EP 559 – Which Welfare Is Better?

Tiffany provides first-hand insight into how welfare works in Utah, what is unique, and what is similar to elsewhere.

The Sisters are HERE for December! They are inundated with Christmas business. Relief Society activities galore! Remote choir concerts. Acceptance COVID!

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All right? Hello everyone welcome to this weekend mormons the sisters edition with Aianne smith and Tiffany hales and we are sisters not only in the gospel. But as we like to say we share the same parents. We real life. We’re real life sister here for our month of December december contribution to twin I don’t know about you in December and we are still very early in December but right now for me, it is all gas and no breaks. Yeah I think it just came back. I mean we’ve always talked about. Yeah December is a crazy month, especially for parents. Um, but I think post covered but we’re not post covered now we’re not post covered What do we call this mid covered acceptance covered. Accepted. So except all freaky time of cover except goes back to where he used to during this season of acceptance even though it’s not taking coastco covid he still exists I think we’re all just like yeah we’re over that. During this period of acceptance. It has gone back and it has gone back horrible I know I know I mean this is normal. This is what a normal December would be but I think we just forgot because last year was so quiet like seriously. So last night I’m I’m I’m doing some stuff in my head. Well first of all, it was saturday night. We’re recording on a Sunday we normally record on Monday but we have our extended family christmas party tomorrow night and so yesterday I had our December relief society activity at my house. And then I 1 of my kids wanted to spend some time together. So I did that afterwards and then darren and I did a quick date night and we got home from date night and I’m running around well he first of all, you asked me on date Night. He’s like what is your tomorrow look like and I started with like a litany of things that I had to do on sunday. Proving that Sunday was going to be no day abreast and we got hope from our quick date night and I started doing some stuff and he was like you weren’t kidding about tomorrow and I was like no this has to be done and I’m not gonna have time to do it tomorrow and I have to have it done by Monday. Oh you want to hear so Funny. We have our release society party on. Tuesday night. Okay, and that’s my calling. So yeah, you know, kind of in charge. Yeah well I have a daughter that has a choir concert at the exact same time but this is actually working out my favor because the choir concert is virtual this year because they still will not let parents come to in-person choir concert. Ah so I’m going to drop her at this.


School for her choir concert which will be like played on youtube then I’m going to go to the church to the release sightie meeting I’m going to tell everyone if you see me ditch the room real quick. It’s because my daughter’s on Youtube god I’m just Goingnna have my phone are you serious and then when her group comes up. I’m just going to be like to you know my co people sorry I’m out you’re in charge on go out in the hall to listen to my daughter’s choir concert I guess it’s a really good um multi test kind of working for me. The virtual thing I was mad at first because I was like I want an in-person choir concert now I’m like this is. Working out for me, especially if you have to drive her to the school for the choir concert leave and then drive and pick her I out. We did this in we already did this once in October for the October enquiir concert and I sat in the parking lot and watched it on my phone in the car because I have to drive back to the school which is kind of. Ah, far from my so anyways, but it’s all good. It’ll all work out. You know the virtual thing sometimes just works for your benefit some tapes you had not told you had not shared that story with me. That’s it’s kind of vierious. So what are you doing for your relief society december activity let’s compare notes on that. Oh we are doing. We always do like cookies and hot cocoa and then we used to do for years and years like a favorite things gift exchange and we would do it at somebody’s house. Well this year with covered still looming. We decided not to do it at someone’s house because that would be a lot of people crammed into a very tiny space. So we’re going to socially distance to the gym. we’re going to do the church well we’re going to do the releases I ok so we will be like a little moveles together but probably you know fifty percent of probably wearing masks then. We are not doing the favorite things gift exchange we’re doing christmas around the world and we have does that meet um a few sisters that have experience in different parts of the world sharing their tradition and then we have some a musical group coming to sing and then okay I sing some. It’s just like go become of casual, fun. Well we did a brunch so the not the presidency before relief society presidency before me but the relief society presidency before that so 2 presidencies ago. Ok they used to host a christmas open house brunch and I loved it. They did it on a Saturday morning they did it between nine and 11 It was totally drop in so you know you could come any time between there, you could grab your food and leave or you could stay and visit you know, whatever you wanted to do the previous presidency didn’t do that and so this is our first christmas inn as a presidency and I said.


I want to do the brunch again I like the idea of that and sounds like so yeah and and the president and the other council were like yeah that sounds great and so we did the brunch and it was it was awesome. You know we just we did it at my house and because it was drop in. You didn’t have everybody there at once and we had pretty good turnout and. Eat, yummy food and it was it. It was. It’s a it’s a nice thing to do because that’s fun. You know what? it’s cold tender December I don’t want to go out in the evening if I get home when it’s cold I kind of just want to stay at home. Yeah, that is kind of fun to do it on a Saturday morning yeah okay so we had our ward party thursday night I know Jeff and Jared talked last week was jared last week right yeah was jar they were they were talking about their night is such an odd night for word party we on Thirsty night I don’t know but it worked out great and didn’t have to take down the chairs because somebody was coming in the next night so so like you left your chairs and tables up for the next ward yeah it was pretty sweet. So. Anyways, we did thursday night. This was our first and I know Jared and jeff discussed less but like how are Christmas parties. Yeah well this was our first christmas party back. Ok since covered in the gym crammed in a million. And chairs. Okay, um, what did you do and what did you eat whether for the 2 most important. Yes, if nothing had ever ever changed. We had ham and funeral potatoes and green beans and roll. It was just as if. Kovin never existed you time were begged to do that were back and create covered also my ward who I would say I don’t know on Sunday were maybe like 50 percent mask. Yeah, these days. Ok maybe less maybe like forty percent mask these days. It’s It’s real hit Miss I okay, making my children mask because it was a fight I couldn’t fight anymore you pick your battles. Yes I choose to mask although I will take my mask off in sacrament meeting if there’s nobody around. Yes, okay, fair anyway I was like how is this going to work at the party is you have to sit down and eat. So your mask isn’t be off anyway. Yes. So I didn’t know how it was gonna work so in the car before going in I was like well I’m not making my kids wear a mask. Yeah because that’s a battle I gave up on about yeah about a month ago but they also got their first doses of the vaccine. So I’m feeling better about giving up on that battle. but I was like but what ah do I bring my mask in do I wear my mask is it worth it. Is anybody going to be wearing a mask. Okay so I’m very curious how this worked out for you I didn’t take my mask in I was like screw it not worth it. Nobody’s gonna be wearing and sure enough nobody was even the most admined maskcar adam at Matt well we’ve had maybe like 2 families. Okay, that mask but even like the.


