EP 563 – Farewell, Dri Lux?

It might be the end for a beloved line of temple garments. Latter-day Saints rally to help those affected by disaster. Harry Reid dies.

Garmentgate™ continues! Tiffany is mending holes. Husbands can’t do laundry. Multiple garment lines are discontinued. It’s madness!

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TWiM Sisters
Hello everybody welcome to this week in mormons the sisters edition with your host Tiffany Hales and Arianne Smith happy New Year happy New Year podcast of 2022 yes, we’re honored. We’re honored that Jeff trusted us I know so fun. We kind of don’t know what day of the week it is but no, we don’t know what day of the week it is you know I have to tell you um you know with essentially 2 holiday weekends because. With Christmas and New Year’s falling on Saturday the legal holiday was Friday and I work from home on Thursdays to begin with anyway like by la by the end of last week I was like I don’t know what day it is. It feels like a Saturday every single day I need order back in my life. Yeah for sure. For sure. Well we went to well you know this but we went the day after Christmas down to Arizona to see my in-laws which we like to do after Christmas yes, um, Arizona in December is delightful. Well, it’s more delightful than what was going on here and I know that’s for sure we didn’t get. Greatest weather this year we usually hope for seventy s this year we were more like 55 and with like one and a half days of sun and they break my heart. Definitely a few days of rain made I some cheese with your wine I decided not to complain because back in Idaho it was like a frozen tundra. It was. We had massive snowstorms and then essentially the last um, two days of the year plus the first of January we had an arctic cold come in and it was getting down into single digits. Yeah, so so we got back last night and we were like oh you were shell shocked what happened here. There’s snow all over and Asma melted. Yeah well, the good news is is. It’s warming up this week and so every day is supposed to be above freezing so a lot of that snow’s going to go away mother nature will take care of that for you I hope so because at this point I’m really missing yourz um. Well I know Jeff doesn’t like Arizona he’s going at the wrong time exactly if he were to go in the months of December January and February he might feel differently about Arizona so well. New year’s so for me started off a rather interesting I was joking today I said somebody. are are um 2022 turned to the year Twenty Twenty one and said here hold my diet and sit back and watch because it’s kind of it’s been for me. So um, ah you know, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day was relatively uneventful. It took my Christmas down et cetera.

TWiM Sisters
So we go to church on Sunday every single year on Sunday the first Sunday in January my war sings this hymn and I have to tell you I think it is one of the most awful hymns and the hembook it needs to go when. If when and if they ever get the hymnbook revision done I’m like please please take this out. It serves no purpose. It’s annoying. Let me just play you a few lines of what I consider to be 1 of the most annoying hymns ever. Most one of the most like top 5 i. Probably top probably top 3 probably top 3 like I would do the sunshine songs over any of the like oh you hate the sunshine. You know how I feel about the bear hall songs I would hands down rather sing a bear hall song than sing this song and I always forget that we sing it their first Sunday in New Year in the new year and so we get to church I the the the you know we’re starting the opening him I turn to it I’m like ok here we go I’m going to play play a snippets from the Lds tools music guy. Let’s hear it. Um. Okay, do you recognize ring wild bells ring out wild. We wild bell I don’t think I realized was himself. Well, it was a hymn. Yeah, it’s we never sing it you sing it every year we see it every year. The first Sunday in January and I’m like it’s hard to sing. And it’s depressing I don’t feel like my wordd sings that I feel like I’ve saying that a handful of times my whole life I don’t know who it is in my word that loves this song for New Year’s but somebody in my Awardd loves this song for New Year’s would about come let us anew now that we sang for the closing hymn I feel like I sing that every year and I love that one. I do love that one. In fact I love that one so much you I don’t know if you recall this I picked that out for our dad’s funeral as one of the hens for our dad’s funeral because I think it’s a very funeral appropriate himm but is but also I think it should be some year round I think it should be cha it in January now we’re renewing every week exactly. And the mo tab has a lovely rendition of it. They don’t sing it just in January. Well if I were to bet money I would bet that that wild bell song won’t make the cut I hope the wild bell song but I could be I could be wrong I mean what’s it even about. It’s it’s about let’s look at that there any gospel principles in that line. Well, you don’t you don’t get to you don’t get to the gospel principles until verse 3 verse 3.

TWiM Sisters
The first verses are just about battles the first year the first verses are about the year is dying in the night ring out wild bells and let him die and then it’s ring out the old ring in the new again. There’s nothing cheery about very theatrical. It’s very theatrical. And then we get to the third verse ring in the valiant men and free the larger heart the kindlier hand then we get ring in the christ that is to be ring out the darkness of the land ring in the christ that is to be okay, so we we. We get 1 mention I call it a veil say it’s a veiled mention of Christ. It is not a christ centered and yeah that one needs to go it needs to go so weing that in sacrament meeting and then we proceed to Sunday school. And I’m sitting there in Sunday school and all of a sudden. My phone starts to vibrate and I’m like are you kidding me I’m getting spam im did Sunday school so I pick up the phone and look at it and it’s my boss calling me and I’m like oh I work for the state. We generally don’t work on Sunday if you. Calling me on a Sunday whatever this is about it is not good. So I didn’t want to get up and leave Sunday school. So I just sent him a text saying hey I’m in church I’ll call you 30 minutes and he replied back and he’s like I left you a voicemail just listen to the voicemail and let me know if you have any issues so I listened to the voicemail after church and the voicemail was hey. Hope you have your laptop at home because pipes broke in our building. There’s water and live electricity. You can’t come to work tomorrow I was like okay so fortunately I did have my laptop at home and then today we had a staff meeting ah via Microsoft teams to kind of discuss what was going on. And so we have a this building is very old. It was built in the 50 s or sixty s it’s I love it because it’s mid-century modern I love mid-centry modern. That’s my favorite style It’s a lovely sea foam green. The bathrooms have pink tile but it is very old and has a number of issues. In fact, this summer when we had extreme heat the Ac went out in my building because it couldn’t handle it. Well apparently could handle the extreme cold because the h vac unit which is on top of the building cracked spewing forth water from the third floor down its second floor down to the first floor flooding the entire building. Well at least a majority of the building the section where the legal department is in we didn’t sustain any water damage but the other problem is because it is such an old building. It has asbestos so all that asbestos in the ceiling tiles came down.

