EP 498 – Merrill Jenson, Legendary Film Composer

If you've watched classic Church films, you've heard Merrill Jenson's music, and now you can hear from the man himself about his career.

Music can elevate us in ways few other media can, and when coupled with the wonder of film, music takes us to different places and can even bring the spirit into our lives.

Few people know this as well as our guest this week, Merrill Jenson. Merrill is an esteemed composer for Latter-day Saint film and television, with a career spanning decades across over 30 films. If you’ve ever watched The TestamentsLegacyJoseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, or even some of our beloved short films from Latter-day Saint Video Vault, like The Phone Call or The Mailbox, you’ve heard Merrill’s work. He’s even written music for pageants and collaborated with other Latter-day Saint musical icons such as Michael Mclean.

Join Geoff and Latter-day Saint Video Vault columnist, Jared Jones, as we interview this iconic Latter-day Saint and discuss his storied career as well as delve into some interesting life lessons, such as:

  • How do you find the line between personal revelation and revelation for the Church when working on such large projects?
  • How does an artist reconcile his or her desire to change an existing work if that work is regarded as divinely inspired?
  • How is it different working on a Church project vs something more commercial?
  • How involved (or even meddlesome) are Church leaders when working on new films?
  • What role does spiritual inspiration compared to artistic inspiration play?
  • What should aspiring Latter-day Saint music composers do to succeed?

Merrill is a delightful, funny person, and it was wonderful of him to sit down with us for the interview.

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