EP 459 – Are You a Rachel?

How is the new Young Women's structure working out for you? How are your classes organized? We've surveyed you to find out more.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome! The Sisters are here to bring us the very best of Idaho, which is much, much bestness!

Assessing New Young Women Structure

With a new year is new goals, but also a new youth structure. Young Women, in particular, have been most affected, as the classes have no defined structure or names, leaving that up to the wards in question. The Sisters decided to poll the community and find out what local units are actually doing for their Young Women classes, and the results are interesting.

First off, according to the survey, most wards are just calling the class “Young Women 14” or “Young Women 15-16,” etc.

Also, 35% of respondents said their ward now has two Young Women classes, while 29% have three, and 27% have only one.

Advisers also speak to the struggles to coordinate activities with the Young Men because the class structures don’t inherently line up.

Generally speaking, the lack of structure is of concern to many, as there is a fear the Young Women won’t follow through on their goals, and putting it on the ward to organize classes on their own – when many in smaller wards had been doing so anyway – unnecessarily complicates things.

Tiffany also struggles to name The Handmaid’s Tale.

Other News

This is a screw up that should get someone fired. The printed versions of Come, Follow Me contain outdated teachings on race, particularly the references to the “dark mark” on the Lamanites. The digital versions are fine. Whoops.

The Church has issued a new statement on feminism. Feminism! WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

Excavation works continues on the Salt Lake Temple, with nifty statues being moved off the grounds, and the South Visitors Center now a remnant of the past.

Also temple related, the First Presidency has announced some changes to temple ceremonial clothing. Read on and listen in to find out more.

McKenna Denson, the woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by the Provo Missionary Training Center president while she was a missionary, might drop her case entirely.

A Latter-day Saint was trapped inside a gym overnight, but he escaped in time for his son’s missionary farewell. Another happy landing.

Brigham Young University students have started a satirical website about Provo. Yay.

And a heartwarming story out of Romania.


[0:00] Hello twin listeners welcome to this week in Mormons the sisters Edition with Ariane Smith,
and Tiffany Hales we are happy to be here in January yes we are we have made it through the holidays New Year our children are all back in school which is even better
schedules have returned order is restored to the universe it’s so nice it’s been really good.
New year new goals.

[0:31] My new goal this year has been a do-over on come follow me oh okay so do share well we just,
I wouldn’t say we failed miserably last year.

[0:43] But we failed like moderately last year okay fair enough like I wouldn’t say we failed miserably because it’s not like we didn’t ever try we tried but we were not.
As consistent interact okay as we need inconsistency was initially yes okay consistency whether this issue and finding a way that worked for us was an issue but I am determined.

[1:05] Okay this year that we are going to get it together and so far we have four.
Three weeks in a row so far okay well I’m very proud of you because we’ve only done one of the three weeks so tell me what are you doing to maintain consistency what would have you changed this year
aside from your I’m going to make it a priority right well our church schedule changed and I actually think that it has
worked in our benefit okay we met you were 12 to 2 yeah we were on 12 to 2 now we’re 9 a.m. so that gives us the entire day after church full of options
okay because our plan last year where we mostly failed with okay plan was to do it
before church and I remember you telling me that and I remember thinking to myself although not vocally expressing it to you.

[1:52] That seems a little cray-cray like it 11 so that failed like,
a lot of the time and then so sometimes we would try to flip it and do it like in the evening that also failed a lot of fair enough so so that now our new plan is.
We can do it at 1:30 okay after we come over from church everybody’s fed put the baby down for a nap oh yeah we’ve also discovered,
hugely benefits us in our plan because he just a little terrorist or in come follow me he’s into everything okay and nobody can concentrate because the girls are obsessed with him well he is pretty funny to watch whatever you’re saying they’re not listening because they like come here
come here come see me so we put him down for a nap.

[2:40] We’re doing after lunch we’re sitting at the table this time okay we didn’t try last year we tried on the couch.
Maybe it was a little too cash okay fair enough we’re trying the table is a little more formal.

[2:53] Not that we’re trying to be formal but everybody has a seat,
okay and everybody has a place for their scriptures okay well and I you know kind of been feels like schoolish so yeah I can see how that would make your kids a little bit more focused yeah so and like you said especially with the baby down.
He’ll have to catch the Book of Mormon in four years yes well my big New Year’s goal has been just to declutter my house you know.
Honestly my least favorite month is the month of January I hate the month of January January’s Rob Christmas is over with it’s cold outside the days are short so you don’t have much sun sunshine
and there’s nothing to look forward to look forward to let down after Christmas exactly exactly so
I decided that I was going to declutter my house and so this is kind of how I’ve looked at it as I have been.
Excuse me I’m getting over a cold.

[3:54] Let me take a drink there and see if I can clear that clear that frog I’ve tried to look at it in terms of,
I just I wanted to be ruthless and so I have looked at it in terms of if I were to have to pack this room up tomorrow what would I pack,
why would I throw away what would I give away because there’s really nothing like moving yes that makes you purge your stuff that’s a very good like mindset to put yourself in yes
I have also been going through my I get this urge every January to just rip through my cupboards and organize and take things out and I’ve been doing that like crazy and my husband last week was like.
Going on with you she was like are you pregnant because I also do this like the entire nine months that I’m pregnant and I was like no I’m not pregnant it’s just January I do this every January.