TWiM Sisters
So today they said okay the asbestos is wet. It’s not a problem when the asbestos is wet. But once the asbestos starts to dry. It’s a hasbat sight. So get your little butts into your office. Get whatever you think you’re going to need to work remotely for a few months they said. Could be anywhere from two months to six months but we all kind of think that’s a joke and it’s probably going to be more like a year is what we honestly think given given the conditions. So I’m in my office today trying to go. Okay. This is not how this day had planned I had a lovely new outfit to wear on my first day back to work in 2022 I’m in my Christmas vacation attire of blacks black leggings and a sweatshirts and so I’m trying to decide what do I need to take home I don’t know how long I’m going to be. I’m not going to be able to return to the building. You know I don’t with my our boss said don’t pack up every little thing just take what you need? What do you need? and so I just kind of guessed I threw stuff in my car and when I got home. My son was home from school and I was like Mark unload my card so you just brought it all into my home office so tomorrow I’m going to have to like reconfigure and rearrange my home office um like I did during covid ah because although I’ve been working from home I’ve just do that two days a week with my laptop and that’s not that big of a deal since it’s going to be five days a week um you know I’m going to I’m setting up monitors and just all sorts of stuff. So last year’re back to remotes. Alas I am back to remote remote working. So yes, that’s why 2022 I’m like and then I go to Costco tonight they’re out of skinny pop and the good chicken nuggets bummer I know you’re having a rough day and having a rough time and then they come over to your house tonight because we need to revisit a 8 an issue. And I get even more disturbing news on this topic that we’re going right? Well, we’ll discuss this now. The garments we talk. Yeah about the great garment shortage a few months ago or as I like to call it beehive clothing in crisis. Yes, it’s been a few months. There’s still a garment shortage. Well and when i. Went into so the garment shortage happened sometime around September I think we kind of really discovered it in October when I went into desret book in um I had I bought the wrong tops for my husband so I went to return them and our distribution is in desret book. I asked the lady I said hey when’s this garment shortage. You know what’s going on. She’s like oh January we’ll be fully stocked by January. It’s not looking so good. It’s not looking good at all and my husband had a freak out moment today. Okay as he has been.

TWiM Sisters
Regularly checking the website. He’s getting real close here to like having to be garmentless. Yes and I can appreciate that because let me tell you what I had to do yesterday I figured this was a good Sunday activity. My garments are holy and I don’t mean that. Ritual sense I mean in the physical sense. So yesterday I sat down at my sewing machine and I was repairing garments so that I could continue to wear them desperate times desperate times. So he’s been getting on every week or so online to see if they’re back in stock and he popped on today and his favorite. Tops and bottoms for men are the poly cotton the crew the crew crew top and the polycotton bottoms he clicks on them to see if they’re in stock and normally they say out of stock today when he clicked on them. They said discontinued. Oh the horror for the horror of Dis a de you underwear he was like freaking the freak out because will he should be this is his favorite material and you you know you’ll get used to your the oh yeah and so we started clicking around to see what else was discontinued. Oh um. They still have a hundred percent cotton but they’re getting rid of the now they have the hundred percent cotton in the crew in the crew and they of course have the stretch cotton which doesn’t have the crew neck. It just has the rounded deckline right? Yeah, but they are getting rid of Drew dry drylucks. And they’re getting rid of the onesy. Yeah, well not all the onesiess just the ones in the cotton poly. Yeah, they still have those mesh ones now if you’re going to get rid of anything why you’re not getting rid of the mesh I still like that. Let’s move the 70 and up crowd she like they’re dying off. They’re all get all covid no friendss if you like the mesh know I think. Needs to be a offensive if you like the match because I want to know what’s wrong with you if you like the match garments. So so we were trying to solve this mystery tonight when you got here we were discussing because your husband also likes the dry he likes the dry like poly cotton in the crew and he is very particular. He tried the new stretch Cotton that has the rounded. Hi. It’s a net high neckline but it’s not like the crew and it doesn’t have the ribbing like the crew has and he couldn’t stand it. He’s like gay yeah gros give me the crew rights so we were clicking around. We immediately went to the women’s section to see. Yeah oh my goodness are they discontinuing the women’s well it turns out the women’s are down to 3 different materials. They have the dry sal the stretch Cotton the caranesssa that’s all they have now for women that is crazy but the man feel like there was like 5 or 6 far off choices lunch there used to be a that’s what I thought I feel like at least 6 I feel like yeah at least so the men still have six like.

