EP 447 – Sister Tiffany Does Not Play That Game

Tiffany is called the ward family history consultant, only to be told it is a priesthood calling, but she'll be kept in underneath a figurehead. Uh...

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat a week! The Sisters are back after their wonderful General Conference recap appearance to bring you their solo (soli?) show.

How’s your Halloween prep going? Does your ward have a trunk or treat activity? What of the hilarious people making headstones to commemorate all of the Church programs that are now DEAD?

Tiffany receives a call to be the ward family history consultant, but everything is nebulous. What are her responsibilities? What is the reporting structure? Nothing is organized! Apparently the calling is supposed to be a priesthood leader, but it’s all a mess. So what happened? Is she still the leader while someone else has the title?

We were remiss in talking about women now being allowed to serve as witnesses for baptisms. Anyone who is a member of the Church can, in fact! And women can witness for sealings! The Sisters have a powerful perspective on this. How wonderful it is to see a girl sitting in a witness chair in the baptistry.

The Church appears to be getting involved in Cuba! In a shocking appearance, the Cuban ambassador to the United States visited with President Nelson in Salt Lake City, describing the saints as “welcome” in his communist country. Neat!

Kristin Chenoweth demands that Kelly Clarkson sing with the Tabernacle Choir. C’mon, Kelly! Stop hosting your weird daytime talk show and siiiiiiiing with us!

Noted blogger, Jana Riess runs a first and second part in a series breaking down the new temple recommend questions, describing them as “clear as mud.” Is that the case, or is Jana trying to find problems where they don’t exist?

If you want to send some love to our buddy, Al, Inc. carried a podcast covering the Missouri Star Quilt Co, his baby.

Mormons Behaving Badly™!

  • A Utah woman is charged with illegal sexual conduct with two underage girls
  • A Mormon financial planner sentenced to 14 years in prison for scams!
  • An assessor in AZ had a side hustle – of running an illegal adoption ring

The University of Utah to purchase a famous and historic Latter-day Saint meetinghouse in Salt Lake City. The university will convert it from a house of worship to “offices, classrooms, and concerts for the College of Fine Arts.”

A missionary from the Democratic Republic of the Congo passes away.

We know who will be performing with the Tabernacle Choir during its Christmas concerts! Broadway singer Kelli Ohara will lend her pipes to the Choir while actor Richard Thomas, famous for It in the 1990s and a wonderful turn on The Americans, shall lend his vocal gravitas to narration. Look out, Mail Robot.

Hey! Do you hate the New England Patriots? Do you loathe Tom Brady?! Well, you can thank Mr. Brady’s peak physical form on a Latter-day Saint, who clearly does not know when he is serving Beelzebub.


[0:00] Alright hello TWiM Nation welcome to This Week in Mormons, TWiM Sisters edition. I’m Arianne Smith. And I’m Tiffany Hales and we’re back for our monthly.

[0:13] Monthly visits our monthly podcast to share our views on things associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that’s right last time we
we’re here it was the conference recap so has the conference recap it’s been a few weeks.
Halloween is upon us who yes it is no you are more in the throes of Halloween than me because your kids are significantly younger
yes I have four children dressing up this year and I really only have one but I’m pleased as punch because we’re only doing actual Halloween cuz my word doesn’t do a trunk or treat and
there’s like no school dress up.
Party so we dress up what’s which I can handle a very very nice you know it’s been funny because they’ve been various memes floating around on Facebook with Ward Trunk or Treats and there’s a funny one that I saw her recently,
where they had the back of a pickup and they had gravestones,
for all the things in the church that have gone away in the last year or so and I remember one of those from last year and I think last year it had it was Minister s touring and it and just church that hadn’t even been
it had this year it was full of everything I know they had exactly so,
I thought it was rather cute what will the gravestone say next year.

[1:32] That’s very good question question headstones we should just do a annual check in with the trunk that really you.

[1:46] Funniest story about York,
you need to share with that yes yes I I have been since this happened I’ve been like oh my gosh we do we get to podcast again this is so funny.

[1:57] So probably back in February of this year I was called to be our Ward Temple and family history leader.
So they extend this calling to me I accept the calling
the former Ward Temple and family history leader comes over to my house you know presents to me the ward plan for Temple and family history and I’ve never had a calling before that was so
kind of nebulous and an undescribed because they’re supposed to be a ward Temple and family history committee and it’s supposed to be comprised of
the war Temple family history leader a member of the elders Quorum a member of the Relief Society presidency and then however many consultants you have in your ward.

[2:41] I’m so I was never clear like.
Who am I supposed to report to am I supposed to report to the bishop you know what is supposed to be my plan and they don’t do those
Sunday school our family history
it apparently I’m so nebulous I’m not even on the stake radar because our Relief Society counselor cornered me one Sunday and she said,
are you going to the steak meeting tonight and I was like I think about a steak meeting and she said yes there’s a steak meeting for all Warden Temple family history consultant.
Elder’s Quorum rap and the Relief Society rap and she had just been released that day from being a counselor in Relief Society so she wasn’t planning on going so I said well fine I’ll go.

[3:35] So I go to the stake meeting you know hoping for some Enlightenment and Enlightenment and sure. We have Enlightenment you know one of the first things they talk about is they have this whole diagram about you know what the.
You know the line of authority is and how this should be structured in your ward and how you should be doing that report to you know so we get through all of that and that’s presented by those high counselor,
add so then the who is obviously a man so then the the his counterparts who is.
A woman in our stake gets up and she starts talking more of the nitty-gritty about how the reporting in the organization the structure is supposed to work
so I’m sitting there and she said in passing she’s like yeah.
Your temple and family history leader is to be Priests of the priesthood holder and then she continues on and I sit there and I pause for a minute and I think to myself.