Most adamant masks didn’t I think everybody was just like I don’t think this’s going to work because we’re all sitting around eating so. It’s kind of like going to a restaurant. So anyways, hopefully we don’t have a little covid outbreak and exactly we should be okay, our numbers here are pretty good these days. But yeah, did for now for now we’re when we’re better than utah. Ah, you know for a while we were worse than utah. But yeah, we were better. So anyway, it was kind of fun to be back like oh the old did he didn the good old church party. The little program. Oh if you had to the kids running a among but running am muck through the church. Um, ah yes, the ham now. Did you do Santa did you do Santa I have never lived in a ward that does Santa oh no I lie 1 year we had um these 2 sisters in our ward here that planned the party and they are just a hoot. They’re so fun. The party that year was oh and they did have Santa that Year. So what did they do for that party that was amazing. Oh my gosh they had a. Film playing in the back for the kids I don’t know if they were showing like rudolph or something they had like the lights were down and they had like cool like I don’t know what they had spinning light I don’t know there was like a disco but I don’t know what it was. It was so fun. Okay, it was a party in the gym but did they serve the ham. You know I can’t even remember because they’re so distracted by the atmosphere. Okay because I know I’ve gone on this soapbox before we go on and again I’m sick of a it’s a christmas party I know so originally so my christmas party is this Saturday. So originally our ward christmas party they were going to do the traditional ham the whole nine yards and I was just like yeah well somebody must have somebody must have heard my grumblings because they have now changed from the ham. And they are getting the meat they’re getting pulled pork from Dicky’s barbecue oh that’s a sweet egg so we are doing so they’re getting the meat from Dicky’s barbecue and then we had to sign up for all of the sides and um I I have felt my ward is is very small right now and the activity isn’t super high. And so I have felt really bad for the the couple that’s planning our ward christmas party so I actually signed up to bring 2 different things because they are just struggling to get people to sign up, you know they’ve got some really fun ideas I’m going to it’ll be interesting to see how the execution is because um. They seem to think they live in a ward that has like 500 people who are active and will show up and do stuff I’m like honey that’s really not my ward right now. But dear. So I’m like ok well um, I’m just gonna keep my mouth shut because I’m all you figured that out on your own but here is the big contribution that we made to the word christmas party.


So they want to do this thing called shadow theater for our word christmas party I know so she needed a ginormous like white screen that you could she could then put a light behind it and people will act out the nativity in Shadow. Oh. She had done it in a ward that she lived in in texas and so okay, so she she sent me a picture and she said because my husband is in construction she said can your husband build this for us and I thought for sure when I suggested to my husband. He’d go now I’m not doing that she was like totally on board I was like oh day look at you building us. So the screen is literally like 17 feet wide what and 8 feet tall It’s it’s ginormous so last week yeah like the size of a stage. Do you have a stage and yes we have a stage There’s a screen going up on the day. The screen is currently even as we speak up on the stage. Oh wow. So. She wanted it done for the first week in december so that they could practice so we did it last weekend so we did it over thanksgiving and fortunately I have really high ceilings in my house and a big open space. So we were able to build it inside my house and then like take it apart now I have to tell you though the building of this screen. Probably 1 of the biggest stressors ever on my marriage. Yeah, that’s like ikea furniture titles. So 20 because there’s no instruction There’s no instruction I don’t know what’s worse. The bad instructions are no instructions so like seriously because darren would tell me someone’m like I can’t. Your mind when you say pick it up I don’t know what where how where why? anyway, but we got screen built and so before I took it down to the church last weekend I said well sarah there’s another warty bar ward that’s having their christmas party before us. Yeah, might want to check with them and make sure that they’re not planning on using the stage. Before I put this screen down there and she’s like well isn’t this screen movable and I’m like honey. It’s 60 by eighteen, not I removable. It’s in concrete buckets. Oh my so sure enough she checked with the other ward and they had their christmas party on this saturday and they were planning on using the stage. So. Last yesterday darren was like should we should we go down and put it up right now and I said now. So let’s wait till after church is over with there’s gonna be kids running around on that stage tomorrow during church I mean if this yeah actually survives until this coming saturday without someone like.