TWiM Sisters
At least 6 different materials. Yeah, so our our you know your theory our running theory because you know we know what we’re talking about totally is that they are paring down the men’s choices so they will only have like 3 totos from. Also oh that’s just frightening now see I have yet to tell my husband. Have because I didn’t know about this till he came over tonight I have yet to tell him that dry lucks is no more. Maybe it’s a typo. Maybe it just meant to say out of stock and somebody accidentally so I didn’t discontinue based on what I saw on the women’s site where they’ve pared down the fabric choices. I’m a little bit concerned and this this is going to send my husband into a tail sp I feel like this’s going to send a lot of guys I feel like this is the most popular because the hundred percent cotton they say is really hot. Yeah well and that’s why my husband he he like said he likes a crew neck. But he doesn’t like the 100% cotton because and the dry lux has some wiking properties to it. He works construction so in the summertime he’s outside and he’s hot and the cotton poey is thinner. Yes, zen regular exactly hundred percent cotton so I feel like this. Might be an unpopular choice I would like to know if they surveyed did they do one of their fancy surveys you know I know who did they survey because I don’t feel like they surveyed this you know 70 and younger than 70 crowd. They they clearly didn’t survey the men between about 40 and 60 because I think all the men between about 40 and 60 grew up with that crew neck and a good majority of them. Don’t want to give up that crew neck. We could have a little revolt here we could have a garment revolt over the lack of the crew neck for the men. This will be interesting. I know it’ll be interesting to see if the men will be as vocal about discontinued garment styles right? as you know in all likelihood the women would be but I think the 3 fabrics that they left for the women, the dry silk the stretch cotton and the caranessa. Everybody I know is wearing one of those 3 everyone’s pretty so there’s probably not a lot of discontent among the ladies that those other choices have gone away I don’t know I just like desperate times here between the discontinuing and just the fact that nothing is in stock. Yeah. I feel like we’re going to have to start so in our own garments which I think’s rules on that you’re the only one I know that has skills to do that. So you’re higher but I know I remember isn’t there something in the hambook that like.

TWiM Sisters
If you get special permission and you do it a very certain way you yes or is that no longer maybe that was like well maybe they remove that and I don’t know then I need to add it back in because at the rate we’re going because beehive clothing is in crisis. Yeah I I mean I know that there’s some rules and I know you have to get permission. You can’t just like ah hey I’m a so myself some garment can’t start a little side business. Cant start a little side again now would be the time de clothing would not even know why hit that. Little side gig on itsy sewing garments like oh you can’t get fabric. Well guess what I can I’m running down to joannes. Yeah, so I don’t I’m I’m not entirely sure what the rules on that are I know there’s rules if we get desperate enough. We might have to look it up but like I said at the moment I’m mostly concerned about breaking the news to my husband. He’s no longer going to get dry luck’s crew that is not going to go over. well yeah well in other years yes we will continue to keep you updated as we learn more information about the great garment shortage beehive clothing in crisis. Yes, we’ve really. Someone on the inside I know like there should be a press release about this. Well it is important enough. New. You know what I googled tonight I was like surely there has to be an article somewhere that maybe we’ve missed on this because this is a big topic of discussion and when I went to Google tonight to see if I could find you know like a. Desert News article oral tribune or something like that know the top Google post that comes up on the great garment shortage is our podcast. We reported three months ago well there you go breaking news. Apparently we’re the only ones talking about? Yeah, maybe because we’re not supposed to be I don’t know I don’t know. Okay, um, okay’s just some news in other news. Um, we have a story about the Colorado wildfires you probably heard about them last week on December thirtieth there was like this crazy wind one hundred miles per hour just rage through um the boulder area of yeah Colorado and. I can’t believe how many buildings close to a thousand. Yeah buildings crazy or destroy and the winds were like a hundred miles an hour and people just had no notice right? Well and it’s not the right time of year. No not at all. Wildfire in December in Colorado no I think they’re going to be buried in snow right? which they were after shortly after the wildfire which was another issue but it said in this article nearly five hundred members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints were among the 35000 people that had to evacuate their homes.

TWiM Sisters
Um, so everybody is safe and accounted for who’s a member of the church. All the missionaries and all the members um have been accounted for. Um, although at least 11 had homes that were destroyed 11 members. Wow. Um, so it talked about one family whose um house was destroyed the spindle family in the boulder ward um, this is like terrifying their account of what happened they were inside and they just thought that the dark clouds were a storm. And by the time they realized it was smoke. The fire was already in their neighborhood. Um, so it said they opened the front door grabbed their shoes and coats and there were embers and smoke out the front door so they kicked a screen out of a back window and like went to the back house crazy. You know, can you imagine I mean even like. In wildfire season. You usually have enough notice evacuation. Yeah notice to grab exactly a box of pictures or something but this was like get out now exactly immediately. They jumped a fence tried to get in their car and go but they said they couldn’t see a thing to drive. It was too dangerousger so they jumped another fence ran across. Ah. Field got to a different road where a couple of guys picked him up and drove them. They said these nice people drove them 30 minutes away to her sister’s House. Um Shaila who is the wife um, but they lost everything and they had just moved there. They had come from Alabama and had just fully moved into their house. Um, just a couple weeks before this so sad but they did say that they feel so blessed people have chipped in people have donated things people have um, really stepped up and they’re feeling very grateful and blessed I’m sure just blessed to be alive and then um, there was an area president. Um, that talked about. 2 of the affected wards in that boulder stake and that their ward councils got together and acted quickly. They were evacuated but they got together in whatever town they evacuated you and they started just calling people. They got the young men involved. They had a couple of their priests young men there and they had. Gave them a list and said start calling people exactly just how great it was that they were able to help out well and they taught them. They said the aranic priest did is for temporal needs and this is temporal so so get on the phone and start dialing. Yeah which you wonder priest are they capable of like placing a phone call or they’re like. Phone call I know can a text that was probably a very good experience for that exactly hopefully a type of phone call. They don’t have to place on the regular exactly. But um, so that was kind of the first rallying together of saints. Yes, past week and then we have another one um Swan Valley community which is a little.