[4:27] Did she just say the war Temple and family history leader is supposed to be up hurry stadtholder.
Did I hear her correctly so I raise my hand and she calls I mean I said rewind for a minute there I said did you just say that the war Temple and family history leader is supposed to be a priesthood holder.

[4:48] And she says yes it is and I said well I think that’s a bit of a problem in the 7th Ward.
So our elders Quorum president was there and he pipes up
because he apparently knew I wasn’t supposed to have this calling and he says oh oh yeah Tiffany wheat I could really understand why they called you for that calling cuz they made that change last October but that’s what we did and
add. We’re aware of this and I’m going to keep trying to just shove this under the rug like,
exactly like okay so she goes on and be well I pull out my LDS tools or my LDS,
a library and I’m looking up handbook number two and I’m like well sure enough I’m supposed to be a priest and leader so that after the meeting the elders Quorum president comes up to me and he’s like.

[5:39] Yeah you know technically I couldn’t understand why the bishopric was putting you in that calling but you know I’m trying to find somebody that that that we can put in that calling who’s a priesthood holder but you know you’re still going to have all the responsibility and all the all the
out of the delegation the assignment and I’m like
okay and I’m thinking to myself I don’t say to this damn in the meeting I’m like oh no if you were calling priesthood holder to that calling I am not he’s not going to be in name only
if he’s later he’s the leader I’m not doing his job
no I was just your choice to Tiffany does not play that game so so anyway so the next week I happen to see my Relief Society form a Relief Society Council or I should say to also happens to be The Bishop’s Wife.
And she and I are really good friends and so I say to her and lie.

[6:27] Julie we got a bit of a problem here I said I went to the steak meeting and she’s like oh how was it I said well I learned that I’m supposed to be a priesthood holder.
I said so your husband the bishop is it a little quandary here he either needs to a release me from this calling or beat give me the priesthood.
I’m fine either way let me know.

[6:48] Oh my God I was so I haven’t heard the end so what happened but they have still done nothing you’re still in your calling I’m still in my calling I’m still in limbo and I’m like well maybe this is why I’m not functioning as effectively as I think that I should have just calling because
Grandma supposed to have this calling, so anyway so just just so you know
there you go is your Sunday school president,
a Christian person.
I will return and Report okay I will expect to hear back on this k
because I feel a new calling might be coming in your future kind of feeling you calling might be coming in my future and I’m happy to work on the committee but I just don’t think that I should
be the de-facto leader well somebody else has the title no I don’t think so they’re going to call him as the leader
she needs me to leave and it sounds like he was trying to say that to make you feel like you’re still going to be so important,
can I have the opposite effect will you might think that but I took it as well
we know that we can’t find a man who actually do this calling so that’s why we really want you to do it but because we need to have a priesthood holder work and call him so we’re in compliance that’s how I took it.

[8:13] That doesn’t work so we have to hit on really quick because I don’t think it ever got talked about on the podcast.
Because it happened right before, yes and we had a lot of stuff to repair Rock from conference so much going on for conference that right before conference they changed the.

[8:31] Policy of witnessing it was huge and I can’t believe we forgot to talk but now male or female,
can Witness.
Baptism anybody who is over the age of eight and has been baptized can witness live baptisms and then in the temple,
anybody who holds a limited use recommend regardless of gender May witness proxy baptism and then of course for sealing write any.
Temple recommend holder male or female can witness for ceilings and this is this is so huge you know huge in a number of regards
you know I just want to talk about,
the baptisms Temple the proxy baptisms in the temple really quick I think I’ve talked about before that my husband and I do a Saturday night shift in the Meridian Temple and we’re in the laundry which of course is adjacent to the Baptist and
I happened to this last Saturday night I was out of the laundry room and I happened to walk past the Windows and looking towards the font
and I saw a girl sitting in the witness chair and I just thought so cool is that but one of the things that reasons that I think it’s nice as,
frequently on Saturday night they will be coming into the laundry I’m pulling my husband out of the laundry because they needed more priesthood holders.

[9:57] Between having to be Witnesses at vaunt and ordination to the confirmations so it was not uncommon for them to pull my husband in.
Well with this new change their now down to priesthood holders because they don’t have to have priesthood holders
sitting there witnessing they can have kids who are they’re sitting there witnessing they can have Temple workers who are female witnessing and
I am excited about it I am too I just think it’s just such a great opportunity to get more people involved exactly and,
I just love I mean I know we’ve talked about this before and total speculation I just love the idea.
President Nelson sitting down going through all these little Nitty Gritty policies and saying.

[10:47] Like I just you know why I just have this Vision picture of him just analyzing everything and saying.

[10:54] What does the stem from a yes Doctrine is this policy is it changeable is it movable should we be working and then of course I’m sure he goes to the centrally in prayer but I just love the idea that he is.

[11:07] Attention active things that just have ever been thought of before,
I think he is literally going through everything with a fine-tooth comb and just like you say is it Doctrine is it policy.
Can it be better does it need to be better should we leave it alone and then taking it to the Lord.
So very very cool yes and cool that you’ve seen it in action already I have I even though I have to say it really it really almost kind of caught me off guard took my breath away when I saw this teenage girl sitting there I’m like.
Chess you know and and for one of my daughters Lauren you know her her.
Dad who is not my husband he is not active an active member at the church and so when she gets married.
You know we talked about this she’s like Mom this is so cool because you can witness my ceiling now.

