EP 592 – Come, Enter Into My Fry Sauce

Utah's cookie wars, meetinghouses so bland the local planning board asks you to try harder, Zach Wilson is too sexy for all

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TWiM Sisters
All right? Hello everyone welcome to this week in mormons the sisters edition with real life sisters Arian Smith and Tiffany Hill we are here for the menth of just yeah, we are high high into summer or she like to call it sticky floor season floor season. We are in sticky floor season. So tell me how’s your summer been going. Um, it’s been good. We’ve been jotting all over the western United States on little trips here and there I know every time I try and track you ganglinger she down again. We did San Diego we did the mountains of mccall you called me last week and you said are you still my sister. And talked you would forever. We’re still doing the Oregon Coast coming up in a few months and then in between that our kids have done all the church things we had a FsY we had a girls camp. This is our none fsi experience. Okay, give me the rundown on what what you or your daughter thought of the fsi experience. She loved it. So this is my fifteen year old and this is the none time our state has done fsy and they had to bus them up to Northern Idaho because the local University Boise state here in Boise was supposed to host. many weeks of fs wise for kids here in the valley and then they backed out back in January I don’t know if it was like a covid scare because that was right when amaron ah hit but they backed out and so the church had to completely scramble as to where to send these kids so they had to bus them out of town so they had. Ah, like well None ur bus drive and for those of you who are not familiar with idaho there is no interstate between Boise and Northern Idaho you are on a state highway system that is None lanes and winds through many a mountain and canyon. Yes. So they bust him up there. Um, she loved it. She had the best time thought it was a great experience I looked at the schedule like ahead of time and it’s very much. Um I don’t think I realized when they announced that they were going to switch yeah to this Fsi program I don’t think I realized that it is. Like the exact model of ey. Ah, they just transferred it over to be fsy and they kept the same model they have like the same types of activities service projects counselors who are paid just like good old Efy. . only now it is open to all which I think is so really much better I totally better my of a brother in law that um, never went to fs or never got to go to a fy growing up and he said him and his kids just used to call it like rich kids camp him and his friends used to call it like yeah.

TWiM Sisters
Yeah, wise rich kid mormon camp yeah f wise for rich kids which it was I mean you know like it’s $400 i’ just going to say four five hundred dollars and yeah you know if you’ve got a family of a lot of kids that adds up fast, right? Totally so now it is $75 flat fee for everyone. Okay, very reasonable. And ah the steak. Obviously if there’s a need will chip in and yeah, they want every kid to go that can go. Um, so it was a great experience for her. There were kids there from Washington so they met a few kids from Washington and then sounds like. Majority of the kids were from in the valley here and Boise our sake and then maybe a couple of other stakes. Yeah because our steak didn’t do fsy this year we didn’t trek. So I think in None ars you’ll probably swallow probably be next year yes I think they’re going to do it every other year. Oh every other year. Okay, so you’ll probably be next year so we’ll you’ll be interesting to see if. They get to go to Bsu next year very true because I heard they shipped some of them to Logan. Um I don’t know if any got shipped to Eastern Idaho but they they probably they have room in East Idaho they got a whole slew of teenagers over there they had. Yeah yeah, so some went to Logan some went to ah northern ideho so very cool. Anyway, she loved it. It was great experience. So very cool I’m thrilled I’m just glad she had a good time. Well good I’m currently sitting on a taking time bomb and we’re going to wait and see what takes me out now I’ve already told you about this. So I’ve got None opportunities to be taken out this week yes we’ll see what hits none or if I’m just going to skate on through so I spent Saturday with None of my daughters and we’re just running around doing errands hanging out. And we’ve got out to eat. We went to blaze pizza which I love she loves and after we ate the pizza. She’s like oh Mama feel very good. She’s like my stomach hurts and she’s been having some stomach issues and so I just you know we just assumed it was that and so you know we finished up our errands and everything and um. She lives with her dad and so the next day she called me so this was about two o’clock on Sunday afternoon. She called me and she’s like um mom and I’m like yes and she’s like I woke up feeling really bad this morning and I took a ko test I’m positive I’m like oh lovely now mind you. We had shared I had taken a sip of her drink so we had after after we ate pizza and ran some errands. We went to sonic and during happy hour and got sodas and I just wanted to take a sip of her drink. So I took of a sick a foot sip of her drink and I’m like I’m doosday I’m total doomsday at this point this is it if you don’t get it now.

