EP 503 – The Lights Will Live On

Light the World kicks off in the time of COVID, Hallmark films move to Utah, Pres. Nelson teases a message of hope and healing.

Hey! Hi! Howdy! Happy almost holidays! Happy Christmas! The TWiM Sisters, venerated far and wide for their Boise-level acumen, are here with the news!

Let’s lead off with everyone’s favorite way to get into the holiday spirit, the Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas, wherein aggressive city people discover the true meaning of Christmas through small-town amusement and love. Many of these films are shot in Utah, and the Ogden-based Standard-Examiner has a rundown of films shot in the area.

Not to be outdone, at the other end of the 801, Provo’s Herald Extra has its own list of Hallmark films featuring none other than glorious, Creamery-bathed Provo.

This year is particularly interesting because many Hallmark films are typically filmed in Canada, but because of COVID, Canada isn’t letting Americans in to film. Enter Utah!

Also with the holidays on the horizon, many are wondering what will become of Temple Square and its famous lights in Salt Lake City, both because of the COVID-19 pandemic and because half of Temple Square is torn up right now due to the Salt Lake Temple’s multi-year renovation project. Well, there will still be lights, but the square itself will be closed.

Church Invites All to Participate in Virtual Christmas Concerts

Another Christmas tradition will alter this year specifically because of COVID. The wonderful Giving Machines that the Church has placed in strategic locations around the world will not be a thing. This is understandable. The Church wants us to know we can still donate to Latter-day Saint Charities, but there’s nothing clear about whether you can, for example, buy a goat for a kid in El Salvador.

This should be the top of tops story, but President Nelson is going to share a message of “hope and healing” on Friday, November 20. We’re not quite sure what this means! And why the wait? Why not just broadcast it right now? The scheduling part of it is interesting, but we’re excited to see the video from President Nelson.

BYU’s football team is having something of a year! And the goodness isn’t just its ranking, but also the team’s interaction with other players. At a recent game against Boise State, BYU players joined hands with their opponents to pray after the game. BYU quarterback Zach Wilson is also crushing it. But how? HOW?

Well, um, we’ve spoken repeatedly about how excited we are for the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, and now that we’ve seen the premier, um… well. We have some thoughts. It is not good. But The Beehive has a hilarious rundown of the first episode.

Latter-day Saints miss temples. That’s the hot headline at the Deseret News.

In other news: Legal giant Oscar McConkie Jr. passes away, Latter-day Saint and former U.S. senator from Utah Bob Bennet discusses how he and president-elect Joe Biden discussed their respective faiths with one another, true crime in Arizona, and a Utah hospital stops conspiracy theorists attempting to sneak into the hospital and disprove ICU capacity claims. Yay!

Intro Music: Geoff Openshaw
Outro Music: “Origin of Funk” by Ketsa

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