[4:47] No that’s too five you have you completed are you still on a rampage
I started with my closet because that’s always a logical place to start because as you know I am a clothes horse and so there are lots of clothes in my closet and so I tried to go through and really Purge this time
in terms of like okay I love this shirt but let’s face it I’m never going to fit into it
let’s get rid of it you know because every woman in their closet has yes the clothes that are too small the clothes that are too big and the clothes that are just too right and sometimes you are you know sizing in between there
so I just decided to just Purge a ton of stuff what’s really sad is after I purchased it I looked at my closet
because I think I had four huge garbage sacks full of clothes to take to the TI and I’m like
well it doesn’t look like it did anything that’s very unsatisfying was very unsatisfying but
so I purged my closet and then I started on my dresser and I got a ton of stuff cleaned out of my dresser I’ll tell you what the most satisfying room was and again I’m just kind of
I’m just kind of doing it ad hoc the laundry room.

[5:56] I had I have a really small laundry space and so I just went through and just purged everything in there that wasn’t necessary got a smaller Basket in there because what we do is the kids each key,
their own laundry in their own room but then I keep one basket in there for like towels and so because I’m always continually probably doing two or three loads of towels a week.
As soon as the basket gets full,
and so I had this really large standing basket that blocked everything so I got rid of the standing basket got a small square basket cleaned off everything on my counter so I could put it on the counter,
and now my laundry room is like so much more organized and it’s it’s just delightful that’s a good feeling it’s a wonderful feeling so
I am still going to continue to go room by room and Purge and right now I have a huge pile in my garage I’m like okay I’ve got a load up for the DIY here pretty soon.

[6:50] I know I’m sure this is the time of year where the D I probably has to bring in extra staff exactly because it’s busy and all the thrift stores.
all right well with the first of the year as you and I both know because we have doctors that are in young women it has brought significant changes to both young women and young men,
but more so to young women than young men so as we know we got rid of scouting scouting is,
in our in our in our past we turned around to look at scouting not forward to look at scouting although my husband was telling me today.

[7:29] That there is an independently organized Scout Troop that people in our state can participate in for the next two years if they want to get their kids through scouting,
oh just thrown together by,
Ironside I guess I don’t know it’s not sponsored by the church of course and so I assumed it was thrown together by the parents in the state but I thought that was very interesting interesting I will it live on
well supposedly supposedly it’s just for two years and that’s it so basically they’re saying don’t join this troop unless you’re yeah well into it because we’re not going to,
exam not going to see you through we’re not going to see you Thrift that’s interesting
so anyway so you know obviously some of the changes that were announced last year where the changes to young women
and we have long hated the monikers of beehive my maid and Laurel and president Nelson announced in October conference
be gone those will be gone by the first of the year and he left it at the October conferences very kind of loosey-goosey,
in terms of structure and just basically said y’all can pray about it and figure out what works for your wart right.

[8:44] This has thrown some people into a tizzy well it’s so interesting because I think in general everybody.
Like nobody super loved those names I mean they were kind of nostalgic yes right so I think there are some people that are like oh.
That’s so weird yeah kind of nostalgic I think in general most people did not love them because they were odd they were off.
But now that they’re gone it seems like many people are like well what are we what do we do now we need a name we need an aide exactly they’re like,
we have no definition because we have no name and so you know I have been kind of waiting for my ward to you know my ward clear up until probably the 31st of December.
Kept saying beehive Laurel Maya made you know there were no plans in the works.

[9:34] And then even after the first of the year I remember getting an email for my daughter who was formerly a beehive and it said young women I think it said 11 to 13 and then in parentheses formerly beehives and I’m like come on when are we going to get on this bandwagon.
So one of the young women advisors was over at my house and I asked her I said what are we doing in our Ward for names and she said oh we’re still trying to decide that the instruction that they had gotten.
I can’t remember who’s either from our Bishop or from the steak was that whatever they picked for a name they wanted it to reflect and remind these girls that they were Daughters of a king
so they were thinking about using some women from the scriptures and using like.
Rachel Rebecca who’s the other
Esther Esther at which I thought was a great idea because I thought you could put girls into those groups by that name they could learn about that woman in the scripture they could learn about her strengths and what she did and how she exemplified
the Lord and Christ and but.

[10:49] It’s nothing’s gone on yet okay that’s very interesting because although I see the valley I definitely see the value yes learning about those people I just can’t imagine being like.
Are you a Rachel come on Rebecca’s get it together I mean it’s it sounds hello it makes me laugh okay kind of sounds like that show watch the show on.
Oh oh oh it’s on Hulu oh now I can’t think about it or I can’t think of it.
Where they are there they have they’ve rounded up all the childbearing women who and their surrogates for all the.

[11:33] Oh I can’t believe I didn’t think of that I’ve never watched it you know the one yeah exactly exactly because I think I think that they you know they do I think they have some names similar to that
I can’t believe I can’t remember the name of that Rebecca’s I’m gonna have to look that up and like to ask you how you have to look it up I’m totally blind okay I know what you’re talking okay you continue to talk on this topic while I looked so
our Monument Ariana is present in my ward said you’re supposed to.
Just call them young women classes with their ages that was the direction she received,
and so we did a little survey Jeff put out a survey.
Just asking people what are you doing because we were curious like what are other words doing,
we’re all they to was yes two words and in Idaho we want to know what everybody else is exactly exactly Jeff created this survey that went out we got I think maybe like 65 responses he just did a few days ago.