[11:59] See if that’s cool that she appreciates it yeah I when my daughter got home from school the day that they made this announcement my twelve-year-old I pulled her aside everything.
Guess what guess what and she looked at me like.
Okay I’ve been stood so young and she’s actually barely started doing baptisms and she’s
you know just in her early years of that gospel study it was a little bit lost on her and but that’s fine she’s growing up at exactly different time then I was growing up and so things like this will be much more normal to her than
exactly well and of course my daughter that was excited was the 18 year old and so she has a little bit more perspective than the 12 year old,
okay well should we hit on some story yes let’s start on some new stories since that’s his why we’re here.

[12:55] Okay so the first one I’m going to start with is is a little bit old but I’m going to call it new to me,
and here’s what I’m going to call it new to me so this kept popping up in my Facebook feed and it was popping up in my Facebook feed and it was encouraging me to listen to this podcast called
business school and it was by Alexis Ohanian.
And for those of you who don’t know him he is the co-founder of
initial he’s the co-founder of Reddit and also a founder of initialized capital,
well he did this podcast about a year ago this particular podcast and why it is now popping up in my Facebook feed as a sponsor thing I don’t know but it is knows but what he did is he interviewed our very own,
Alain Delon,
it Hamilton Missouri along with his mother Jenny to discuss the Missouri Star quilting company at how they built their business and.
I of course have seen there’s a,
well there’s in one of those in-between conference Productions that talks about you know how they built it but it was so rude like a documentary that’s why I hopped up in your Facebook feed.

[14:08] Well I know but it was like 2 years ago I watched that it was a long time ago the matter they know everything they know everything anyway so and I had watched that obviously between conference segment but it was really a neat to see you know
someone from outside the church building at this business model that was so cool
and the other thing too was I’m like to know who Alexis Ohanian is he’s married to Serena Williams
BFF with Meghan Markle he went to the wedding I didn’t know he was married to Serena yes he is married to Serena Williams and they had their key is the father of her child
he went to the Royal Wedding I bet if you know I bet if I’ll call him up he could say hey I want a picture of Archie send me a picture of Archie
when they were there saying hey pull up your phone I want to see Archie okay I was a little Starstruck because you know I love the Royals to yeah but
it is a really good podcast it’s only about 30 minutes long really talks about their quilting company how Hamilton Missouri has become kind of a destination spot for Quilters much you know like,
Bud Branson Missouri for the music had that people come there and they really want to see Jenny because,
she did all of these YouTube where I was at people feel very connected to her as a result of that.
In fact they had to get a cardboard cutout of Jenny because she spent a lot of time on the road and when people showed up they wanted their picture with Jenny so they’re taking their picture with the cardboard cutout wish I believed was an idea of.

[15:37] Is quite famous in any way maybe it was just my feed that it keeps popping up yet but it was well that’s fun.

[15:46] Okay next story we have this was a story from this week from the Salt Lake Tribune and it says did you know the title of the story.

[15:56] Did you know Boise is the heart of surrogacy thanks in part to Latter-day Saints women.
I have to say I did not know Boise was the heart of surrogacy I did not know this either I was actually quite shocked I would like what
I know I did this I did a double-take going huh come again so apparently Boise is a hub for surrogacy because it’s cheaper.

[16:19] In the state of Idaho yes and they don’t have a lot of legislation in state of Idaho that govern surrogacy so you don’t have to worry about those pesky rules and regulations.
So it says that so they interviewed this woman that has her business in Boise her surrogacy agency is called a host of possibilities,
she is not LDS but she does say that because of the large LDS and Catholic population here in the valley yes she has several.
LDS women and Catholic women who are.
Yes because they believe in families and love family so she she thinks that’s why they’re willing to do it so.
This article just kind of hit on just some of the unique things about doing this if you are LDS it said you do need to get permission from your Bishop.
Which I thought was a very interested cuz I do remember there is something I had but I think about the screw so you can’t do it
so but she also said anybody who’s ever asked permission from their Bishop has never been denied.
And so yeah it says it was interesting,
you think the fee she said for surrogacy is $100,000 I know and that’s.

[17:46] Cheaper yeah that’s like the cheap Idaho Satellite versus exact in other states she said it could be closer to 200 or 250 gas which is insane.
Will the other thing too that I thought was really interesting as there is a documentary called made in Boise and I believe the first part of it is airing on PBS tonight in the second part tomorrow night
that is all about the surrogacy movement here in Idaho so you know if you’re listening to this podcast you know,
Post Release of this a lot of times you can get on the PBS app and you’re able to see those things that they’ve aired.
But I thought that was fast maybe I hadn’t heard about that documentary and I made a note that I want to go watch that documentary yeah we’ll have to watch it so she says this woman with this agency says about 75% of her surrogates live in Idaho and the other living,
15 other different date anyway it’s.
It’s interesting I had no idea this was a big thing here well the other thing too that I thought was interesting is she said
75% of the intended parents live outside of the United States primarily Spain and Israel that was super surprising that was to.
I wonder why they’re not doing it there maybe because of the laws I would assume that the heads of the laws,
anyway very interesting and then she also says 90% of their intended parents from those countries are two men.

[19:13] Oh I didn’t even notice that fire yes I kind of fascinated me to interesting.
Well that makes sense anyways so yeah she said surrogates are paid $28,000 for their first pregnancy and 38,000 for subsequent births.

[19:32] Would you do it no $28,000 a week.

[19:43] Oh man that’s tempting and then I was like oh no.
All you have to do is take back 18 months ago I know I always have all sorts of fun complications with my three pregnancies and then,
I always have to do a C-section so I don’t think that I could be enticed by that but I thought it was interesting in the interview she said.
That she obviously screens the yes sir gets thoroughly and she says if she.
Feels like they’re in it for the money she won’t accept them yes to me that sounds like a very good business practice as well as the happy.
You know law-abiding church members.
Helping people have babies have babies and you have the dark side to cover the dark side we have a gentleman by the name of Paul Peterson.
He was I believe an assessor an elected official down in Arizona and he had a little gig on the side cuz you know that’s kind of the new thing these days you got your job and you got your gig on her side so he’s
member of the church is a member of the church and a politician and an attorney.

