came across my desk they just I don’t want to,
extended show too long but with that there is this YouTube video I got posted I think just in this last week and only has like seventy views I have found no discussion of it online anywhere but a friend of mine forwarded it to me,
and it is a YouTube video that claims to have figured out the precise date of the first vision.

[56:48] March 26th night 1820,
and they picked the date using two independent methodologies one of which is I think interesting and not nonsense but it was based on the way if you take Joseph Smith at his word,
did it was a beautiful day that we actually have that you know that people found weather reports that were begun,
coincidentally in 1820,
at military bases around the country and it was done by a doctor who is trying to use this data to figure out how you know to better care for the inner keep all of the soldiers healthy,
and he figured weather might have an impact on that silly this date it was brand new just started being gathered that year but we do know as a result of that the weather every day and so they were a pic.

[57:47] The nice weather days and then among those they narrowed it down in and sort of concluded it was March 26th but there is this whole other.

[57:58] Less.
Sensical version and that was it in the apocryphal Book of Enoch there is a calendar ink system that brought forward thousands of years,
seems to suggest the same date but of course the the the holes in that methodology are so rampant you could in my View Drive,
beer Laden semi trucks through them so it’s an interesting thing and the real interesting thing to me is the LDS tendency to embrace,
poorly documented analysis like this that he faced promoting,
at the same time we reject,
thoughtful well-documented well-researched things that raise questions about leaders are our history and that sometimes frustrates me that we.
We don’t.
Yeah it works we’re so you know so ready to accept sometimes silly things and even unimportant like knowing the exact date of the first vision.

Geoff Openshaw:
[59:17] That’s a central line to mic.

Devin Thorpe:
[59:18] It’s not a saving principle of the Gospel in any case.

Geoff Openshaw:
[59:24] Play we we suffer from confirmation bias,
wake up say anything space promoting.
Yeah we don’t we don’t we don’t care about the reasons that one as far as people who fabricated conference stories.

Devin Thorpe:
[59:43] Yeah.

Geoff Openshaw:
[59:46] So what’s the time to winding down I want to bring up that I didn’t get to attend this the last week sister Sharon Eubank
course in the General Relief Society presidency but is also concurrently the director of Latter-day Saint Charities was the keynote speaker at the annual fall Forum of LDS,
Earth stewardship an organization with which I was not familiar before this this is an organism this is a group of Latter-day Saints to vote in,
as you might have assumed entirely to taking better care of our planet being responsible stewards of the gift,
that Jesus has given this wonderful Earth where we can experience mortality you can send me their purpose are pushing increase public awareness,
an understanding of principles of stewardship publicize exemplary initiatives of Latter Day Saints part of the Church Road understanding engage stakeholders,
all that stuff I’ve been to these people around they even use the ethane the square with circle inside of a common Motif in temples as their logo.

Devin Thorpe:
[1:00:45] Now that I know what are the founders of the organization fantastic human being so I met some great guy great organization I’m so glad you raised it cuz I didn’t know it,
until you said it just now I did not know that Sharon Eubanks have been the speaker she is a big deal and I ate and I think,
Latter Day Saints Latter Day Saints think she’s a big deal because she is in the General Relief Society presidency now that she is a big deal in the world because she runs such an important part of the church,
she has real influence around the world because she’s a player.

Geoff Openshaw:
[1:01:23] Yeah she comes ready to deal already Devin you through one more that we got to call it.

Devin Thorpe:
[1:01:33] Okay okay so let’s talk briefly about the new recommend questions I thought this was really interesting going to be,
the recommend questions the new ones I don’t know where else they may have been published should you did get ahold of them rannoch real bad that I great might be subject
I ran a detailed article comparing the new and old questions what
what the article doesn’t do is to analyze the intent or import of these questions and.
I think you know that’s.
Interesting and so I encourage people to think about it because the implications of some of these questions are.
I think.

[1:02:28] Important like the question about the law of Chastity seems to me.
To suggest a.
A more rigorous standard than in the past although I don’t understand why because,
you know that’s all you no answer it yourself kinds of questions but anyway it’s worth reflecting on and I would encourage everyone to become familiar with those questions
before you go get a new Temple recommend just so that you’re not caught off guard.
You know I think it’s a good idea for people to know.

Geoff Openshaw:
[1:03:16] Agree everybody,
I could pile on here but you know that’s it’s a whole show talking about the sacrament if you want to hear more about it or episode last week we went up some more detail about these questions as well,
you know what changed and what’s relevant so he’d Evans counseling,
I think that is where we are going to end things this week yes sir there is always so much talked about in the world of Latter Day Saints news,
I like the adoption ring in Arizona focusing on Mormons but we want,
we will call it I hope it all if you will spend time with Devin and your mark on the world and realize that Devon is trying one person at a time to make the world a better place which is a lofty goal but like he’s focused on that lofty goal so my.
I had always goes off to us cuz I don’t do things.

Devin Thorpe:
[1:04:13] Sherita. Yeah you do.

Geoff Openshaw:
[1:04:16] Well I mean I’m a bureaucrat basically so it’s a lot of fun and so it was.

Devin Thorpe:
[1:04:27] Yeah right your mark on the world. Com is an easy way to find.

Geoff Openshaw:
[1:04:31] Okay.
Podcast articles all except Devin also right Forbes and you can follow his call him there we hope you will join us all the places we mentioned in the beginning of this episode and if you haven’t subscribed before. Or you can join me every week with
other wonderful hosts just like Devin as we break down the news,
and enrich your week with our pity insights into all these wonderful things such as mr. Mac passing away,
Sacramento prayers they wrong everyone appreciate taking the time to listen.

Devin Thorpe:
[1:05:07] Thank you you’re great host great to be with you.

Geoff Openshaw:
[1:05:09] Always a pleasure and we hope you will have a wonderful week thank you for listening to this week in Mormons be excellent to each other.

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