Destroying it I will be surprised, but it’s set up. She can take her actors down there and go practice all right here’s your assignments on our poorly neglected twin sisters instagram ah. And new pictures of this. Oh I so took the picture of it tonight I will send it to you. Okay and you could slap it up on the Instagram and people can see the crazy screen I built for our award christmas party my so yes, okay, maybe we ought to talk some news. Yes let’s. Ha to some news now we’ve covered all things ward Christmas parties. Um, ok first news this week um we’re going to start with something really yucky yeah, it is a yckee story and we wanted to start with this 1 just to get it out of the way and rip it off like a Band -aid we debated even discussing it and because it hits a little close to home. It. It’s very close to home for year yeah for me so um before I moved here I lived in ah Oregon and there Issonville wilsonville oregon there is a doctor in west lynn oregon. Who is being sued by over 100 women and girls for um, abuse. So and he’s an obbig you see you knowbijian family pra. He’s a family practitioner but he had obbiji waan rights at the hospital. But all oh ok so he also delivered babies which is why a lot of women liked him because they could he could deliver their babies and also be their pediatrician got it? Um, so when stop shopping? Yes so he was in my stake. Um, he is a member of the church. The article doesn’t say that I only know that because. He was at my stake and I have lots of friends that went to him. Um, anyway, we will link to the article it was in the westland tidings. This has actually been um, being investigated for over a year now and I first heard about it last fall. Um i. Like my husband and I stumbled upon a really brief article that he was being sued by just a handful I think it was like 4 or 5 women last fall and he had closed his practice and moved to idaho he actually lives in st anthony now oh lovely and I kind of was like oh. That’s really gross. That’s awful and I wonder if he’s practicing over there I don’t think so I think case are tired. Um, but anyway I thought oh my gosh that’s awful. That’s really gross I know so many people that went to him and then I kind of forgot about it and didn’t think about it again and then 1 of my friends.


Um, over the past couple weeks sent me a newer article that just came out this November um in the westland tidings and this article really goes into details on the lawsuit and the allegations against him and it is really bad. Yeah I would not recommend reading this article if. It could be triggering for yeah if you were ah an abuse survivor. It’s very much like Larry nassar type stuff um in his in his practice. Um exams for young girls that did not need pelvic exams. Um, you know not wearing a glove um lots and lots of. I mean it’s just awful reading this article I literally felt so sick to my stomach especially because I know so many people that went to him and um so he’s still under criminal investigation. Nothing he hasn’t been charged yet. But this lawsuit now has over 100 women. Wow and girls because some of these were young girls. Um, it’s it’s just disgusting. Yeah, my friend pointed out like they haven’t officially heard anything from the church yet on and this. Was like actually raised a really interesting question to me that I haven’t really thought about before at what point does the church make their church discipline public right? Yeah, um, he he very well may have been disciplined by the church and we don’t know or he might not up because the investigation is still going. Are they waiting? are they waiting for the investigation to wrap up before they do formally discipline him and if they formally discipline him will they let those victims? Yeah know I mean obviously they they probably don’t want to draw attention to this. They’re not going to make any yeah public service announcement that this guy I mean. As of now even the newspaper didn’t point out that he’s lds. Yeah, but for those victims are they going to get notification see I know how does that work I don’t think they will and here is my theory on this. So if you have for example, someone in leadership who is. Being investigated for sexual abuse. In fact, we’re going to talk about that in an update on mormons behaving badly you may remember um, 2 or 3 months ago I talked about this bishop over in the Nampa area who um, the church got wind that there was an investigation going on. He was a bishop at the time he did not. Abuse these girls in relationship to his authority as a bishop. But as soon as the church got wind of it. They um, they immediately released him right? and you know presumably they began you know some sort of a disciplinary thing. You know I really don’t know.


I think that obviously the church has a lot of privacy issues related to membership status and things like that and they never comment on membership status or anything like that. It’s usually the person who’s being excommunicated that says oh hey I was excommunicated. And so I doubt that we would ever see any public comment from the church on it especially since it doesn’t Appear. He was I mean he probably served in leadership capacity. Oh yeah, he very much has I know? yeah been in Bishop ris exactly the high priest exactly I can’t but exactly why don’t and I don’t know. I am guessing that you know if if it is abuse that happened in relationship to a church calling. They would be working with the victim but where the abuse allegations happened in his medical practice that was not related to a church calling. I suspect they probably will remain um mum on what they do with him and contacting any victims that would be my guess right? which is rough because the line is blurred here’s the thing so many I think very frequently as members of the Church. We seek out. People for services we do who are also members of the Church. You know some and not always I actually really try to avoid especially for that kind of doctor. Someone yeah who’s in my ward. But even for like my dentist I really try to avoid having a dentist I want somebody I don’t know that say my door see. Yeah. Regularly but some people are more comfortable that having someone that they feel like they know and that’s true that they can trust and that they see a church and they build a relationship with and I think that was the case with a lot of his victim. Yes, um, so it’s I don’t know it’s a tough line. You know I’m slightly tough line even if. I don’t know. Yeah, it’s the whole thing yeah the whole thing is just yeah, a mess and so sad it is so heartbreaking so it is um, we’ll link to that article but enter with caution read with caution read with caution. It’s really sad. Okay, so our next story is about um, welfare in utah and the headline of it is utah makes welfare so hard to get some feel. They must join the Lds church to get aid. And this was an article that um Propublica did and it was co-published with the Salt lake tribune and this came out last last week I believe and so it’s a very interesting article on how welfare is done in utah and I saw.


