EP 454 – Fake Plastic (Christmas) Trees

Original picture: Merrick's Art
Surviving your ward Christmas party. Santa or no? The Sisters are excited about "Real Housewives" coming to Utah. Should you go to Chuch when sick?
Original picture: Merrick’s Art

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ave you survived your ward Christmas party? Did kids disappear? Was all hope lost? Was the program too long? Did Santa make an appearance? This is serious stuff!

Tiffay is very bothered by Geoff’s, Al’s, and Devin’s thoughts on the forthcoming Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, going as far as saying she has “street cred” on this issue. Do. Not. Mess. With. Tiffany. Either way, the Sisters are excited now that the cast has been revealed, a member of which is LDS and owns a tequila company….

Did you catch the Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas concert? How did such an affair become such a tradition? The Deseret News has the answer.

In more Christmas news, what have the prophets said about Santa Claus? If this matters to you — and it shouldn’t — LDS Living compiled a list containing such pertinent information.

Here’s a tragic tale of competing visions of what it means to “sustain” leaders and how it relates to LGBT rights. A young missionary from Idaho, serving in California, favored same-sex marriage. His stake president approved of him going to the temple and going on a mission. While in the field, the missionary lost his recommend. His mission president did not believe that he could sustain his Church leaders if he favored same-sex marriage, and a Seventy agreed. The problem? You can’t be a missionary if you don’t have a temple recommend.

Related to same-sex marriage, we reported about 18 months ago that Family Search would be updated to allow records for same-sex couples. That effort has taken many years because the back-end infrastructure has required a complete rewrite to support such relationships. Now, the Church has announced that the functionality is live.

Jeremy Goff is something of an influencer on Facebook. But sometimes noted bloggers are desperate for content, which brings us to his recent piece, “Have I Covenanted to Go to Church When I Am Sick?” No, you have not. Look, we’ve written stuff in desperation for clicks, too, but, come on….

The supposedly Latter-day Saint-friendly Trump administration, via the Department of Homeland Security, is dramatically increasing the cost to access records – by 500%. Mitt Romney is trying to stop it. And we know that Mitt always follows through.

Would you like your heart to be warmer? To have it warmed, if you will? Then enjoy President Nelson singing a piano duet with a little girl. The Cult of Nelson is strong with this one.
Famed television journalist, Jane Clayson, sat down with the host of the “Mormon Land” podcast to discuss her professional career and battle with depression.

If you ever think you’ve had it rough, read this story about a Latter-day Saint couple whose wife suffered and accident that resulted in the loss of her memory, and her husband had to work to rebuild their relationship from scratch, and hope she would fall in love with him again. This has got Hallmark Channel written all over it. Sell the rights!

And some great temple news! The Church has announced the location of temples in Orem and Taylorsville, Utah, as well as McAllen Texas. All of the temples were announced in the most recent General Conference.

Locations Announced for Orem Utah and Taylorsville Utah Temples

McAllen Texas Temple Location Announced


[0:00] Okay hello everyone welcome to this week in Mormons is he a twin sisters Edition with Arian Smith and Tiffany Hales we’re back we miss November or November
flu flu like seriously
but here we are just here we are so in the throes of a Christmas and as you and I were just discussing right before we got on the air it just feels like
I feel like I can’t even keep up you know every day I’m making these massive to do list between stuff I need to get done at work personal stuff I need to get done and like,
I feel like I don’t even get a break you know I’m just a head but I shouldn’t say I’m enjoying it I’m trying to you know step back and enjoy and not feel like.
Yeah but.

[1:00] You know what we were talking about you know it feels like this Christmas or this December is out of control and maybe in part that is because Thanksgiving was so late that’s my theory Thanksgiving was so late that we’re cramming.
Everything into last week’s than what we usually have exactly because as soon as thanks Thanksgiving weekend wasn’t even over with it was December 1st yeah,
that’s all yeah I agree with that so including the annual Ward Christmas party for Christmas parties.
Did you had yours right yes sweetie and we had ours and then you had your relief society Christmas party and we have our release it Christmas party coming up and she brought us all the leftovers
from her Relief Society Christmas party idea and we’re going to use for our summer night this is the beauty of us having the same calling right now
so true so we are both on
I mean you are enrichment leader I’m just on the enrichment committee which is on formerly known as in yes
oh I haven’t been released from a priest of college my precinct calling is my main calling.
The committee members just kind of a secondary calling on him got released yet.

[2:16] Violating handbook all over the place I know I know anyway so I think our work Christmas parties I remember we talked and they were on the same night ours was lovely they they did a dinner
although I had to laugh you know my assignment was funeral potatoes although they didn’t call them funeral potatoes they called them cheesy potatoes do we have
ham rolls salad and cheesy potatoes are Christmas dinner that is looks remarkably like
a funeral dinner that’s funny our Ward also had funeral potatoes and rolls and salad but we had turkey this year instead of you should put up some type of pole about what did you eat,
at your work Christmas party agreed I would argue that within the United States,
when did you guys like 90% serve funeral potatoes absolutely I think it is I think it is a Christmas dinner at a funeral dinner Incognito called a Christmas dinner
not that I mind.
Are you know I don’t mind either except you know I do have to say the first year we lived in this Ward I was put in charge of the Christmas dinner and I decided because I was you know I.