[21:00] The dirt.
Anyway so this little side gig is bringing women from the Marshall Islands here to America to give birth here in America give up their babies and then send them back to the Marshall Islands
he served his mission in the Marshall Islands Inc understands the culture down there and so what he would do is he kind of had Headhunters so to speak in the Marshall Islands
that we find women who are pregnant and interested in adoption match them with us adoptive families and bring them to America
right now he was doing this in three states
he brought women to Utah he brought women to Arizona and he brought some women to Arkansas so he started doing this in 2005.
Probably just a one or two time thing and then it got bigger and bigger and bigger and eventually there were 28 women that he brought to Arizona,
40 women that he brought to Utah and for women that he brought to Arkansas.

[22:00] No one of the things that he did that is a big No-No is when he brought these women to Arizona because he didn’t want to pay their medical bills and wanted to keep the money that his clients gave him
for himself is he said they were residents of the State of Arizona so they would qualify for Medicaid.
The federal government does not take kindly on people who scam them out of their benefits
anyway there was this big investigation that went on for several different months before he was ultimately arrested he faces federal charges in Arkansas in Utah and Arizona
they actually super scary they went into the house in Arizona at least yeah and he have locks on.
The bedrooms like yes they were being locked up and he promised he’d pay them and he wasn’t paying that exactly and I think I read that one of them
a couple of them didn’t quite understand that they were giving up the babies so
I mean it was the headline I was laughing and then I read the story and I was like holy cow this is.

[23:05] Exactly like terrifying will and his side gig sidegig earned him a cool 2.7 million dollars is $80,000 a year salary as a
as as an assessor so he just an Arkansas alone if he is convicted of the charges in Arkansas he faces up to 315 years in prison
and the Arkansas charges are the minimal of.
He’s got far more charges than you are and far more charges and big he he is in big big trouble I don’t carry us what is going to happen with these babies that were adopted.

[23:45] Well from what I read in the article they’re not seeking to go back and undo any of the adoptions and it’s got to be tariff.
Family but yes I’m sure most of them had no clue they exactly exactly although I think the article said there was a.
Prospective parents that actually went to the home and saw where these women were sleeping because they talked about.
Seeing these mattresses just on the floor and a home full of 15 pregnant women which if I.

[24:15] I’m not sure how we going to have respected parents and I’m seeing that.
It’s going to get me something special going on so it’s amazing he was able to get away with it for so long I know what I know.
Almost 15 years it really is the first one.

[24:36] So yes so now we have we have compared and contrasted how to obtain a baby legally versus how to obtain a baby
nuts illegally but Choose Wisely.
Really interesting to me this story was from Deseret news this week and time it was all about Tom Brady’s.
Trainer personal trainer who’s LDS this story was fascinating to me because for years my husband every time.

[25:09] There’s anything about Tom Brady Jose you know his trainers out there and he’s like this amazing like.

[25:17] Guy like Miracle Worker I’m like really so I finally read the article that so I could learn more about.
Well. Crainer and his business.
But apparently the sports media in Boston hates out yeah yeah which my husband has always talked about like oh yeah he’s a member of the church but.

[25:43] Yeah he’s customer so I guess the team doesn’t really like him too because will not maybe the
team players themselves but the management of the team because he has so much control over Tom Brady and Tom does whatever he says which
attempts to make the the owner and management of the team up early little nervous cuz he’s down on the field he is just like.
Not separable at all so but apparently it’s working so this guy’s name is Alex Guerrero.

[26:11] He has been working with Tom Brady since I believe 2004.
He’s a member of the church his family converted to the church when he was a child so he grew up at least part of his childhood in the church.
I think it said his family missionaries in Argentina he was actually born here in America they
booty are so they can burn it before they they converted before they moved here but his older siblings he’s number for and the three older I think we’re born when he moved when they moved here.

[26:43] Right so Tom Brady who obviously is like the oldest.
NFL like superhero exactly they say he’s probably one of the best quarterbacks there ever was still going strong.
He gives so much credit to this guy his trainer he’s just he like after they won the Superbowl last year.
He shouted Mountain social media is saying I couldn’t do without you.

[27:12] And then he said I love my Mormon he tweeted I love my mom so this guy uses kind of like a combination of,
nutrition hydration brain training and a special form of massage to create a state of pliability.

[27:35] Which is marked by soft and long gated muscles that are with able to stand are able to withstand injury,
so he give him a lot of credit for you know being able to go this late in his career yeah that most most quarterbacks are not playing.
At the level he’s playing at let alone his age and I guess this diet is just like so strict like if you’ve ever read an interview yeah or watching Interview with Tom Brady where he talks about his diet I mean he is.

[28:07] So strict and so regimen and it’s all about when I was reading the article keeping this pH and alkaline balance and so your
these foods are those foods are even foods that are healthy you don’t necessarily eat because they upset what he considers to be the perfect pH
alkaline balance sort of it that yeah it’s all like.

[28:29] Very complicated very very scientific guide so this trainer guy uses kind of a mixture of like Chinese medicine,
traditional Western medicine and so because of that a lot of people think he’s a kook yes some people think he’s you know.

[28:46] It’s bologna but then obviously there are others who were like well the proof is in the pudding he’s getting results and his business is booming he does not just do this for Tom Brady he has.
Now that’s kind of this Empire he has trained people to do the techniques that he does.
They’re opening clinics stop using this method so what kind of things he talks about in there that I thought was so interesting is,
he talks about first of all how his his faith is kind of at the center of all of this he doesn’t shy away from his faith he doesn’t shy away from talking about Jesus Christ and the atonement of Jesus Christ.
But an openly and freely talking about those concepts with his clients you know including Tom Brady.
But he also says you know the basis for kind of this system that he is put together is his belief that.

