EP 517 – Friend to Friend Forever


Arianne’s kids are going back to school full time, but while she expected to feel a sense of relief at her kids being safely away learning, she has mixed emotions. How has it been for any of you parents with kids able to attend school in person during the pandemic?

Tiffany’s daughter is getting married! And she met her fiance on Mutual!

It’s a grab bag of news this week, with all sorts of items involving and affecting Latter-day Saints. Let’s dive into it.

Sister Michelle E. Amos, the companion of Baton Rouge Louisiana mission president John D. Amos, worked on the Mars 2020 rover as a systems engineer. Despite her current calling focusing on the missionaries of Louisiana, she was able to watch the rover’s landing last week.

Jerold Ottley, the famous longtime director of the not-anymore-“Mormon” Tabernacle Choir, died last week due to complications from COVID-19. He was 86. Take COVID seriously, folks!

Is the temple in you? Is it IN YOU? Elder David A. Bednar is wondering how much the temple permeates your very being. You can watch the video below.

Have you wondered how President Dallin H. Oaks courted his second wife, Kristen? Did you know his four daughters approached him after his first wife died when they felt he was ready to remarry? You can learn more about their courtship in this LDS Living profile.

Did you watch the Friend to Friend broadcast last week? It was the first time the Church had done such a production for Primary, and we thought it went pretty well. Learn more about the background of the event and watch it in full below.

Mormons Behaving Badly™! Chad Christensen, a Latter-day Saint and representative to the Idaho state legislature, had the gall to make rabbit ears while another member of the legislature was speaking. Idaho is ridiculous on so many levels. Should it even be a state? All in favor of neighboring states absorbing Idaho please show by the uplifted hand.

Also Mormons Behaving Badly™, Raymond John Ramsey of Loveland, Colorado, barricaded himself into an LDS meetinghouse last week and started some fires!

Texas met The Day After Tomorrow last week, and Latter-day Saints were part of the relief effort, passing out supplies and supplying refuge for the community.

Great to see a meetinghouse being put to good use in a community in need.

Posted by This Week in Mormons on Monday, February 22, 2021

Do Latter-day Saints actually handle grief well? Jana Riess argues we don’t, but instead bury pain and sorrow deep within us as if showing grief is a sign of weakness. Does our doctrine support that? Riess takes issue primarily with Primary General President Joy D. Jones, whose son passed away right before General Conference, but whose death the addressed with euphemisms galore.

LDS Living has a great article about a woman who lost her daughter to suicide and how she used the experience to fight leprosy in India.

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