EP 567 – Disclaimer

Some older Church materials now remind users that the teachings may reflect an earlier time. Deseret News profiles Jon McNaughton.

Happy February! January is behind us, and the TWiM Sisters, Arianne and Tiffany, couldn’t be happier to be moving ever so slowly out of the dark and cold of winter. (Of course, tomorrow, Phil might see his shadow.)

We’ve got plenty of Latter-day Saint news to work through, a veritable cornucopia, if you will. So let’s get to it!

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All right? Hello everyone welcome to this week in mormons the sisters edition with your hosts Arianne Smith and Tiffany Hales welcome to this is the last day of January but technically it’ll be February by the time most of you hear this. But this is our second recording in January because January has five Mondays oh the horror of the horrible month to have 5 Mondays we got a fifth Monday just like a fifth Sunday exactly so because there was a fifth Monday and we record every four weeks here we are here we are again and we made it through January with all of its weirdness I personally have had like the weirdest random stuff this month see and I just flat out hate the month of January I find nothing redeeming in the month of January it’s It’s not great. You know it is cold here. It is dark here. It doesn’t get above ° we have inversions I’m working from home. It is just giving me ptsd of like when the pandemic first started and I’m like. Have no interaction with real life people I’m not even kidding you I filled up my car with gas today. It has almost been four weeks since I put gas in my heart. Well there’s a perk so well. The perk being yeah, not paying for gas and yeah, I’m not driving my car but you’re going a little badty I’m going a little bad like seriously there were there have been days where I just haven’t even other than going outside for a daily walk because I have done a daily walk every day. But other than that there have just been several days in a row where I haven’t even left the house. Oh yeah, that would drive me nuts. So yeah I am and I am this way every january I just it’s just not a month I like I think it’s a difficult month for a lot of people. So the fact that the calendar is rolling over tomorrow to February I am doing the happy dance I love February yes, okay, well we as I looked back at this month I was like we had a lot going on. In my house. Okay January I got a new calling which I love by the way I teach some beams now. Oh little boys. Yeah with you so I got a new calling. Um I potty trained a kid. Oh um, we had covered all of us are most of us. Had come okay and my husband got a vastectomy which is hilarious because it was exactly five weeks ago that we podcasted right? Yeah and four or five weeks ago yeah that story came up about the triplets and I jokingly told you that I was going to look into this.


Vasectomy thing kind of I like I was kind of joking but like you were kind of serious too because you realized it really freaked me out I know you like if I ended up with a kid at my age so we are not going to end that up talking about it afterwards I like did you see this story and we’re talking about it and I have. That was not the first example I yeah heard of several other people. Yeah that um, have you know had happy little and other forms of birth control. So he’s like I’m 42 years old and that could just be a really difficult situation. So. He was like well to mention mortifying for your 14 year old daughter like he was like well we have really good insurance right now. So he just like started to look into it. He goes and sees a doctor and the next thing I know. Like Sop. Okay well I’m like really impressed in in a month he could make that decision and get it and get it done. Oh especially with health care system exactly his current situation exactly that’s I think that blows me away more than the fact that he got the vasecctomy was how quick he was able to get it done I know so I would I would have assumed those were like six months out yep so you know yeah’m just making things maybe here maybe that’s considered a necessary surgery. Maybe anyway, just what you all wanted to know tonight I’m sure don’t worry he did say I could announce this to he did give us permission to discuss this tonight. So. Not to violating any confidence. but but yeah so like I said I’m I’m very anxious for for February. Yeah March on into my life. Yes, so much like my month in my house. The news stories that we have this week are also a very random random schmorgasorg of randomness. Yeah, so we have a lot of stories especially considering Jeff just podcasted last week I know um, there’s still a lot of stuff happening with members of the church actually well and it seemed like. The news stories were pretty slow in in late December and January but they are picking up so this is good. Okay, well should I kick it off with some by you news kick it off with by you news viu has been in the news almost every week this month for various and sort of they know because they have their investigation. Yeah on how they. Deal with lgtb q yes, you just Jeff just talked about that last week demonstrate there’s a whole new policy for demonstrating. Yes, don’t make the why a rainbow that’s not going to be anybodyddy. Very happy. So so we’ve got a couple more byu stories this week and this was be way you provos.


And there was a protest held um 10 days this couple weeks ago. Two Saturdays ago ok and there was a protest in opposition to b iu’s decision to require proof of vaccination or negative covid tests for attendance. Of indoor public events including conferences, athletics and performing arts. So this says so you got to show up with your v card. Yes, yes, or your little test. So this that I thought this is interesting dozens gathered at the intersection of Nine Hundred E. so this isn’t like don’t be alarmed people. This was not like thousands of people. This was not half of the student body. This was dozens. Um and they said they were they repeatedly said they’re not anti-vaccine but pro freedom. Um. Also somebody said it was estimated that about 25% of the crowd was you students. So the rest just came from around various places to say we don’t like b way use policy. Yes, even though we’re not students and it really doesn’t impact us. Yes, ah, anyway they interviewed 1 protester who commented. Happily about the ratio of supportive honks versus middle fingers because they had they had signs that said like honk if you support this anyway, they hoks they emphasize over and over again that this was not a vaccine protest. It was a. Fight for freedom or whatever which I find very interesting like back because protest if you claim that you’re there to like be pro-reom then you also have to recognize that be way you is a private institution and therefore has freedom. To dare make no regulated anyway. But the thing that I found that was interesting about this is the protest was planned through a group called people’s rights. We love the people we are familiar with here in Idaho it’s an anti-government group that was founded by the famous Ammon Bundy who I know you probably all think we will not shut up about well you know he he did receive did I give I gave him a lifetime achievement award. It was another person that I gave hall of fame to. But Ammon Bundy got my lifetime achievement award because he can’t stay out of the news for bad behavior. Yeah, so anyway now he’s I guess they planned these protests all over he’s he’s reaching out from Idaho you all.