[3:33] I don’t know I love the cheesy potatoes but I’m not a fan of much anything else when it comes to that the funeral dinner and so I decided to do chicken parmesan.
So we had chicken parmesan and noodles with pesto and green salad and rolls and everybody brought a desert it was so fun because it was really kind of unexpected.
Free Christmas dinner it is fun to change it up sometime so it is just saying but I also have to say our work Christmas party.
The committee who did the decorating the decorating was amazing they did a really good job with the decorating.
They had borrowed a ton of stuff and then they had the centerpieces and hapless in pieces were these little,
kind of fakey green Christmas trees that look like they came from the dollar store the others were in kind of a tin bucket that had some twine wrapped around it and then she had taken sticks and painted them white.
Held the sticks in the tin bucket with rocks and put a little Greenery around it was so cute and at the end she said you know anybody who wants to take a centerpiece can take a centerpiece.

[4:38] I took one look at that centerpiece and it totally match my Christmas decorations so I might have taken not just one but maybe two of them home.
Tell me about your work Christmas party by work Christmas party was lovely
I had the Dilemma that most parents of small children have at the ward Christmas party I’ve come to believe.

[5:04] That there’s no way around it if you are a parent of children 12 or younger
the ward Christmas party is stressful okay I’m going to second that because you’ve got kids are worrying about running amok in the church we are always like trying to keep our kids
like in the room with us because a
we don’t want them running amok in destroying the church or walking out the door. Going for a high all kinds of
they have that could assume you just,
just not super comfortable with them running around I mean our world is so big and you know people invite people from all over and I just.
I’m fearful of losing a child will I mean I think it’s not only realistic to be fearful of losing a child because it’s true people invite a lot of friends and family to the work Christmas party,
you don’t it is it is ripe,
unfortunately sadly in our day and age that one of those kids could get cornered in a classroom or a bathroom or something like that and.
I be subject to abuse so yeah so it is stressful and this year like I said our party was lovely the food was delicious.

[6:25] The program was really long and I can’t you know it’s a tough balance I can’t blame the people that do the program because
they’re trying to balance you know this is supposed to be spiritual this is supposed to satisfy all Ange rate age,
ranges yes they can’t just cater to you now primary kids but this year for the program they showed the video the new video of the Nativity which is absolutely
beautiful and amazing but it’s also like 20 minutes long at least 20 a frog.

[7:01] So you really need to be in a place that you could be reverence really appreciate it and it was tricky because we have a really big Ward and the gym was full and,
packed in the sea I was you know tiny fan far away anyways.
So it was 20 minutes of us just like threatening our children within an inch of their lives
sugar bribery I like app on our discussion afterwards we have determined,
my husband arrived that the only solution for a ward Christmas party
with small children is Santa Claus I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing,
that works with small kids yeah at a church Christmas party I know he’s a very angry I’m saying and he said is going to come he got to behave or you’re not going to get to see him
yeah I think so I know this is very controversial because we have lived in Wards many Wards in many different states over our head of time and be married.
We’ve been married 20 years one time.

[8:09] In one word has said that appeared really the word Christmas party we have never lived in a Ward and have to say the year that Santa came which was maybe two or three years ago okay
it was here
when we moved here maybe our first Christmas here to hear that Santa came that was the easiest year with us.
I think if they know Santa’s coming they’re not leaving that gym because he could walk in at any moment that is a really good thought you’ll see.
It has been more the exception than the rule for me that Santa.

[8:46] It is that Santa doesn’t come to your world loves this and that well that’s so much anymore but,
I’m our previous bishop and and I don’t know if our I don’t know how our current Bishop feels about it but our previous bishop was very very Pro Santa like Santa was going to come.
In fact when you’re okay if you have small kids turn this down right now if your small kids are in the room.

[9:08] When you’re my husband played Santa and so I probably sat on Santa’s lap and made out with Santa,
at the party the party will they.

[9:21] Nobody else was in the room except for our family but anyway so that is a very interesting thought.
This is what I was thinking and,
last night as I Was preparing for our podcast cruising articles I happened upon very conveniently just posted this week.
On LDS living you got to love you got to level to yesterday they posted an article titled what.

[9:48] Let’s have said about Santa Claus Odell I did not know profits had opinions on Santa Claus immediately clicked on this because I’m all the sudden very Pro Santa Claus at the church Christmas party and I thought if this can back me up and give me some evidence,
for being pro Santa Claus at the church Christmas party I’ma have to read this article so I clicked on it was just kind of funny it was just as they like compiled a bunch of different
quotes from prophets and apostles over the years that where they had mentioned Santa Claus lots of these are from like yeah first presidency Christmas devotional anyways
I believe I’m not currently a.
Sitting member of ward council but when my day comes I may have to take this article with me to work out slow
when the Christmas party arises and discuss the evidence and Lobby for Santa at the Christmas party I love it actually the best one they have one by Elder Faust
and I’m here is just like touting.
The wonderful attributes of Santa he said he gets spun out of his job he is childlike simple humble sincere and forgiving he’s a giver.
His philosophy is to give himself away and service he’s a friend to everyone he smiles and then he says.

[11:02] If we emulated Santa Claus a little more for his way is the way.
Of the Infant Jesus also I like that I mean there you go
there you go although Santa Claus does tend to frighten some small children I do currently have one of those Santa Claus is not the solution for all children.