[29:44] You know mind body and soul are all connected which you know if you’re looking at this from a gospel perspective,
that’s very bunch of gospel principle that we believe in is that mind body and soul all all three are
all three are connected and you know one of the things that I kind of appreciated about is hisa book
I don’t dog Western medicine Western medicine is great but it needs to be a more holistic approach because sometimes Western medicine only treats body and doesn’t treat mind and soul and so he was.
I believe he said he trained in some sort of Chinese technique chart or holistic type you know.
Eastern Far Eastern medicine which I thought was interesting but he’s also got his detractors he’s been sued several times as well for making claims that people have thought or not.

[30:36] Backed up and so he.
To Logix it he is somewhat controversial but again the article is definitely worth reading because I really do think there is a connection between mind body and soul.
I don’t think you can strictly say Western medicine to the detriment of any of everything else
but I don’t think you can say holistic medicine through Western medicine out the out the window I think that there are
I think that there are good elements of both and they’re probably does require some sort of a balance which I think is what he’s trying to achieve.

[31:15] It was interesting and it’s you know they talked about how he got his start.
You know he started in like massage therapy is a side gig he just kind of.

[31:26] Fell into this kind of way after doing his studies not talked about his wife he’s been happily married.
He’s almost 30 at almost 30 years have the Mets hat for grown children and grandchildren the Super Bowl.

[31:44] And Tom Brady is there and the guy on the sideline they always talk about now on though well the other thing the interesting or the other interesting the article talks about his.
Both he and Tom Brady currently have their houses in the Boston area on the market and there was a lot of scuttlebutt when they both went on the market about the same time.
Because after this next year Tom Brady is an agent so everybody is wondering where they will end up will he leave.

[32:07] Where he stay is this just a ploy to say.
Hey Patriots I might go somewhere what you going to do about it I don’t know
alright our next article is about one of my favorite topics the tab cats also known as the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square
so two different articles here first of all there’s an LDS living article,
Kelly Clarkson meaning of you know her American American,
American Idol alumni she is now on The Voice and she has her own talk show and she had Kristin Chenoweth on her talk show.
Now I do love me some Kristin Chenoweth and Kristin Chenoweth was the guest artist with the Christmas concert last year for the for the Tabernacle Choir and so Kristen and Kelly are having a little chat about that.
And Kelly is just kind of Blown Away that you know Kristen was the guest artist and she says Tell me a,
Kelly says tell me about the Tabernacle Choir that’s crazy so you went to sing with them.
And Kristen talks about you know singing with the Tabernacle Choir it’s really a Rite of Passage.
And she tells Kelly she’s like you need to go do it girl and Kelly’s all like Oh no you’re cooler than me I couldn’t do this and Kristen said oh yeah we can make this happen.

[33:34] So then it created all this scuttlebutt about is Kelly Clarkson going to be one of the guests artist.
But alas this week they announced their guest artists not this year. This year maybe next year. Your fingers people.
And you know there are many people that the choir would like to get and people who would like to sing with the choir but it’s about an alignment of schedules and so they have to make sure schedules align.
But this is who they said are going to be there guest artist this year they are going to have a Broadway singer Kelli O’Hara.
Which I really did not know who she was.
But it did say that she’s received seven Tony Awards during her Broadway career won best actress in a musical in 2015 for her performance as Anna in The King and I.

[34:24] And along with her is going to be Richard Thomas he’s on something what is he on,
you don’t know who Richard Thomas’s will his picture looks familiar but what do you want my glock you’re going to die when I tell you this John Boy from The Waltons,
that’s what he’s on he’s John Boy from the Waltons so bad I took one look at his picture and I said how do I know him
that’s where he grew to fame was obviously in the 1970s the television show The Waltons which was,
set in the Depression era I believe in the Blue Ridge Mountains sort of area.
With this family and said he was the oldest son and he’s appeared in numerous TV Productions and things.
Think sense that I did see one like Sunday night made-for-tv movie probably I don’t know 15-20 years ago where.
It had Brooke Shields in it and she was the victim and he was he was the bad guy in the movie witches in a kind of out of character he was stalking her at her workplace in the whole nine yards was quite evil in this so anyway
the Tabernacle Choir December Christmas concert will be the 12th through the 14th of December.
Now very interesting they are doing tickets election this year quite differently.
So in the past if you wanted to get tickets what you would have to do is you have to get your conference center account.

[35:47] And then they say Okay tickets will be released at 10 a.m. and it was first come first serve I tried to get Kristin Chenoweth tickets last year and I could not
because there are so many people to lick you and so many people are trying to get in it depends on your luck and getting in depends on your internet speed it just depends on you know after an hour and a half I gave up
so what they’re doing this year is they’re actually doing their very own a lottery in Utah you thought the lottery in Utah was outlawed oh no no no no no
you want to go see Richard Thomas and Kelley O’Hara what you were going to do is you are going to get on the Temple Square website.
You’re going to create your account if you don’t have an account you are going to register and you’re going to say I would like to have tickets for Thursday night.
Or I would like to have tickets for Friday night or I would like to have tickets for Saturday night tonight that you want your ticket to pick your number of tickets.
I’m you get thrown into a pool for that night’s worth of tickets so registration is open between now and November 3rd.

[36:52] After November 3rd they will literally do a lottery.
So if they have a hundred and fifty thousand requests for Saturday Night tickets 20,000 people get randomly chosen.
Out of there however many requests they have for Saturday night.
I love you much better so much better because then you’re not stuck in the queue and it really just does seem a lot more fair to me so I say kudos to the church for,
redoing how they issue ticket I like it.

