Relative Race Season 6: Day 8 – *Nsync (And Not the Band)

Team Red Day 8
One team is eliminated, but they get to use their golden ticket to visit one last relative.

Team Black is out. But what a journey it was. Using their Relative Race ticket, Team Black gets to visit one last relative in Nephi, Utah. After a brief reuniting, DeShae of Team Green has to say goodbye to her father for now. Team Blue is struggling with map problems, as their relatives dog decided the map was a morning snack. And Ray of Team Red learns his great grandparents name from his brother. 3 of the teams are off for Day 8. One more last place finish could send Team Red home, but there’s a lot of race still left to go.

The Challenge: We Think In Sync

In this challenge, teams had to listen to a phrase with one word missing. Each team member had to write down the word that they thought was missing. If they matched, the team got a point. Sounds easy enough? For example: Bring home the _______.


This led to a somewhat hilarious conversation between my wife and daughter, when with a confused look, she asked, “Why would you bring home the bacon? What does that mean?” But I digress. Onward to the results of day 8.

The Results

Team Green

In Hot Springs, Arkansas, Team Green pulls out another 1st place finish. If meeting her dad wasn’t enough, in Arkansas DeShae gets to meet her mom, Debora. One can only imagine the emotions running through DeShae, but she views it as a fresh start. We find out the her mother gave her up, to give her a better life.  With their day 8 win, Team Green is guaranteed a place at day 10.

Team Red

Safe for another day, Team Red finds themselves in Fayetteville, North Carolina. In Fayetteville, Nicole finds a relative in her cousin Debrah. This race has largely been about Ray’s discovery, so for Nicole I’m sure it was pleasant surprise. Her cousin Debrah is able to show her pictures of her dad and other family members.

Team Blue

Team Blue picks up their second strike in Charlotte, North Carolina. There in North Carolina, Anitra meets her uncle Kevin. For Kevin it was an emotional meeting, as Anitra was a visual reminder of the sister he lost. That being said, Anitra seemed to bring some closure to him, as he has been missing his sister for many years. During the visit, he presents Anitra with one of her mom’s old t-shirts. It’s amazing how something so simple, can be such a profound gift.

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