Get to enjoy his loveliness also well you know what driving over here tonight I was listening to just a portion of a podcast that was being replayed on our local Npr station and it was done by k by the bsu station here in town bsu being boisey state public radio. And um, it’s a whole thing on am and Monday and people’s rights and how that is gay me game gaining movement and momentum. So then I come here and you’re like hey did you see the protest story and I’m like no I didn’t see the protest stories. Well there were dozens up there. So when I hear dozens I’m like okay well that’s got to be more than one dozen so 24 but less than a one hundred because if it you reached 100 you would say a hundred or hundreds right? So somewhere between twenty four and a hundred protesters is how I interpret that? Yeah, okay, so you know. All right now you’ve got another be y year I have another by wayu story. So be why you and other latter day saint schools. So this affects b y you by you Idaho B Y you Hawaii enzy college and the byu pathways program. If you are a new employee to any of those esteemed educational institutions you will have to flash your temple recommend because all new employees must ah hold and be worthy to hold a current recommend now I’m sure what you’re all thinking is. And wasn’t that already the case because they came up with this policy and it kind of left. Everybody’s head scratching going. Well I thought that was what we had to do so that was not officially the case. Apparently what would happen is if you were to apply for employment at one of these schools and i’m. Assuming they made full time right of employment. Um, they contact your bishop to make sure there are your bishop doesn’t have any concerns and that you are living the honor code and this would obviously only apply if you are a member of the church and applying to work at 1 of these schools. If you are not a member of the church. You have to agree to follow the honor code. Um, but obviously they’re not going to expect you to have a temple recommend right? Yeah, this was super interesting because we all just assume this is already exactly exactly. So and some of the things that they say is um, ah and if if they contacted your bishop and you didn’t have a current temple recommend this was before the policy change then be why you would just verify that your conduct is consistent with qualifying for.


Temple privileges right? So a not really big change but more of like a formality have it in writing exactly thing. Yeah, um, which they did mention in the article that ah the accreditation review or whatever is coming up. Um. So maybe maybe just to be all like have everything in the books. Yeah, well you know they were saying the accreditation review really focuses more on academics and they don’t really, it’s not about you know your faith. It’s not about the specifics but they did say that um with the accreditation review they want to make sure that what you’re advertising. That your college ah provides yeah what you’re giving them. So if you are presenting yourself as like a faith-based school with these standards and then they want to make sure that is actually how you’re operating your school because they talked about the other faith-based schools also in the article which was also interesting. I love to hear how other faith-based universities exactly and this said somewhere at that approximately a thousand There’s approximately a thousand of the nation’s approximately 4000 institutions of higher learning are faith related. So literally one fourth of the colleges in America are faith related that never was seek shock mind blowing to me I was shocked to but then it also said be way you has the unique distinction of being like 1 of the biggest exactly a lot of them are very small schools. Yeah, but. Yeah I I did I think it was one of our schools that’s insane I know I did think it was really interesting again. Like you said how? um they talked about you know that? um oh where is it here. That you know baptists have certain requirements nazarenes have certain requirements right? So this is a you know this isn’t certainly anything that is unique to be y you and of course um I mean regardless of whether or not I mean whether it’s the old policy or the new policy. I don’t think anybody would dispute that be why you is exactly what it advertises. Yeah I think so but and here’s the other interesting thing this just applies to new hires. So if you are current. Employed at one of these institutions and for whatever reason you do not have a temple recommend you can continue your employment and it said that they were giving current employees the opportunity to opt in ahead but that they would not be penalized if they didn’t opt in. Yes.


And um, Clark Gilbert ah he says I believe he’s in charge of the church education system. He says these updates reflect the expectation we have for each employee to continue continue to engage fully in the spiritual mission that is central to each cess institution. We are grateful to have such remarkable and committed employees. You know there was 1 other thing in this article that kind of struck me that ah that I did really kind of like so um, they are interviewing this gentleman by the name of let me find him here. His last name is wood and he went to um, he he got his doctorate degree at ah at Indiana and he said on the spiritual side. It’s much easier to be my authentic self here at vyu because I can talk about my faith and share my spiritual feelings and what I believe and where I was not allowed to do that in Indiana he says so I actually think I have more freedom here at vyu than I did at Indiana. He’s talking about academic freedom right? and because people were like well does this stifle academic freedom and he’s saying no you know I don’t feel like it does and and I think that’s really true for by you, you know you can make a lot of religious um you could bring. Scripture and religion into your classroom discussions and nobody is going to look at you like you have horns growing out of your head right? You go to you to other walk that fine. You don’t have to walk that fine line and you do go to some other universities and you might be belittled for expressing those beliefs. So. You know and on that side I can I can I can appreciate that so anyway and then um, president worthen of b why you released a whole question and answer thing as well that we’ll link to that’s part of the article. Um. Just kind of gives the info as to why they’re doing it and how policy is going to be applied I know so all right? Ok next article this was from the Desret News is John Mcnaughton trolling the left or the right inside the studio of America’s most controversial artist. Now if you will remember this guy I have really had not thought about this guy for a couple years because I feel like I just hadn’t seen him in the news but I remember him being in the news during a lot during a lot during Trump’s time in office he is an artist. Um, who likes to do a lot of political art but not like.


