Relative Race Season 6: Day 10 – The Grand Prix Finale

Relative Race Day 10
Jeff Borders

Jeff Borders

After spending nine days meeting new family, the remaining teams go head-to-head in a blazing grand prix finale. Who will win $50,000?

Wow! Relative Race Season 10 has not disappointed. Even with the eliminations of Teams Red and Black, all teams were able to connect missing parts of their past. The season finale ends largely how it began, by racing. At SuperCharged Go Kart Racing in Montville Connecticut, Dan, in his slick Relative Race polo, is waiting for Team Green and Team Blue to face off for the last time. Seriously though, this place looks pretty awesome. We have a smaller version where I live, but if I ever get to Connecticut, I’ll be trying this out.

The finale consists of 3 different challenges, with 5 medals up for grabs. The team with the most medals at the end of the challenges wins the $50,000 and the title of Season 6 winner.

Challenge 1: Relative Race Skee Ball

For those who have never stepped foot into a Chuck E. Cheese, below is a picture of Skee Ball. Relative Race Skee Ball was an amped up version, using remote controlled cars going off of a ramp and trying to get into different baskets, each with their own point value. At the end of 12 jumps, Team Blue came out ahead with 225 points, while Team Green had 135.

Challenge 2: Relative Race Race

In this challenge, teams had to utilize different modes of transportation, i.e, shopping cart, giant bubble ball, and trikes to get to different stations. At each station was a trivia question. Answer it correctly and move on. Answer it incorrectly, and the teams would have to go back and redo that method of transportation again.

While Team Green was confident in the Relative Race trivia, Team Blue wasn’t about to give up.  One wrong answer by Team Green at the last station let Team Blue slip through for another win.

Challenge 3: Relative Race Grand Prix

Due to them having the most 1st place finishes during the season, Team Blue was in the pole position for the finale race. In their colored coded go-karts, teams raced 15 laps around the track to try to win 3 different medals.

Fastest Overall Combined Time: Team Green

Fastest Individual Lap Time: Chris of Team Green (by 4 seconds)

Fastest Pit Time: Team Green

The Results

If you are keeping track, that’s two medals for Team Blue and three for Team Green, making Team Green the winner. Along with the title and the $50,000, DeShae was able to gain something more substantial. She was able to connect with both her father and her mother. And that is really what this show is all about.

I for one can’t wait to see what next season will bring us.

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