Washington County Utah Temple Gets New Name

Washington County Utah Temple
We poked fun at this temple name for a long time, and the new name is pretty cool!

Longtime readers will know that we’ve made plenty of hay out of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ decision to name the second temple in the St. George, Utah metropolitan area the Washington County Utah Temple, as if there is no more appropriate identifier for the temple than the county in which it—and the St. George Utah Temple—resides.

It appears the Temple Department has partaken of our pithy insights, as the temple now has a new name! We didn’t expect this since plenty of announcements were underway for the building, including full design, location, etc. Alas, the Washington County Utah Temple is now the… dun dun dun… Red Cliffs Utah Temple.

The Church did not make an announcement about the change, merely updating the temple’s name on the official temple list. Church of Jesus Christ Temples, a privately (and some might say, better) run website devoted to coverage of Latter-day Saint temples, also noted the update on its Facebook page.

The name makes plenty of sense, as the St. George area is famous for its rolling red rock topography – even if this new temple is farther away from some of the more prominent red cliffs than the St. George Utah Temple. We’ll take it.

Along with the Feather River California Temple (originally the Yuba City California Temple), we are now in the choice position of seeing forthcoming temples renamed after natural features! Let this trend continue! The Orem Utah Temple? Rename it the Powell Slough Waterfowl Management Area Temple!  Coban Guatemala? Central Highlands Guatemala Temple. We could do this all day, even renaming existing temples. Oakland California -> San Francisco Bay California Temple. Madrid Spain -> Pavones Metro Stop Temple.

What do you think of the new temple name? What would you have proposed instead, having known the Church was considering making a change?

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