TWiM Sisters
Then you have some type of super immunity. So and we should all be very jealous exactly at this point I am I calculated it out I am 56 hours since exposure tonight right now even as we speak. So I figure if. I can make it another twenty four more hours and not have any symptoms I may skate on this. We will see I think the next twenty four hours would be the critical critical mass to see if it takes me out. There is no way this latest strain is taking vents everyone with it. You are going down that is what I hear. Now I’m just hoping I have immunity because I had a when did I have it. It may you had it in may it got should buy me a few months right find you a few months so we’ll see but I talked to her tonight before I came over and her dad that she lives with keeps testing negative and he’s not showing any symptoms. So. Maybe you both have super I you know I have no idea I anyway. So that’s the none thing that could take me out this week and of course this is like a hideously busy week. Ah, but I did read my guidelines because I went into work today and my guidelines are if you’re fully vaccinated and you’re not showing any symptoms you can come to work. Yeah that an exposure. I think that’s the general that is Cdc so I was like okay I’m good to go to work. Um, but the other thing that could take me out is I’m on jury duty this week so my juror number is 1169 so I thought oh there is no way no way I’m going to get called in with that high of a jury number. So like I didn’t even I didn’t even bother to tell anybody my office I was on jury duty because I thought there’s no way and I’ve packed my week with work events. Oh. So I get online last night to see which jurors they’re calling in they were calling in None through 422 and I was like on the first day on the first day so tomorrow they’re not calling more in so we’re going to see what’s going to take me out first ko or jury duty or will I skee on both What would you? What would you choose your choose jury duty which chose a jury duty it heart anybody would choose I go I am a litigator and so to have the opportunity to sit on a jury then you would promptly get dismissed. Maybe maybe no never know they not likelihood I might but um. But yeah to have the opportunity to sit on a jury and see a courtroom from that vantage point. There’s not a litigator I know who would like jump on that just like that. So well I will say to do that I just I know with the summons first came I was like none of all, it’d been less than 2 years since my last summons so I was like what is this I was like.

TWiM Sisters
Are they sending have summons this early for for Lo for Chad and Larry right? She was so excited you guys. She was like going to get on ta she was texting me and my sister is it Chad Laie and we were both kind of like I think it’s a little early I don’t think that trial’s coming up yet. It’s in January but. You know here’s the deal. They’re going to have to literally send out none of summonses. So I could see them starting early anyway, all right? Well should we move on to some news ya since that is what we’re here for Let’s do some news stories related to the church. Um, okay, so this first one I’ve got I loved this one. It was wildly entertaining to me this is about the Utah cookie wars now if you have listened to us for any length of time you know that we were like madly obsessively excited when the Utah cookie wars spilled into Idaho about when was that like four years ago yeah about four or five years ago about four years ago because we love ourselves a good cook yes about four years ago we started getting the cookie shops up here. We scattered with so delicious. No. Ah we we started with chip we got chip and then we got so we got us so delicious and then we got cruble and we were wildly excited like we went to the grand opening of so delicious. Like we got to figure out what all this buzz is about all these cookies because we’d heard about it for years happening in Utah so we are cookie connoisseurs. So um, this was super interesting because we had an article to talk about tonight and it was an article that came out just a couple weeks ago. Just about the rise of crumble in the Utah cookie wars and how crumble has like come out on top of all the others because they’ve dominated crumble is everywhere now if you do not have a crumble where you live I don’t know where you’re living this says. Yeah. You’re living wherever you is. You’re living that’s nowhere that I want to live they have not stayed in Utah they are in 45 States and wow they have None locations holy cat and they’ve expanded all of this has happened like in less than the five years been like they’ve just been. Insanely growing which if you follow them on Instagram yeah, every single week. They’re opening a new store and this says they have plans to have None stores by the end of the year I don’t know how they’re doing this wow well clearly clearly inflation in economics hasn’t hit them. No. So the original article we were going to talk about tonight was just talking about the rise of crumble. Yes, crumble is the big die and the dominant yes crumble is the big daddy in town has completely taken none of the other ones have franchised like this out of state. So delicia does a little. Yeah.