Cartoon Political Cartoon this is like fine art paintings. He’ll take like a classic painting and he’ll read redo it with in a so very satirical way. Yes, and so you love him or you hate him I guess he’s very polarizing and he’s done a lot of artwork where Trump is featured predominant. Yeah, as. Kind of a ah hero savior figure figure. He’s even done some that have the savior in the yeah beside. Yes, some political yes figures that he so the Trump like yes and the left the the left east. Ah, harass him? Yeah, mercilessly so they did an interview with him. Um, Samuel Benson at the desret book did an interview with him. You mean the desert news deret news not the deret book and ah went to his studio and he talked about some of the pieces just to give you an example. Um he had taken the famous painting Washington crossing the Delaware and he had redone it with Donald Trump instead of Washington and the crew in the boat is paddling across a swamp. With the uscapitalrotunda in the background. So that’s the kind of um art this guy does and I remember he was just all over the news. Ah several years ago yeah but I guess he’s still going strong. So um, he interviewed him and um, he said that. People take his art too. Seriously, he said that’s what drives left crazy because they look at me like that guy’s serious and he says I’m laughing the whole time I paint this thing so the whole article is kind of like is this supposed to be a joke or is he serious? yeah and he kind of I think he enjoys. He enjoys nobody knowing I think in this article he is playing both sides of the fit I think he is. You know my thought was easy. He crazy or is he crazy like you know what? you know what he is. He is the shock jock of the art world. That’s what I have decided he is a regular old Howard Stern of the art world. Ah right? I cannot disagree with that I mean all he wants is like like he loves the attention. Um, he really does and what I found was fascinating is he started out as a landscape artist. He did these landscape paintings and you know folks the landscape paintings just weren’t really making that right money I’m now just making a title. Like you know? Yeah but load of money on this political art. He talks about how he actually gauges the success of a painting by how much backlash he gets yeah like this is a good thing for him now he claims. He’s not in it for the money but I have to tell you.


Me smell. Oh there is just ah smell test for me. There’s because if you weren’t in this for the money then you’d be going back to doing your landscape right? and you’re not in it for the the art because. This is not your average art I don’t know I don’t know well and then there’s aren’t critics who have criticized his work and have said all sorts of stuff about it and he’s just like well clearly you like my work because if you didn’t think I was had any talent you would take the time to criticize right? right? and he clear. He was in this article that he was like not um, the trump camp in the beginning. Yeah, in fact, he said he did his first kind of political artwork piece in 2008 and that is when Mccain and Obama were running and he said I didn’t like either 1 of those candidates. And this one he did in 2008 which actually was not nearly as controversial as any of his Trump stuff. Um, just ah, in fact I think it was called trying to remember what it was called. It was the 1 nation shama on the constitution. No one nation under god and so that’s the one he did in 2008 that um, he has Jesus centered between the U S Capitol and the supreme court with the constitution in his hand and then he has a whole bunch of historical figures on both sides rights anyway, very interesting. Oh and in case we didn’t mention this guy is lds. Oh yes, that’s why we talking about. We should have should have mentioned that at the very beginning obviously the Deret News is interviewed. Yeah, he’s the be way ura he lives in Utah yes, he’s l yes, um, so anyway, it’s just very interesting and he’s still going strong I really didn’t know I hadn’t seen anything recently from him until this article so I was like oh no. He’s still going strong. It says that very recently he did a series of Trump theme originals that he published as nftts or non-fungible token which again I can’t I just cannot with the nfts I I really my head around the and have a difficult time understanding why people are paying money for these things. But well then he also said he did one of Kyle written house but he hasn’t released it because he said it was just too dark. Yeah, and I just didn’t want to go there and I thought well okay at at least you have a judgment line in the same right? So I’m sure over the next. Um. Couple of years as election season. Yeah heats up again. I’m sure that he will be pumping out the paintings and enjoying every minute of his shock jock paintry like I said my take on it was he is crazy like a Fox and he’s raking in the dollars and he’s laughing at the left and he’s laughing at the right I think.


Probably yes so and to that I have to say we’ good for you if you can you know if you’ve got both sides talking about you and you’re making some money at the same time. What the heck all right? Our next story is I mean it’s kind of ah. Feel good story. It has a little bit of a sad ending but I just really liked it because I liked the message in it. So there was this woman her member of the church of course her name was patty ever shed Peterson and she was diagnosed with cancer. She lived in Las Vegas and she had to drive to Salt Lake city to the Huntsman Cancer Institute for her treatments and of course you know that this she was quite distraught about her cancer diagnosis as anybody would be and um, she remembered this talk about um. Heard this talk in your own trials and your own troubles the best way to get around. It is to serve and she thought I can’t have this journey and have it just be about me I need to be serving others to get my mind off my troubles so she she commences to try and figure out. You know what can I do to serve especially on this long drive. And so she went to http://justserve.org and she found this service project. She found that um, the festival of the trees in Salt Lake City needed ah pillow cases sewn and so I mean the only thing I can think of is she must not have been driving and maybe she’s like hand sewing pillowcases right? That’s what I thought to I said who’s driving the car. She must have had someone driving. She must have had somebody driving and she’s hand sewing the pillowcases so she makes all of these pillow cases. She gets sisters in her ward involved in making all these pillow cases she ends up on the board of the festival of the trees and um, just um. Just really, she says it changed the way I felt about my cancer. It was fun. Believe it or not my cancer journey has been joyful and fun and she did a video ah that came out in October Two Thousand and twenty one on the just serve app and she says. I have about two or three months of my life to left to live and I still gather things I still talk to people and it’s joyful meet for me to continue to do the work when I feel pretty bad and so she said in addition to these pillow cases. She texted people she wrote notes she tied quilts. And she tried to reach out every day and she said if she hadn’t had cancer. She never would have had the opportunity to perform that service. She ended up passing away in January ah, which of course is unfortunate but not unexpected and um, she said that. Um.


