Latter-day Saint YouTuber Makes Obstacle Course for Bird Feeder-Robbing Squirrels

Okay, I know what you are thinking. Why do I need to know about squirrel proof bird feeders? Mark Rober, answers just that question.

Okay, I know what you are thinking. Why do I need to know about squirrel proof bird feeders? Mark Rober, who famously brought us the porch pirate glitter bomb and the rocket powered golf club answers just that question. If you don’t know Mark by now, you should. His videos are not just entertaining, but educational as well. This former NASA scientist brings the fun to learning in a new way through his YouTube channel. During the quarantine my kids and I really enjoyed his weekly science lessons. His lessons ranged from “How astronauts weigh themselves?”, to “What if all the toilets flushed at once?”

But enough of that, back to the squirrels!

After spending some quality quarantine time at home, Mark had a idea. Why not buy a bird feeder do some bird watching? What he didn’t intend was the squirrel activity said bird feeder would bring. Enter that genius NASA mind to put a stop to it. And what he came up with is really quite ingenious.

The Results

The video is twenty minutes long, so if you are not keen on watching the entire thing, I’ll give you the run down. Essentially Mark  built an epic mixture of Wipe out and Ninja Warrior leading to the ultimate walnut prize. If the squirrels wanted the walnuts bad enough, they would run the course. And run they did, in record time. I love the fact that he even gave the squirrels names. And for all you animal lovers out there, no squirrels were harmed in the filming of his experiment. In fact, Mark finished up the video with a great lesson on why squirrels are so agile and they always land on their feet.

I definitely have a new appreciation for these little critters and their tenacity in getting what they want. There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere.

I only have one question for Mark.

Where can I get a Phantastic Gus T-shirt?

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