TWiM Sisters
So delicious. Does a little bit out of state but nothing like this so they this whole article was how crumble cookies roast to the top by taking like marketing their cookies like really using the social media and the marketing like they’re just as much a marketing cookie. Marketing company as they are a cookie company but they do have some really good cookies. They do have some good and I like the fact that they change up their cook right? every week well that’s what they said is like part of the strategy is they change these. Cookies so they’re like limited so people know oh this I have to go this week. Yeah I want this cookie they create scarcity which is a good marketing tax and then also their little pink box that is like really good for Instagram ya and posting and they my favorite quote in this article this is a Desret News article and they said ah you crumble must have realized that the great Utah cookie war wasn’t about who had the better cookie. It was about which cookie looked better on a phone screen and so this whole article where about how you know it’s more of like a status thing. Online when people post about their cookie. It’s like you know I you know, but a gour may cookie I am eating may I butter finger cookie or I was thinking I think they have one that is like circus animals. They have a circus. You know what? my favorite one is they have one that is a Mudy buddy cookie. Oh so good. Very good. Ok. So anyway that was our None story was our none story about crumble and then conveniently for us just regular day day. A breaking news on the cookie war front. Yes I hope people are as like amazed with this as we are because I’m sure at this point in time. Anybody who’s listening to this podcast is going. These girls are all laugh and no substance and in tonight’s episode. You have to be right? Yeah, okay so breaking news on the cookie front. Apparently crumble is suing to others so it is not enough to be the big gorilla in the room. Yeah, got to take it to court. They really prove. You’re the big gor room they want. They want it all so they are currently that’s a little greedy I do think it’s a little greedy because I looked up these other companies they have like 3 stores I don’t think you’re going to cut into in Utah they’re not they’re not exciting okay so who are they suing. Okay, None of them I think is actually in mesa um, they are suing a company called dirty dough. They were found founded in mesa and now they have some shops it was at a take on the dirty soda dirty dough for sure. So you know, maybe so dirty dough is a little. Maybe so delicious should be suing them. Also I don’t yeah.

TWiM Sisters
Are dirty and then the other one is crave cookies and they are suing them for copyright infringement they’re claiming that they have similar packaging and logos now I did research this because I was like I tell me what you think I’m going to have to see I just got to like see? Yeah no I mean. They they have a cookie box dirty dough has a blue cookie box that looks just like the pink crumble cookie box. But it’s blue but their logo and lovely shade of ti blue again, it would look very good at an Instagram photo their logo doesn’t look anything like it. No their logo and then crave cookies I couldn’t see what how they packaged their cookies but again their logo is has cookies in it yeah but different font different I don’t know I guess their websites all kind of look similar. Yeah, their websites do look similar like they have big videos of can you really last aid mark a website I don’t know a website look a website vibe. Yeah, so anyway, but the hilarious thing is. The owner of dirty dough. His name is Bennett wack Maxwell he is fighting back I guess these lawsuit in the most hilarious way. oh oh I’ve got to hear this first. He’s been tweeting and in None of his tweets. Oh. He’s taken page from the Trump play but someone take his Twitter away. Ok, in None of his tweets. He said apparently if you put sprinkles on your cookie crumble thinks they own that and then this is the best thing he has taken out billboards for advertising and he is using this lawsuit in his latest marketing campaign to advertise in Utah he took out a billboard that says. We don’t file lawsuits. We just have better cookies Hashtag and Utah cookie wars yeah, and then he did another one that said that is sincere you shade throw in shade and then he did another one that says cookies. So good. We’re being sued hashtag Utah cookie war day. Do it is taking on Goliath. And I’m like so smart. So so smart that is the best way to play this right exactly well that might play up on that publicity. You’re getting that free publicity. He’s got to pump his businessip because he had a big lawsuit to pay for that’s right? So anyway I just think the whole thing is freaking hilar that is so funny. Well staying on our theme of all fluff and no substance. We’re now going to turn to another food. Favorite fry sauce. Another food favorite which apparently I did not know this till I read this article to you mormons invented fry sauce. Well yes I knew more I did you know. So mormons invented I knew that it was like like it grew a lot but I don’t think I realized their cultural mormons invented it your cultural big western United States thing but like seriously I don’t know where I’ve gone wrong in culturally educating you canno know.

TWiM Sisters
Embarrass I’m embarrassed for the you did know it I’m embarrassed I never told you all I knew is the closer you get to you tell the more chances your restaurant has its very true fry sauce. Very true, but well we’re going to talk about the origins of fry sauce now. I always knew that fry sauce started with Arctic circle which is a hamburger chain that started in Utah and and that’s where I didn’t realize article circles started in Utah but I do like their fry sauce. Can I help you they have really good fries. Oh yeah, because you’re the original eyes. Yeah I didn’t know where anybody else tries to copy. They didn’t know they were the originals of can do anything with you. Ok so let’s talk about the origins of the fry. So. So Arctic circle was started by this gentleman named Don Carlos Edwards and you would think with him name like that he really wouldn’t be in the burger business. But Don Carlos was in the burger business and he originally started as a barbecue chain in the 40 s and then he expanded a hamburgers and whatnot and um he had a son. And I don’t remember what his son’s name was but his son had a son so this is his grandfather or his grandson named Rick Edwards and so Rick Edwards has kind of been the historian for the arctic circle chain and for the edwards family and Desret News had put out an article I don’t know several months ago talking about fry sauce. And they were like hey we don’t know the origins of this anybody knows the origins of this let us know so he reached out to desert news. He’s like oh I know the origins and I got the proof to prove I know the origins. So um, anyway, the way that it started um was um so Don Carlos