Her family requested in lieu of flowers that people make a donation to primary children’s hospital and that um her legacy is that when you have something that you can take your mind off of your own situation. It changes everything it changes how you feel it changes how you feel about seeing the savior. And saying I hope I did a good job because I certainly tried and I really liked that and I liked that because president Nelson is always talking to us about effort and that that lord that’s what the lord expects from us is the Lord expects effort from us and I think man what a remarkable story. You know she kind of had the spinal push at the end of her life is’s amazing because you’d think you only have a few months. Yeah, so it would be really easy to be like oh I can’t really do much. Yeah, exactly a few months. What can I really do exactly exactly so to me it was just a feel good story just what a reminder the blessing that comes from service. Yeah, more to the person who is serving than probably the person who is receiving. Okay, next article is from Janna Reese we love a good ja yes, we do and the title is softening mormon patriarchy one correction at a time. Oh this was. This one was really interesting to me. Um, she said in the article that last week on social media someone posted a screenshot of an article from The Church Magazine um from the enzyme online from 1973 and let me read you what the screenshot said it was a like a um. not like a warning label but yeah like a warning was so it like I assume like at the top of the article it says at the top disclaimer yes disclaimer that’s its the word I’m looking for not a warning label but a disclaimer so this was at the top of this article from 1973 um, and the article was titled strengthening the patriarchal order in the home. So at the top of the article on the church website. It said articles in the magazine’s archive may reflect practices and languages of an earlier time more current messages from the magazines on. The relationship between husbands and wives include and then it lists 3 different more recent yes articles that are about a husband wife relationship because if you read this 1973 article. You will be yeah mortified so this 1973 article called strengthening the patriarchal order in the home was by Brent Barlow the famous brint Barlow of Byu I don’t know how many people have had his class I be white. He was a religion professor be by you well I was there and he was most famous for well actually I think he was a marriage and family. Ah home therapy department not therapy yeah marriage and family marriage and family department at buw you and the class he was most famous for was marriage prep.


Ah, got its which I did take it be by you okay because everybody said it was hilarious and like an easy a well I did not take that it be way you I was a little bit more academic than you I know you were that and I would have been mortified to take a marriage prep class because every person I know in high school is like are you’re going to be where you’d gary and I was like no. I’m going to be get it Aja and I was like are you kidding me I need every easy class I could get because I cannot pass my core classes give me the easy ones to fill up the space I barely made it out of there. Okay, you got to talk about some of this stuff that this article says because i. Just I can yes so now granted this was in the early 70 s this says. Um, brother Barlow was only like about thirty years old at the time so this is the very beginning of his career. Yes is before his long career at be Byu. Let’s just put it this way. We’ll give our own disclaimer. He refined disbeliefs. Yes. Were molded and shifted over the years I do believe as well. They should be because none of this was preached to me in his marriage prep class at least I don’t remember I think I would have remembered I think you would have remembered so the article talks about um should 2 people preside over each other in a marriage. Particularly when one holds a priesthood and has been divinely designated to preside that is a question he presents in the article and then he answers that question with no that would be chaos men step up and be the lords and masters god now this is janees ah summarizing yes, basically his answer was men step up and be the lords and masters god desire you to be. So then he also um, quoted was just a quote from the article said that strengthen the patriar strengthening the patriarchal order and Lds homemes. Not only will the husband wife relationship be enhanced but the parent-ch child relationship will improve as well. When a wife challenges the right of her husband to officiate in the home. It is not a logical consequence. Is it not a logical consequence that the children will also challenge his right to officiate in a home. So this is very very like old school. Husband will preside why wife will not question type of language here and there was some speculation that at the time this came out the church was trying to put the the quash on the equal rights amendment right? because there was a lot of support among the women for the equal rights amendment. And then the church started going down this path and then the support of Lds women for the equal rights Amendment Wayne so to speak yes so it was interesting she just said, um you know we haven’t really seen this before. No I don’t think on church.