TWiM Sisters
Town kind of on the border of Idaho and wyoming between Rexburg and or between idaho falls and the tetons. Um, they had a bout of bad weather last Sunday December Twenty Sixth which I know because we drove through that side of the state on our way down to Arizona and it was. Awful I know you said it was the worst winter driving you’ve ever had. It’s the worst I was whiteknuckling it and praying the whole time we saw so many cars off the road and that was just on the freeway to Utah not on these side little highways. So um, us highway 26 which is near Swan Valley closed I think they said for. Over 13 hours because the storm the condition. Yeah, got so bad and there were a lot of people that were traveling home from the holidays. Yeah and visiting relatives and family and there are not any big hotels in Swan Valley yeah only has a thousand people they were stuck there. Um so what they did was um, course members of the church rallied they opened the church building I’m assuming this town of a thousand people has a very strong church membership well given their location I think that’s a fair assessment. They got the emergency management in the fire district to bring over um trailer of cots and blankets and hygiene kids um residents and members pitched in with meals, desserts and toys for the kids to keep them busy and they have a little sleepover at the church. Ah. So that was a good story I love it when you see um church members coming together like that and especially using our buildings exactly good things like that exactly um, so all right? So there I mean it’s kind of been a slow newsweek for the last few weeks it was especially slow during It’s always slow the week between Christmas and New Year there’s just not a lot going on in the world because just like you said earlier, you’d even know what day of the week it is yeah just on vacation but 1 of the probably the biggest story to come out. Ah that is Lds related from last week is that former Nevada senator Harry Reid 1 of the highest ranking latter day saints elected officials died at the age of 82 so his wife issued a statement and she said I’m heartbroken to announce the passing of my husband former senate majority leader Harry Reid he died peacefully this afternoon surrounded by our family following a courageous 4 year battle with pancreatic cancer. So um, anyway, as many of you know he was a democrat he was elected from the state of Nevada.

TWiM Sisters
Ah, he rose through the ranks of democratic leadership. Um, first he was elected in the house and then he was elected in the senate and eventually he was the senate majority leader he was the minority leader under president George W Bush and then he became the majority leader when Barack Obama was elected so the first presidency issued a statement and so let me just read the statement issued by the first presidency they said send and first presidency being all 3 members of the first presidency. Senator Reid was a devoted and capable public servant who was dedicated to his family his faith and his country. We are grateful for his tireless service in each of these facets of a will of a life. Well lived. We pray that senator Reid’s loved ones will be blessed and sustained at this tender time. Ah, parting and in the years ahead okay well you can only imagine the firestorm of controversy that the condolences issued by the first presidency ignited right. So this you can’t stay out of the comment I can’t stay out of the comments. It’s like a trade rat like a comment curator I am a comment curator. The rest of us don’t have to go dive into the garbage pit that is the Facebook comment. Yes, so I did not. Look at the deret news ones I strictly looked at the ones on the Um Church News Facebook page because that’s always very entertaining which I still can’t believe they haven’t removed the comment section I eat the hey maybe they maybe they enjoy that maybe someone in salt like enjoys the feedback as much as I do. So. There were only four three hundred and ninety nine comments on this post which again given the vitriol we have seen on several other posts that had no political relation but took political offense to people this you know three ninety nine is relatively mild. Um I don’t know maybe they turned off the comments or it could just be like the rest of us everybody was like trying to figure out what day of the week it was last week so I picked some juicy ones to share because it’s just always fun and after I share those we we’ll then talk a little bit about senator Reid. So this one says. I am mad at the church for putting out any kind of statement. Why is this snake any more deserving than countless bishops state presidents relief society presidents etc that actually changed lives the church Pr department is causing a lot of division by saying anything negative or positive.

TWiM Sisters
About him, especially when he accused a prophet of leading people down the wrong path. What is she referring to I have no idea but also the church does this anytime somebody prominent passes away exactly. Cle like they would have done this for Romney or oren hatch or exactly even just like a prominent businessman exactly as a member of the church exactly and other two is the Pr department they say the Pr department is causing a lot of division. Well this wasn’t written. But. Ah, the Pr department. Well it might have been but it was signed by the members of the first presidency and the Pr department was just a vehicle by which it was released right? So this isn’t again I love it when these commenters just think the Pr department’s going rogue we have rogue people at the Pr department but they can sign anything they want. From the first presidency exactly power that they’ve had a coup. They’ve taken over anyway. So then there was another one that said, this is very confusing to me faithful servant all Harry Reid did was lie and cheat. This is very disappointing and then of course one of my favorites. A lot of misinformation went to the first presidency it reminds me of the comments where people were saying I don’t know if it was on the vaccine I think it was on the vaccine. All the statements they’ve made on the vaccine. Where people were saying somebody needs to take Cnn away from the first presidency they’re watching too much Cnn. They’re getting indoctrinated anyway, it’s just um, anyway, then finally the last one I usually support opinions in this case. They’re just going along with the propaganda of glorifying a rotten dangerous politician that purposely put his money and influence into making him and his family rich. Yeah, so anyway, those are the comments on the first presidency statement now. Let’s talk about senator rees couple of. Things that I learned upon his passing. Um, first of all when he was first elected at a house of representatives. He moved his family back to Virginia and they happened to be in the same neighborhood as rex e lee and his family and this was when Rexy Lee was the solicitor general so they were in the same neighborhood they were in the same ward Mike Lee who is the son of Rexley and is a current senator serving from the state of Utah um, he was 11 years old when the reids moved in and the reids had a son named Josh Reid who was also eleven years old