TWiM Sisters
Starts this arctic circle company and he actually his none restaurant was called Don Carlos ah barbecue on main street and he built his clientele using a super secret mayo based white sauce that can still be found on the Arctic Ranch burger Arctic Circle Ranch burer and I think of the ranchburger and I’m like Homer Simpson I’m like a rachburger I don’t think I’ve had a ranchburger a cat’ with you tonight anyway. So the he had a friend who lived down in provos named Ellis P or pay. And they opened a branch of Arctic circle in Provo in none and so um, Ron Taylor was a family friend of the pays and the pays had a son named max and Ron and max were the same age and so they’d go work the burger stand. And they were always allowed to kind of experiment with what they wanted to experiment so one night they decided hey let’s make a sauce that’s None parts may a one part ketchup so they made this sauce and someone from corporate came and they started handing it out. People. Loved it someone from corporate came down and was like oh this sounds really this tastes really good. So they took it up to Salt Lake to corporate and Don Carlos was like oh yeah let’s do that in the restaurants. Well then one night so that so then the restaurant owners are told okay, you got to make this sauce but the restaurant owners are okay like we have to make this special white sauce and we have to make this fry sauce. Well one night some some some young men who were just basically lazy decided and we’re just going to mix the white sauce with the ketchup because we don’t want to have to like take this extra step so they mix the white sauce with the ketchup customers. Love it. Don Carlos got word that they mixed the white saucesh with the catchtchup. He goes storming down there. They’re like we’ll try it. And he tried it. He’s like okay this is really good. Okay, so arctic circle spry sauce is not just None parts mayo and 1 part catchtchup. It is the secret arctic circle white sauce mixed with the ketchup. Well what’s in that sauce. Well that is a secret and Rick Edwards is not willing to spill the beans. But every once in a while he lives in California he owns an hjack company every once’s in a gut while him makes up like five gallons for his friends and and deliver it. That’s why theirs is the best that is why there’s is the I would like to take a guess is it pickle juice I don’t know it could be because there’s definitely some pickle stuff in there I feel like it’s pickle juice. So maybe it’s a little mayo with maybe a little relish and some pickle ju my husband will be gagging when he listens to this episode. He absolutely hates fry sauce maybe but we need to get that or just go in and ask for a cup of the special white sauce because we got artic circles here in the boy area and bring it home and deconstruct the white sauce. Maybe.

TWiM Sisters
Maybe we’ll report back. We’ll report back. So there you go. There’s the origins of fri fry sauce and now I have at least done my job to culturally educate you where I had neglected in the past. Okay, all right next article this was just a blog post that I really really liked um from by common consent. Um, and it was from last week and it was titled. You didn’t fail at church checkbox parenting and the author it’s written by m jen I’m pretty sure I did. Ah, well that’s what this whole article is that we all need to read this article. It was very well written. Um, anyway, she’s she just says one of the worst things I’ve encountered online among church members is the idea that children leave the church because their parents did something wrong. And yeah. Ah, the article is just talking about how like we just in our heads culturally have this check box of things we need to do as parents. Um to you know lead our children to the savior and stay in the gospel and she just says you know church checks. Checkbox families are no longer a reality. Um for really any family and we probably need to confront that as a church. Um, she just points out the fact that like chances are very very high. That we all have members of our family who’ve left the church. Yeah you and I have discussed that. Oh yeah, statistically speaking? Oh yeah, yeah, hugely hugely I was I would say like none yeah I yeah feel like most families average. Yeah, and you know some are in and out. But um, she. Love that she said honestly there should be a Sunday school class called you didn’t fail parenting when your children no longer believe would that be so good I do that would be a so really good and helpful. Course. Yeah, and then she just points out that for a religion where agency is like so um. Prize yes, and so we get really mad when they use it yes and they’re like why are you using your agency to make choices I disagree with and she points out that that agency can lead to beautiful journeys that our children take even through even if it’s away from the church. It can be again part of a beautiful journey and um, there’s a loss there but at the same time you just you just never know where their journey is exceeding them and and how it will end up someday but she said ah.