[11:28] So yes we survive the word party it was great I mean our word always does a great job and and it was great but.

[11:40] There were some heated moments that you know and you are not the only one because it was kind of interesting the Sunday following our Ward party we had.
We must have been a Relief Society Sunday because,
well I don’t know if it was that really set in any event this comment came out in second hour there was another mom of young children who was talking about how she I was commiserating with somebody else in our Ward about
the stressfulness of young children and the Christmas party for that very reason just keeping them corralled and not out of control and within your sight so
so I’m afraid you are not unknown in those feelings Universal challenge Universal
alright let’s move on to some stories in the news now the first story we’re going to start with tonight actually came out about a month ago.

[12:30] Now Jeff and I’ll talk about this and then the week after that episode debit or Jeff and Devin talked about this.
And I don’t think these bit these men have any business talking about this topic.

[12:44] Kay Berry Patch I am very passionate about this what is the topic you say,
The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City as was announced the Real Housewives of Salt Lake Park
Salt Lake City is coming to Bravo you and I were together when we learned about this because we were celebrating my birthday celebrating her birthday we may have like.

[13:09] Verbally
express our enthusiasm in a restaurant really yes and then of course we were trying to absorb every little detail we could find on the internet because you see Ian Smith and I
we are real housewives superfan I go back to the original Real Housewives which was he Real Housewives of Orange County and the original cast that is how long I have been listening to this this is why I have street cred insane
to Jeff and Allen Devin.
Stay in your lane the boys stay in your lane and the Real Housewives he’s not your laid in fact I think Jeff even admitted to that in a podcast when he was saying yeah they really not
preaching to my demographic that’s right Jeff
not your lame know I’m sure he did not love reporting on that story anyway but don’t fear we’re here to help you out. We are here to help you out so we get ourselves before our house life as it took me many years to admit.
Angry because of all the shows I watch on TV it is by far.

[14:17] And I am so excited because I have so many friends now that are so curious about the Salt Lake housewives that they are going to start slumming it with us exact time.
Equally terrified and excited because this could be real bad that you and I had so we can meet at least started scaring the internet to see,
who is going to be on the cast because well they’ve announced the show they have not announced to the cast right and the question is is,
would the cast be made up of any members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because if you watch this show you typically know,
there is usually generally a whole lot of drinking going on at a whole lot of girl fighting going on which I’m kind of outside the Comfort level of members of the church right so we have been scouring the internet.
We have found a couple of Articles Scott Pierce from the Salt Lake Tribune wrote one and then I found one on Showbiz cheat sheet.
That talks about who are The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and the rumored cast members so we’re going to take just a minute and discuss the rumored cast members of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City because as I said we’re superfan.

[15:34] Okay so the first rumored House member housewife is a Woman by the name of Lisa Barlow and she and her husband John have a business called Vida tequila.

[15:48] And they also I think she also has a marketing business and she also has a restaurant up in Park City now.

[15:57] She has described herself as an quote-unquote active Mormon,
right and that they’re raising their kids their raise a church or their kid they met at Brigham Young University.
Her husband did serve a mission.

[16:16] And her status of considering herself to be an active Mormon I guess to find depends on how you define active because she has this liquor business and I’ve read several different articles and it kind of appears clear that.
She is familiar with the products that she sells really that well so anyway
in reading about all of the proposed Casper cast members they always kind of have a queen bee I am tagging her to be the queen bee of this show well they’ve got to love her story I mean nothing beats that a member of
the church company exactly exactly are they started this tequila company in 2007 and I guess it’s.
It’s a kind of a high-end tequila and the tequila Market at that time was not really booming and it’s kind of really booming these days and so they’ve gotten a lot of good press on them.
And like I said she does have two sons one is a teenager in the others 5 or 6 years old.
The next rumored housewife is a Woman by the name of heather gray she is a co-owner of a cosmetic Medical Practice Beauty lab and Laser.
And co-host of the live love Lab podcast which I’ve never heard up so having.
And we don’t know her church said we don’t know her church we don’t know much about her we just know that she is passionate about women’s empowerment.

[17:44] And her Instagram is private at least as of now so not much is known about her or her marriage status she has a 16 year old daughter and that much.

[17:56] So then we have Angie Harrington and she’s the owner of What’s called the fashion fuse and this is a block she does a lot of unblocking on fashion.
She has a seven-month-old son with her husband who is a CEO of.
Zante. Whatever that is but she has two older Sons Rome and Cole and her ex-husband is Brett ingerman.

[18:22] Now just because you know we are all connected here and the Latter Day Saint world of Show Business Brett’s sister is.
Shaun King who is married to Larry King their father was the Osmonds manager
and was a producer vice president at Capitol Records and added he was former BYU quarterback right will not the father but her set her first husband was the first the first time
okay so she’s probably a member I or was at some point in time or we don’t know.
Probably a member at some point time.

[19:01] I know we don’t know her her current status with regards to the church but yes because Sean King will tell you that she is a member of the tax
alright then we have Meredith marks she is a celebrity favorite jewelry designer and several other Rihanna has warned her
jewelry Tinsley from Real Housewives of New York has warned her jewelry apparently so has The Bachelorette Hannah Brown.