Articles. Although I think there are many many opportunities for these disclaimers to be on some of those various older articles and when I was first reading this I was like well why did they just test some disclaimers on etb stuff. Also known as eser tough Benson yes, ah, yes, there’s there’s a lot of our old stuff we can anyway. So you were saying why don’t they just take it myra will thought as I’m reading this article was why wouldn’t they just take it off but she actually makes a very good point. Um. In her write up about this gen um that you know if if they take them off. It looks like we’re hiding the past right? So her point is that she really appreciates that they’re not trying to hide the article or pretend it never happened. Um, but that they are you know adding the disclaimer and recognizing. The the time period in which it was written so when she pointed that out I said oh that’s true. You know if if we did take it off. Someone would find it in some obscure place and be like look what they’re trying to hide exactly. So yeah I mean it’s kind of a lose lose. You can’t I just appreciate the fact because let’s face it. And and again, yeah, I’m going to quote Oprah you know Oprah always says when you know better you do better right? and that is how we learn here is line upon line precept on precept and so you know you look at a lot of those older teachings that are. Thirty Forty 50 60 years old and in the world we live in today. It just doesn’t fit were they right for the time. Perhaps you know they were definitely you know and I wouldn’t even say perhaps I would say were they right for the time. Yeah, they were right for the time based on you know what we knew then and what we understood now. The beautiful thing about human beings is we evolved and we change and we can look back at that a week ago that’s probably we not counsel. We should follow these days right? and it gives us an opportunity. To be able to say look how far we’ve come right? Yeah so I would like and she and she points that out that like as as the years go on. We need to recognize you know that as a church. We’re not perfect. No and we don’t always have it right? and. You know we evolve and we change. We’re a living being and ah, what was her quote she said at the end. Let’s only the dead do not change. So let’s keep our church among the living. Yeah, and so yeah I mean anyway, pretty cool to see some of these things evolve over time.


And keep everybody keep an eye out for that disclaimer on these older articles because I will be curious to see I mean she for example in there. She’s she briefly scoured some of these articles from the 70 s to just see if she can find it on any other and she said she didn’t but um, she mentioned. The special lamanite section comes to my like there are a lot. Yeah, there are a lot that it could be put on so it’ll be interesting to see if it pops up more on some of those older yeah older articles. Exactly very interesting stuff. Very interesting. Okay, the next story is the washington d c temple um. The open house. Ah Jeff talked about this. He is very excited for the washington d c temple open house. Um, what’s interesting are the tickets are free but you have to reserve your parking and so um, within the um first two weeks after the announcement was made regarding the open house. Nearly fifty percent of the available parking for the initial open house had been snatched up. That’s so wild it is so wild. So the original open house states are set from April Twenty Eighth to June fourth and I don’t know when the. Temple dedication was set for but they pushed the temple dedication back to August fourteenth because what they are going to do is they are going to extend the open house and their language is quote as needed. Oh so they haven’t set a specific. They haven’t set a specific date. I thought it said extend it by two months but no they just have available. They just have an available time period up to August Fourteenth or a couple weeks beforehand because they go in and they do some cleanup and a bunch of stuff like that after the after the public open house. But. I thought that was so interesting because honestly I have to tell you when they announced the dates I have seriously been considering do I want to fly back to Dc because I have always said oh I would love to take my 17 year old son back to Dc because he’s a total history buff. He loves american history. Like I love american history. We could go hit the Smithsonian right? spend like all Dan the smithsonians so I did get online tonight and just put some random dates in to see what the ticket prices were to see is this like event financially feasible. So I don’t know I may think about it I probably need to reach out to Jeff and say Jeff where to ah. We do I want to come and where do I want to stay well, it’s really cool that it’s over the summer because I bet they will get a ton of visitors across the country that temple is such a landmark temple. Yeah, you know there are a handful of temples that are destinations. Yeah, that people go to? yeah.


That’s one of them exactlywaii the temple in Hawaii that’s one of them. Um, so I just think how cool that it falls over the summer they’re going to get so many people from out of state. They’re visiting and then of course everybody that lives there that yeah I’m sure is anxious to see it. Yeah, um so I think it’s really cool. They extended it I mean I’m sorry for all the people that are waiting to actually go in. Yeah like Jeff exactly exactly so cool and such a good opportunity just a good pr move. Oh yeah, it also kind of gave me I think a little preview of what it’s going to be like when they have Salt Lake done yeah I mean that one’s gonna be a long one. They’ve already said I know I can’t help but think they’re gonna have to have like a six month open house to accommodate all of the people who are gonna want to come in and see the Salt Lake tipple because it’s been years since anybody who has I had a temple recommend has been able to go in and see that. So yeah, maybe this is kind of like a little. Mini how are we gonna deal with all the big crowds. Yeah, because they didn’t have similar issues in Salt Lake that they have in Dc they’re not gonna have parking in Salt Lake they’re gonna have to shuttle people in they’re gonna have to bring people in on the trains and the coordination I’m just thinking have. Of all the coordination that was asked of us. Yes, for our meridians. Oh yeah, temple open house and we have so many members here. Yeah, they do have a lot. Yeah, a good chunk of members there but I will be interested to hear Jeff’s take as those get closer like what are they specifically asking. The members those deal stakes in those wards to do to participate because they’re all going to have to chip in a lot I’m sure to yes, fill all of those volunteer positions exactly with where they’re like go this way go this way? Yeah, okay, what’s next? Oh I’m up. Ah, this was an update on Ukraine Jeff talked last week in the podcast about how the Ukraine Missionaries have been moved out of the country as Russia is looming over the Ukraine which is a real bummer. Um. And so this was just kind of a follow up with some of those missionaries they interviewed one missionary. Ah was it a Sister Peterson it was was the Sister Peterson so she actually is one of the few that got to stay in the mission. But not in Ukraine not in Ukraine in Moldova because it’s a big large mission so she and is in Moldova right now and which is very rare most of the missionaries got sent to other countries. She said they’re all over Canada Croatia Poland Bulgaria Brazil I think they are all just.