TWiM Sisters
What we instead of perceiving this is a loss. Maybe we could all rework our understanding of what god has planned outside of the checkboxes like there are a lot of other things and I just thought that article was very timely. My husband and I were just discussing last week you know the space photos came out. did you see the space photos from the new telescope no it did not tell space photos well okay after we do this we’re getting online I’m showing you the space photos from the new telescope that came out last week they are gorgeous like okay clearer brighter. Best pictures we’ve ever gotten okay of space and galaxies and they just randomly pointed it out. Like a spot where they thought they yeah get something but they didn’t know if anything was there anyway, it is just like awe inspiring and just like anyway my husband and were just talking about like we know nothing like the the universe is so vast and so huge. And I just think as parents when we get caught up in this checkbox of we have to do this. We have to do this. We have to meet these milestones with our kids. It’s really easy to just get caught up in that little bubble of life and church and culture and. All the things we have to check off and it’s so important to remember that like eternity is forever and there’s so much we don’t know. Yeah, we have no idea the plans that god has for us. So um, sometimes all you can do is just love them and. Exactly and have faith and that really that is because they have that annoying thing called agency I know but I really do think that would be a good Sunday school I do think that’d be a great Let’s all talk about how we can love because family members are left and keep maintain good with them and not feel guilt and shame. Nearly every one of my friends. That’s my age each one of them have at least None kid who’ve left the church you know and I don’t remember that growing up with our parents friends like everybody stayed yeah you know and and I there’s you know, probably a whole slew of reasons why that has changed good bad and different. It is what it is right? but. Yeah I mean I think it would be helpful for us as parents to be able to go ok, that’s you know I disagree with that decision. but but I’m going to respect right? and I’m going to let you do you and I’m not going to internalize that it’s my fault right? I’m not going to feel guilty. Yeah I’m not going to feel shame. Yeah. Because it’s okay, exactly all right next article Wilton Connecticut now I don’t know exactly where Wilton Connecticut is other than it’s in Connecticut. Well here’s what’s hilarious. You know we have.

TWiM Sisters
Ah, for church buildings with there’s the there’s the None plan. You know it just depends on the size of your building are you getting a meeting house or st center cookie cutter. the cookie cutter it’s all goingnna be with the the the you shape with the classrooms all around it’s gonna look the same and it’s gonna have the gym and the. The chapel in the center. Well they want to build a new building in Wilton Connecticut and apparently before they can build their new building. They have to go through the architectural review board. Well, the architectural review board apparently is not so fond of our architecture. Well in Connecticut I stand higher. You know that’s East Coast elite I think they have to say I can laughed because I like that because I I understand our cookie cuttter buildings are functional and we don’t have to spend a. You know, extra money designing stuff. You know I I get the economy of scale of the buildings. But I sure love looking at the older buildings that have yeah, all sorts of interesting architecture so they told the church officials. Um, you need a more interesting roof line. They did not like the roofline. Okay and they gave the architectural review board presented a list of suggestions including interesting architectural features in the roof line a desire for more material samples for the proposed church which would be built across from the town hall if it gets approval. Also apparently there was supposed to be some sort of a plaza and the plaza was going to be kind of near the main road and then in the redesign. The church moved the plaza to the back. Well the architectural review review board didn’t like that they’re like um they said that. Um. What did they say about it. Let me find that here. They said that um, if the plaza is meant to be an attraction for the congregation having it in the back may not be the most ideal location. So apparently um, the monument plaza is not mandated by the church. It is something. That the congregation desired to do on its own and I thought well look at those rogue members in Connecticut is happening and getting laza. Yeah, can you do that? Well they doing you in Connecticut i’ certainly never seen it done here. Oh. That would never fly here no it would never fly here like we should try to organize next time in churches I know we we got to hit an architectural review board behind we would like a plaza please yes, we would like a plaza you gave 1 in Connecticut where can we have a plaza. It would be lovely for our break. The fasts. Oh.

