Quarantine Entertainment Round-Up: Latter-day Saint Edition

Finish the Sketch
Some of our favorite Latter-day Saint YouTubers have continued to work hard to release content during their quarantine, bringing us some joy.


Quarantine. Probably a runner up for word of the year in 2020, and one that brings a gamut of emotions to everyone. Quarantine and self-isolation bogging you down? Fear not, intrepid TWIM readers, I’m here to help! Well me to a lesser extent, it’s mostly these other guys and gals that I’m writing about who will help. Some of our favorite Latter-day Saint Youtubers have continued to release content during their quarantine. Hopefully these will bring a smile to your face, and maybe even a little chuckle.  Try not to laugh. Without further adieu, I give you the Quarantine Round-Up: Latter-day Saint Edition.

JK Studios

Probably some of the funnier pieces that our friends over at JK Studios have produced lately are their “Finish the Sketch” videos. The premise is that one person films their part, then the other films theirs separately, When finished the two are pieced together for your viewing pleasure. The most recent version was Stacey vs. Matt, but a previous one with Matt vs. James, was also pretty funny. That is if you appreciate James’ physical humor.

Mormon Guitar

Over at Mormon Guitar, Ben Howington has been getting some Quarantine Hymn Requests. So far Ben has put out: A Child’s Prayer, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, If You Could Hie to Kolob and I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus. If you haven’t checked out Mormon Guitar before, you should. Ben makes some pretty cool guitar arrangements and then posts the tutorials on his website. And it’s all FREE!

David Archuleta

One of our favorite American Idols, David Archuleta is at it again, this time with his song “Just Breathe” Rather than me try to sum up the song and video, I’ll let David do the talking:

“I felt compelled to put together a visual for “Just Breathe,” despite being on lock down with the rest of the world. I filmed my parts responsibly while in quarantine and we were able to edit together a simple, but moving piece with the help of some footage from friends around the world. I hope you enjoy it, as we all get through these hard times I also hope it can help you to “just breathe” and feel some peace of mind!”

Yahosh Bonner

With his cover of JP Saxe and Julia Michaels’ “If the World Was Ending”, Yahosh brings us this ear pleasing tune. If you’re not familiar with Yahosh, you’ve probably at least heard his or his family’s music. Yahosh’s mother is well known in the music industry and is the founder of the Debra Bonner Unity Gospel Choir. Along with his 7 siblings, Yahosh has been making music since his childhood. And we are glad he is. Yahosh has worked with James Curran (formerly Jamesthemormon/JTM), Working with Lemons, and Gentri, among many others. That being said, his solo works stands alone. He is an amazing singer.

Lindsey Stirling

Our favorite dancing violinist is back with her video for her song “Sleepwalking”. Sleepwalking is the eighth track on Lindsey’s fifth studio album Artemis. She surely has come a long way from Piers Morgan saying “she wasn’t good enough”. Just for Piers’ information, Lindsey has over 12 million subscribers on YouTube, was named in Forbes 30 under 30 in Music of 2015, and she won a Billboard in 2015 for Shatter Me. So she’s probably doing something right. I’m just saying.

Ryan Innes

Ryan’s smooth voice may be new to you, but it isn’t new to the Latter-day Saint musical community. Ryan previously sang with BYU Vocal Point and has been featured in their 25th Anniversary Mashup and it their 2016 Christmas Under the Stars special. Ryan is seen below singing “Trouble” at Social Antidote Live, a collection of live performances to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own living room.


Showing us the beauty that is Mother Nature, Devin Graham, aka Devinsupertramp, takes us on a whirlwind journey around the globe. This video, which was released on Earth Day, is intended to the compilation of Graham’s best planet Earth nature videos. Devin is known for his amazing cinematography and really fun parkour videos.

While this is only a sampling of what Latter-day Saint Youtubers have been up to lately, it might be just what we could use to push away some of those quarantine blues we may be feeling.

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