Crossing their fingers and hoping that they get the chance to go back? Yeah ukraine before their missions are over um, but they obviously won’t until it’s safe. Yeah, this is what I had to say on Ukraine this was like I had a little call to Jesus moment last night oh my because it was a fifth sunday and our ward for the fifth Sunday was having all of the adults and kids 7 and up meet in the chapel for a meeting discussing the goals. You know the youth goals the 4 areas the 4 goals and I was being a real stinker about it yesterday. Ah before church because I was like we do this every january. We have some big meeting to talk about the goals and the kickoff of the goals and we know what the goals are and we know how they work and we’ve gone over this with our children and my kids are gonna be sitting in the seats like wiggly and rolling their eyes. Yeah, not wanting to be there and I was being a real stick in mud about it I went. Because you know I teach primary now. Yeah so I you think I’d get out but no, they brought in people so the primary teachers they brought in people for primary. so um so I went into it with a very bad attitude and although I hid it for my children. That’s very good because you cannot show that your children won’t know. And then when I got home last night I was checking Facebook because I knew we were going to do this podcast today and I needed to catch up on articles and Jeff had but done a repost on the twin Facebook page from a guy named Jason Stout I don’t know who this is he but he lives obviously in the Ukraine. Okay. And he said that their fifth Sunday lesson in Kiev yesterday was all about what to do if Russia inmates. Um, they and my they talked about everything from emergency kits food storage decontaminating water. Um, he said that some people around them. Were sharing experiences from Russia’s first invasion into eastern Ukraine um, and they were even though they’d been through all that he just talked about the great attitude they have that they were like remark they were upbeat and positive and um, that is what they did for their fifth sunday and I had a real come to Jesus hey. Like I need to complain about the youth goal I am so sorry I am your privilege of showing I am the worst. So um, just you know our hearts go out to those so yeah in Ukraine I cannot imagine having a fifth Sunday lesson yeah about what to do. If. You’re what to do if we get invaded this week right? Oh my goodness and so that’s the latest on Ukraine. We just keep them in our prayers. Yes, okay, the next story is comedian Ryan Hamilton and many of you know Ryan Hamilton he is a member of the church.


He has I don’t know if it’s still up there I assume it is he has a special on Netflix called happy face and so he is going around the country touring with his comedic skills and he was set to be in Salt Lake City this last weekend. However, he and a shuttle bus unfortunately met. And it didn’t end. Well so Ryan say it’s so sad he said got hit by a but he did he said I was a pedestrian in a crosswalk I’m sorry pedestrians in a crosswalk always have the right away. So all I have to say shuttle bus company. So I’m assuming it all. In New York where he lives right? York York City what he did they didn’t say where it was um he he was unable to fly and so he did say that his mom was able to driving back to Idaho to recover because he can’t fly until he’s cleared by doctors. That would be a if if this happened in New York that would be be a long drive. Really long drive and so it might not have been this weekend but his his um shows that were scheduled for Salt Lake city this weekend were canceled as a result of it. And he suffered some really severe injuries. He had a compound fracture in his arm 7 broken ribs and a punctured collapsed lung wow. So anyway, so speaking of prayers send the ukrainians some prayers and send Ryan some prayers and he is. So good. We got to see him when he came here for a live show. Oh I didn’t know he came here a few years ago he is before you told me to go the Netflix special no because we had seen the Netflix special before he came here and he is so funny and so good and I can’t imagine I can imagine he will turn this into some really great material. Yes. Will and he actually is from eastern idaho so not only is he member of the church we at least have an an idaho and from eastern idaho that is not behaving. Badly that’s true lately. They are not representing well. There’s no, they’re not ok. Um, oh and that’ve got one other hour more injury story. This one’s really sad this one is out of Arizona there was this gentleman by the name of Richard Jacobson he just recently returned from a mission. He’s hiking in Arizona he’s going to take a selfie and he slips and falls. Seven hundred feet and so he passed away so prayers for his family as well. Well sounds sad. Yep all right? Um, next story is there is a beway you grad who is running for governor of Massachusetts oh haven’t we had one of those boys so this is very exciting.


Is this like yeah lather rinse repeats possibly but the question is does he have binder so of women I don’t know so this guy his name is Chris Dotty not to be confused with Chris daughty the american idol yeah winner. Um Chris Dotty um he is a be way you grad. Um, he has not been in politics before he’s currently an investor in a company or a partner in capstan industries which you looked up. They do metal manufacturing yes like a powdered metal. They use a powdered metal to manufacture. He is like a business guy. He’s running on the republican ticket for the. Primary. The current governor is republican and he’s been running not running again. So he is running as a republican he is platform one of his issues. He says it’s become too expensive for most working people to live in Massachusetts so he’s um. Partially running on that and then the guy he’s running against oh he is more of the moderate. Yeah because the guy he’s running against is Jeff deal who is a former lawmaker and was previously endorsed by former president Donald Trump so I don’t know if Donald Trump will endorse him again. But it sounds like he is the moderate running against a more conservative more far right far right? meaning opponent and then whoever wins the primary will take over against the democrat which I thought it was interesting that they have a republican governor because they’re they’ve shifted. They’re kind of a. Fairly blue sta these days. Um, so it will be interesting to see which makes me think he could probably have a chance win against the republican counterpart but said win against yeah and but the republican counterpart too as a former state legislator. Obviously has a lot of political connections and where this is his first foray but that’s true. It probably depends on how far right? that guy leans into yes into his Trump myth I don’t know because I can’t imagine that that. Plays very well in Boston anyway, I don’t know I don’t know anything about the politics in Boston um, you know as a court as opposed to right? The western states that I tend to follow more because it has more of an impact on us here in Idaho but it’ll be fun. Well it will be fun to watch. It’ll be very It’s always watch. It’s always interesting and fun I think to see. Other members of the church participate in politics in their seat. Yes, it’s just really fun to look and see what they’re doing yeah from the outside it’s fascinating. Okay, so you may recall Tonga.