[37:26] Good idea okay what is next.
Warning not a great one so I the past couple months that we’ve podcast said we’d have had several stories of male priesthood holder leadership.
People acting out in a sexually inappropriate what manner.
Yes not making wise choices now we have a lady who has done the same and in all fairness because we picked on the men we need to pick on the women’s right or at least this woman because we only have one women.
Right so this is actually super sad this was came out early in October her name was Cami Li Chestnut 41 years old this was in South Jordan Utah and she was abusing
a one of her young women she was young women’s leadership and this is just.

[38:26] It was just shocked when I read this cuz you just don’t hear about but I’m sure I mean
and so this was a girl and her the girls mom and this woman work together in young woman’s or serve together in young women and she was charged with sexually abusing this girl when she was 16 years old
but I think it continued until she was 18 continued for several years ago at one point in time.
She told someone what happened and then she was interviewed by the Children’s Justice Center and then denied it and kind of retracted her.
Sorry the victim that was anyway it all came out this woman has been arrested obviously she.
We have to say this is alleged conduct just for clarification she is alleged to have engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior with a girl under the age of 18.

[39:25] So there’s that there you go all right too well let’s move on to weigh.
A happier one okay well I don’t know if it’s necessarily happier but at least at least we’re not talking about sexual misconduct.
So what this one makes me sad makes me sad to.
There is a historic Latter Day Saint Chapel on University Street in Salt Lake City so it is obviously adjacent to the University of Utah Campus
it has a 10 if you want to see pictures of it please go to LDS architecture pretty one of the older
really really unique Chapel exactly till has several there several all over across the country but they’re becoming less and less because the church is
selling them off and that’s what’s happening to this one that is exactly what’s happening to this one so there is a Facebook page dedicated to LDS architecture if you go on that Facebook page you will see pictures of the chapel and it will also like
direct you to I believe LDS architecture and this is not sponsored by the church said gentleman who loves LDS architecture who
pictures on there of chapels all across anyway so you see the entrance to this chapel and at the top of it there is this huge Mosaic of Christ.

[40:49] And it’s just very cool the church has not used this building for about 18 months it doesn’t say why they abandon it
I’m going to assume like so many of their older buildings
expensive to maintain just all sorts of issues that it was more costly to use it than to not I probably didn’t have the right layout that.
We need these days actually because you got to think when these buildings were built and this was designed and built in 1924 you know you didn’t have the block system then you had Sunday school in the morning and then you came back in the afternoon
or the lady evening for sacrament meeting Relief Society was on Tuesday young women’s and men’s whatever they called it at that point in time when I was on Wednesday night.

[41:37] So the word that was using that has been in another chapel and they’ve always kind of been hoping that they can get back into this one.
But the church confirms that that’s not going to happen because they’re going to sell it to the University of Utah now.

[41:53] Did the silver lining in all of this is first of all this building is on the National Historic register.
Place so you can’t really just start taking the ham wrecking ball to it and tearing it down.
So the university is going to preserve it they’re going to use the chapel for concerts in their fine arts program.
The Sunday School classrooms will be for college courses.
Bishop’s office it will be faculty Diggs so it’s going to Breathe new life into it someone asked about this big Christ Mosaic that’s on the outside of it.
Because obviously the University of Utah is a state-run institution and they are looking at that as art and they’re going to treat it as an art piece good not as a we are making a religious statement sort of Rockies,
which Eno makes me happy again if there’s a silver lining in this
I am really glad that it’s not seeing the wrecking ball because a lot of these older buildings do ultimately see the wrecking ball in I have a lot of affinity for these older buildings because the building that you and I grew up and went to church in as young children
was built in the late around the same time as this the late 1920s and so.

[43:06] It just was a quirky cool building so and her cases randomly and places like
exactly you know but now they now we’re kind of a one-size-fits-all when it comes to our buildings
although I have you ever been to the chapel in Sun Valley Idaho.
Now I’ve seen it I’ve driven past it it’s it’s got the whole like big steep a pitched roof like a cabin Chapel is it really cool I mean it’s not,
as old as young as he’s building but obviously the tiny one Sun Valley Idaho is like a small resort ski town but we were up.
My husband died right there just thought I’d.
Get away one time and we just went and popped in there were doing a blood drive it was a weekday Hunter like we got to go check out this Chapel yeah if it’s open and it was really cool and was it really cool.

[44:02] There’s just some of the fun ones I haven’t redone it with the with the with the
rug that goes halfway up the wall oh no it was very cool so yes treasure those older you make chapels cuz they’re fun exactly.

[44:18] Alright our next article this is an article by Jenna Reid.
She published two articles within the past couple weeks I’ve about the new Temple recommend interviews.
Where she picks them apart picked the wording apart as if she were writing a paper for grad school very true.
So she did a part one Wichita about part once the child’s V question talked about the Chastity question like what’s the change to the filiation questions
so and then she can focus on part to part with the then she did a part to where she picked apart.
The new wording on the garments yes and on the word of wisdom.

[45:04] And on the Sabbath day yes so it was interesting it was just interesting to see her take on it because I haven’t.

[45:12] A clearly I have not picked it apart my pants this is not my job though it’s so she brought up some interesting points.
Oh I didn’t realize it said that I am.
Every little detail of the wording which we tend to do sometimes we analyze these things so she started with the sectional garments,
she talked about how they took out the words that the Garment should be worn night and day as instructed in the debt endowment.
Because I guess it’s not really officially,
instructed demand out that language is not contained in the endowment but I guess they put that in the 70s into the temple recommend interview questions and then.
Even though it wasn’t technically in the endowment.
Part of it does and the other thing 2 is B they always read and I’m curious whether they’re still going to read it seems like they always read.
A policy.
In the middle of your interview about how the government is supposed to be worn by the Garment supposed to be treated Etc and it is unclear with these new questions
if that policy is still going to continue to be read or if the new wording of the question just replaces that entirely right.