[19:30] So we don’t know again when we have limited details on her I guess she has a
shopping Park City she has three children Brooks Chloe and read with the CEO and chief merchandising officer for hilco
wholesale Solutions however it is unclear if the couple is still together because he seems to live in Chicago while she lives in Utah
so we don’t know too much about that just yet I’m sure all of that will come out in the show
the next rumored cast made is Sarah MacArthur Pierce she is a mental health Advocate and life coach and also owns Sarah MacArthur designed now,
she is from American Fork which would tend to lead you to believe that perhaps she might be
LDS Rex and maybe she has some LDS ties but I went on to her
to her Blog the Sarah MacArthur designs and
try some colorful language on there so generally speaking again and making generalizations most active members of the church wouldn’t.

[20:40] Colorful language on a public forum that is their blog okay so then we have Whitney Rose and Whitney owns a skin care line named Iris and bow and her claim to fame.

[20:56] He is she is married to the chief sales officer of the controversial Mormon multi-level marketing company.
LifeVantage I have never heard of that one I’ve never heard of that one either I just looked it up and it’s I don’t know. MLM MLM take our product everything that’s ever wrong with you
she is from Provo and she shares by children.

[21:21] So don’t buy high-quality that she is a member of the church very very high and then our last rumored castmate is a Woman by the name of Jen Shaw.

[21:34] And she owns a marketing agency called the shots Squad her husband she has two sons with.

[21:44] Let’s see just two sons with her husband and who is a.

[21:51] He is the Special Teams coordinator for the University of Utah okay so and he also was on the University of Utah football team so.

[22:01] That is what the rumors are with regards to the casting of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake very interesting I love how they suck little MLM tie in there you know you got to make it authentic,
it would not be a a,
utah-based reality show if you didn’t have an MLM in there we have not run this idea by Jeff so he might be here
I think that Jeff needs to let us recap the show once a week once it comes on because there will be many.
New women new to this
Housewives of garbage that will want to hear our thoughts that means navigation through the dark Waters exactly and there is no one better to navigate through those dark Waters of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City to Real Housewives of Superbad
you are sitting at this microphone right here right now I think about that think about that all right
I’ll get off my soapbox for the Real Housewives and and we can move on to another story now
other are other stories in the news this week so this one is not a new story but it is very newly-implemented I know the church announcement not sure how long ago that FamilySearch would be changed to be able to.

[23:25] Show is same-sex relationships on the records at a family search how long ago did they know that six months
I know I want to say was earlier than that okay it wasn’t it wasn’t that long ago too long ago, too long ago I think it was obviously definitely sometime within 2019 I want to see if maybe the summertime okay
so the change has been implemented and there is an official Q&A.
On the family search website answering all the questions they again emphasized that.
Same-sex relationships may not be sealed but that they can they will.
Up and running ready to show up on family search and that.

[24:12] They will provide the ability for all users to talk about all family relationships.
Which of course was the driving force behind this in this modern-day if you want to have a accurate.

[24:25] Genealogy database record family history
very trip really interesting in the article because every question in there you know frequently asked questions then they give the question and then they’re answer I swear every answer in there says,
you may not be sealed children may not be sealed to same-sex parents
same-sex couples may not be sealed I be like every answer is this does not change Temple or Ed says and I were very careful to emphasize so yes you can’t click
Temple ready for that ceiling.
Stonyridge for my car all right next article I think I’m next
Graphics missionary missionary oh yes sorry this one is super interesting this one just came out this week this was a Salt Lake Tribune article,
and this was about a missionary that came home from his mission over a disagreement with the church on gay marriage.
So super interesting this missionary is actually from happens to be from Idaho from Meridian Idaho.

[25:35] Let’s see what is his name Adam smart Adam smart so Adam smart
left for his mission before his mission at sounds from the sounds of the article his family was fairly inactive he was the only active family member because his mom had come out as gay.
Well I think what it happened when I read the article is when the church policy
the 2015 policy run November 2015 policy that talked about you know.

[26:07] Children of same-sex couples couldn’t be baptized excetera it says he really struggled with that and I think it was right after that
his family started leaving the church that they were all struggling with the policy
he came back around and regained his testimony but in the process of all of that.
I’m his mother did come out as gay his mother did come out as gay.

[26:33] He came back around exactly as you said he went off to college but he really did soul-searching gain his own testimony.
I figured out how he was coming to peace with this you know his personal views on gay marriage versus the Church’s so decided to make peace with head came around decide you want to go on a mission.
So he got all this paperwork in talk to stick present here past everything.
I’m sick president was well aware of his views on gay marriage you know he was very open I don’t agree with the church’s stance on gay marriage but I want to go teach and I will not.
This is not something I’m planning to preach The Descent he said he would.

[27:23] So his stick present signs off says yes you can go on a marriage he gets called to come in on a mission.
Cancel messenger,
the reason this whole thing became an issue on his mission it may have never come up but,
on his way to leaving the MTC on his way to fly to California he lost his wallet in the airport.

[27:57] That had his Temple recommend that instead of recommend so when he gets to California he has to get a new Temple recommend from his mission president so he gets their mission president get snow in get snow story starts interviewing him for the recommend.
Knows about his.
Situation with his mom and his Viewpoint write his music away marriage discusses that at length in the temple recommend interview and decides he can’t give him a temple recommend.
Because of his views cuz his views are opposite of the Church’s Church’s stamp
and and he’s devastated by this missionary is devastated by this he says he went in the bathroom and saw. I believe right and this is a good example of
the leadership Lottery that we sometimes have
and and and I’m not faulting the mission president at all because I think that.