A little bit about of this when I lived and worked in utah because I worked for the department of workforce services and in utah the department of workforce services is 1 stop shopping for all public benefits. You go there for Unemployment. You go there for Medicaid. You go there for child care assistance. You go there for welfare you know any sort of public assistance is all run through the department of workforce services. So I saw a little bit of of this um from that side when I worked there but um. Bugs me about the article I’m gonna talk about the article but let me tell you kind of what bugs me about the article is there’s lots of stories in this article of people who requested help from the church and um and and were denied for for all sorts of various reasons I think this. Article is kind of almost more of a hit piece than it is being fair. Um I think that there are definitely some valid concerns I don’t want to dismiss this as just being all made up because there’s definitely some valid concerns. But I think I think it’s been think it’s been a little over exaggerated. So anyway, the article starts off telling this story of this ah of this woman by the name of danielle bellamy and she had sought aid through the state and the state said hey we don’t have anything for you. You should contact the Lds church. So she contacted the Lds church and she claims that you know she started to receive aid through the Lds church. They showed up on her doorstep. They wanted to read out loud from the book of Mormon watch lds videos and set a date to get baptized and they said all of this was. Ah, a requirement in exchange for her. Do a you know, receiving aid and there’s several stories sprinkled throughout the article of that. Um I definitely believe those things happened. Um, it is just like anything else. You have the leadership lottery right? and you have different bishops that are going to make different requirements and I think if anything what I would like to see is I’d like to see maybe more standardization or more training of the bishops so that. Because it is an I don’t think it is appropriate to say hey you have to get baptized if you want to still keep receiving aid I think that there is a lot of other things like you could say hey we’re going to continue to help you out but we need you to do some service hours in exchange for that and here’s some opportunities to do service.


I am totally supportive of that I think that is very legit. Ask right? Um, you know assuming people are capable right? Well and it’s so tricky because I mean like you said bishops are not trained yeah talked about this before they’re not trained counselors. They are not trained social workers. Yeah, um, they’re they. You know change every 5 years there’s a new bishop so they’re they’re winging it on a lot of yeah exactly and every situation is different and yeah, yeah, there’s no standard. No, there’s not and and and the way that this ties in between utah the state of utah and the church is. Ninety ninety 6 there was welfare reform and you may have recalled that that was during the Clinton administration and they were really just kind of cracking down on welfare stuff and ultimately they left it up to the states to decide. You know what the qualifications are utah made their qualifications to receive welfare. Like nearly impossible to meet. In fact I remember that was a big topic of discussion when I worked for workforce services because the most an individual can qualify for in terms of just cash assistance I’m not talking food stamps. It’s 3 hundred and ninety nine dollars a month but that’s only if they have a net income of less than four hundred and fifty six dollars a month and then there’s a 2 year cap on that so there are many people who apply for welfare there are things that they would be eligible for like maybe food stamps. But they’re not eligible for this for this direct cash payment. Well and the statistics were crazy I think it said out of like 30000 applications like three thousand people got this exactly and that’s a function of what the legislature in utah has it done. Again that you could say well that goes back to the church because the legislature in utah is overwhelmingly made up of members of the church of Jesus christ of latter day saints and um I think that it’s I mean it’s interesting because it’s so ingrained upon us. So the article talks about welfare square being built in 1 38 amid the great depression as an intentional repudiation of church by church leaders of government welfare epitomized by franklin roosevelt’s new deal. We take care of our own. They famously said so i. Kind of remember that mantra growing up from both. Um my grandma on my mother’s side and our own mom in terms of no, you never accept government assistance. You never accept government out. You always take care of yourself and so I think that.


That culturally has been so ingrained on upon us as members of the church that you know when those members are sitting in those positions of leadership like in the house of representatives in utah that you know they do want to cut all of that they they see welfare as. Wasteful government spending and people should rely on churches and things like that to kind of take care of their own right? which is interesting because the handbook and I’m sure this the hammock has been through so many changes this is probably a new addition. Yeah, but the handbook it says in this article actually says. First first go to government then you go to the church exactly exactly which is in direct conflict to again, kind of the mantra that you know had has been around in the church for a while you know 1 of the things that this article was critical of is that. There is a kind of a memorandum of understanding between the church and the state of utah and I had never heard of this memorandum of understanding despite working at workforce services but the state of utah has to engage in ah a certain amount they have to spend a certain amount of money. On certain programs in order to then qualify for um, for for um, temporary assistance. Ah for needy families also known as the tanif program. So it says utah has been counting millions in church welfare work every year as part of the state’s own welfare budget as a way of meeting the minimum level of effort. The state is required to put into addressing poverty so it can collect federal dollars. So it says utah takes credit for a percentage of hours that church volunteers spend producing and packaging packaging food and clothing for the poor at welfare square. And similar facilities right? You know when I kind of first read this article it. It kind of made it sound like oh well, they’re not spending directly money on these recipients. The state of utah isn’t spending money directly on these recipients. They’re relying on the church to do that and they’re getting credit for the federal government with that. Yeah, it’s not really the case they’re getting credit for the work that the church does to aid people but not for the direct cash assistance or food or anything like that that the church gives people which kind of doesn’t make sense to me. How does that count towards their. Budget of what they’re giving out I I don’t know it didn’t make sense to me but the article also said there were 15 other states that are using the same loophole and it’s legal under and utah isn’t even the leader I think georgia and like Missouri and a couple of those ah um Southern states were like the ones that were.