TWiM Sisters
Ah, anyway, so I want to see a picture of this building when it’s done I you know there’s an architectural rendition ah in the article which we will link to you know it still has the front of the building still looks very Mormony. You know with the big steeple and you can tell that that’s where the chapel is but it also looks. Appears to be two stories which is very interesting. Not just the plain ones. Yeah, so it’s pretty cool anyway, very that is very cool. We had um when Keith and I lived in Santa Barbara the stake center in Santa Barbara had an atrium in the middle with live plants. It was amazing. Like the best church like 1940 s best church I ever yeah, when it’s century modern yeah, kind of like the l a temple and it wasn’t too far from downtown Santa Barbara so it was you know the spanish style yeah and it was so fun like you’re walking you know to your class or whatever. Yeah, just. Cut through the little atrium and enjoy a little nature have a little nature. It was awesome. Yeah, where we’re boying. Yeah, okay, next item up forbids please? Okay oh I’m up next. You’re up next. This is a cute story and this was on where did we find this one is this lds living. This has to be I think this was yeah yeah, that was I it was Lds living so this is a story um about Michael Jordan’s flu game and the golden tickets that helped None latter day saint feel god’s love this is a really cute story I have not read this so enlighten me so in 9097 in June um. The Utah jazz were playing game five of the and Nba finals against the bowls and it was in Utah and this game is very famous I know this because I have two basketball players in my home that talk about this a lot and watch all the Michael Jordan oh gosh material out there. Um, it is called the flu game because Michael Jordan got sick the night before this game hey like violently throwing up sick and there’s long been speculation was he food poisoned because there was pizza delivered to the hotel he fire no not price sauce. But you got to watch up for that Utah pizza anyway, I don’t know sleep the fry sauce or cookies. Theres long been speculation have the flu or was it food poisoning by some you know ja a ro jazz. Yeah, which if you’ve never met jazz fans. You could totally like the the the food poisoning story is not far from right. Anyway, Michael Jordan enough went on to have like an amazing game where he scored like none of points and rebounds in the whole thing despite the fact that he was throwing up right before where’s the esp and documentary about this there’s got to be there is okay there’s there’s what you I did you live with basketball I have watched it. So um.

TWiM Sisters
Actually I can’t remember if it’s Hbo I don’t know there’s a bunch of them. But there’s a new one that came out this year that goes into all of this. Um anyway, so this story is about there were a couple of guys from Nike a guy named Ken Black and a guy named Elliott Hill they were right before this game in 9097 they were in Dallas on business for Nike trying to sell some uniforms to the Dallas mavericks on their way home. They had a layover in Salt Lake City and it was going to be the same night as the flu game okay game None of the finals. So um, they were like hey we should see if we can like. Find a way to go to that game. We’re going to be in Salt Lake City that would be so cool so they start calling up their connections at the Nba as you do when you work at Nike you said, do you start with the Nba or do you just call the pr person for Nike and say call the pr for symphon the andba give me some tickets so they scored a few. Tickets from the Mba people then the next hurdle they had to get over was their flight. They only had like an hour layover. Um, and that was not enough time to get to the game and get back but they also did they were young in their careers and they were like well we can’t just like not like we can’t just not. Use our tickets that Nike bought us to fly home and like buy our own tickets like that would be awkward so they sweet talked the lady at Delta ok the delta employee they said hey we can you put us on a later flight. We don’t want to have to pay for this flight? Yeah, our company paid for it. Yeah, can’t miss our flight that our company paid for yeah. And um, so she’s like well I don’t know she’s one like she’s trying to see what she can do and they said listen we have None extra ticket to the and Nba finals tonight and it’s yours if you can switch our flight for us and she’s like okay, but do I have to use it can I give it to someone and they’re like no, you can give it to someone so she finagles things. Which is their flight. Okay, this is good bribery I’m mean give the points for their leg I know know I’m not sure today’s world cant be line today. Do today because I was reading this article going. That’s amazing. How would you ever say? No yeah, exactly. So they so she can know the fight butnales the fights but she tells them ok I would like to use this ticket for my 13 year old son chase. But here’s the deal if I get you these fights you have to meet me outside the gates and you have to take chase to this day her thirteen year old day and they’re like sure we’ll take him with. Like I’m trusting you I know I mean your None ear old sonton over to Nike executive. So she talks about this and she’s like I don’t even know these guys she drops them off outside the stadium with these guys. Ah the 13 year old is like whoa. He’s like super excited and she’s just like.