TWiM Sisters
So Josh and Mike believe it or not became bffs. They went to the same school together I think he said they played on the same soccer team. They did scouts together. They just hung out together all the time. So senator Mike Lee was sharing some of his memories of um senator Reid and I really appreciated a lot of what he had to say um he talked about Senator Reid was their home teacher for a period of time apparently he was a very faithful home teacher and he was one of Rex Lee’s dear friends. Now you can imagine they are on very opposite riles when it comes to politics. But I love the fact that they were clearly able to set aside their differences and see each other as human beings and. Be able to form this friendship despite their political difference I don’t you feel like wards and congregations in Dc are probably so much better at this than we are here I mean Jeff Jeff could probably attest exactly I mean this is just normal life. You. Yeah, you have different views on things. You go to work in politics. Yeah you disagree and then it’s okay, you still talk to each other. You’re still friends. You’re still friendly. It’s not like a big deal. Yeah, at least that’s how I envision maybe that’s a romantic I I yeah, that’s how I envision it is there and we cannot manage to do that here for some reason will and I kind of. Wonder if it’s become more divisive there as well because it used to be like that in our country you know when you look back at the 80 s you know just even the 80 s just even the Reagan administration which so many republicans revere. There was a lot of give and take and compromise in the 80 s and you didn’t have the polarization that we see today. So like you know I kind of wonder about that. but but to Michael Lee’s credit he still considered Harry Reid a very close friend and did not polarize Harry Reid for his political beliefs. In fact. Mike Lee tells this story when he was a little boy and he and Josh Reid were messing around. Um Harry Reid locked the 2 of them in the garage like purposely locked the 2 of them in the garage I can’t remember what they were doing but they they joke that you know he locked him in the garage and Mike’s like yeah we were just having so much fun in there that. But kind of really didn’t even care we were locked in the garage. Good thing you could get in big trouble for that exactly. So Mike Lee goes on to say Harry would kind of joke about that sometimes he was notorious for Thursday afternoon votes and threatened to keep the senate in session for the weekend. He always joked about locking everybody in the chamber. He’d say.

TWiM Sisters
I’ve locked up a senator before in reference to senator Lee when he was a child which I thought was really funny and senator Lee also tells a story about how when he was sworn in as as a senator um Harry Reid was already in leadership and Harry Reid motions for him to come over. And I I can’t remember I don’t recall because I didn’t print that story off I just read it Harry Reid made some really kind of funny remark to Mike Lee right after he was sworn in as a senator and um anyway, so Harry Reid was interviewed by the desret news and I found this in 2017 I found this very interesting. He says. First of all I’ve never been counseled talked to threatened cajoled admonished given any direction by any one of the general authorities about what I should or shouldn’t do as a member of the United States senate or house of representatives. Which I really appreciated. He basically said that if there was something that was important to them. They would call him up express their view. Not ask him to do anything just express their view and then he would take that into consideration right? The other thing that the article talks about is um. Senator Reid did a lot of things behind the scenes for the church a couple of really kind of laudable things he did is he gained congressional approval for the church of Jesus Christ to secure a controversial lease with the bureau of land management. For a historic site in Wyoming known as Martin’s cove I had no idea yeah I had no idea he was involved with that. He helped the church work through a long and complicated process with the israeli government. And the city of jerusalem to build the Byu Jerusalem Center also did not know he was involved in them did not know that anyway. Um, ah Orin hatch had good things to say about him. He said he’s the embodiment of the american dream. Um, he grew up very poor in a shack with no indoor toilet hot water or telephone and um, it said he hitch hiked forty miles each day to attend school in Henderson Nevada wow and um he didn’t even know what a senator or a majority leader was as as a kid. So um, he um, ah what does it say here. He was apparently he was um, quite a fighter and he did politicize the workings of the senate. He’d bring to the floor issues that would have never seen the light of day if there was someone who loved to fight it was Harry Reid

TWiM Sisters
Um, and then there was um, you may remember in 2012 he accused Mitt Romney of not paying taxes and that didn’t go over very well and it came out that yes Mitt Romney did pay taxes. He paid several million dollars in taxes and Harry Reid never apologized for that. And when asked about it Harry Reid was like well he didn’t he didn’t get elected did he this was his presidential campaign right? So there was a rift there between those 2 for a while and one of the things that I thought was really interesting is. Mike Levitt who is a former um secretary of the interior former governor for Utah and currently the president of the tabernacle choir at um temple square negotiated a peace treaty between these 2 he brought them together and he said ok boys. We’re going to sit down and break bread and make peace that is fascinating. So I mean obviously it happens sometime after the 2012 election. But um, how how wise of Mike Levitt to say you both are men that I love come on. Let’s let’s let’s make kiss and make up here. That’s funny. That’s a good story. So I thought it I thought it was a good story. So um, anyway, very senator Reid very polarizing figure among clearly among members of the church. Um. But so important I just yeah, it’s so important for us as members to have people in leadership on both sides exactly to see that reflection of the variety of exactly news that we all have as church members. Um, and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again if you sat the members of the first presidency. And 12 down you are going to find political views on both sides of the aisle I am I am 100% confident about that. Oh yeah, so I think we all have our guesses. We do all have our guests but we’ll never know we here. Sir. Yeah we’ll never know that’s absolutely right? Which is very smart. Yes, can you imagine the Facebook comment. Oh oh, all, right? Um, next. Story is a covid story. Of course we cannot have a podcast without a couple of. Um, no, we have to have a good covid story. Um, this is about the mtc implementing increased covid 19 protocols after 91 out of 588 missionaries in the mtc recently tested positive. Yes so I figure that’s about sixteen seventeen percent

