October 2020 General Conference Tie Tracker

A tradition continues. What sartorial choices will General Conference speakers make this time?

Welcome to Tie Tracking!

We did the math, and this is something like our 14th time doing the Tie Tracker™ for General Conference. But what is it? What does this MEAN?!

Put simply, the Tie Tracker™ is a fun and largely pointless exercise in analyzing the neckwear of male speakers and the outfits of female speakers during General Conference. We look for trends in colors and patterns, trying to use those to divine the contents of the Book of Lehi. Wait… uh, no. That’s not it.

But hey, it’s a fun way to spend the weekend while being fed the good word. Plus, we’ve come to learn that kids enjoy participating along with their parents, so look at this as a way to keep the younger set involved in what can be a lengthy and difficult weekend for them!

Typically, most speakers embrace your tried and true power ties – red or blue, patterned or striped. But every now and then, you get fabulous outliers of paisley and plaid. We have long appreciated Elder Uchtdorf and his fashion sense, and when he was in the First Presidency, he was noted for changing ties between every session, thus giving us more data!

Alas, now we see him but once.

Last time around, purple made a surprisingly strong showing. Will that happen again? Will gold surge? Will green fight harder than before? Will polka dots make a comeback? Will someone embrace the spirit of Elder Robert D. Hales and start wearing the same tie every time?

So follow along below. Our charts are updated in real time. We’ll post a synopsis after every session.




Sunday Afternoon Session

All love to Elder Stevenson for bringing in some extra purple. We only wound up with three purple ties, a dip from last conference: his and those  of Elder Soares earlier today and Brother da Rocha Camargo later in the afternoon. Those Brazilians, bringing in haute fashion!

Also big on fashion, Elder Renlund wore a nearly indescribable tie: Glistening pink with stripes comprising flowers. This was a baller move, a sartorial coup de grâce.

Elder Jaggi was also nice enough to bring us some gold. There was very little gold this conference. It’s shameful. We have golden shovels for te,ple groundbreakings, for goodness sake. More gold, folks!

Now for our overall recap. This was a major blowout by blue, and there was little red could have done, other than dominate the afternoon session, to close the gap. It didn’t, despite a last-ditch effort by Elders Johnson and Holland with some pieces straight from Mr. Mac. Now blue reigns supreme! Blue wave!

Final awards: 

  • Best Dressed (men): Elder Renlund
  • Best Dressed (women): Becky Craven
  • Most Improved: Elder Soares
  • Smoothest Operator: Steven J. Lund
  • Most Likely to Succeed: President Nelson

Sunday Morning Session

Alright, all respect to Elder Ulisses Soares. That violet flower patterned thing was incredible. You can see it below, along with evidence of hoe much he’s trimmed up (and greyed up) in the 2½ years since he was called to the Twelve.

With one more session to go, blue is way out ahead, more so than in any recent General Conference. This is not a political site, but a Twitter follower asked us whether there was any correlation between dominant tie color and election outcomes. So we checked!

There isn’t. Behold the Twitter.

So anyway, the rest of the session was solid, although none of the neckwear was particularly adventurous. Elder Godoy wore a shimmering mostly solid blue tie. Sister Harkness looked classy and professional. 

But we’re looking at a blue blowout—currently up by nearly 16 points over red—unless something changes dramatically in the last session.

Women's Session

We had some good style! Sister Craven rocked an all-green dress. No jacket. We love no jackets. Sister Franco wore a floral blue dress. No jackets!

However, Sister Eubank brought us a lovely pink cardigan and a striped white shirt. We asked her who she was wearing and she didn’t respond. But seriously, it was kinda casual. Too casual, Sharon!

Props to President Nelson for changing ties into the glorious, shimmering blue piece. He was the only male present to change his appearance. 

Saturday Afternoon Session

Brother Lund, the Young Men General President, just looks like a snappy guy. The glasses. the borderline skinny tie. We’re into it. He is muy classy.

And speaking of blue, it came fighting back here in round two, overtaking red as the most dominant color of the conference. It is an admirable result, and now the only question is whether red will continue to slide into ignominy or if it will stand proud and fight back against these sneaky, cooler colors.

Also breaking far away from the pack are patterns. They often dominate in General Conference, but right now they have twice the presence of striped or dotted ties. With that said, dotted ties are so far performing better than usual.

Pity we can’t see Elder Gong at home. He’d get double credit. And you know he’s watching the live stream all suited up. You know it!

Honorable mention: Elder Uchtdorf’s steel grey/black/whatever striped tie. We haven’t seen that one before!

Saturday Morning Session

What a great start to General Conference. 

Red came out hot, currently taking roughly 64% of the color share. Indeed, blue has been slow out the gate, with only Elder Rasband’s tie being predominately blue.

We’d like to give an extra shout out to Elder Whiting’s wonderful orange tie. Few speakers often wear orange. Elder Uchtdorf is one of them. We won’t see much more of those beautiful hues for the rest of the weekend.

Patterns and dots dominated, with a more minor appearance from stripes.

We don’t typically count the ties of prayer givers, but Elder Patrick Kearon’s red, white, and blue stripes were almost as wonderful as his thoughtful pleas to the Lord.

What will the next session hold?

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