EP 464 – All the NCMO in the World

Let's dissect the changes in the new Handbook. BYU decriminalizes homosexual displays. Utah decriminalizes polygamy. And LDS Business College is no more!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s weeks go, this was a busy one! Much transpired in Latter-day Saint news, and famed videographer and dancer Ashton Bingham is back with us for the first time in over a year.

Arguably the biggest news is the Church’s new General Handbook, which came out last week. We get into the many changes in the Handbook, especially those related to the transgender community. But there are subtle changes, too, such as no longer encouraging white shirts to perform priesthood ordinances. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any new content on hypnotism or vasectomies.

Around the same time as the new handbook dropped, BYU quietly updated its Honor Code to sort of decriminalize homosexual acts. For some years now, being gay in and of itself has not been an Honor Code violation at the Lord’s University, but demonstrating homosexual behavior was. Now, that reference has been deleted, and the university appears to be standing by it.

Keeping with BYU, a young man was arrested for sneaking around the underground tunnels connecting the campus and stealing food from the culinary center. Befriending a Latter-day Saint student is reportedly good for your health. Also, Provo apparently has the BEST dating scene in all of the United States.

But not all dating is good. A new study, as outlined by the Deseret News, discusses how religiously focused dating apps also produce their share of stalkers and abusers.

Mere months after severing ties with the Church, Boy Scouts of America has declared bankruptcy in an effort to basically get through a bevy of abuse lawsuits that have sunk the organization. The problem, of course, is that bankruptcy could prevent many voices from being heard.

We know that the Church is changing its meetinghouse wifi networks, but let’s have some fun with some (joke) proposed names for the network other than “Liahona.”

The Gospel Living app, sort of a mess from the get go, is getting updates! Yay!

LDS Business College is no more! It’s not all about business, and it’s certainly not about LDS. So what is it now? Ensign College! Good thing Utah has no navy to speak of, or this would get confusing quickly.

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