First Presidency Suspends All Church Activity Globally

The exterior of the Church Administration Building in Salt Lake City Monday, Sept. 18, 2017.
The big one is here. No more meetings of any kind thanks to coronavirus.

Well there it is. As a capper to a whirlwind few days that have seen BYU effectively shut down, missionary training centers shut down, and General Conference close to the public, the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced the suspension of all Church activities, including “sacrament meetings, stake conferences, leadership conferences, and stake and branch or ward activities” due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is into perpetuity until we are notified otherwise.

A statement from the First Presidency says,

“We have considered the counsel of local Church leaders, government officials and medical professionals, and sought the Lord’s guidance in these matters. …

“Where possible, please conduct any essential leadership meetings via technology. Specific questions may be referred to local priesthood leaders. Further direction related to other matters will be provided.”

The Church also advises bishops and branch presidents to consult with stake leaders about how to make the sacrament available to members at least once a month, so we’re gonna be riding this out for some time.

This is a great time to get excellent with your ministering. Know your families. Care for them. Bring them the sacrament if you are in a place to do so.

“We bear our witness of the Lord’s love during this time of uncertainty. He will bless you to find joy as you do your best to live the gospel of Jesus Christ in every circumstance” stated the First Presidency at the close of the letter.

Well folks, we’ll see you on the internet, now the only place where any of us will talk to each other in any way.

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