EP 507 – A Quiet December

The Church congratulates Joe Biden on his Electoral College victory and the Latter-day Saint internet LOSES ITS MIND.

The Christmas season is normally busy, with parents running to and fro, frantically in search of gifts and holiday cheer. This year, however, things are different, and the TWiM Sisters are tired of their families. You read it here first, Keith! Arianne is tired of you.

But Christmas efforts abound throughout the Latter-day Saint community! David Archuleta, for example, is reflecting on his mission, his favorite Christmas songs, and decisions to participate in wonderful online concerts this quarantined season.

LDS Living ran a piece with Tabernacle Choir (not Mormon) director Mack Wilberg reflecting on his favorite moments from previous Choir Christmas concerts. This year, of course, the concert was canceled due to the pandemic.

Well, members of our dear Church are LOSING THEIR MINDS over the fact the Church dared congratulate President-elect Joe Biden following his formalized victory in the Electoral College on December 14. The Church had curiously not congratulated Biden immediately following the election, unlike in the past, but Trump had yet to concede.

But look at the remarks from members of our Church on this Facebook post. Seriously, this is insane.

It got so bad comments were disabled! Disabled! It was a boilerplate statement of congratulations from the Church as it would do for anyone. It effectively means nothing! It’s just benign diplomacy!

So are you choosing your party over your faith? Biden isn’t Jesus or Moses. Trump isn’t Satan. The Church is just being the Church. This is public affairs. SERIOUSLY.

Hey, so remember last week’s show, when so many of you loved Kurt’s thoughts on masks and public safety in contrast to Geoff’s super crazy far-left ramblings that are really just moderate? Remember that?

Well, Jana Riess does, and she’s chronicled the pushback from many Latter-day Saints after Elder Renlund encouraged members of the Church to wear a mask as a sign of love toward our fellow man.

The end of the Ensign cometh! That’s right, the magazine that once sagely removed the First Presidency message, a crutch for home teachers everywhere, is now disappearing completely in favor of more unified global publications. The Liahona cometh. What should we expect from the new three-magazine structure? LDS Living has a rundown of 17 things you can look for as we shift.

Remember Primary? Like, remember that? It seems while many other auxiliaries have found ways to survive during the pandemic, Primary has largely been relegated to an also-ran. But it doesn’t have to be that way! The Primary General Presidency has some ideas.

McKenna Denson has dropped her sexual assault lawsuit against a former Missionary Training Center president.

Elder Holland had a health scare earlier this year, but he’s got great things to say about his recovery!

Random stuff: The dubious relationship between Mormons and walking tacos, an enterprising Coastal Carolina student makes great t-shirts against BYU, the Real Housewives talk plastic surgery! They are experts!

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Intro music: “Midwinter” by Dee Yan-Key
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