[28:55] You know I don’t think this is true for a lot of leaders you know when.
When you go through an experience you know the church obviously has very strong feelings on same-sex relationships and when you have the experience of.
Dealing with someone that is close to you that is impacted by a same-sex relationship as a leader I think you really.
But will you I don’t I don’t know if you always do but it always presents itself as an opportunity for you to learn and grow as a leader and I.
I would presume that this was kind of maybe the first time this Mission president had ever may be seriously been confronted with this issue of you know a member who.
Believes something different than what the church teaches and he was very upfront with his mission president sang this is my personal belief but I still have a testimony and I do not intend to breach that belief on my mission.
That is something I will keep to myself right.

[29:59] So then it comes up can he stay on his mission without a temple recommend have a temple recommend and I guess I’m a member of the seventy is called
to consult on this I guess they called the state present back in Idaho to consult on this and it sounded like they all kind of laugh.

[30:18] It let’s take a week think about this pray about this and revisit it because their initial reaction was he couldn’t stay without his recommend right the initial from the 70 Said Knock You need to have a temple recommend if your.
If your missionary,
so the mission president I guess a few days later calls him in and says I was wrong I’m sorry after praying about that accident,
thinking about this and struggling with this I think I was wrong I think you should have a temple recommend and and you are worthy
but at that point the missionary had just been through the wringer and he said Williams really hurt he was hurt and he said that he had prayed about it himself also and he had come to peace.
With the idea of going home and that it was okay for him to go home so he didn’t stay I know that was that was kind of really the saddest part for me.

[31:13] In in this situation because I think that like I said I think the mission president really kind of had a Moment of clarity and really kind of you know reached Beyond.
What he may be initially thought yet at the same time I can certainly understand.
How incredibly hurt rice young man was and you know any and he said he is at peace with his decision to come home and so,
you know good for him he still active in the church this hasn’t you know impacted his testimony but.
It was really I thought it was just really an interesting article just discussing the struggles that.
Leaders as well as members go through when they happen to have beliefs that don’t coincide with every teaching of the Gospel very interested just brings up the question.
You know can you sustain your leaders without agreeing on everything. Ackley which is.

[32:18] Always a big question and though and people view that differently I mean some people view sustaining as you have to agree 100% other we’re not sustaining.
Other people look at sustaining as I may disagree with that viewpoint but.
I will do what is asked of me I’m not going to speak ill of them I’m not going to hinder them Raz I disagree and so it really is a Nuance in,
how do you define the word sustaining your leaders.

[32:50] Kind of subjective it is kind of subjective but nonetheless a very interesting story
all right what do you have next all right my favorite tap cats cats on the Christmas concert
let you know when speaking of which just to follow up on that last story that then this ties into tabcat Kristin Chenoweth did an interview with the advocate which is
a very famous lgtbq publication and they were asking her about
her lgbtq activism and her faith and kind of asking her about her.
Experience with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and she herself is very very devout Christians she is.
And she says when people ask her why did you perform with this institution that doesn’t support support the cause and she says.
Just because we don’t exactly believe everything the same the Mormons and I I feel like music is such a unifying unification thing that we move forward through music.
And again I think another great example to say you know.

[34:01] We don’t have to agree on everything and we can focus on the things that we do agree on but that ties into the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.
Because there was a very interesting article in the Deseret News about how the Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert became a national tradition.

[34:21] Now before we had the Tabernacle they did a Christmas concert every year but the Christmas concert was really more for church employees.
It wasn’t the big production that we have now.

[34:33] And then president Hinckley said let’s build us a conference center and once he got his Conference Center built he said,
this is for performances and this is for community-based activities and so that’s when they really amped up the level of the Christmas concert to the first Christmas concert was in the year 2000.
At that had Gladys Knight which president Hinckley was able to snag her she’s been a member of the church for a while it’s and they snagged her
she’s an easy get she wasn’t easy yet will the next year they decided hey we want Angela Lansbury so they extended an invitation to Angela Lansbury she faxed them back and said
no thanks but no thanks as soon as she hit the fax button she regretted that decision and so she quickly called up the choir office and she said
turn up the facts I’m coming and she was part of the concert that year and I have to say that was the first I’ve attended several of the.
Tabernacle Choir concerts and that was the first one that I attended was Angela Lansbury I loved it it was just it’s probably one of my favorite experiences it was right.

[35:47] And so after that then they are able to tag other people.

[35:51] They got Walter Cronkite Tom Brokaw David McCullough.
Natalie Cole Renee Fleming all sorts of big names that I thought was really interesting it said in the article wasn’t
Walter Cronkite they said yeah that had encouraged the choir leader to kind of make this a thing exactly I said what do you say the Boston Pops New Year’s Eve you guys should on Christmas is that what
well what he said wasn’t I think he came in 2003 either 2002 or 2003 what he said was his he said
he says he says to Craig Jessop who was the dead choir director he says.
You know Craig I host New Year’s Eve with the Vienna Philharmonic every year Vienna owns New Year’s Eve you should own Christmas,
and so that kind of lit the fire that you know hey we use the Tabernacle Choir we want to own Christmas.
So in 2004 they approached the local PBS affiliate kued in Utah and said.
Hey we’ve recorded our concert you want to show it on your on your PBS station and,
can you release it what’s your why not and so then a bunch of other PBS stations began picking it up.