[12:32] And from what we can tell from the responses most Wards are just saying young women and then the ages like young women 11 to 13 young women 14 15 yeah kind of thing and that’s what our word is doing our word,
divided into four groups okay because we have an exceptionally large number of K 18 year-old okay so tell me how you divided this so we have 11 to 13.
We have 14 and 15 16 year olds are on their own okay and then 17 eight-year-old 17 and 18 year olds and that deals with the problem that they had that they were having which is that.
The 16 year olds there were so many that it was yeah making.

[13:13] The class is Lop yes well and what’s funny is because before they let the 11 year olds come in by the end of the year you would have this huge group of beehives and now what’s happening is,
you have a huge group of laurels they’ve just shifted where the largeness occurs but yeah I think that’s the first thing all words have to tackle is how to divide the group’s you know and warts are struggling with that I mean you have some words,
obviously like your award that are very large my ward has you know probably 30 between 35 and 40 Young,
and then you’ve got other wards where they may have five young women.
And so they have historically all been together well them for them nothing’s going to change nothing’s going to change and we did get several survey response yes saying nothing has changed we have one young women’s class and we still do but you know.
And here’s where I was kind of scratching my head because I was under the impression when President Nelson spoke about this.
Everybody was free to structure it however they want it that you didn’t have to structure it by age groups you could structure it you could prayerfully,
pray about it and what was best for your young women and structure it that way
but apparently that is not the case because you pulled out handbook to know I pulled out handbook too because I remember my young women present telling me when I was asking her how she was going to do this.

[14:35] And she’s a good friend of mine I remember her telling me there were very specific instructions okay handbook and so I pulled it up to see cuz I was like oh what do you say.

[14:43] And it does say in the handbook that young woman classes should fit the number and ages of the young women in the ward.
Um all young women met me in together one class or multiple classes divided by age group.
An age group is all young women who will turn in age during a calendar year or years.
Um an additional class should only be created when there are enough class members to make up a class presidency.

[15:11] So that was interesting but then there’s a whole separate section the about adapting organization to local needs.

[15:21] Which says,
you know you can adapt it when you need to so it’s left me very confused and apparently it has left our survey participants confused as well,
because we had a lot of responses where they were like.
Well first of all a lot of words wanted to keep them together by grades because then you usually keep groups of friends together which I think has been.

[15:47] Like dilemma in the church in the United States exactly
for years because exactly in primary when I was primary president this was always a thing to like why can’t we just put them with their grave because they end up in a class when you go calendar year they end up in a class with some kids.
In different grades exactly but I think that’s the trick.
You know the worldwide church we can’t exactly that’s the problem right there is worldwide church we can’t go by school year but they could.

[16:16] Say you know do it locally and leave it up to the leaders and maybe they will someday.

[16:22] Let it like fully be up to like local then those in the United States that wanted to.

[16:28] Could go by school year I don’t know it’ll be interesting to see if this like tweaks a little bit over the years or if.
Keep it how it is yes but well and some of the names that we got on the survey just to kind of let the listeners know is we had junior girls and Senior girls all right we ask people what they’re calling yes
their groups and their Wards and it seemed like most everybody was dividing It Up by ages,
and then but even dividing it up IHS was confusing some people were like we really need a name because if you think about it if you have age 12 to 13.
Well does that mean like.
Just 12 to 13 if you turn 14 do you go into the 14 to 15 year old Group which we know that’s not the intent that you advance to the next group but at least with a a name you can say I am in this,
a group for.
The next year right and we did have one who said they had the a group the B group The Sea group yeah we had some that were going by numbers yes young woman one young woman to young woman 3,
we had middle school and high school now here’s an interesting one they had a 14 you which was everybody under 14.
A 16 you which provide presumably be 16 to 14 and under 16 and under and then an 18 you I thought that was interesting.

[17:55] They had a bad birth year groups like if you were born they had young women 0 6 0.
So if you were born in those few years you went into that group they had a youngest middle of Middle oldest.

[18:10] One one one Ward was still using beehive Maya made Laurel there like.
No we’re not gonna give it up they’ve got to go old-school I’ve gone Rogue so so yeah so there’s lots of different names but it definitely seems people are choosing to use.
The age groups but which again is they’re having a difficult adjustment to that because of the lack of structure some of our comments were.
You know they didn’t like the older names the my made Laurel beehive but the lack of nummy names is confusing makes the girls feel like they are advancing as as the boys do.
When doing it joint activities with the ironic priesthood it was difficult to figure out.
Which classification of girls to send which maybe that would be the case if you didn’t have three groups if you just had like a junior so you have kind of a funky split because yeah one that’s all sixteen-year-olds exactly.
Exactly heart oh this was interesting this doesn’t relate to the naming but they said,
harder to stay connected and relay information when we meet every other week I send out a ton more text to people,
but we’re all getting used to it right and I think that’s really true this was the portion of the survey where we asked them what are your concerns about young woman’s there were many people that said no concerns it’s working great.

[19:31] I noticed there were several that were concerned about.
Getting the girls into the more of a leadership roles which has always been a thing in young woman’s I remember when I was in young women my leaders were encouraging us like.

[19:46] To take things like this is you did this so this has been an like an age-old.

[19:51] Struggle but the emphasis on it now I think there’s a great higher emphasis and and the church started emphasizing this
probably four or five years ago because my husband’s been in young men’s and he’s been doing this with the boys for probably four or five years because I don’t know if it was a talk or something that he heard that said it needed to be youth-driven
right now the biggest obstacle he has had is when other leaders have been in there with him and they do not get the youth-driven,
and they’re like what do you mean we let them plan the activities know we tell them what the activities are right well it’s so hard it’s such a delicate.