TWiM Sisters
Yeah, okay, which you know they’re all vaccinated exactly um, but because they are all vaccinated. It did say few have reported being symptomatic or feeling ill so I’m sure this could have been much worse exactly? Um, but so what had happened is they had a couple that felt ill. They tested those they came back positive and then they tested all the missionaries. Yeah, and that’s how they found out 90 one of them were positive. Okay, even though they were showing surprise surprise when you get a positive test. You get a positive test and you get a positive test. So. So now they have like kind of isolated and they said luckily with the reduced capacity at the mtc. There’s plenty of room to isolate people that need to be isolated and additional protocols are now in place involving procedures in the cafeteria and the gym face coverings will be worn indoors during all classes meetings and devotionals rich I would. Assumed that they were already doing that. But um, now they are for sure. Um, also missionaries now will not go out for their assignment. Um, unless they have a negative test before they leave um also missionaries coming in on Wednesdays. Have to have a negative test before they come in which again I’m like I’m kind of surprised they weren’t already doing that but I know well like I think that they probably just thought the vaccination requirement would be enough which it was enough a while ago but not anymore the other thing too is like testings are really hard to come by these days. You can’t the rapid testing is not available. You can only get that piece pcr and test but that takes days to get back? Yeah I wonder how they’re doing this I don’t know how they’re doing this maybe to have it inside who knows inside inside with some medical testing. So um, anyway, just very interesting. Ah, they did say that um they are continuing which I kind of knew because I’m friends with kids going o missions right now they are continuing the phased approach of the mtc where most missionaries will do a week or two at home before they leave for the mtc and do however, many weeks need to do at the mtc and that sounds like that is going to be a permanent date I think it is going to be a permanent thing in speaking with a couple of moms who’ve had children that have done that I think you know obviously they did the home mtc and then sent people directly out to the field during covid. Um, and now they’re kind of doing a hybrid that one of the things about the hybrid that is really good. Is it kind of eases the transition into mission life because you meet your district online you meet your companion online. You know you see them every day for a week. So by the time you arrive at the mtc.

TWiM Sisters
These people in mission life is familiar to you as opposed to the rip the bandaid approach of dropping your kids off waving goodbye and everybody crying and then I mean I can only imagine on those nights that there the drop off days that there is probably lots of boom boom boo bo bo all night long. Oh yeah. Yeah, that totally makes sense that that would be our rationale for keeping this new system exactly anyway. Okay, so our next story is now we do not have confirmation that these people are lds but all circumstantial evidence points that way and here. Circumstantial evidence that I have a lawyer have gathered that leads me to deduce. These people are are ld yes, First of all, they live in rexburg ding ding ding dig d second there are a couple that got married in February she’s only twenty one I don’t know how whole old he is but eda look that old anyway. So they seem like a really cute little couple who just got married last February and are going to school at by way you I so high probability high probability. So the story. Well let me let me just give you the background story here and then we get the good part. So they get married in February they are not planning on having a baby. She has an I u in so come June she’s feeling really nauseous and so she has this I u d in and she thinks oh I’m fine I’m just sick but her husband says um, know you’re pregnant. Well, she laughs at him and she’s like yeah ok I’ll take a pregnancy chest just to humor you and prove to you that I’m not pregnant except to keep that positive this article terrifies me as well. I u d lover myself nothing brings fear into me. More quickly than this article. So she goes to the hospital on July first I’m not really sure why she went to the hospital you know, rather than just like a regular o b g y at appointment but she goes to the hospital. They do an ultrasound and they say oh by the way you’re having triplets that is. It’s so crazy they were all they all survived. They all survived risky to have it is so risky to have triplets and not with an iud and that can kill the baby. Yeah like and I mean I don’t know if you get pregnant. Do. They take it out. Or does that like disrep stuff I have no idea I don’t know but this is not the first case I have heard I know of iud person getting pregnant and it super freaks me out I know anyway, she had triplet so and they’re identical triplets because here’s the crazy thing.

TWiM Sisters
These triplets all shared the same placenta and they all shared the same sack. So this made this pregnancy extremely high risk. Um and so she ended up having to travel to Idaho falls every week to see a specialist and it says. During the whole pregnancy. They told me that there would be lots and lots of complications with these babies. There were lots of things that could go wrong. But after every appointment they just said everything’s doing good. They couldn’t believe it and neither could I it’s basically a miracle. So the babies were the delivery date was February Twenty Seventh which was their anniversary. Um, they were gonna they knew the babies weren’t going to make it till the twenty Seventh february so they had an induction date set for January seventeenth but she went into labor on December twentieth and she started dilating so she went to the hospital and they immediately took those triplets because they were it was just going so fast so they are identical little girls. Um one was £3 and the other were £2 and you know some odd ounces and so you know for being two months early those triplets are doing really well. Of course they’re going to have to stay in the nicu probably for for two months but it’s kind of really really a miracle and and this is her comment in the article she says I’m definitely overwhelmed and scared out of my mind. Oh my gosh can you imagine. At 21 and not even married for a year. Yeah yeah, I’d be scared out of my mind too seriously hacked I am scared out of my mind and this article has inspired probably a 2020 vastectomy for my husband. You mean a 2022 thats 2022 what year where we yeah exactly. He doesn’t know yet that is now on the agenda for 2020 the bucket list but good for her. She’s going to do awesome. You know what? and she says the more I get to see them the more I am so happy and I would have won in any other way. So Olivia are hats. Off to you because first of all congratulations on having 3 on on surviving a very high risk pregnancy having 3 very healthy babies and that’s just awesome and so you know the good news about doing this when you’re 21 as opposed to like our age. Oh you have a love or energy when you’re 21 all the energy she needs exactly but she did tell her husband. She’s like yeah I don’t think we’re having any kids more kids I think we’re done. He’s due for a 2022 ussec meal seriously knowing that the iud didn’t work I’d be like dude.