Even relying on higher outside organizations to supplement. Um what they were doing as a government and you know these are all kinds of organizations. You know y m c a United way. Ah catholic charity self charity salvation. Are we I mean this. I don’t know. Yeah, it’s a balance and I mean Idaho’s on the list too of yeah also states that are kind of using this loophole of counting these other organizations towards what they’re spending um or towards their programs that they’re doing. Yeah so and. It’s interesting because in these other states like Idaho and Oregon and georgia all these other states. It’s more spread out right? between lots of organizations like very conflict trade management. Yeah in utah you got 1 big 1 yeah, so that does bring a lot of attention to it and the 1 big 1 is a religious 1 yeah, which also brings a lot of attention to it. Um, because when it’s a religious 1 there’s going to be different. Well all of these organizations have their own you know standards. And yeah. And requirements for who they help um but a religious 1 yeah I think is always going to have more scrutiny. Yeah well and here’s another interesting thing that I remember when I worked at workforce services is um so this article is more talking about direct financial assistance. As opposed to something like medicaid or food stamps. So um, food stamp eligibility was run through department of workforce services and I remember for years. Um utah struggled like they were always in trouble with the vets because they didn’t have enough people on food stamps. And they were running campaigns to let people know hey you could be eligible for food stamps and I think it goes back to that that cultural thing that I first talked about where you you know for many many years. It was. You don’t turn to the government you help yourself and so members of the church in utah who needed that assistance were not. Um, turning to the government to be eligible to see if they were eligible for food stamps they were going to their bishop and and it was just it was kind of and a very unique thing that I think ties in interesting ties in in culturally um, although the article did say there are some legislators that are using that. The the welfare funding is super vague. It is vague and there are some that are using it on pet projects like abstinence education versus like actual dollars in people’s hands exactly so that’s also a little shady because they probably have more flexibility to do that because the church is picking up the slack in some of these areas.


Except the article said that that that their use of fit tanif funds towards those things about it says that welfare funding in utah goes to the utah marriage commission for h programs called st teen spheres of influence. Um, things to you know, help teens avoid having you know premarital sex or or babies when they’re not really you know ready to take care of them. They said that that is consistent with the federal regulations and in fact, the federal regulations this is what’s crazy. Explicitly press states to reduce pregnancies among the poor unless they are in married to parent households I know so so even though these may be some pet projects. The federal regulations are saying well throw money at those pet projects. It’s kind of a mess I mean it’s a bureaucratic mess and. Something needs to happen. Yes, to clean it up but I don’t know what? yeah I mean like I said I think there’s definitely my take on the article was I think there’s definitely room for improvement and certainly the horrific stories of some people being told hey you have to get baptized before you can have you know more church welfare or you know discrimination in receiving church welfare you know maybe some standardization of that would probably be really helpful so you’re not subject to bishop Roulette. It would be but it’s also just a really hard issue because church or no church. Across the board. Our country relies on these outside they do agencies I mean the government does what it can do but we are also hugely dependent on these outside agencies and. Where would we be without them like they are important. Not not just the church all these other ones we mentioned catholic charity exactly salvation army I know they’re doing a lot of good and they are all picking up the slack from where our government is exactly well and I thought it was really interesting. The lady who who’s who they focused on at the beginning of the story. Danielle bellamy she does state at the kind of at the end of articles. She said she noted that the state has helped her with food stamps. She has also had many neighbors from the lds church show her great kindness throughout her life. So you know, even though maybe she struggled with you know that particular situation. It sounds like she’s at least had. Some good neighbors who have engaged in Christ like help to to to to help her. So yeah anyway and I’m going to follow up on that really quick with just another church welfare story that I’ll just tell you about you can link to it and read it if you’re interested in it.


But we took so much time on that when I don’t want to spend a 10 of time but there is um and this was done by mary richards she’s ksl reporter. Um it. It seems like it’s it should. It’s weird because she’s referencing things that happened in 14012 but yet she released this story in 2021 I don’t know maybe it was in response to the bro public a thing but I talked about the Church. So the church um the bishop storehouse in North carolina and how um, a couple of missionary couples went in there and kind of you know? um. Ah, revamped it to be more efficient and they weren’t able to help more people that just kind of really gave you an idea of what it is like if you are a service missionary in a bishop storehouse I know it was glad I thought that was fascinating. It kind of made me want to do that someday on me too. So it’s like a sweet gig. It does. All right? Ah next article is about the tabernacle choir this was on their website. We always have to have a tapcast story. We do love them. So um, this article is about 1 of their longest um volunteers. Her name is peggy becker. And she was the seamstress choir seamstress. So if you forty five my god years. So if you loved all those dresses blame peggy all the sparkly dresses. So and this was actually just really interesting to me I find the behind the scenes choir stuff. Just be fascinated. The technicality. yes yes I mean and this says she was a volunteer I cannot believe this was not a paid position. Well I well I wonder if it kind of was maybe but maybe by the time she left and maybe she started as a volunteer because it did say in 71 6 she showed up to um. Help with a just right? where she was just these blue suits that they had purchased for the bicentennial. She was just doing alterations. She had like seamstress experience. She knew what she was doing and then she stayed for forty. The rest is history and then eventually she was like. The main dressmaker. Um, she helped pick the fabrics it did say all of the fabrics and colors have to be approved by the camera people. Yes, that was very interesting well and I thought it was interesting too not just the colors and the fabrics but like how they drape how they lay what the necklines look like yeah you got to see what that looks like on tv. Before you can ride you know? yeah Thousand yards of fabric to make clothes. So it said that she worked in cramp quarters in the basement of the tabernacle they called it the dungeon and then she would also do long hours from home sometimes she even redyed the cloth when the shipment came and the color wasn’t right. She made the patterns.


