Location Announced for Lindon Utah Temple

The residents of Lindon have lived in suspense for months! MONTHS! Now they know where their temple shall reside.

Hey, remember how last General Conference President Nelson announced a temple would be built in Lindon, Utah? You’d be forgiven if you don’t, although Lindonites surely do. Over here at TWiM, we had pegged another Utah County temple going somewhere like Spanish Fork, but to Lindon goes the spoils. And today, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints revealed the epic location of this epic temple mere months after the building’s announcement.

Spoiler: It’s going to be in Lindon! What?! How can this be?! It’s true, friends.

More specifically, the Lindon Utah Temple will be located near 800 East and Center Street in Lindon, Utah, as the image above suggests.

Although an artist’s rendering did not accompany the location reveal, the Church did announced the building will comprise three stories across 81,000 square feet, continuing the trend of Utah temples not merely being content covering the landscape, but also being hefty buildings. A barely 10,000-square foot temple in Cabo Verde this is not.

Utah has 17 operating temples (at least during non-pandemic times). Adding Lindon to the fold brings the number to 25, which is roughly 1 temple per 130,000 people – a staggering statistic. Other temples under construction include Layton, Orem, Saratoga Springs, Red Cliffs, and Taylorsville.

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We joked earlier that the temple will be in Lindon, but it does look like it will barely be within city limits. The red line in the image below is the Orem border. Orem was this close to having two temples! So… OK, Lindon, we’ll let you claim this temple as your own. FINE.

Lindon is not a large city to begin with, both in terms of population and square mileage, and when traveling up State Street out of Orem, blink and next thing you know you’ve traversed all of Lindon and are already in Pleasant Grove.

Approximate location of the Lindon Utah Temple. The temple will be built on what appears to be farmland just northeast of Oak Canyon Junior High.

The temple will be tucked into the far east of Lindon in a largely residential area. We are, however, particularly interested in Line Upon Line 3D, a home-based 3D printing company that appears to have taken the classic scripture from 2 Nephi 28 and appropriated it for 3D printing Baby Yoda and cooler inserts! Sponsor this website, Line Upon Line 3D!

Great times for Lindon. Every year we think temples in Utah have to be nearing some sort of saturation point, and every year we’re proven wrong. Stay tuned for the Delta Utah Temple, Fillmore Speed Trap Utah Temple, and temple in place of that monolith in the desert.

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