Enjoy These Photos of Bernie Sanders in Front of Prominent Latter-day Saint Locations

The internet's favorite meme of Bernie Sanders meets Latter-day Saint culture.

Wherever you are politically, hands down the best part of the Jan. 20 inauguration of Joe Biden was Bernie Sanders being Bernie Sanders. A photographer caught Bernie looking his Berniest at the inauguration. Herein lies a grumpy man, appropriately bundled for winter.

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The internet, of course, has done what the internet does best: turned Bernie into a meme.

You get the idea.

So then, it is incumbent upon us to offer you this gallery of Bernie Sanders placed in front of notable Church locations. No, Bernie is not a Latter-day Saint. But can you feel the Bern anywhere? Absolutely.

First we have Bernie waiting outside the San Diego California Temple. His garb makes little sense for the climate there, but perhaps it’s January! Who’s he waiting on? Is someone getting married??

It’s the outside looking in at the Salt Lake Temple. Those fences won’t be around once the temple comes back from its four-year renovation, but for now, Bernie sits quietly observing passersby on Temple Square.

Here’s Bernie stuck in the audience at the Hill Cumorah Pageant. Where’s hair and makeup?!

Once again stuck outside the fence, this time at the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple. So close to Daybreak, yet so far.

Bernie is fed up with the Conference Center being closed, now for three General Conferences straight. He’s so upset he’s blocking the aisle.

Keeping watch over the Hill Cumorah Monument. No ne’er-do-wells shall pass.

At the Far West Temple site near Kingston, Missouri. The man loves Church history.

Enjoying the new buildings at the Missionary Training Center, and keeping those missionaries in line.

And last. The Bern at… the Bern Switzerland Temple!

We made some of these using this great website that lets you enter a location, and then the web app generates an image of Bernie there using Google Street View imagery. Go forth and make you rown!

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