Um, she relined the dresses like when the lining would wear out like she’d repair them. Um, it said in here that she would not delegate it said in here that showing oh I well this was so funny like she. Thought she needed to be the 1 to make the dresses so they all looked uniform. She would not delegate although it did say eventually she let some people work on the skirts and she let people cut stuff out. Yes, she let people cut stuff out. She had a couple of people that yeah were like underneath her. Yeah and I just thought it was so interesting. She said her favorite that she ever made was the blue. Dresses that they wore for the olympics big winter olympics performance and she had to make ah the cloth it said the cloth was late yeah coming so at four months she had to make all of the dresses for the choir has I don’t know how many females. Oh how many did they say that she usually had to make 2 hundred and 10 singers. Plus. Plenty of extras for new members I can’t even imagine making 200 and tender and it said typically she does it in five months yeah from the time she gets approval and fabric. It’s yeah about five months to get out these dresses. Um, so I just thought that was so interesting. So they recently visited her home brought her retirement plaque and then she passed away. I know like shortly after that she just passed away this fall. Well I kind of wonder because it said finally in October Twenty one and inscription 2000 dresses. They visited her homebringing or that I wonder if maybe she had had some sort of an illness and so they kind of knew. Maybe this was and this was a wonder to kind of honor her beforehand. But yeah, what an incredible story and what an incredible woman really cool I yeah, very cool. Okay, the next 1 is um. Drew barrymore we’re going to talk about Drew marymore in conjunction with members of the church I love it when celebrities and church news hello so you know our little big red giving machines that we’ve deposited all over the world for the Christmas season. So drew barrymore has a talk show. She had her co-host ross matthews who you may remember from the tonight show he was ross the intern on the tonight show. He was so Funny. He was so but a tonight show. So um, she sends him out to 1 of these vending machines and they have this 2 minute segment. And he’s saying oh man, you can buy everything here from gloves and socks to chickens and a goat and um, she says it’s beautifully curated elegantly designed and just something you know for everyone all around the planet and she said I’m very happy to see something like this taking place.


She said she was going to head down to rockefeller center and this is 1 quote that I really liked. She said I’ve always wanted philan full um, philanthropy philanthropy to be easier and more accessible for people. Ah. I’m going to rockefeller center so I think that was really cool that she highlighted those giving machines on her show very cool. We’ll have to follow up see if she posts a picture of herself like buying a goat. Yes, all right next story is a missionary was shot in the church in Alabama this is a wild story and thank goodness. He’s okay, yes, and this just happened last friday night today december third so just 2 days ago. His name was elder michael fauber of dayton ohio um, this was in birmingham alabama in the Birmingham stake center in. Vestavia hills um, so it sounds like there was a group of them. It says they were at a weekly athletic activity was being held and basketball was being played so your average basketball night at the church. Um about 8 thirty p m an unknown individual came into the building elder faubers foubber I don’t know how to say that spoke to him. A few minutes later he was shot multiple times and the shooter fled. They are still looking for him so this elder was rushed to the hospital went into surgery He’s sounds like he’s going to be okay, his parents have flown out to be with him. They’re giving counseling to the. Ah, Missionaries that were there and yeahed this and um, think goingness see’s going to be okay, but like just how crazy that is so crazy random awful thing and I hope they find this guy exactly. Ok, so the next story is we have um you know be a you likes to invite people to campus to speak and we have discussed at length the various speakers that they’ve had and usually we are discussing members of the church that they have come speak that. Say things that rile people up 1 way or the other. Um, this time the headline of this article and this is desret news. It is not often that a speaker at an official campus forum at Brigham man university is someone who has been arrested at least 3 times in the past five months. They’re not wrong about that. We just don’t invite people who’ve been arrested to come speak. This is like really it was really fascinating so they invited this gentleman by the name of the reverend Dr. William barber the second ah to come and speak and he spoke at joe biden’s inaugural prayer service.


He was at the vatican in October um, he created national news in amaud Arbery’s trial because he was invited to come sit in the courtroom and the defense attorneys said judge. We want you to ban all black preachers from the courtroom and the judges like or well no. I’m not happy with that request go away. Um, anyway, so he came and he spoke at b why you and his big thing is he wants to bring an end to poverty and he’s kind of trying to pick up from where Martin luther king’s um, poor people March in 19 sixty eight ended and so he said he said you know to the byu students. He said you know, let’s put all our energy together. Let’s have a moral March on washington let’s believe in the beloved community. Let’s refuse to give up on democracy and he really kind of you know you can I I can. I didn’t see the speech I’m reading it but I’m kind of but just reading his quotes. You can picture him just like piing him very Southern baptist revving people up getting getting the crowd going which is kind of exciting for be way you we don’t usually have speakers that are like come on. We don’t get raised the roof speakers and be white. Oh we get much more reserved people but he ended up with a robust standing ofation ovation when he invited them to you know, hey come participate. You know do this. Moral march on washington help us end poverty help us end racism so they’re actually doing a march next summer they are doing a March he invited the Bewau students yes to come and join it is scheduled for june eighteenth of 2022? Um, just to follow up on what he was arrested for. He was arrested at the u s capitol on june twenty third and also on august third during nonviolent demonstrations by the poor people’s campaign for a fifteen dollars minimum wage and for the people act a voting rights bill. And it said he was also arrested at July in July during the sit-in outside the offices of Senator kristen cinema of Arizona over similar issues and then he helped lead a 4 day March in texas in July to propose to protest voter suppression legislation. So um. First of all I I I was quite impressed with by you in bringing a speaker in like this that is so kind of outside their scope of what they normally bring in and to you know, kind of ah give the students a different way to look at it give a different feel.