[20:30] Balance uh-huh.
Because you’ve got these kids who are learning and you have to teach them yes and they’re not always going to come through for you and that’s the way it is they’re learning and they’re struggling and they’re going to fail,
and you have to be okay with that and you have to let go of so much control its reminds me so much of chores with your children like
I give my children chores so they can learn I don’t give my children chores so the job could be done properly or because it’s easier because it is so much more work
for me to have that do it them for me to just do it myself and do it right so true and that’s exactly how it is when you’re a leader in young women’s it is,
so much more work,
for you to teach the girls how to do it themselves then to just do it for them exactly exactly well I’m going to read just really quickly we had an email that came out this week from our secretary in young women’s about what my ward had decided to do.

[21:25] And,
I was really kind of impressed so this is what it you know they talked about that you know we when we say the girls are going to do everything from you know
teaching lessons and planning activities we really mean that and they say we understand that our youth have many activities and responsibilities on their plate already but the hope is that by letting them take the lead
and even fail at times that it will better prepare them for leadership roles in and out of the church which I really liked that they had the mindset of
these girls are going to fail sometimes and that’s okay because we’re going to go learn from our failures right so they were asking the parents for support in this which I think is awesome.
Because the parents do need to be supportive because you can’t just leave it all on the girl you know I as a parent,
if I know my daughter’s teaching a lesson you don’t need to follow up with her and say hey you know what help for me to you need have you thought about this.

[22:24] Um but then my ward decided to break down the responsibilities for the for the class president the first counselor second counselor and the.
So they got into some really detailed stuff so this is what they’re going to do in my ward okay class president will be in charge of organizing the lessons for Sunday.
And the weekly activities she will need to delegate to other members of her presidency and other youth as the need arises,
she will need to schedule and Lead planning meetings with her presidency.
Mmm first counselor will oversee the lessons that are being taught to check in and remind class members when it’s their turn to teach.
She will keep the young women leaders informed on who is teaching she will also be called to serve on the ward missionary.

[23:10] I think that kind of mimic some of the responsibilities of the relief site over skill say that this sounds like they’re really Society break down exactly one in charge of lessons one in charge of activities exactly,
because the second counselor will oversee that Mutual is set up and organized she will stay in contact with other youth who will be assigned to help or who who are in charge of the activity.
She will check in with young women leaders and keep them informed of activities and ask for help she will also be called to serve on the family history committee.

[23:40] And then of course you know they have the secretary said that Weekly reminders and stuff so I thought it was very interesting that they had chosen to outline these responsibilities so that the girls in the parents clearly know
yeah this is the responsibility this is what’s expected and to Mere what the Relief Society did I think that’s really smart.
You know here’s my only concern about this I don’t know how frequently they change class presidencies in your lord
they try to change class presidencies about every six months in my ward so you figure especially with church every other week,
you know you are 4 to 6 weeks into a new presidency before they’re kind of even like
yeah the deer in the headlights has gone away right and then you know you get them trained and maybe you got a couple of months of a really effective presidency and then they’re out and my concern was you know
my priesthood calling of being the ward family and Temple history leader
still have that goal I still have my priesthood calling oh my goodness I know and so what let’s just have to do a monthly update every month does Tiffany still have her priest of Kali yeah
so one of the things one of my priesthood responsibilities is to hold meetings and coordinate.

[24:56] The various members of the different organizations as well as the youth
well I’m going to give them their one or two times and then they’re going to be out right and the problem is with the temple and family history this isn’t something you could just kind of slide in
pick it up and then you know walk away it’s complex you know I mean the indexing part is easy,
learning how to search for names and baptism ready Etc it’s complex so.

[25:24] Again I kind of wonder how that’s going to work but kudos to my warning for like setting some standard yeah.
Sounds like they’ve got a good plan so anyway it was fun to see your comments on the survey so thanks for those who took it and it’ll be interesting to see as the year goes on exactly how it works out.
All right so we talked about some news yes alright first up.
Now the church is emphasis is famous for what we like to call the Friday news drop which means at 10 o’clock Mountain Standard Time,
the church goes hits the send button and press releases go out announcing changes and they did one this last Friday on January 17.
And the changes were adjustments to the temple ceremonial clothing and there is a letter that is signed by the first presidency.
And enclosed with the letter is a frequently asked questions with regards to how the temple ceremonial clothing will.
The purpose for this is to make it more simple comfortable and accessible what are the changes that are being made it says.
Um adjustments include a simpler design for the veil and robe removing the plastic insert from the cap.
The and the tie from the cap and the veil and using more durable fabric for the robe cap and sash so they last longer and are easier to care for.

[26:49] Now I kind of thought this was interesting first of all none of the men like the little plastic inside of the cat I’m sure they’re happy about that I’ve always thought the tie.

