EP 512 – Representation

The new congress is the least Latter-day Saint in years; a history of Mormons and vaccines; crazy Facebook comments V. 2.0

Has two-hour church gone out the window with the way wards are now embracing a “hybrid” model each week, with sacrament meeting in person and then other classes over Zoom? Arianne has found her Sunday church commitments seem to last longer than they would have outside of COVID, which is a curious turn of events.

The political situation in the United States remains tense less than two weeks after rioters invaded the U.S. Capitol. The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles finally released a statement condemning the violence. Listen to last week’s episode for a full discussion on the events at the Capitol and Latter-day Saint involvement therein.

Temple Endowment Covenants Added to General Handbook

Oh, and remember that passenger at Salt Lake City International Airport who was badgering Mitt Romney for not supporting claims of election fraud? She’s been banned from Delta Airlines. Do you think that is an appropriate move by Delta or an overreach?

The newest congress has the fewest number of Latter-day Saints in recent memory. And they are all Republicans with Ben McAdams’ defeat in Utah-4.

Do you LOVE the plaza in front of the Church Office Building? Do you LOVE the fountain that blat 50 feet in the air in front of it? Too bad! It’s gone! Part of the larger renovation of the Church’s complex, the new plaza will feature a bunch of flags and fewer water features. The latter were leaking onto the parking structure below.

Elizabeth Smart was on The Masked Dancer last week, and she also spoke about how she shares the story of her kidnapping with her kids. Brave.

On to youth and kids! President Ballard has told leaders to plan for some sort of youth conference or retreat in 2021, but noted that the all-new For the Strength of Youth meetings will be postponed into 2022.

Primary-age children have largely been let in the lurch during the pandemic, but the Church is planning a “Friend to Friend” event for Primary kids. Hope you’ll tune in!

Not even a month ago, we wondered on the podcast what the Brethren were doing with their weekly meetings in the temple, since the Salt Lake Temple is closed for a lengthy renovation. It turns out the Church renovated a floor in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for use as temple meeting rooms. Kinda cool!

Why are many Latter-day Saints wary of vaccines? There’s a history! Learn more!

A few notes: How Spencer Cox, a farm boy, became governor of Utah; former BYU and NFL player Gabe Reid has been called as a mission president; and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland will be speaking at RoosTech!!!

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