I say nothing wrong with this like some my different perspective and it sounds like he really lit a fire in some people and for helping the poor which yeah, what’s wrong with that. But I will say as I read the article I was like oh somebody’s nothing like this I know so I promptly had to hop on the desert news facebook comments and go down the rabbit hole. Sure enough on the desert in news Facebook comments it was all about how he’s a leftist marxist communist disguised as a wolf in sheep’s clothing pretending to do nice things why to be what you invited him. They shouldn’t have done that oh man ah you it’s always gonna be someone. It’s exactly. What happens when you go into the comments. But I love that rabbit hole. She does? Ok ok next article is about women’s conference b I use women’s conference is taking a year off in 2022 returning in 2023 I thought this was interesting because. I would have thought if they were taking year off it would have been last year in high covid season. Well the past 2 digital for the last 2 years the past 2 years during their pandemic. They’ve done digital and I can’t remember I don’t think they had anybody come to campus at all. No I know they didn’t I know they didn’t the first year but I think even in yeah, 2021 I don’t think they had anyone come to campus doll it was just digital now. This usually takes place in April um, like the last weekend ah in April yeah, yeah, usually end of April. And it’s like 2 or 3 days not to be confused with education week which is at the end of august and it’s like a whole week so um they did digital the past couple of years and now they’re taking this year off it says. Um, they quoted 1 of the organizers. Her name is frost renata forced. Not a force. She said we’re looking forward to exploring options for a conference in 2023 that can continue to meet these needs. Um, so it looks like they’re just kind of reassessing how they’re going to run this in the future. Yeah, so I don’t know if maybe they’re trying to decide if they should keep it all Digital. Or if they should do a hybrid which in the past they have had like certain talks. Yeah, that were available made available digitally but never the whole thing. Yeah, so this will just be interesting to watch and see what they do I’ve never been to the women’s conference but I know a lot of people that really love it. Yeah, um. And part of it is going there spending a couple days with your girlfriends and having chick time right? So so we’ll keep an eye on that I we will all right I just want you to know that last week in england


At least in Northern england church was not canceled. It was just moved outside what does this mean? Well there is this ah northern part of england called ah arwin I think is how it’s pronounced or excuse me storm r 1 arrived to the ah northern part of the British isles. On Friday november twenty sixth. It was an extra tropical cyclone and apparently it had wind guss of 1 hundred miles per hour that were arctic chilled with snow ice rain and its waking in its in its wake and resulting in 3 deaths and lots of property damage. So the storm happens on Friday so there is a branch up there and it’s called the ah and ah and and lewick branch I probably forably pronounce home next branch. Yeah anyway, so it’s a branch up there. So what they decided to do is. They had their zoom service and they did the sacrament and then after that their branch president said. Okay, we are going to move our meeting. We’re we’re done with our services here. We want you to all go out in the community and serve and so that’s what he encouraged the members of his branch. To do is they changed it from Sunday services to providing Sunday service and they went out and there’s 1 particular story where there was a ah business owner and her roof had come off of her business and it was going to take her several days to get this fixed and the members came in. And they were able to help retrieve her roof from the neighbor’s yard and they moved what furniture survived and they had fifteen members that worked on the project and and she was just amazed at the at the help and just all of the different things that they did to to. Help their community and I really liked that because that’s exactly what it’s supposed and they wore those yellow vest they did wear the yellow didn’t the yellow vest say Mormon helping hands. They probably did have they rebranded the Yellow vest. Maybe they have you know here’s what I wonder. So is there closets in every state I know how do they are filled with boxes. How do they get yellow. Yes, how do they get them there so fast. Do they overnight them I you know what I’m thinking no I’m thinking I’m thinking there must in maybe maybe somebody knows this who can tell us. I’m thinking maybe that in every steak there is like a closet full of debt disasters that kurt kurtle know oh kurt will know yes, kurt you need to answer this question where are the Yellow v kept on a steak level does every statee caps up because they did they said Mormon healthy mormons help.


Mormon healthy cans. They hate they. They didn’t get the message that we are not morbids yeah or fix those vs. Yeah, all right? Um, next article is out of Fox five in San diego there was vandalism in Old town san diego and it hit the Mormon battalion. Historical site very sad which is unfortunate. Um, you know they said that they spray painted graffiti on um, a mural showing members of the Mormon battalion and they wrote may all colonizers fall death to the white man’s world death to white supremacy. no thanks no giving and land back on other statues and plaques um around the area were vandalized so that’s unfortunate and they have not found who the vantals are no so so those missionaries at the Mormon battalion will probably be cleaning some of that up exactly all right? Well I think that finishes at us. Us for news so we are going to move on to mormons behaving Badly um, I’m going to first start out with 2 updates and then just an additional information on another story. So update number 1 um, as I referenced a few minutes ago. There was a bishop in Nampa idaho who was pulled about a year ago from being a bishop because some charges of sexual abuse came up. They did not involve anybody in his congregation. But apparently um, 2 children that were known to him. And so he has reached a plea agreement in this case. So I guess we could say he is no longer alleged to have committed sexual abuse because he did admit to it. Um, he is the plea agreement is um he is sentenced to ah 10 years in prison 3 fixed with 7 indeterminate. What that means is he will serve ah 3 years in prison and then after that he will be on probation but I thought what was really interesting is this was all negotiated as part of the mediation and if he successfully completes his sentence. It says the prosecution is not going to resist his efforts. To be removed from the sex offender registry. So don’t mind aian in the video right now because we just got a warning that the battery on the laptop is low. Apparently we accidentally kicked the court out. So for those of you watching on video where or good. Wondering but it’s going on. We hope we’re good. We better wrap this up so we have a conviction there. Okay, next update of course is chat day bell I have to have a monthly update on chat day bell I think I told you last time that they had moved his trial over here to boise. But now we have a date for his trial.


