EP 516 – Your Guide to the Temple w/ Rosie Card

Rosie Card discusses her new temple guidebook "House of Light," plus we get into some how weekly news.

Prominent Latter-day Saint author, speaker, and entrepreneur Rosie Card joins us this week to work through the news and tell us about her new book, House of Light: Your Guide to the Temple, which provides a detailed walk-through of the temple experience and provides a study guide to maximize the way you ponder and live your covenants, whether it’s your first time or 100th time. It’s a great read and a terrific study companion.

How can one truly prepare for the temple? What does into writing a book of this nature? How has temple preparation evolved in the past 10 years? How much did the Church publishing temple endowment covenants make a difference in helping with any unease that might exist for some about discussion temple details? We say our bodies are temples, but what other meaning does that have?

Rosie has done plenty of research here, and we hope you’ll enjoy hearing about her work and what it can do to help you and those you care about.

But there’s also news!

The Church’s investment fund added $6 billion in value in 2020. As the Church continues to save for a rainy day we must ask ourselves, when exactly is that rainy day if not in the middle of a global pandemic, political malaise, and racial unrest? Obviously, we’re doing good things with money, like donating $300,000 to the Children’s Justice Center, but it’s easy to ask – what else?

A new By Common Consent article discusses the affordability crisis and how it affects Latter-day Saints. If you want to see your ward grow and thrive, consider what needs to be readdressed to enable young families to stay in your area.

Also at BCC, what more can we do to combat racism in our ranks? We’ve seen Church leaders in recent years decry white nationalism and prejudice, and even work with the NAACP on some issues, but what more? What action, programming, curriculum are we investing in to identify and stamp out prejudice in our ranks? If it remains a quick reference in General Conference, how can we expect things to improve?

Hey, so Salt Lake Tribune “humor” columnist Robert Kirby retired, and we won’t be sad.

Missouri recognizes the 1838 extermination order as one of the “saddest” moments of American political history. Was it?

How many of you use Latter-day Saint-centric dating apps, like Mutual and LDSSingles? It’s a whole exciting world! But are these serving the needs of these Mormons? Peggy Fletcher Stake examines the use of religious dating apps in Utah.

Some other quick news: the latest in temple reopening news, including most of California coming back online; a rendering of the Syracuse Utah Temple is buried in a four-month-old article; and what to do about Primary in a pandemic?

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