Groundbreaking Date Announced for Tallahassee Florida Temple

Tallahassee Florida Temple - 29,000 sq. ft.
Florida's third temple moves one step closer to reality.

It’s been a few months since we heard any news about the Tallahassee Florida Temple, the third Latter-day Saints temple in the Sunshine State. In January, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints revealed the design of the building and announced its location. Today, the Church announced the date for the temple’s groundbreaking.

Or rather, the Church announced the month in which a groundbreaking will take place. As has been the norm during COVID (and we’re unsure if this is a permanent shift), the Church has not set a specific date for the groundbreaking, instead announcing the event will take place in June 2021. June 1? June 30? We have no idea. Sometime in June, folks in dark suits will show up at a location in suburban Tallahassee and approach a neatly laid-out line of dirt. They will then turn that dirt with golden shovels and poof! Groundbreaking commenced.

Elder James B. Martino, the president of the Church’s North America Southeast Area, will preside at the event. Attendees will be limited to those invited due to COVID-19 restrictions. What restrictions those might be in largely restriction-free Florida is anyone’s guess, but hey, we’re just trying to put our best foot forward.

President Russell M. Nelson announced the temple for Florida’s capital in April 2020. (This was the same conference that featured temples announced for Shanghai and Dubai, so you’re forgiven for missing Tallahassee.) The temple will serve Florida’s Panhandle region and likely parts of neighboring states. Although the temple’s district—the geographic region assigned to a specific temple—won’t be announced until the temple approaches dedication, we imagine it will include the four stakes of the Panhandle region and perhaps that of Lake City, Florda, further to the east. Stakes in Dothan and Mobile, Alabama might also be in play.

Florida’s other temples are in Orlando, dedicated in 1994, and Ft. Lauderdale, dedicated in 2014. Temples typically take roughly three years from groundbreaking to dedication, so Tallahassee might go online in mid- to late-2024.

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