[46:36] So she is saying that.
Ray used to say we’re night day and they used to have the little they give you some examples
part might not be in anymore and that the general what’s the new wording that you should think they left in that you should.

[47:00] Not neglect the Garment for activities that can be reasonably done.

[47:05] Is still in the new wording but they’ve taken out this where it night and day yes so her speculation was you know is this.
Are people are people going to push the line on this it does this give people permission to push the line is it going to be like I don’t ask don’t tell,
I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one of those things where use your guidance exactly you know everyone is in charge of yourself.
You do what you feel good about and what you you know can pass the interview with I don’t think they’re going to get like super specific.
Will the other things she says that I thought was really interesting is that she says you know that she suspects that probably it will be a don’t ask don’t tell approach
that among younger members of the church so I would assume she would be referring to millennials.
The apparently already regard the specifics of garment wearing with more latitude than their elders and she has a link there to click on for the data,
which I wanted to click on that link but I didn’t get a chance to do so but I she did that big article about millennials
but I think it’s so I mean I don’t have to click on the data to know that that’s true right because you know if you look on Instagram and you know some members of the church that are quite.
You know prominent on Instagram and in various social media feeds.

[48:34] It’s it’s kind of obvious that you know how when and how they wear their garments and you know my husband recently went to Utah and he came home and he’s like pan
I really think Garnet wearing in Utah is optional I mean was kind of his kind of take on it I didn’t disobey I didn’t ask him what he saw or anything like that but I don’t know I just scratch my head because
I honestly try really hard to to not be judgy judgy because I don’t want to be judgy.
The Garmin thing is one of the things I struggle with and not being judgy,
find myself being super judgy wudgy when it comes to the Garment thing and I’m out now on the world that the world knows okay but you know at least I’m self-aware of my Jetta judgy because that is the first part
if so that when I’m judgy I can remind myself okay do not be judgy.

[49:24] But it is hard for me not to be judging until.
And it’s a hundred degrees out the summer exactly.
I like to know that’s funny all right so the next part she hit on was the Sabbath day that they are now including which was not included before.
A question in the temple recommend about the Sabbath day and is your I can’t remember the exact wording but again it was very,
is your Sabbath day yeah they used to just say do you try and attend your meetings on Sunday and now it’s like and now it’s more like a worship worship home and at church and I don’t know the exact wording but it’s more it’s broader.

[50:10] So she personally appreciated that was in there because she loves her Sabbath day yes and then what was the other of the word of wisdom was the third thing she picked apart and she said.
The word of wisdom has undergone major changes and its interpretation and application over time and so.

[50:35] I think the new wording is they put also put in along with do you keep the word of wisdom I think there’s a phrase that has exactly two tails because.
At Word of Wisdom is one that’s always.
Coming back up to the surface actually on the various interpretations and I know she reported on that in her report on Millennials to about how they have
different interpretations about they like to drink themselves some coffee has article if you would like to pick apart the wording of the temple recommend interview question.

[51:08] All right before we get to our favorite segment Mormons Behaving Badly I’m going to do
too quick shout outs on to Quick stories first of all the Cuba’s ambassador to the US Jose
Cabanas at he visited with the first presidency last week as any good dignitary coming to Salt Lake does that our first stop is what I like to refer to as one Church Plaza to pay homage to the true power and leadership in Utah and then it also says he went to speak at Brigham Young University
and then head of diplomatic luncheon in downtown Salt Lake.
Well he made the rounds our last shout-out is sadly we had a missionary died in the Republic of Congo.
A 21 year old Elder he was I believe from the Congo
I’m not going to try and pronounce his name because I will Slaughter it for sure but apparently he had a brief illness and passed away so
super sad so sad we had one of those last months to I did and that was more an accident so I think it’s a little bit more than usual when they died of an illness than an accident especially at that age
all right onto our favorite segments Mormons behaving badly and very full of.

[52:27] Random Church well-known Church affiliation
adjacent people I don’t even text so this story was a Mormon Financial scammer was sentenced to 14 years in prison and this story showed up in Newsweek
car magazine last week
at least on the website for Newsweek this guy’s name is Rick koerber and he was a Utah Real Estate guy running a Ponzi scheme your average story yeah of the Utah Ponzi scheme guy
he was sentenced last week to 14 years in federal prison now that’s where the average
run-of-the-mill story ends right and this is where the fun begins the funny thing was as they’re writing about his sentencing they said the sentencing was a wild affair.

[53:18] They said many supporters packed the courtroom heckling the judge and yelling objections which really shocked me because usually when someone runs a Ponzi scheme they don’t have very many supporters in their say
turn off my life savings by the time they are arrested they don’t have many supporters but I guess he did.
So one of these be supporters that was outside of the courthouse for the sentencing was.
I meant know what’s his name the Bundy guy you remember the guy that got arrested for the federal land
took a little Wildlife Refuge will apparently this gentleman had contributed to Ammon Bundy’s defend us and so Ammon Bundy
is legal to Fatso Ammon Bundy was returning to back him up so it says he was outside of the courthouse and he constructed a Podium out of a trash can.
And was claiming that the only reason this korberg I was targeted was because he contributed to Bunny’s legal defense so he was rallying people.

[54:23] Saying it was not upon his gate people outside the government try to get back at him for helping me write it said there was somebody else inside the courthouse that got escorted out because they were yelling at the judge
as an attorney I don’t recommend you yell at the judge and then it also says that during the trial the original track I think the original trial maybe it was yeah,
during the trial Richard filmmaker Richard Dutcher if you remember him he is the God’s Army I testified at the trial that koerber contributed 5 million into an erotic horror film called evil angel.