They had a volcano that exploded and it resulted in ash all over their islands and some tsunamis and whatnot and so the the church actually owns a high school there. It’s called Leah Hona high school and they have been using Leah Hona high school. Um, to house more than 100 individuals and families that were displaced as a result of this volcanic eruption. Well if the volcanic eruption wasn’t enough. There was a building on the high school which houses the technical and vocational programs such as carpentry mechanics and other occupational training. That caught on fire and it was badly damaged so nobody was injured in the fire people weren’t staying in this building but just kind of more rough stuff happening for the folks in Tonga and now you just kind of go Don’s rough world out there. Yeah so. All right? and then one last story before we move into. Of course my favorite mormons behaving badly ah the mormon battalion we’re going to hit that really quick. Um, rep there is. It’s been one hundred and seventy five years of the mormon battalion and so to honor that the church sent elder de togg christoppherson down to San Diego now that’s a rough assignment g Elder Christopherson it’s ° here in Salt Lake would I like to go down to San Diego and speak the boardman battalions. Let me check my calendar. Yes. Anyway, so they sent him down there to speak at the anniversary of the mormon battalion and he ah went down there and he talked about just the legacy of the mormon battalion and what they did and the service that they performed and told the the people of today he said you know. As you stand in their places you are heirs of that great legacy you two are capable of that kind of faith and sacrifice and service. You’re capable of doing hard things. Ah you two have great things to do and he says now go forth and make a difference and so. Just a whole nice article in the Desret News kind of talking about the purpose of the mormon battalion. Um, the things that were learned in the mormon battalion the money from the mormon battalion that went towards um purchasing handcarts and supplies for Brigham young and the saints to actually cross the plains and that. Had the mormon battalion not happened. We might not have been entering Salt Lake City in eighteen forty seven so anyway and that’s um, you know if you’ve never I know you guys have visited there. It’s a really cool visitor. Yeah, it’s a really cool visitor center and the missionaries that are there dress up in pioneer outfits and and um.


You know, tell you all sorts of fun stories. It’s like the west coast novelvi the type of 5 because in navi they’re all dressed up and in character. Yeah, you don’t get that at a ton of sights out here in the west but that’s that’s one where you can go well and I think you told me your kids really loved it too. Yeah, so. Okay, let’s hit on mormons behaving badly really quick before we move on to our favorite things. Um, there was a vyu professor Michael James Clay he was originally charged with some sexual abuse involving students. They piled some more charges on him because as what typically happens. Usually there is not 1 victim there are several and so when the first set of charges came out. People came out of the woodwork and now he’s facing um more charges and if ah, we’ll link to the article if you are interested in reading the graphic details but bring your strong stomach because it’s pretty this really bad. So the next one is a gentleman he was a member of the ammon city council and he his which is in Idaho which is unfortunately Jeff made the comment last week about how all these people are coming from Idaho and I was like yes, it’s not our fault. It’s not why are there so many. Like the disclaim to also say most of these are Eastern Idaho we live in western ida house we’re on the safe safe safeish side of the state except till we get to my last story on Mormons Behaving bad right? But no, we’re being surrounded. Go ahead so he is a member of the church. His name is Brian Whiscomb he was um he resigned his position on the ammon city council December Second it was rather unexpected and he made no comment as to why he was resigning. And then it came out in January that um, some sexual abuse charges were filed against him and um, again, these are allegations. Nothing has been proven yet. They are allegations. Um, but anyway so he faces a number of charges again. The details of this crime will link to the article if you want to read it. I’m not going to regurgitate it here because it’s just kind of stuff just know that it’s bad. So okay, now again to revisit a former mormon behaving. Badly you all may have recalled several months ago there was a gentleman who um he was a he was an attorney general up in ah Alaska and he was he was ah using a desert handle and he was saying all sorts of just nasty horrific things. Um, just.


Racist comments just all sorts of comments. Well I don’t know what prompted me the other day but I just thought and and king remember what it was and he got like oh oh yes, he did he and not likeo is Lds and was’t his boss. Yes, also Lds and the the attorney general was he was published. Anonymously, but someone I mean you just can’t be anonymous online and so someone did some digging and determined who he was and um and then it came out and then when it came out. He was let go because the elected attorney general for the state of Alaska is also a member of the church. And it was ah supposedly they both were in the same ward anyway, so he ended up getting let go and so I thought oh I wonder what’s I don’t even know what prompted me to just kind of do a Google search to see what was going on so I did a Google search of his name and his name is miss Mathias Sante I I knew I didn’t pronounce it right? The first time we talked about it I know I’m not pronouncing it right now. Let’s just call him mathias so I did a little Google search yes where he’s moved to id he. Taken up residence over in the fair city of Caldwell which is just a little west of us is down the freeway down the freeway and I’d like oh goody gum drops. So I checked on the state bar’s website to see. He’s not licensed in Idaho yet. I don’t know if we have a reciprocity agreement with Alaska or if he’s sitting for the state bar in February and if he is sitting for the state bar in February I’m scratching my head going. How do you pass the character in fitness but in any event um, he is holding himself out to be an attorney and. He has his business contact information as Mattias and then his last name attorney at law with a post office so he still claims to be an attorney. He still claims to be an attorney so we don’t think he’s made a career change. We don’t think he’s made a career change has he made a new anonymous does that name change. I don’t know but you knows has he cut himself off from the social medias here’s the other thing I did I was like I wonder if he’s filed a name change paperwork here in Idaho so that he can legally change his name so that if a future employer goes and Googles him the design stuff doesn’t pop up I couldn’t find a name change for it. I wrote probably. A little too invested I think this much time but I have to tell you here I’m a deputy attorney general and I find his behavior just so offensive. So that’s probably why I’m feeling a little invested. Yes I think so and we just just.