[26:58] Kind of funny looking glad to see that go I hate
the tire Underneath the Veil so I’m totally fine with that go really curious what the new Veil will look like we haven’t seen pictures right we have not seen we have not seen any I’m hoping it will be easier to get on yeah because my veil never stays on no mine either and that it’s the tie that’s the issue yes it is the Tie that’s the issue as to why it never stays on
I also love the idea about them being easier to care for yes they are a noxious to wash
mine don’t get washed very often it’s it’s it’s it’s true not that they get that dirty I know and that’s why I thought it was an interesting using more durable fabric I’m thinking to myself well I’ve had mine for 20 years and,
did nothing is showing any signs of weird that are minor in good shape there just,
hard to watch again even so wrinkly maybe the fact that they don’t show signs of wear and tear as a commentary on my template and maybe
anyway or Step It Up the new clothing will be available March 31st 2020
you nobody is required to purchase the new clothing you can wear your old clothing you can.

[28:18] Dry the new clothing what’s really interesting in the frequently asked questions is how to dispose of it
and they say destroy it by cutting it up so that the original use cannot be recognized they say it should never be donated to a temple charity or thrift store
which I mean I can understand the charity or thrift store I was just surprised that you can’t donate it to the temple but apparently yeah I donated to the temple that is interesting so I predict there will be a run on new Temple clothing,
come March that’s going to sell out in the United States so true just like the stretch cotton garments dead.
All right okay next oh speaking of temples we have a little update on Temple Square.
That the church just released in the past day or two they released a bunch of pictures of the teardown.

[29:08] If you haven’t seen the pictures click on the link that will be that Jeff will put up with this podcast yeah the pictures are amazing it’s really interesting so we know that we all know the temple closed in December it’s going to be closed for four years they’re doing total revamp with.
Jeff has talked about this before making it updated an earthquake safe so the.
The pictures they release this week was them removing all of the statues
hats they boxed up and put on a flatbed box up put it on makes them eye and they’re taking him to storage they said each of them weighed 18,000 Pounds
wow I’m also interesting in these pictures they released was there were tearing down the visitor center.
On the city Creekside yeah of the smaller Visitor Center small rent so they show actual bulldozers just ripping it apart which was.
So weird seeing no and like you could see a bulldozer like it’s got its front little bucket thing like going for the glass windows just like,
grandma is fine with that be too like oh I get to destroy glass just for fun and get paid for it I know it’s super interesting so anyway.
That’s that they also were some pretty interesting pictures of the inside of the Salt Lake Temple empty rooms and then there were some rooms where just furniture all wrapped up.

[30:30] Boxed up covered ready to be taken out.
It was super interesting I’m not I’ve only been in that Temple once so I wasn’t familiar enough to remember.
What it looks like with all the furniture but it was very interesting to see it empty.
Well and I have to say this is one of the questions I had when they announced that the temple would be closed for four years is we know the first presidency and the Quorum of the twelve
frequently go to the temple and hold meetings together in the temple and receive inspiration in the temple.

[31:01] Where do they go for four years ago to Bountiful so that’s our just walk around the mountain is Bountiful setup is Bountiful have a room for him how they work this I don’t know they get a private session.

[31:13] Thinking whatever they want.
Well I’m sure they get whatever they want but you know but that is a drive do they like get a shuttle to shuttle in there I’m not worried about the drive I am just thinking about how temples are set up and the Salt Lake Temple is set up for them to be able to have a room to do this.
I can’t see any other Temple that I’m aware of that it would be you know that’s other than like a Pioneer era Temple none of the newer temples down there.
Who’s going to have a room and go hang out in.
They will have to receive inspiration in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building or perhaps there’s a room somewhere that we just all don’t know about because they were planning this for a while and during one of their reconstructions they were like yeah,
give us a room there we need we’re going we’re going to need a backup plan that’s what happened they have a Secret Safe special room I bet they have a secret room okay all right so they also said I thought this was interesting
although Temple Square is closed they said they’re going to have new guest experiences in the conference center
whatever that means and it did say that eventually there will be
in the future exhibits available in the conference center including artifacts from the temple oh I wonder what that is that is very intriguing Brigham era artifacts or like 1970s.

[32:29] Temple artifacts
I’m going to fall into the category of I think it would be Brigham era artifacts because really who knew who wants to see the 70s,
so you can remember it it’s not an artifact yes I’m very curious about what these artifacts on display will be okay we’ll have to.

[32:50] Figure that out when it comes.

[32:52] Alright our next story is an error in the printed LDS church manual could revive racial criticisms now this this is kind of this is kind of mind-blowing that this
happens it is so as we all know we are studying The Book of Mormon this year and we have the come follow me manual
and you can either use the come follow me manual in one of two ways there is a hard copy that
many awards have passed out to their members and then of course there is a digital copy.

[33:24] Well in the hard copy they made a printing error and that printing error in the hardcopy basically said that
yeah those lamanites with their dark skin that’s because they were cursed they put an old quote in there they did Joseph Smith Fielding Smith that we don’t as a church
use anymore yes but it made it into the manual and it was a quote about the skin color and the curse.
Of the lamanites and the curse being yes in color.
And it made it into the printed version yes and by the time it came to the church’s attention they’d already printed the manuals up and so they tweaked it
for the online version and the online version says that
basically it says profits of firm in our day that dark skin is not a sign of divine disfavor or cursing and they go through and and I say Lera fi that right they clarify the actual curse on the lamanites was being cut off of,
from gas was had nothing to do with the skin.

[34:31] But this made it in the manual and and it has caused some nobody knows how this got passed although I’m sure this is proof read a thousand times.