TWiM Sisters
Chip chip snip sip ok next article is president Nelson’s um new year’s day social media post with his suggestion for New Year’s resolutions I loved to this the whole post I loved it all. He put this cute picture associated with it with him in a red hat looking up towards the sky. It was a really cute picture and of course there was much speculation about his red hat because it was on the day that Utah was playing in the rosevelt I was honestly waiting for someone to comment saying is he wearing a maga hat. Fortunately no one did. At least that I saw I am surprised that no one did hopefully they’re not thinking that anyway. Oh trust me some of them are but I’m I’m going to place my money on it was a university of utah hat. Yes, anyway, he had 3 suggestions. Um, for. Resolutions. The first one he talked about was resolve to strengthen your spiritual foundation. He said this might involve setting aside specific time to study pray making temple worship, a priority etc a second he said was resolved to be kind to others. He said you know be more like the savior. More compassionate more understanding slow to judge and then the third he said resolve to be resolute I love this one I’d be like just resolve to just do it because that’s what we really need is the resolve to be resolute with our resolution I know because sometimes you’re like oh I screwed up I’m not going to try and yeah and he’s saying no. Keep trying yeah and he does he says the Lord loves effort I love it when he says that yeah I feel like that’s one of his lines. The idea loves effort I do I feel like that is um, he said the lord loves consistency. Um, he gives us he gives to us and will help us, um, along the way. So excellent I loved it. Best. Best new year’s advice I’ve heard exactly and my bishop was in charge of conducting for sacrament meeting on Sunday which was Fasta Testimony meeting and he used that as part of his testimony and that my husband was so inspired. When he sent an email out to the young men this week about activities. He put that in there as well. So very nice because they’re going to do some planning this week for activities so he was like hey keep these things in mind while we’re planning for activities. So all right? Well I think that about wraps it up for us for new stories. Shall we move into mormons behaving badly yes, we don’t have any new mormons behaving badly but we do have some updates on some frequent flyers exactly we’re going to start with Loie Valo and I’m just going to give you an update on her case she was in court last week and the prosecutor she has.

TWiM Sisters
This attorney she has 2 attorneys. She’s got a public defender and then she has this attorney that she initially hired by the name of Mark means I could never figure out why she hired him because he’s a civil lawyer. He doesn’t do that much criminal work and she got some pretty big criminal charges and it was pretty evident in his court filings. He did not do a lot of criminal work. Anyway, so the prosecutor filed a motion with the court to say judge. He has all sorts of conflicts of interest kick him off the case and guess what the judge did kicked him kicked him boat. He’s gone. So now she just has the public defender which should probably calm things down in her case because Mark means was filing all sorts of stuff that that poor judge had to sort through and go why are you doing this anyway. So that’s my Laurie Vallo update my next update that I want to touch on is our favorite sheriff here in Idaho the Bingham County sheriff Craig Roland um Jeff has talked about him. This is the gentleman who he um, the young women delivered a thankful turkey to his door and he was a little less than thankful about it when it first. Came out. We knew that there was an incident. We didn’t know the details and then he got charged with 2 felonies in a misdemeanor and the probable cause affidavit for his charges which came out about five weeks after the incident provided all of the details about how he pulled the leader out of the car put a gun to her head told her. There were some f bombs that were dropped the poor little beehives were traumatized behives were traumatized and justified it based on. Ah the the native americans that lived next to him and he had not kind comments to say about the tribe and the reservation. So. Um, a number of people have called for his resignation the blackfoot police department has called for that the tribes have called for that the 3 county commissioners have called for that he has held mayor the mayor he has held steadfast and he is refusing to resign. He took a two week leave of absence after the incident first happened and then he returned to work even amongst his felony charges. He still returned to work. Um. When with all of these people calling for his resignation his attorney made some statements and and his attorney again leaves me scratching my head but they they are 2 p’s in a pod his attorney is this gentleman by the name of Justin Olson who is actually a prosecutor in another county.

TWiM Sisters
But he has a practice in the black vote area as civil practice. He’s the Custer County prosecutor anyway um in in September of Twenty Twenty Mr. Olson is a fair board member for the easterner idaho fair. He was yaankking for tea rolls out of cars at the fairgrounds because they weren’t supposed to be like. Yeah, they they had gone into an area where you needed a certain wristband and they didn’t have the wristband so he yanked him out of a car. So did he get arrested for that he got charged with misdemeanors for that and then also at the fair there was an auto dealership that was sponsoring a helicopter that was giving people rides around the fair. Well I guess his house is near the fairgrounds and he was annoyed by the helicopter and he called up the Auto dealership and they have a recording of this and he threatened auto dealership threatened to shoot down the helicopter. Oh my good I know we got a bunch of hot heads over there I’ve been trying to determine if the attorney is mormon yeah, we need to know this I have not. Been able to find any direct connection who do we know in black that I kind of suspect. He’s has to be mormon or a mormon adjacent just because everybody in that area is but I have I have no confirmation of that. So this is what his attorney is saying about Craig Roland and his charges so East Idaho news is are the ones who broke this story originally and so the attorney says to East Idaho News he says he attacked east idaho news for publishing statements included in the court documents. And said the news organization is a tabloid that wishes to cause drama and unrest yeah he they quoted from a probable cause Affidavit I’m not finding that to be tabloid journalism but he goes on the statement was. Statement. He’s referring to the statement that sheriff Roland made about the native americans was taken completely out of context by the investigator in East Idaho Not East Idaho news it appears that occurred so sheriff Roland’s name could be further slandered and his reputation tarnished by the media. In an attempt to sway the jury of public opinion. What did the judge think of this. Well first of all I think sheriff Roland’s actions might have done more damage to um tarnish his reputation than what the media reported. So sheriff furland’s in court last week on his initial court appearance the prosecutor asks for two things. The prosecutor says take his guns away and make him take a leave of absences sheriff. Well the judge said hey he’s an elected official I can’t make him take a leave of absence.

