“Don’t Miss This in the Doctrine Covenants Soundtrack” Teaches with Music

The Spirit of God
The Nashville Tribute Band teams up with Don't Miss This to bring us "Come, Follow Me" lesson previews with music.

It’s almost 2021! Wow, that seems weird to say. A new year, means new things to study in Come Follow Me. Church members the world over will be wrapping up their study of the Book of Mormon and moving into the Doctrine and Covenants. If you threw a stone, you could probably hit a resource to supplement your Come Follow Me lessons this last year. Some were better than others. And it appears that 2021 is shaping up to give just as many resources. The powerhouse study sessions in Don’t Miss This, hosted by Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler are back for 2021, this time partnering with the Nashville Tribute Band to create Don’t Miss This in The Doctrine and Covenants Soundtrack  If you’re unfamiliar with the Nashville Tribute Band, you can check out this quick bio on our article back in February.

Don’t Miss This

If you haven’t checked out Don’t Miss This, it’s worth giving it a shot. Every week, David Butler and Emily Belle Freeman spend anywhere from 30-60 minutes discussion the weekly Come Follow Me lessons. It’s sort of like This Week in Mormons’ old Sunday school podcast, Sunday School Bonanza, but a bit longer and in video.

David Butler, an Institute teacher, has authored many books, including his latest trilogy, Almighty, Redeemer, and Spirit. Inspirational speaker Emily Belle Freeman has authored many books, including Grace Where You AreEven This, and Closer to Christ among others.

The Spirit of God

“The Spirit of God” is the first single from the Don’t Miss This in The Doctrine and Covenants Soundtrack. The video features Jason Deere of the Nashville Tribute band, along with the Johnson Family of Kirtland, Ohio. Shot in Kirtland, the video features the Kirtland Temple prominently, with sweeping panoramas and drone footage. The Kirtland Temple, which has been owned and operated by the Community of Christ since the late 1800s to early 1900s has long been the center for inspiration for many tracing their faith roots in the various Latter-day Saint movements. Special permission to film the video at the historic site was given by the Community of Christ. The song has a more upbeat bluegrass feel to it, which just makes you want to tap your feet and sing along. Check out the song below.

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