[37:08] And it is one of the top-rated shows for PBS every single year it has consistently outperformed to Belmont at Christmas which is another long-running Christmas program at PBS.
And every they have it they have coverage in every single one of the top 50 media markets in the country and so,
PBS actually National PBS actually aired it tonight on the 16th of December.
But many of them will re-air it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and also BYUtv is airing it on the 19th of December.
So if you missed it tonight you can catch a 90 minute version of it on BYUtv this is last year’s this is last year and this year
will air on Christmas Eve
no no they won’t are this year’s till next exactly this always confuse exactly still they are a year behind the one that is airing this year is the Christian chat Kristin Chenoweth has been going around to help depressed about exam
exactly and so next year they will Air the one that they did with Richard Thomas and.

[38:17] I know he was and I can’t remember who the other guest artist was this year she was a Broadway.
Anyway so if you like I missed the Kristin Chenoweth concert last year I kind of kicking myself because a friend of mine had tickets and I had the opportunity to go.
But I just couldn’t make it work with my schedule and I have honestly been dying I’ve been waiting a year to watch the Kristin Chenoweth concert so I plan on catching it later on this week.

[38:44] But yeah that’s how it kind of became a turning point and so now this year marks the 20th year that they have done those Christmas concerts and
it’s interesting because they said it first they had a hard time filling the seats and selling out all the tickets which is probably why I usually got into Angela Lansbury because we didn’t have tickets we just showed up at the conference center to see,
get in and somebody outside had some tickets they said we’ve got some extra tickets and gave them to us.
They were like score take a civil like middle center Front they were nice.

[39:17] Now they get hundreds of thousands of requests a lottery system right Lottery system so now you know how the
tabernacle choir at Temple Square became to be a national Christmas event and that we use the church now on Christmas,
all right we have had some Temple news yes last week they have announced the location of the Orem Temple and I believe also the Taylorsville
so the Orem Temple is going to be off of the University Parkway exit.

[39:56] For those familiar with Provo that is the Walmart at the Walmart UV you at all it’s just going to be like a mile and a half.

[40:04] South of the freeway yes so you won’t turn to go to Walmart or UVU you’ll turn the other way the other day like you were going to Geneva steel if Geneva steel still exist it yes so this will make it.
5 miles from the Provo City Center Temple and 5 1/2 miles from the Provo Temple.
That is quite the cluster Temple that is the cluster of temples is that the closest that’s got to be the closest right we’ll know there’s two in in.
Either South Jordan or West Jordan I think the article that are like 3 miles apart from each other okay.
Oquirrh Mountain mountain in Jordan River like 3 miles apart from each other but it is
Richard brunst said that he sent the church and email four years ago suggesting.
That the area’s growth and expansion of UVU with support a temple so or mayor’s out lobbying for a temple in his town.
Can’t say that I blame him but yeah I think it’s a great location because it’s it’s going to easily be seen.
On the interstate when you’re driving by and we know the church likes lots of visibility for their temples I guess it’s going to be about a 15-minute walk from.
We’re front runner and the trains and the buses all come so it will be on the accessibility of this Temple should be.

[41:32] Quite easy and it’s very close to what’s known as Vineyard.
And Vineyard is the former Geneva steel site they cleaned up all of the Geneva steel and they had this Prime Property,
addicted developing it on the last few years yes there’s no more Geneva still there
Year anyway yes now they’ve got houses there lots of starter homes there and young families and it’s been one of the fastest growing cities.
It in that population range in the last few years just due to the number of houses that have been constructed and people moving their so.
It looked at the Smart location and then they also announce the location of Taylorsville but,
a very unfamiliar with Taylorsville so I won’t bore you with the details I am to I read the article I did read Jeff swim article and you know Jeff has been spouting a temple in West Valley City and apparently this is about as close as you could get to West Valley City,
the location without actually being in West Valley City okay that helps me know where Taylorsville from the article.

[42:46] The Temple’s pretty close to the 215 so which is the Beltway the loop that goes around around Salt Lake.
Alright what’s next okay next we have Department of Homeland Security proposes a 500% increase to fees in fees to access family history record.

[43:07] So as we know the government keeps all sorts of Records you know marriage is death birth military slave records I have even index some slave records before
and so I guess in 2016 they raise the search fee from
$20 to $65 and when they did that the search is dropped off 30%.
Well now they are proposing to raise the search fee from $65 to $240.
And the record fee from $6,500 to $385 will you can just imagine if the fees are that high that’s going to have a,
significant impact on genealogy work and people researching and accessing those so.

[43:58] Who do we call who do we call the rescue Mitt Romney a good old mitt has said hey I want to stop this I don’t like this.

[44:10] And because he says it would hurt family historians genealogist and others who need to see the documents of their ancestors now of course MIT is
represents the state of Utah and we all know how the state of Utah feels about genealogy mainly due in part to the church largely driven by the church but genealogy my understanding is quite the hobby for.
A number of people who aren’t even members of the church or just interested in their family history Sonam it’s not only helping the church,
he’s he’s helping Humanity right so he says that he understands their budget
relies primarily on user fees and that the southern border crisis continues to strain the agency’s ability to fulfill its Mission because again this is Homeland Security that all these records fall under.
And so he wrote a letter and he says I am concerned.
That drastically raising genealogy programs fees would harm genealogist across the United States without addressing your budgetary concerns.
So he said to the agency,
send me your annual fee Revenue numbers generated by the 18th I think that means 18th of December as well as what he proposed.
Raise in fees would fund so I can admit demanding answers I think Senator Romney wants to make sure that.