[34:41] And so you just wonder when it’s proof read.
You know is it being preferred by somebody of a generation who would read that and it wouldn’t Dawn on them because they grew up with that.
That that was racially offensive and we no longer have that is Dan so familiar so familiar haven’t read the essays yeah I don’t know I don’t know but it’s really interesting because they quote a couple of different people and
somebody that they quote as a Jerry Harwell who was an associate professor at the Salt Lake Community College and she says.
The money that would have been lost on this is nothing compared to 1 days interest
on the hundred billion dollars in the churches Reserve I think it’s kind of interesting now whenever the turnpike’s a misstep that hundred billion that the Washington Post claims they have kind of just gets thrown around us
they’ve got billions and billions of dollars what’s the problem here they should retract all those manuals and print new ones yeah that’s gonna.

[35:37] That’s good by doesn’t but anyway so but you know what I mean again it’s probably an interesting discussion to to bring up and reinforce that.
That is the church has enlightened stance because you know as you as you know better you do better right is that dark skin is not a curse and someone.
Another expert that they.
Quoted in the article had said you know at least they changed they changed them very very quickly all mine Unfortunately they didn’t change it in the print but he was like heartened that they yes changed it online very quickly.

[36:17] Um but yeah a lot of people were pretty upset about it yep so.

[36:23] Alrighty Mama it’s a bummer so yes as you’re going through that lesson in your come follow me.
Don’t refer to the hardcopy go we have to go to the digital version of this yes.
Alright alright next story we have this one was just super interesting to me it’s a.

[36:45] Hi don’t know where do we find this one Deseret News or Salt Lake trips LDS living oh maybe it was LDS living this one this was about a human trafficking incident.
Involving a member of the church who lives who is currently living in Utah just a super interesting story so this woman her name is Belle barbu.

[37:08] Barber yeah Belmar boo that’s how you pass she was born in Romania and was adopted brand new newborn.
And raised by a family in Wisconsin.

[37:21] Her tie to the church is that when she was a teenager she joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and then she went on to serve a mission in Oregon
sounds like she’s still an active member of the church the problem was and she always knew that she was adopted and that she came from Romania.
Well she started doing the DNA thing as she became older to find her,
family her biological family DNA we always love those DNA fine we do like a DNA story so when once she found her family she discovered a very dark history in her adoption.
So when she was born in Romania the doctors falsely informed her parents that she had a heart condition and told her parents that they needed to leave her at the hospital for a few days and come back and get her a few days later.
So they did this they were you know poor Farmers she said they didn’t know I mean obviously they were going to do what the doctor said.

[38:18] No alarms went off they came back a few days later and the doctors told her that their baby had died I can’t even imagined so sorry well they found out from somebody else at the hospital.
They found out later they think it was maybe a nurse that worked at the hospital the truth and that the truth was that the doctors had collaborated with an orphanage to sell the baby.
So they knew this like it wasn’t years and years before they found this out they found this out after the baby was already gone yeah the baby was already gone they found this out.
This the doctors had sold the baby to an orphanage to later be adopted.
To the United States wow family in the United States so of course they were devastated it says in the Articles they prayed for years and years that they would be able to find her.
Um so she found this out and of course was heartbroken I guess she is currently estranged from her adopted family okay in the United States didn’t say why I don’t think that it didn’t have anything to do with this I don’t think that they knew yeah.
So anyway she got involved with operation Underground Railroad which.
Is he big organization in Utah started by Tim Ballard and they help with human trafficking they try to help save save people from Human Trafficking and it says that they have.

[39:41] Last October they hit the 3000 Mark wow saved their 3000 person.

[39:49] From Human Trafficking anyway so she notified Underground Railroad that this had happened they took on her case she wanted to go meet her biological family they live in Italy now.
So she went to go meet the biological family Underground Railroad helped pay for.
Her she had a sister who was in Germany okay who couldn’t afford to come anyway they helped fund this reuniting with her family.
Which I thought was really cool I didn’t think about them you know you think about them putting money to save
people from trafficking but apparently they also donate money to help reunite so I thought that was really cool so she got to go and meet her family they don’t speak English so there was a translator I was going to say yeah but there were many tears and
hopefully they can start to build a relationship just the saddest story is the saddest story it’s it’s.
Makes me sick that there’s High downs and you know what a good organization this.
Operation Underground Railroad I think is gone viral it’s yeah pretty big about what they’re doing and they’ve gotten a lot of support,
lot of donations so hopefully they keep doing their good work okay.

[41:05] Alright our next story is McKenna Dennison if her name sounds familiar we have talked about her before she is the individual who is suing the church.
Over an incident that happened in the 80s she was a missionary in the MTC during the 1980s and
this gentleman by the name with the last name of Bishop ironically enough who was her priesthood leader at the MTC.

[41:34] Touched her inappropriately there we talked about this story when did this come out was it last week yeah it was it was it was last year when it came out that maybe around this time and so and
and he she says he raped her he denies raping her does admit that he touched her and so she is suing the church essentially for covering up this
covering up his bad behavior and so her first set of her last set of Attorneys at least
ended up saying withdrawing from the case saying we’re not going to represent you anymore right and I don’t know why we don’t know why there’s been no information as to why
so she’s currently representing herself and her lawsuits been in limbo because her lawyers actually quit last May and so if she shows up in court in front of the judge and she’s asking the judge all sorts of things like,
you know if I dismiss this can I refile if I found find X Y and Z and the judge which he has to do he has to say look
I am not a lawyer I cannot advise you I cannot answer these questions for you so he gave her either two weeks.
Either file a motion to dismiss the case expressed interest in mediation or decide to go forward with trial so.

