Relative Race Season 6: Episode 2 Recap – Have Fun Stormin’ the Castle!

Relative Race Season 6
The teams face challenges like never before, and meet family they couldn't imagine.

Welcome back TWIM Nation to our continuing coverage of Relative Race Season 6. This season hasn’t wasted any time with huge discoveries for some of the teams about their family.

Team Blue

Coming off their 1st place finish, Team Blue hoped to capitalize on the 5 minute penalty placed on all the other teams. In Washington D.C. Anitra bids farewell to her cousin Andre whom gives them a copy of their family tree. He also gives Anitra a photo of their great grandparents. Team Blue is heading off to Accokeek Maryland in search of their next relative.

Team Green

Over in Charlotte North Carolina, DeShae’s cousins Jazzmyn and Tori are helping to narrow down the list of possibilities for DeShae’s parents. From North Carolina, Team Green heads south to Apharreta Georgia.

Team Red

Team Red wakes up in Graham NC. They are ready to take on the day and find new connections to their family. Not one to waste time, Team Red decides to spend their 5 minute penalty with an impromptu dance battle. I mean who doesn’t love a good dance off? I do. Although my wife and kids often give me funny looks every time I try to dance. Something about being uncoordinated. Pfff. Speaking of dance battles, check out this fun Disney Princess Dance Battle by Latter-day Saint film maker Scott DW.

Team Black

A last place finish on day 1 hasn’t gotten Team Black down. With the discovery of his father, J.D is ready to learn more and is eager to connect with  his relatives. Team Black will get their chance in Topeka Kansas.

The Challenge: Medieval Mayhem

In this challenge teams had to use a trebuchet to launch a ball at a castle. The goal was to knock down the towers holding their colored team flags.

Team Blue struggled at first to get their ball to fly forward instead of backward, but eventually got the hang of it. The first thought that came to kind when I saw the challenge was Pumpkin Chunkin. If you’re not sure what that is, check it out. It’s an excuse to huck pumpkins hundreds of yards through the air, to see who can get the best distance. But I digress.

The Results

1. Team Green

In Alpharreta Georgia, Team Green meets Chris’s cousin, Patricia and her daughters. Along with a photo album which Patricia made for Chris, he is able to see a picture of his great grandparents for the first time.

2. Team Red

Over in Concord North Carolina, Team Red is introduced to Ray’s cousin Andrea, who knew Ray’s mom. The meeting is bittersweet however, as Ray learns that his mother, Nettie, died in 1998 due to a battle with Multiple Sclerosis. While he was happy for the discovery, he understands that he may never get answers to why he was put up for adoption.

Team Black

Missing last place by 2 minutes and safe for another day, Team Black meets up with their relative in Topeka Kansas. It is here that J.D. meets his 1st cousin Cindy, whom has a 4″ binder of family history waiting for him. How cool is that? J.D also learns that Cindy babysat him when he was 6.

Team Blue

From first to last and hindered by challenges with their trebuchet, Team Blue finally calls it the end of the day in Accokeek Maryland. In Accokeek, Anitra meets her cousin Valerie. In Valerie’s home, stretching almost across a wall, is a gigantic family tree. And on that tree is a potential picture of Anitra’s mom or dad. More clues hopefully leading to answers.

That’s it for Day 2, find us next week for the Day 3 recap!


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