[45:35] If these fees are being raised there going actually to the cost of producing those records not to a wall
interesting I never even thought about fees clearly I’m not a Jenny Elizabeth Stover hero search has gone out,
I presume and paid for these records that all then come into FamilySearch.
Indexed and then you know you use them and you know I’m at your ancestors and stuff.

[46:08] But anyway very interesting very interesting all right and you’ve got another one for us I have another one for you this is.
This is your feel good Christmas Story this folks could be a Hallmark movie,
totally car door or Lifetime movie pretty sure it’s probably the plot line of several different Hallmark baby I’m not as I feel like I’ve seen it before
okay so what we have here is we have a Latter-Day Saint couple falls in love again after wife’s memory loss.
So we have Laura I’m probably going to murder this last name what would you say.
Fagen Loi Canelo I think is how it’s pronounced so we have Laura and Brayden.
And they were married on July 14th 2016 in the Vancouver British Columbia Temple.
And 9 months later their life took a dramatic turn when she suffered a traumatic head injury.
So she was hired to help set up for a business event.
And so she says everything was a little chaotic I she was setting up and she was decorating tables there were some pools that had been put up for a large tent.
And she noticed the polls weren’t put on flat ground but she really didn’t think anything of it.

[47:28] I’m sure she was asked to decorate a table in front of one of the poles as she worked the wind came up and pulled the pole on top of her head.
And she says she can still remember the noise that it made when it hit her head and she still remembers how she felt.
She says everyone was Fanning her telling her not to cry.
So then she is walking around the event site and she’s wanting her parents to come pick her up because she doesn’t she think she’s 17 years old is crazy this is crazy she didn’t realize that her parents had moved to Brussels Belgium three years earlier.
This is like my nightmare going back to being 17 Again.
To not only going back to being 17 but going back to 17 without the wisdom and experience you have now.
I think it would be completely different to go back to being 17 with the wisdom you have now to go back without that wisdom of that is a nightmare.

[48:23] So anyway then she gets this text message from her husband asking how she’s doing,
she has no idea who this guy is been texting her and she says I got hit on the head so he’s a couple blocks away and he comes over and she’s just kind of stone-faced and you know. Dazed and Confused so he takes her home.
And for the next couple of weeks she doesn’t really do anything besides sleep.

[48:48] And it was and she doesn’t really remember anything from that time. About two weeks after the accident she remembers waking up.
Freaking out that this guy is next to her because she has no clue who this guy is and he’s you know treating her like is why and and in her brain she’s like I have exams to study for.
I’m in high school she cannot fathom that she’s married living in Canada.
So they take her to the hospital and they say you know you have a really severe concussion you needs to rest.
So she does that and she’s in a lot of pain as well I’m she works with a couple of doctors and this is apparently a very rare thing.
And so she’s trying to stay positive and eager hoping to regain her memories she kind of hits rock bottom.
She’s just feeling kind of Trapped which kind of imagined it would be so weird it would be so weird to be looking around
you’re in a marriage that you didn’t choose exactly into be looking around at where you are going none of this is familiar to me.
In fact she does say she told Brayden I couldn’t be in a marriage I didn’t remember committing to any longer.

[50:01] So they decide to start dating again so they start dating again which then allows her to basically fall in love with him again.

[50:10] And not only does she have to fall in love with him again she has to reconnect with friends she has good friends that she’s made living there in Canada that again.
They act like you know the friends act like they know everything about her life and she’s like I need to know who you are a stranger to me.
So she has to work hard be so hard so after 8 months of dating her husbandry proposes to her.
She says yes and they do a second wedding OKC this is good what what would happen if you were like.

[50:44] It’s so horrible a kind of story has a happy ending yes luckily this this story has a happy ending
that. Yes they were able to attend as the months of progressed you know her healing has come it’s taking a lot of hard work
just going to church apparently was difficult just because the noise the chapel wouldn’t be so overstimulating to her brain but.
She says and I really like this and I think this is good marriage advice for anybody whether you have a memory of your spouse or not.
The reason we are still together is because of our efforts to be more like Christ we were both a little rough around the edges with each other before the accident happen.
We had the typical new couple fights and we weren’t patient with each other.
As we’ve studied our scriptures together after the accident we have implemented every lesson into our lives.

[51:37] I like that like I said this is this is a Hallmark Christmas movie write it totally is you know that the Mormon movie producer is going to get his hands on that.
And it’ll be in theaters soon as you know what you’re absolutely right I never thought about that. Be a great story for a Mormon movie.
The Last Story we have is actually about a video that has been circulating online this week yes I believe it dropped Sunday yes I cannot tell you how much I love this photo it is the president Nelson accompanying.
Singer Claire Crosby know if you remember Claire Crosby she is the adorable beloved
little singer she probably I think maybe was 3 years old when she started singing like popping up on YouTube her dad is immunization and
he sings a lot of songs with her she’s been on Ellen I think she started out singing a lot of princess songs yeah and she’s also done some church songs she just.
Is so darling and has,
the vest Vic the best sweetest little voice so this video is of her and her family in the beginning of the video it shows them walking up to what appears to be president Nelson’s home
what is really interesting in the article that they say is that it is where is it here.

