EP 513 – End YSA Stakes

Are Young Single Adult stakes serving their purpose? How do we combat "brain drain" of members moving to more affordable areas?

Please welcome back from near the Straits of Malacca, our favorite Aussie-American-Vagabond, Josie Gleave. Josie will teach us all about the fascinating housing market in Singapore, which favors citizens over expats.

Lots of news out of Church HQ this week. First of all, our leaders received COVID-19 vaccinations. Well, at least all of them 70 and older did. What a great example! And yet, there was still baffling nonsense in response on Facebook. *sigh*

With approval from our physician, my wife, Wendy, and I were vaccinated today against COVID-19. We are very grateful….

Posted by Russell M. Nelson on Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Also, as expected, General Conference will be virtual once more in April. Same format as October 2020. The upcoming Women’s Conference at BYU will also go remote as it did last year.

Will economic development threaten Church membership in Utah? Geoff’s home stake in Southern California was recently discontinued because of declining membership as longstanding members cash out and move to Utah to be with their kids (who can’t afford to move home to SoCal), and newer families aren’t moving in. How do we work in our communities to ensure young families can move in and plant roots instead of being priced out?

Likewise, should members in far flung areas come to Utah and never leave?

It’s Time to Close LDS Church-Owned Schools

Surprisingly, the first Young Single Adult ward in Latin America was recently organized in Mexico. How did it take this long to get a YSA ward in Latin America, and why aren’t there more YSA wards abroad? More importantly, should we even have YSA wards or YSA stakes? SHOULD WE?

A handful of temple news. We have a rendering for the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Temple, and it is perfectly lovely. Also, the erstwhile Tooele Valley Utah Temple has received a new name and moved to a new location, all presumably because locals in Erda, Utah shot down a housing development around the temple.

We haven’t talked about Lindsey Stirling in some time, particularly not since the Latter-day Saint internet hypocritically shamed her for a not immodest dress. But now she’s back with a tribute to her late father. It’s good stuff.

Do you follow Humans of New York? A Latter-day Saint was recently featured on it.

Do you love Bernie Sanders memes??? We have the Latter-day Saint versions of them!

Enjoy These Photos of Bernie Sanders in Front of Prominent Latter-day Saint Locations

One writer leveraged Joseph Smith—History in his assessment of political truth, particularly Trumpism. Many of you will hate this!

If Any of You Lack Wisdom

The Salt Lake Tribune has had an interesting week. First of all, why does columnist Robert Kirby still have a job? His latest piece is a weak attempt at humor regarding Jill Biden, the new first lady of the United States, and her credentials as a “doctor.” This is tired stuff. Retire, Robert.

Ken Jennings, the famous Jeopardy! champ, is covered in another Trib piece, and Josie thinks it needs an editor even though Ken is awesome.

A terrific piece at the Mormon Women Project discusses trauma and how we can best respond to it. Seriously, read. Also, former BYU basketball coach Tony Ingle dies of COVID, and the former folks of Studio C are crowdsourcing their latest efforts through JK Studios!

International news!

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