EP 538 – The REAL Illuminati

Yes, your bishop can ask if you are vaccinated.

Our dearest Josie Gleave is back after a minor hiatus. She’s been plenty busy, and we’ll get you all caught up on the happenings in Singapore.

There is a new musical composed in response to The Book of Mormon called 1820: The Musical, and it is stated to be a musical journey through the start of the Restoration, framed around the love story of Joseph and Emma Smith. Check out its hot soundtrack!

Do you watch The Chosen? It’s a huge hit among Christian audiences, but plenty of America is unaware of its existence. The Atlantic wrote a lengthy piece about the history and nature of the show, and was largely positive about its story, acting, and production values, which is saying something, since the venerable publication is often difficult to please!

Historian Gregory Prince donated over 10,000 Latter-day Saint-related materials to the University of Virginia, giving it the largest Mormon studies program outside of Utah.

Hey, so the REAL Illuminati have announced their own version of the Book of Mormon. Yes, this is a thing!

Some temple news. First, all temples globally are now open in some capacity. The Kyiv Ukraine Temple was the lone holdout, having remained closed since March 2020. Also, you know how temples were often built on the same lot as a meetinghouse? Well now they are replacing meetinghouses. Check out a history of that change.

On to some demographics. Latter-day Saints are getting older, according to a new study. The median age of Church members is now three years higher than it was the last time the study took place. What’s up with that?

A Deseret News op-ed goes into some of the reportedly flawed methodology in the headline-grabbing report that one in five young Latter-day Saints are not heterosexual. 

And why haven’t other states followed Utah’s lead when it comes to LGBTQ rights? The “Utah Compromise” came into law in 2015, but little else has changed nationally in the time since then.

Latter-day Saint bishops and other leaders have historically been able to perform civil marriages for just about anyone, but new guidelines from the First Presidency have drastically restricted that ability. Why?

The Church aims to be a good steward of the environment, so it is responding to Utah’s drought by curbing back its water use.

How has the Doctrine and Covenants changed over the years, and why do we make less of a deal out of those changes compared to those in the Book of Mormon, for example?

Yes, your bishop can ask you if you’ve ben vaccinated. Many assume there’s a right to privacy along the lines of HIPAA, but HIPAA does not apply to Church leaders, friends, etc. Sam Brunson breaks it down at By Common Consent.

International News

  • Elder Koichi Aoyagi, Honorary General Authority Seventy passed away at age 76 in Japan. Sending condolences to his family and those who knew him or were inspired by his service.
  • The Church is building its first FSY campgrounds in Asia east of Manila, the Philippines and broke ground for the site this month. The facilities sit will sit on a 24-acre property and include dorms, meeting buildings, an auditorium and will be able to accommodate over 7000 youth and leaders.
  • The Tonga mission will be temporarily divided into two missions for the next year approximately to better provide opportunities for local missionaries to serve while overseas placements are not possible due to COVID.
  • The Auckland, New Zealand MTC has re-opened for the first time in 15 months.
  • The Church continues to donate medical supplies to communities in Nicaragua, Panama, and Paraguay.
  • A 12-year-old boy from the Belfast Stake committed to run a mile each day throughout June to raise money for the NSPCC, which is the largest children’s charity in the UK and has seen cases of abuse rise during the pandemic. Unfortunately, we can’t find word how Nathaniel did on his challenge, but fingers crossed he made it through the month.

00:12:34 – 1820: The Musical
00:18:23 – Huge donation of LDS material to University of Virginia
00:20:02 – The Chosen is everywhere
00:26:36 – The “Real” Illuminati and the “Real” Book of Mormon
00:33:56 – All temples open
00:35:21 – Meetinghouses being razed to build temples
00:37:14 – International news
00:42:09 – Restrictions on bishops performing civil marriages
00:47:49 – Latter-day Saints are getting older
00:51:45 – The “Utah Compromise” and the rest of America
00:54:17 – Are 20% of young Latter-day Saints actually LGBTQ?
00:58:26 – Church cuts back on water use
00:59:27 – Your bishop can ask if you’re vaccinated
01:08:56 – History of changes to Doctrine and Covenants

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