[53:02] Right there in a home that President Nelson and his first wife danzel raised their children
it doesn’t say it’s his house it just says the home that they raised
children it says in Salt Lake City because doesn’t know so I am guessing perhaps one of his
children lives in that house because it was clearly decorated for Christmas right it was but I was really glad LDS living came out with this article that gives a little bit more background on the video
I was glad they did because the entire video in my head I was going is this really his house
this is really his house I was looking at the background applicant Furniture trying to determine if it was in.
Older person’s house or one of his children anyway her family walk up to the home president Nelson and Wendy invite them and they give hugs there some other family members there I’m assuming president Nelson.
Grandkids and little children and daughter and then they sit down at the piano and he plays did you know he played before you watch this video,
believe it or not I was like look at him go I mean can we say we’re surprised I mean he speaks in Brazilian language has the same part of your brain is.
Playing piano I mean I get.
It’s a doable thing it murder me and makes sense but I was shocked exactly a part of me is shock the other part of me is well of course he does so I had three things on this video that I was just like.

[54:31] Flipping out about okay first with him playing the piano because that was amazing.
Well she sang and of course she sang beautifully second thing I was flipping out about was President Nelson is wearing a mr. Rogers sweater.

[54:44] And it is perfection,
I mean I didn’t even notice that the mr. Rogers sweater was killing me and I know I just saw the new mr. Rogers yeah
movie recently so I have all the love for mr. Rogers now and then to see if president Nelson who usually see in his suit he had his shirt and tie and his mr. Rogers sweater in his home and I will like
this is perfect yes then the other third thing I notice that I
completely adored was while he was playing the piano and she was singing there were a couple points where he was like mouthing the words with her like Whispering them under his breath it was just so,
yeah she’s very sweet anyway the article talks a little bit about the conversation they had afterwards she had asked him.
How do you know when you feel the Holy Ghost and he gave her a very sweet at the elevation he said lots of times you think it’s by ideas that are coming from.

[55:41] Yourself but it’s really given to us through the Holy Ghost and they talked about what their favorite colors were it was.
Really cute so sweet so if you need some happiness and joy in your life this week and you haven’t seen that video yet go watch it it will bring you Joy exactly.

[55:59] Now normally at this point in the show we would do Mormons Behaving Badly however we have no stories this month,
and we’re thrilled it’s a Christmas miracle it is a Christmas miracle and we’re also gearing up because we realize that once these Housewives hits.
Hit the TV will probably have a lots of or mincemeat.
All right so should we move onto our favorite things alright why don’t you start with your favorite thing all right my favorite thing this month is very similar to one I talked about.
Probably over a year ago okay you know I have sung the Praises of the Walmart pickup yes well recently target has started to offer a drive-up service o similar to Walmart pickup
now normally I like to go into the Target because I like to browse because I am a mom stores you have to touch everything and that’s what moms do we go to Target and wander aimlessly.

[57:01] But this time of year when I am very busy there have been several times where I have not had the time to go into the Target and brows.
And their pickup is awesome it’s really fast I’d like the Walmart where you have to,
do it the day before you can order something anytime and is available within like 2 hours so sweet and you drive up to their little parking spots,
hit that you’re there and they come up there faster faster than Walmart coming out they come right out here, and had to your stuff so.
Well it probably saves you less money if you’re not in their browsing the target throwing things in your car that you would just have to have saved so much money so much time so
Target drive up tried out alright so my favorite thing
is a video so we’ll have to have Jeff put the link to this up okay so Saturday Night Live this last week did a you know how they do commercial parodies they did a parody on a Macy’s the department store commercial.

[58:02] So the first half of the commercial starts out with adults you know modeling their clothes go to Macy’s get this 25% off and then they get into kids clothes
and they start talking about the horrors of dressing your children in Holiday clothes and sweaters that itch pants that are too tight
shoes that are too pointy and it is so funny,
there is a dad that struggling to get this itchy sweater over a kid’s head there is a mom who’s walking out the door with her daughter and black patent leather shoes complaining that the shoes are tied in the mom’s going
oh honey get used to it you’re a woman there’s a dad trying to buckle a kid into a car in a puppy that is so hilarious
the tagline at the end is close the hate
for memories you’ll love oh yes that’s perfect it is probably one of the funniest Saturday Night Live commercials I have ever seen so I’m going to have to go watch that because I have had many a puffy coat
and a carseat fight what mom has it
okay well I think that’s about it for us it’s does the month of December I think.

[59:12] Jeff is planning some type of Christmas podcast for next week so it’s only stay tuned for that yes and so
swim Nation we hear the twin sisters wants to wish you a very very Merry Christmas we hope that you get to enjoy it with your friends and family but above all,
please remember that Christmas is about Christ and it’s one of my favorite holidays because it is a religious holiday and we focus on the Savior and there’s nothing more poignant in our lives than the Savior his birth in the example that he set for us so.
That is my Christmas message for twin Nation wonderful all right we’re wishing you all a Merry Christmas good night.

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