His trial is set for January of 2023 so a little over a year away so if you were in the boise area at that time just pray that you don’t get a summons for jury duty ah and well we won’t we’ve talked way too much about that. But I fully expect a 3 ring circus at our county courthouse. Yes, all right? And then finally my last thing I want to say on mormons behaving badly ok so Jeff totally stole my thunder a few weeks ago with the Idaho sheriff who the young women show up at his house. You know with a give thanks sort of a thing and he goes out and threatens them with a gun I so wanted to talk about that on mormons behaving. Badly how many idaho ands seriously I we’re so sorry anyway, so in. For this show I thought okay I’m going to get online and see if there’s any update to that story since I didn’t get to break it and there is not an update It’s currently being investigated by the a g’s office. But 1 thing that I did discover which I found a very interesting was this same sheriff in 2000 16 there was a bill in our Idaho legislature to make mandatory testing of rape kits and he opposed that bill and his basis for opposing that bill is he said well most rapes that are reported really aren’t rapes there are people who have consensual sex and then regret it. So I don’t want to spend the money testing rape kits for. When there’s really no rape. Yeah, how do these people get elected. Seriously so Bad. Ah I I’m not sure which is worse that statement of what he did to the young women terrifying it’s it’s so terrifying do not get. Hope you don’t get raped in his county seriously because I don’t believe you awful anyway. So yes, there’s what I know about brother Roland okay, well okay, should we move on to a much lighter topic. Our favorite things. Yes, stay all right? My favorite thing. That I chose this month to share is 1 of my favorite holiday treats and it’s from trader joe’s so I’m sorry if you don’t have a trader joe’s where you are which is probably most of the east coast right? isn’t trader joe’s a western united states thing or has it moved. No, they’re all. Yeah, all over because I followed this blogger in New York city and she always talks about what she gets at trader joe I think they have them all over. Okay, they used to be um, okay so trader joe’s has these little mini ice cream cones and they have them year round but at christmas these haven’t had the mini ice cream I’ve not had the mini ice cream cones.


At christmas time in my life. You need them at Christmas time they bring in the best flavor of all, it’s a peppermint ice cream flavor in a little mini cone and it’s covered with chocolate on the outside of the peppermint ice cream I’m so going to love that. So good There’s like my hug and dogs thing I talked about last time only maybe in a smaller cat laric. They’re intake. They’re little so they’re just like the perfect tiny tree yeahlthough since they’re little I usually do it too. They are so good mini peppermant ice cream cones from trader joe’s but. Good luck finding them when you find them by four boxes because they won’t be there next time you go. It’s like a Costco thing where like they get him. They’re gone. They’re get them. They’re gone because people just buy about okay. All right? Well my favorite thing this month is actually 2 different podcasts that I listened to oh and they’re podcasts that we’ve talked about but they’re episodes I want to tell you to go talk about or go go listen to love a good podcast. So my first 1 is. The podcast mormon land that is done by the Salt lake tribune ok and normally it is the editor for the Salt lake tribune and peggy fletcher stack and they are interviewing various people well in a turn of events the editor interviewed peggy fletcher stack. Oh yeah, listen to this watch an interesting interview. She he did it on the anniversary of her being at the newspaper for 30 years ok and so they talk about how she got started at the newspaper kind of much like the dressmaker for the tabernacle choir. She had no intent to be the religion reporter for the Salt lake tribune and it was just supposed to be kind of be a temporary little gig and. 30 years later she’s still there she is and her glory exactly her many haters exactly and adoring fans exactly and she talks about access to church leaders and access that she gets and access that she doesn’t get oh I got which is very fascinating. She talks about. She doesn’t overtly come out and say yeah because I wear for the Salt tribune I’m discriminated against compared to you know those desrete news people. But it’s very much implied but then she has a real She’s very interesting. She talks about President nelson’s first news conference. So she got in with the first question and she asked them this multipart question because they were only allowed to ask 1 question and he doesn’t answer the question he starts talking about how long he knows her and her family and all of her ancestors and and then finally he’s like and what was your question beggy. Oh that’s so she’s so dumbmpfounded.


Anyways, so super interesting. Oh yeah, I’m going to need to listen to that my second 1 that I liked was done by the church news so they did a podcast and they interviewed sister updorf and her daughter sister evans. And they were talking about the they were talking about 2 things they were talking about the um chris kindle market in Salt lake city which is kind of a german european style market that runs for 3 weekends up at that this is the place thing. But they were also talking about all sorts of Christmas family traditions that the that the Updorfs have in their family. So I really liked that. But 1 thing I want to say that I thought was so interesting when I was listening to this podcast is um I like. To listen to these podcasts because generally they’re a little bit more off the cuff and less rehearsed right? Sir updorf was totally rehearsed I was just like okay I I mean she sounded rehearsed I don’t know maybe this is how she is in real life but it was like they had given her the questions in advance and church pr had. Had drafted ah a response for her and she is saving the response and and there was nothing bad about what she was saying she was saying very beautiful things but it just didn’t seem as kind of off the cuff right? Um, but her daughter was very off the cuff. And her daughter spoke a lot more than she did so it kind of made me wonder maybe you know with the language issue because obviously english is sister updorf second language that you know maybe she just doesn’t feel comfortable speaking off the cuff in english and and maybe this more comfortable environment to have. Something prepared for her but um, because and and then her daughter like I said ended up speaking kind of about twice as much as she did but in any event it was a great podcast because it just kind of gives you some insight as to german christmas traditions and what they do in the ukdorf family and. Just loved it. Oh fun I yeah I want to listen to both of those. Yes, yes, you do? Okay well I think that about wraps it up for us tonight Twin nation. We hope you have a very merry christmas because I don’t think we’ll be talking to you again until after we are into the new year of twenty twenty 2 so um, have a very merry Christmas we appreciate your support. Um, if you have any questions or comments you can email Jeff at contact at this week in mormons dot com you can find us on Facebook and twitter and the Instagram and jeff would really appreciate it if you’d like to be a patreon supporter.


And pledge 3 bucks a month to help him keep our servers running all right? Thanks for listening everyone.


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