TWiM Sisters
What did I just do I don’t even know these guys am I gonna get hired for it. So it doesn’t violate any hr policy. Yes, so they take her son into the game. Um, they said ah they made him feel like 1 of the guys. He’s just hanging out with yeah these guys from Nike and then like midway through the game. Um. 1 of the guys turned to the kid and is like does your do you go to games a lot with your dad and the kid his name is chase. He said my dad just died and so this Nike guy says like the whole that changed the mood for the whole rest of the night yeah Deie Downer so then they’re like well we got to we got to make this. Amazing. Yeah, for this kid. They’re buying in popcorn and co handy like they’re trying to make it like really I guess I show um can I get some air Jordan Swag you are Nike after all. Yes, so then um so then these guys you know and None of these guys I think it said his. He had a parent that and died when he was younger I had his mom so he totally related. Yeah to this kid and he talked to the kid’s mom afterwards when they dropped him off and she said oh yeah, his dad dad just passed away recently it was suicide and just like this so such a sad story. So these Nike guys these three Nike guys that went to this game with him. They’ve always remembered this as chases game like in yeah in their minds. It’s no not a flu game. The flu game. It’s chases game. Okay, that is really cool. Okay, that is really great’ enough kids story and this kid is lbs. Yeah, they were members of the church. He was like a None grader. Yeah deacon act of yeah church. So anyway, flash forward to present day. Um, these None guys Ken and Nike that work for Elliot or Ken and Kevin Elliott that work for Nike have like risen they’ve become like pretty high up. Yeah Zacks at Nike over the years and they’ve told this story over and over again. In fact, it said they even they said they even told it to Michael Jordan once okay, um, but I guess they have always wondered what happened to chase and they ever kept in touch. So recently Elliot was flying through Salt Lake and he’s like you know what? I’m just gonna ask around so he starts asking some delta employees. Hey. Do you remember this lady? Yeah, her name was mary her husband had died. She worked here for years and some of them were like oh yeah, it’s. So they reached out to her and said he wants to get in touch with you. They reconnected with the family chase is all grown up now and has like 3 kids of his own married and so they’ve kind of reconnected him over this fun. Yeah experience of going to the game and and all that and then um in then. And this is super random. Ah one day kind of in passing Ken one of these Nike guys told ask chase if he’s still at his ticket stub and that game because he’s like I know a guy that’s collector that is looking for one of these stubs.

TWiM Sisters
And I guess that chase had just been really missing his dad and like wanting to you know, just that yeah missing and so he’s like well I don’t know I’ll go look and he went back and he looked and he found his dad’s old journals and was reading and just really feeling. Yeah connected to his dad and he found. The ticket ticket stub which he had saved in a plastic case and he said the only reason he probably did that because normally you wouldn yeah save a stub especially because the jazz lost. Yeah um, the only reason he probably did that is because that was like something his dad had like instilled in his his dad was like a savior ticket like yes. Or Joe or recorder. Yeah, kind of a person so he found this ticket and he got an offer for it for $7500 from darren ral who I guess is like a espn guy and yeah collector. So and it said that everyone involved said. Like yeah, sell your if you want to sell your tickets so sell your ticket golf for it. Yeah, they all were very supportive and um, he just said that he felt through this whole experience that just like um his dad was watching over him and heavenly father was like giving him. Kind of like a sign from his dad he he’s feeling lonely. Anyway, it was a cute story that is such a cute story I did I have never heard that story before yeah that is very cool. Okay I have to go turn off my robot map. You let just sort of carry on next story. Okay I will carry on hence the the beauty of a lot. Well I guess we’re not low. No, we’re not live recording. But. I know I wondered what that noise was I’m like world. It’s a little noisy. Okay, so we are going to move on to um, not only is summer sticky floor season here in southern idaho and utah it is mormon cricket season. And in some some years. The mormon crickets are really bad other years they’re not this year the mormon crickets are horrible. So anyway, there is this article that appeared in a magazine or is a newspaper ah publication in oregon entitled What’s so mormon about mormon cricket because they have them an organ too. Apparently? yes, they do have you seen a mormon cricket. Do we have them here. Um, you know what? if you go out to hawaii county they’re everywhere out in hawaiki county so they they tend to stay away from like populated areas like anyway. So the story starts out with a question. eastern oregon is apparently under assault by a plague of ravenous mormon crickets. What’s so mormon about them are they morally upstanding abstinence polygamist please advise and it’s signed writ mom me that’s funny I thought it was very funny.