[55:00] Also made by the filmmaker who apparently has gone from dark to darker.

[55:06] In his filmmaking but here’s the funny part I hadn’t read the funny part of what they wanted to do
with the profits from the erotic horror movie so the prophets he contributed 5 million to Richard doctors erotic horror movie the prophets were intended to bankroll a second religious film about the life
of Joseph Smith that never happened,
so anyway prosecutors claim to that korber used his faith as a point of entry to get money from his victims.
Obviously a lot of them in Utah probably Associates in you through church.

[55:48] Quite the wild quite the wild Tale in court last week
eclectic group of Associates I would not tend to put Ammon Bundy and Richard Bucher in the same category.
All right so there’s that all right should we move onto our favorite things Charlotte’s do our favorite things to our favorite things okay my favorite thing I wanted to share.
With everyone this month was a Instagram account I’ve been taking this parenting class.
Local just a local parenting class by like the guru she’s LDS parenting Guru.
In the area apparently has been teaching these classes for years so I decide to go check it out see what is about in this parenting class we’re talking about teenagers and how to talk to your teenagers and
one of the other moms shared that Brooke Rami.

[56:45] Brooke Romney writes yes has an Instagram account and on her Instagram account every Tuesday she posts a.
Teen Top Tuesday on the Instagram account and it is a subject for you to just talk about with your team and it’s not like.

[57:04] Lecture Talha it’s like let’s just get our teens talking like let’s just have some grown-up conversation when like let’s see if we can get them to talk a lot of
like current events like
she had one on there about the impeachment tells you just you know your some bullet points at home things you can discuss with your kid and my questions you can ask and it’s not.
She’s not trying to like have you lecture to your child a certain way she just is giving you a bullet points
so that you can have in just a discussion and get their feelings on it she had one team talk about the whole like Ellen Degeneres and George
bush like friendship thing that was controversial a couple weeks ago and she kind of talked about that and here’s some bullet points of like how you guys can
talk about this and get your teens opinion what do they think about this and she did she had one on like how do you feel about
you know paying student-athletes like just questions that you can ask your teenager and get their thoughts on.

[58:12] Just for the sake of getting them talking and I know you know no pressure to have a learning teaching preaching moment just at all.
I looked at her Instagram account and I thought you know what those who it’s kind of cool to just have some props of what to talk to your teenager about,
so I liked it it’s just Brooke Romney writes her Instagram account if you go look okay every have to do that every Tuesday she posted a new like prompt
because I have a teenager and that would be a simple and that would be a good thing to talk about yeah okay my favorite thing and I don’t think I have shared this before so if if I have shared this you have to stop me
okay as many of you know I have a daughter on a mission,
and so I’m one of the things that I told her I was going to do but she was on her mission was at her name is Shelby was I ordered myself a flat Shelby.

[59:04] Have I talked about Platte should I don’t think I’ve talked about it but she’ll be on the spot she’ll be okay so flat Shelby is a life-size cutout of my daughter who is on a mission.

[59:14] Add I ordered her from AlphaGraphics who are in Layton Utah and if you all want the,
their contact information and the discount code if you have a missionary let me know so what I did is I sent a full size body picture of her she sent one to me or she’s got her missionary tag on I sent that to them
they didn’t ask me you know how tall she was so they could create it and make it life-size and they sent me a proof and I proved it and then they sent it to me in this cardboard envelope she folds up into
3rd and she is so fun first of all she is like incredibly life-size it looks
it’s free real real when you first got it I went over to Tiffany’s house and she first got this
and they had flat she’ll be just standing right inside the door and I walked in her house and I was like what like I’m about to,
yeah yeah she’s totally freaky I thought she came home from her Mission I was like what’s going on and then with the first person who thought that
two right outside my husband and I’s bedroom door so she’s kind of out of the way cuz we like to keep her up because honestly it’s really fun to see a full size cut out of your missionary with your gone and it makes it seem.
How far away but then here’s the other thing we do with flat shell B-flat Shelby travel.

[1:00:33] And so flat Shelby has been to Utah that Shelby likes to go to all sorts of wart events and anytime I take her to a ward event I let people in the ward take pictures with her and then I sent her those pictures
one of my friends got a flat Seth because he
her son was getting married and they needed a fill in for the family pictures and so when the reset they had.

[1:00:56] Set out for the reception so I probably took flat Shelby and let him up with Flats at the bottom take a picture together it’s so it’s so it’s just kind of been.
A really fun thing to do
I send those pictures to Shelby and so it’s really cool for her to be able to see friends and family taking pictures with her and it’s just been a really fun thing to do so that’s been my favorite thing if you are
a parent of a missionary get a flat missionary.

[1:01:29] Think of all the fun things and Adventures your flat missionary can have cheese. For travel very conveniently it’s just really been a fun.
Something in fact maybe I’ll give you a picture of flat Shelby you can put that on our Instagram I guess we’ll have to do everybody can see what my flash Shelby looks like have to do it and then we’ll put the
the name of the website at the lake so.
Okay right well I think that about wraps it up for us to mm Nation thank you very much for joining us whether you’re listening to this in the evening or the morning or the afternoon
I we appreciate your listening to our nonsense and are durable that we like to provide once a month and as always you can find this week in Mormons in many different social media platforms
we have a Facebook account we have Instagram we also have a Twitter and of course
any comments you can direct to Jeff at this week in Mormons. Calm and he’d really appreciate it if you hopped on patreon and patreon and asked add that promise to donate a dollar a month to keep the lights on so.
If you feel so inclined please do that have a happy Halloween thanks for listening.

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