[42:54] She’s going to be have to be making a choice here pretty soon that was just recently that was just recently and she’s had kind of a series of.

[43:05] Bizarre behavior and I’m not saying that that justifies what the gentleman.
Brother Bishop did to her while she was in the MTC but as a lawyer it makes a difficult client it makes for a difficult case if your client is losing credibility by engaging in things that are.

[43:27] Don’t look good for your client I think she had she’d made some other false fraud claims and some things like that so your speculation is maybe they dropped it because they felt like they couldn’t win with.
Yeah or or here’s here’s probably what it was
they were probably advising her this is what you need to do and she was refusing to listen to their advice because as a lawyer you can fire your client if you’re giving your client advice and your client is refusing
to listen or take the advice that you feel is in their best interest but you know I have a hard time she must.
I’m thinking that the case is not very strong because if the case were strong another lawyer would pick it up just like that because they’re seeing,
they’re seeing that hundred billion that the Washington Post says the church has writing to Ching.
So I think there are probably multiple problems with her case and being able to prove the elements of her case.
Which is why no other lawyers willing to step up so she did say she’s interested in going to mediation.
The problem is if the church has her over a barrel there’s not a whole lot to mediate and right she’s gonna need an attorney and she’s going to need an attorney because she’s in federal court and.

[44:41] I want to do everything in my power to stay out of federal court they have no sense of humor in federal court whatsoever never go to federal court so now in that it does not end well all right.

[44:53] Noted noted okay next story this was just a funny one I don’t know how many people saw this I saw this floating around.
Facebook and I think I see even it was even on the Today Show last week this guy who is LDS got trapped inside a 24 Hour Fitness.

[45:13] In Sandy Utah and I think it went viral because
so he’s at this 24-hour fast well supposedly 24-Hour Fitness Pleasant Hill 24-hour the name was very misleading swimming at 2:30 a.m. on a Sunday.
Nobody knows why the world anyone would be swimming at 2:30 a.m. on a Sunday that sounds horrible to me.
But he was doing it New Year’s goals right New Year’s goals got all my swimming they locked it up because apparently.
They are only open 20 hours a day on weekends because it’s lower on weekends but he did not know this.
So they locked it up he got locked inside while he was in the pool he gets out of the pool changes and cannot get out of the building so then he starts posting.
Like Facebook photos and that’s where it went viral because he’s posting like these funny.
Photos of him with funny faces in the gym saying I thought my 24 Hour Fitness was 24 Hour Fitness apparently it’s a 20 Hour Fitness.
On Saturday night yes so it went viral and then.
He had to call the police to come and open the door Sandy please came helped him get out was funny he said that after he called the police he called his wife and she was like well find a place to sleep.
Have a good night anyway but they’re also funny thing was I guess his sons Mission farewell was the next day.

[46:40] On Sunday and so this article this recap that we were looking at was one from LDS living so of course the headline on LDS living was.

[46:49] Latter-Day Saint trapped inside 24 Hour Fitness escapes and time for his sons missionary farewell.

[46:56] Well and I’m thinking to myself okay.
I’m glad I’m not the Saturday night 24 Hour Fitness employee because I’m guessing there’s a protocol to make sure your gym is empty and one of those protocols might be checking the swimming pool I mean it’s not like,
dude was hiding out corner you know trying not to be detected he’s swimming laps in your pool and you don’t see that yeah.
Study could be a potential unemployment claim anyway so that was funny and then also if you want a good laugh.
There is Salt Lake Tribune did an article on there is a website very similar to The Onion.
Which posts like fake.

[47:44] Funny onion is very satirical for those of you who don’t know it news you hear an onion headline it sounds real but its not really route,
so there is a knock off of the onion website now dedicated to all things Provo and BYU and it was created by BYU students.
A couple of years ago is created by a guy named Steven Fortuna.
Started it a few years ago it’s this website all set up to look just like you know newspaper website and okay
bunny helymus the name of the website because the name of the website right honey the name of the website is a spoof on BYU’s newspaper if you attended BYU you are familiar with
the daily Universe yes so the name of the website is the alternate universe
because not only is it a spin on The Daily universe but is a nod to the weirdness that is Provo it is an alternative
Universe it really is and so go read some of their articles they were hilarious there was one on there that talked about how BYU is is buying the corner Starbucks to Stave off caffeine from
infiltrating campus it was funny so go there if you want a good laugh and some good.

[49:02] Wholesome fake news that will not harm anyone very true all right and then to wrap it up this week and we don’t have a link to this but I just happened to see it online,
for many of you you probably know that the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions was going on.

[49:21] With none other than Ken Jennings who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and just a little bit of trivia,
he served a mission with our brother.
Did you know he did he did he did not know that yes he was in the same Mission with Jaron you have to ask him about it sometime in Spain they were never companions they were just in the same Mission together,
we should get Jaron on here some time to share his insights as to what he thought of Ken because he shared them with me but,
I could not do I could not do it justice it needs you need to hear it straight from his well I cannot believe I didn’t know there’s something I have to
anyway so at Tournament of Champions and the winner is drum roll.
Ken Jennings so it is now official he is the.

