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Relative Race Day 3
Jeff Borders

Jeff Borders

It's day 3 of Relative Race and the teams are well underway on their individual journeys of family discovery. New challenges and discoveries await.

It’s day 3 of Relative Race and the teams are well underway on their individual journeys of family discovery. So what are we waiting for, let’s dive into the recap.

Team Green

After receiving a cool drawing from Chris’ cousin Juila, Team Green is headed for Tuscaloosa, Alabama (sounds made up!). After coming in 1st on day 2, Team Green has the advantage of having their next relative direct them to their home.

Team Black

Age is taking its toll on Team Black, and J.D. and Jen share their difficulties waking up so early. Still struggling with texting on the phones, but giving it their all nonetheless, Team Black is jetting onward to Colby, Kansas.

Team Red

Still grappling with the heartbreaking news of his mother’s death, Ray spends the morning of day 3 in reflection. His family shows him a plaque his mother received for her work as a librarian. Now armed with more information about his birth family, Ray and Nicole head out for Greensboro, North Carolina, hoping to add more pieces to the puzzle.

Team Blue

Anitra has been slowly piecing together her family, and before they leave their relative, she is presented with photos of her family. Then it is onward to Salem, Virginia to find more clues.

The Challenge: Goo-Goo Blah-Blah

My family spotted the church buildings almost immediately. How could you not instantly recognize the cat-scratching post material that we use on our walls. (For a good chuckle, check out my article on building architecture.) Anyway, back to the challenge. In Goo-Goo Blah-Blah, teams had to use the gift of discernment to figure out what toddlers were saying. Some were easier than others. Than again, they may have been speaking in tongues.

The Results

1.) Team Black

Coming in at first place with just 3 minutes over their time is Team Black. More importantly than the 1st place finish, is the connection Jen makes with her cousin Shawna. In Colby, Jen is treated with pictures of her grandfather and some touching war-time letters he wrote. As the winner of day 3, Team Black gets to skip their city selfie on day 4.

2.) Team Green

Only 6 minutes behind Team Black, Team Green, with a little help from the relative, end day 2 in 2nd place. In Tuscaloosa (still not sure that’s a real place), DeShae meets her uncle David. David, who happens to be the family historian, shows her pictures of the Love side of the family and a cool family history book.

3.) Team Blue

After struggling to find the address of the relative, Team Blue ends day 3 at 39 minutes over their allotted time. In Salem, Anitra meets her cousin Lashonda, and discovers that she was wanted as a child. Her grandmother wanted to take her in and raise her, but something happened, and she was separated. We also learn the heartbreaking story of Anitra’s foster family neglecting her before she was adopted. Despite the pain of the past, Anitra seems positive and eager to learn of her family.

4. Team Red

In Greensboro, Team Red finished day 3 in 4th place at 43 minutes over their allotted time. But that last place finish is far from their minds, as Ray meets his cousin Hunter and is able to see a picture of his brother for the first time. Although it is obviously hard to process, Ray seems determined to learn more about why he was given up. Maybe his brother, if he meets him, will be able to provide more of that information and maybe some closure for Ray.

That’s it for day 3, see you back next week for day 4!


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