TWiM Sisters
But I am going to take his guns away so we have a gunless sheriff now in the state of idaho now he’s even Barney Fife got a bullet. We can’t one reolver do his job now. How can you be a sheriff without a gun well because it’s an elected official in idaho you don’t even have to be post certified. Really yes I know isn’t that. Crazy so it was kind of funny because the judge ordered ah the idaho state police to take custody of his guns. He went very happy about that. The sheriff he wanted his own county hit the the deputies in his county to have control over his guns. The judge is like yeah we’re not going to have the Fox watching the head house now. Then he wanted blackfoot police department to have his guns a blackfoot police department was like we didn’t want you to sheriff. We don’t want your gun I wonder how many guns he has I’m sure he has I assuming he’s got quite the arsenal I subi has quite the arsenal too. Anyway, so here’s what I have decided about sheriff Roland. You know I gave a lifetime achievement award to Ammon Bundy for mormons behaving badly I think that sheriff Roland deserves a hall of fame award for mormons behaving badly think he’s a whole fame eligible that sounds appropriate so we will continue to follow this story. Oh and then one other. Funny statement that his attorney made is his attorney accused the attorney general’s office who brought the charges because obviously there’s a conflict of interest for Bingham County to investigate and charge and when there’s a conflict of interest the attorney general’s office steps in he accused the idaho attorney general of filing charges against him. As political retaliation as a political move because um, the idaho attorney general doesn’t want to see miss sheriff now I work for the attorney general’s office and granted I’m not in the criminal division but I was highly offended by that because. Our attorney general is very good about calling balls and strikes he does not care whether you have an r behind your name or a d behind your name if you engage in nefarious activity. You’re gonna get charged so the best way to avoid philanies and misdemeanors. Don’t engage in nefarious activity. Also think it’s funny. He even thinks the attorney general cares about I know who is the sheriff of a small town in Idaho exactly he doesn’t keep track of the sheris. He’s got bigger problems. He has the legislature to worry about those. He has bigger problems. No, he does. He has the legislature. It’s a much bigger problem than the sheriff. Anyway, we’ll keep you posted on. Yeah the gunless sheriff. Yes, all right I think that’s it. Oh we’ve got to do our favorite thing. It’s time for favorite things. Ok I’ll go first. My favorite thing this month is something I got for a Christmas present from my husband.

TWiM Sisters
And is a subscription box. You know subscription boxes are all right? Did it thing you can get a subscription box for anything. It’s very true. Um, this one is called sketchbox and it is a subscription box for artists or people who think they might want to become an artist. Which is probably my category wanna be artist. She’s very creative. Don’t let her tell you otherwise so I got my first box today. It comes once a month and it just has like art supplies and so I got my first one today and it has like some powdered watercolors and a pad of watercolor paper a little pad and like a. Cool pen and a paintbrush and I don’t know some other fun things and then it also gives you a link online where it tells you kind of like what you can do with them and how use. So oh how fun. So yeah I think I’m excited to see what you get every reman I know me I know ok how about you? Well, my favorite thing is a podcast. So I have been plowing my way through podcasts because I’ve been trying to make some health improvements for for several months now and I go out on a walk every day and I like to listen to podcasts while I walk so I have a love of aviation I have always loved aviation ever since I was a little kid. This is sick and twisted. But I’m really fascinated by aviation accidents especially big. Well it doesn’t matter whether they’re big commercial or little aviation general aviation I just find them fascinating I know it’s twisted anyway. So there and and my one of my favorite airlines of course is pan am. I never had the opportunity to fly on pan am but you know the pan am was kind of the queen of the skies so to speak in the 50 s sixty s and seventy s so there is this podcast called the pan am podcast and you ah excuse me. It goes through all sorts of the history of pan am um from its beginning to things that happened with Pan am one of the ones I listened to yesterday was about the last flight that pan am ever made. Um, the the pilot had flown into Brazil on a regular flight. And then he gets to the hotel thinking he’s going to have a little layover and pan am calls him and says yeah, we’re going out of business. Get back to the airport. You’re bringing the plane back to America whoa so he had to round up all his crew and everything and anyway it’s just super fascinating if you’re an aviation nerd and a history nerd both of which I am and so I’ve just. Really been enjoying the stories that they have been telling on this podcast and have been very entertaining while I’ve been walking that sounds really good and you should have told me about this before my 17 hour drive to Arizona yeah you you actually you would have liked it and it’s clean language I mean you could.

TWiM Sisters
You can listen to it and it doesn’t um the kids in the car. The kids in the car. That’s also a bonus. Ok I’m going to check it out. Ok all right I think that’s it for us I think that wraps it up twin nation. Thank you very much for joining us tonight if you have any questions or comments you can reach out. Add contact at this week http://inmornins.com and Jeff will get right on back to you. You can become a Patreon supporter for $3 a month to help us keep our lights on and of course you can find us on all social media platforms the Twitter. The Instagram the Facebook and we really do love and appreciate your comments and yeah on on our social media. So all right this that and happy New Year be New year


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