[50:09] Overall rate US greatest of all time Jeopardy champion so exciting I don’t know how much money he earned but I do recall.
After he initially one that he went he went on the speaking circuit and he’s made a ton of money on the speaking circuit oh yeah I’m sure he’s Rich well and I saw an article somewhere they were talking about the three winners and what they did with their,
with their money and I guess Ken Jennings and his wife own four different properties in Utah so.
He’s apparently taken his earnings and invested them in real estate so now he has more earnings to invest in real estate and can probably command a higher speaking fee.
For him,
all right now is our section Mormons behaving badly and really we don’t have anything in the last week we’re Mormons have behaved
badly but we got do have kind of a,
update to one of the stories that we’ve talked about in the past about Mormons behaving badly you may recall there was an Arizona official who was also a lawyer.

[51:11] His name was Paul D Peterson and he was trafficking women to come to America to have babies right I remembered and
he is an elected official down in Arizona I believe he was some sort of an assessor well.
He decided he needed to resign his job in lieu of you know all of the all of the charges he was currently hey sadden already like you.
No designer been kicked out no I mean that was like a like many months ago it wasn’t it was but here’s the problem once you’re an elected official.
You’re elected you know I mean only the people can really kick you out and so I guess you have to resign on your own yeah you have to you have to resign on your own okay and Peach and Assessor,
well I suppose you probably could have Peach an assessor but for whatever reason this innocence of Arizona did not take any action,
to actively remove him from office and so he did recently resigned us to felt the pressure of and so he can you know focus more time and attention on his legal defenses to his.
To his alleged trafficking in humans for adoption purposes yikes okay.

[52:27] All right David thanks favorite things I will go first so my favorite thing I’m going to share this month.
Is related to the Royals
oh good so it’s mine oh that’s might be very polarising because that’s so funny that we’re both know I had no idea we never share our favorite things in advance we’re always just kind of surprised I think the Royals are very polarizing you either,
do not understand it and want nothing to do with it or you’re super interesting yes I fall in the super interesting I so fall is a super interesting nautical recessive I don’t consider myself obsessive but I’m just.

[53:04] Kind of fascinated and I think why I’m fascinated is because.

[53:09] It’s like this old ancient thing that still happening and I can tell you this if I lived in the UK and my tax money was going to it I’d be hecka mad but I don’t I live here so I can watch on the outside and be like this is interesting.

[53:23] So I mean not that we don’t have.
We obviously have our share of yeah frivolous things our tax money goes yeah but I’m just interested in it so I have two sources that are great for getting information okay on the Royals how should you choose to follow
one is a podcast called pod Save the Queen,
yes I have listened to pod Save the Queen they it’s it is that is that the one BBC does or is that the other one BB Sita,
I can’t remember if that’s the bbc1 I think it’s a BBC One.

[53:58] I can’t remember any way but they’re UT of it is they speak in English accent they’re legit there there from there from the UK yeah so from the motherland and we can say that England is our motherland because I did the DNA,
and we pretty much know you and I share the same DNA because we share a brain well maybe that’s why we’re fascinated I think that’s why we’re fascinated because like,
my biggest percentage of DNA was Great Britain it was something like I don’t know 45 46 percent so,
now it all makes sense okay so don’t make sense so pod Save the Queen if you want a really good podcast to get the information from.
And the other one is an Instagram account that I love my friend Stephanie told me about it her name is ehomes if you look up on Instagram e.
Holmes her real name is Elizabeth Holmes she is not the Elizabeth Holmes who got in trouble for their nose company yes please don’t convince them to she is ehomes she’s an American she is a journalist.
And just has the past few years like super super specialized in.

[55:02] Focusing on the Royals and she is fun because she loves the fashion so she gives a lot of information background on the fashion and commentary and commentary and then she just
she’s knows a lot so she gives a lot of extra fun information if you would like to follow her account
excellent what do you have well as you as I said I too am obsessed with the Royals both both current Royals and past Royals so many of you have probably watched the
Netflix series The Crown yes it just they just released season 3 in November they’ve had season one and season two and then season 3 kind of start.
In the early 60s and goes through about the mid-70s so to speak and,
I have been obsessed with the Netflix series it’s so good I haven’t like to season 3 as much as I like to season one and season two but I still like to season 3,
well I discovered in season 3 Netflix decided they’ve come out with a little podcast to recap each episode of the crown.
And so Netflix has a podcast called the crown the official podcast and so I have downloaded it.

[56:15] They have an episode a podcast episode for every episode they aired.
Plus a bonus episodes starting with season 1 no just with seasoned fries and three just with season three.
And so just with season 3 but it’s really interesting because they talk.

[56:32] Actors the directors the Riders and so they’re talking about how they’re putting things together for that episode but then they’re also going into a little more.

[56:41] History behind that episode and so if you are a big fan of the crown and you are a big fan of podcasts this is a great listen,
each episode is about 35 to 40 minutes so it’s not a huge commitment okay and just fun to listen to oh how fun yeah okay that’s so funny we both pigs.

[57:00] Pyrite and too bad we’re running out of time we could delve into Harry and Megan but we will not I’m sure Jeff would just love it if we did that oh yeah about as much as he’s gonna love when we start delving into Real Housewives Salt Lake City.
Yes all right well I think that wraps it up for us tonight,
twin Nation thank you so much for listening to us and as always you can find this week in Mormons on Facebook on Instagram on Twitter and if you have any questions you can email it
this week in Mormons.com and finally if you really really like us.
Pledge dollar a month just one Diet Coke a day to patreon to help us keep the lights on or write a review oh yes you could always read an apple podcast review We love that as well so
thank you very much and good night see you next time.

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