Latter-day Music: Come Unto Jesus w/ Madilyn Page and the Nashville Tribute Band

A new pair of videos released two days apart from Nashville Tribute Band and Madilyn Paige, bring their best versions of the message, "Come unto Jesus."

There have a been a couple of times in which I’ve noticed that when one artist releases a cover of a song, another artist or group will release their own cover within a short time frame.  Such was the case with Elenyi’s cover of I Believe in Christ/You Raise Me Up  on July 31st 2018 and Vocal Point’s cover of You Raise Me Up on August 14th 2018.  There’s also Elenyi’s cover of How Great Thou Art on November 3rd, 2019 and the BYU Men’s Chorus’ cover of How Great Thou Art on November 8th 2019. Maybe it’s much better SEO to have multiple people release  around the same time for search purposes. It could just be pure marketing genius. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. Either way, as a guy who loves music, I’m not complaining.

Such is the case with a new pair of videos released two just days apart. The first, Nashville Tribute Band’s cover of Come unto Jesus. The second comes unto us from the Church’s official YouTube Channel. The video features singer Madilyn Paige with a changed up version of Come unto Jesus.

Both of these songs, though similar in message, are vastly different in style and tempo. The videos however embrace something very familiar to the human experience. Trials. They both go on to show that we should be there for each other. We should be reaching out and supporting each other just like Jesus would. Some might even call that ministering. Imagine that.

Madilyn Paige

Madilyn Paige brings us a new version of “Come Unto Jesus.” This video speaks to being one as a human family despite what differences we may have. In particular, how we can and should push our issues aside to help each other in times of need. If you’re not familiar with Madilyn, she has been around the Latter-day Saint musical circles for quite some time. She has pared up at times with other content creators like: Wayne Burton on One Sweet Day, David Archuleta on Anymore, Gentri on Say Something/Angel , even the guys from Bored Shorts TV. Madilyn was also featured on Season 6 of the Voice, finishing in the top 20.

Nashville Tribute Band

Nashville Tribute band is founded by acclaimed singer/songwriter Jason Deere and Dan Truman (of Diamond Rio). Other members of the group include Brad Hull and Tim Gates of Due West, and Ben and Chad Truman of the Truman Brothers. Their first album, Joseph: A Nashville Tribute won numerous Pearl awards. Originally with Deere’s company Deere Records, the group’s most recent albums have been produced by Shadow Mountain Records, an imprint of Deseret Book.

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