EP 484 – Lilburn Boggs for Apostle

Some satire on Lilburn Boggs makes a good point about monuments, Tad Callister doesn't read the room, Josie has a new podcast. And Wear. The. Mask.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat a week! Geoff watches Hamilton! Josie starts a new podcast! Saints in New Zealand go on an indexing barrage! Let’s get into it! Exclamation points!

First of all, give Josie and her husband, Jeremy, some love for their new podcast, Careering, in which they interview people about what their jobs actually re. Not what the job description says. Not what the industry says. What is real. Stream it below!

Authorities at Dixie State University have announced they are considering changing the university’s name. This initial announcement comes a few weeks after we discussed an op-ed that encouraged this very action.

Author W. Paul Reeve also has an insightful new article up trying to make sense of the Church’s history on race. If the priesthood ban was divine, why haven’t we seen the revelation around it? Why don’t we tell more stories about our black members, who have been here since the very beginning, as Russell Stevenson suggested on our show last week?

EP 483 – Racism in the Church: A Conversation with Historian Russell Stevenson

In some of our favorite satire, The Daily Frick alleges that a statue of Lilburn Boggs, the infamous governor of Missouri responsible for the extermination order against Latter-day Saints, will be erected on Temple Square!

Do you like temples? Do you like temples in Orem even more? The Church has released a rendering of the upcoming temple in Utah County’s second-greatest city (after Woodland Hills, obvi) along with a groundbreaking date.

Groundbreaking Announced, Rendering Released for Orem Utah Temple

The Church has also announced the reopening of a few more temples. We’re still in Phase One™ here, folks, but now the saints in Los Angeles can get sealed, so yay.

Hey, it was the 4th of July in the United States, and despite racial unrest all around, emeritus Church leader Tad Callister thought this a good time to remind us that it was totally okay and necessary for the Founding Fathers to own slaves and deny women the right to vote.

Meridian Magazine is not happy with Jana Riess’s piece from a few weeks ago alleging that focusing so much on “de-Mormoning” everything is tantamount to idol worship. The op-ed is fine and has some good points, but it also paints an untrue picture about some aspects of Church history, notably that the term “Mormon” has always been used as a pejorative.

In quick news: Utah religious leaders encourage the wearing of masks in response to COVID while Utah’s politicians enforce nothing, there’s a podcast about Saints, the book series on Church history, a former BYU professor has been charged with sexual assault with his interns, New Zealand saints index and index hard, and the Exponent comes after Elder Bednar on religious freedom.

And Geoff rants hard about masks. Hard.

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