To know that he’s just down the road. We’re just attracting the most crazy people seriously so but anyway I don’t know but I got him on my radar screen. It’s not getting end. Well all right? Tiffany will keep us posted if he applies for a job at the attorney general’s office. Because she’s going to shut that down yes, and there’s there’s an opening would be hilarious if he applied because we have an opening in my office right now and I’d be like then no not ah, still little recon on him. Maybe’s gonna go into private practice now. So I would suggest that yeah okay, well. We are on to our favorite that is all of the news for the week so okay favorite things should I go first yes you go first and then I’ll go um my favorite thing this month was influenced by your daughter. She influenced me your young trendy college daughter I was going to say which one I have tried to choose from. They all have very different things going on in their lives. Okay, so this belt bag. Okay, this is didn’t even see this belt bag. You’re wearing this is basically a glorified fanny pack but it is the Lulu Lemon belt bag. They call it a belt bag. Really and your daughter has had 1 for months now and every time I paid lulu lamon prices for a belt bag. She’s a college student I know it’s about the only to cut her budget. It’s not the only thing I can afford it Lulu but but it is a very bougie fanning pack. But. I really like it really I didn’t even notice you had it on I did sitting here know an hour every time she comes over I see her is I’m like okay that she wearing it like as it really capped. No she wears it a cross body. Okay that I have seen her where is that is the hip cool way to wear it. Yeah which I attempted to do last week and I I just don’t know. I come and I don’t know that hip I’m hip enough to wear as fan back I don’t know what that says about you that you hip enough to wear it as a fanank but not across body the way that all the youngins are I don’t know I’m like dabbling my toe and trying to be cool but I’m not quite there. So um I really like it though it holds everything. So what do do you put it on in the morning and leave it on well I put it on this is this is when I wear it. This is why I love it. I cannot stand pants without pockets like I mean I love leggings. Yeah, but there is nothing that makes me more mad than when I reach for pockets and there’s no pockets. Yes, so this is it. Dilemma for me every winter because I do wear a lot of leggings. Yeah winter because they’re comfy and me too and wear leggings in the winter. So you know where the phone goes in the boob. Yes here. Maybe I need one of these yeah hacks I’m telling you you need one because now if there if there’s a day where I have pockets in my pants I won’t wear. It.


But if there is a day like today where I have leggings I snap it right on the phone goes in there. Um I don’t know whatever other random stuff that I need to take around the house goes in there. My gosh and I love it I just I have new words so but do know. So blame your influence or daughter. Okay I guess I I she’s I got a lot to blame her for lately. Okay, well mine is kind of a twofold. Um, first of all today I um, listen to that as you know the church news has a podcast. And when I um today I listened to one that they did with sister Wendy Nelson and they released it just within the last ten days or so and she talks about the last four years um with ah with her husband as the prophet and what she’s seen and the experiences that they’ve had. And how they’ve dealt with covid oh that sounds good I love to hear from the wives I do too and she was very this is the second time I’ve heard her do a podcast with um, the church news and she’s of course extremely personable and um, just shared some really amazing insights and I loved the podcast. So I’m recommending everybody. Go listen to Sister Nelson’s podcast. Okay, so my second favorite thing is a new Facebook group that I’m a member of and as you know I am a child of the 70 s. I love myself a good mid-century modern house probably because we grew up in a mid-century modern house and so that design style is imprinted upon me and I just have the warm and the fuzzies on the mid-century modern I love to look at pictures of. Old mid-century moderns I love to look at pictures of updated mid-century moderns yes, so I found this Facebook group that I joined called midcentury ranch homes so it’s all ranchstyle homes and a lot of them will be links to homes that are for sale. Okay, so you can see the home in its pristine condition. Some of them have been updated some of them have not It’s also very interesting to see what these mid-century ranches are going for in all sorts of differences all across country all across the country. And then people will ah modernize a mid-century ranch and they will put pictures of their modernized mid-century ranch on that I saw 1 today that was just they had done an amazing job. It was so gorgeous I was like I want to live that elves.


Who so it’s just a really some eye candy. It’s eye candy. It’s total eye candy if you’re into that design style like I said I really like that design style and so it’s fun to to see the old pictures and see the new picture oho I’m gonna have to go check that out. You might have to go check that out. So okay. Well I think that does it for this week I think it does so twin nation. Thank you so much for joining us. Ah, we appreciate your support if ah if you have any questions you can reach out to Jeff at contact at this week at http://mormons.com you of course can find us on the Facebook the Instagram the Twitter we would encourage you all to become Patreon supporters and for three bucks a month you can make a a small donation to helping us keep our servers up and our lights on and we would appreciate if you did that. So all right? We’ll be back next month and in the meantime listen next week for Jeff and mystery guest who history guest flavors up for next week for next week and we just really appreciate. You. Thanks for listening.


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