TWiM Sisters
And it says believe me red I’d love to convince. You. They’re called mormon crickets because of for their love of gold statues mounted on tall white columns anyway, so the article is very funny. It’s very tongue in cheek and it talks about them. They’re huge. They’re three inches long and they live for about one hundred days they have a hundred day lifespan and they can eat £38 of vegetation. So then he goes on and he talks about you know, kind of the legend of the mormon crickets that we’ve all heard growing up and talks about you know where your power flows from the precipitation. That you are gods annointed having your colony wiped out by literal plagues of no clocus is just not a good luck anyway and so they he goes and he talks about you know the story of the mormon crickets and saving Brigham young’s crops and um anyway and so. Then he says you know secular killjoys are not entirely sold on the telling of this tale but in any of it. It. It’s just kind of a really funny article that pokes fun at at the mormon crickets and um, yeah I have not seen them out in Hawaii County but I’ve heard. That when they are ravenous like they are this year they just cover the sidewalks they cover the roads and then as you drive down the roads like you are driving over them and they are crunchy like crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch as you’re driving. Oh that’s gross. So yes, so we’re famous for cookies fry sauce and criets and crickets here in the west. Oh goodness. Okay, um, next story is by jaese okay, the tribune we like a good jaes. Um, okay, she this one was funny I call this the ja cracked the code on on why the word word mormon is like not good anymore. We’ve been taught. About this for years. Yes, this comes up all the time. But maybe I should not be calling them mormon cricket maybe I should be calling them church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Aids Cricket still is claiming. She has cracked the code on the reason why behind all of okay, why so tell me what is the reason so she is just talking about how you know it’s been several years now. Um, since president Nelson asked us all to you know, stop using the word mormon and she said you know journalists are still doing it not to be disrespectful intentionally disrespect. But so hard to break. Yes, she said it’s a hard to break and she said also journalists are serving a broad audience and so from there. Point of view they need to like use the word that most people are going to recognize. Um anyway, but she did say that Google searches and mormon used to outweigh latter day saint by 43 to None okay now several years later it only outweighs it by 40 to 1 In fact.

TWiM Sisters
We’re making headway we’re very very slowly moving in that direction but she talks about how um like it just kind of dawned on her recently that like um, part of this reason we’re changed she she mentioned several of the changes that have happened in the church over the past several years. Um, to our church um eliminating the outdoor pageants. Um, the temple marriage no longer requiring couples to marry in the temple none to be sealed missionaries can talk to their families once a week the missionary dress code has changed and she just talks about how all of these are kind of like. Pushing us more towards mainstream and then she also talks about how um in the history of our church There’s kind of this pendulum and we’ve swung back and forth between periods of re retrenchment yes and periods of assimilation. So every retransmit. Retrenchment phases where we hunker down and call ourselves a peculiar people and do you think we’re in retrenched, we’re gonna no, um, she’s claiming that this is a phase of assimilation. Ok a phase of of assimilation is when we’re trying to be normal. We’re trying to be like everybody like we’re trying to like you know fit in. Um, so she’s thinking that she calls it a. We’re not weird phase when we’re in an assimilation. Okay, so she believes shedding the term mormon and is to help us like be more mainstream mainstream. We’re not weird finish. Whatever so that’s her theory I’m a. All right? Well, it’s interesting now just as long as I don’t have to call the crickets the church of Jesus Christ of larryity saints crickets. That’s um, a mouth all right? Okay, my next story is american ninja warrior. So um, this was an article in the dest news that I happened to run across. Um. Ironically enough I think I ran across it Saturday so I have to tell you what I was doing Friday night so american ninja warrior show was on Friday night for 2 hours from None to None and I happen to have it on in the background as you know I’m doing this home remodel and so I was working on my tile on Saturday night. Stripping it down and getting it all clean and everything because I was getting ready to you know, reseal it and so I had this on in the background while I’m you know scrubbing on the floor and like seriously every other contestant on there from Utah from Utah from Utah like what the heck. So apparently Utah is this little hotbed of training for american ninja warrior and they have a whole bunch of contestants on right now that are not only from Utah but also are members of the church many of which have moved on from the semifinals and are being quite successful.

TWiM Sisters
So if american did you wire is your thing. It’s kind of like dance. You need to get to Utah because that’s where the mecca is where all the training gyms and that’s where the training gyms are that is super interesting I had no idea I really I and I hadn’t seen this article when I’m when I’m I don’t want to say watching but listening to this on television. You know they’re telling their stories and everything I’m like that person so has to be a member of the church and so then the next day I saw this article and I was like wow I am not crazy that all of these utahs who are members of the church want to be on american ninja war that’s super interesting. Okay. Next article this is another blog post from by common consent this one’s written by Sam Brunson and it’s titled girls should be passing the sacrament full stop. He is oh. Coming out hard. Okay on his feelings for this and he’s written about this before ok a couple times before but then I said I decided to write about it again because I feel like I need to be very blunt this time so is there something that triggered him to write this is again that triggered him to write about this again. So in his ward. Um, it sounds like he lives in a smaller ward. It says they don’t have a lot of youth in his ward and they only have one young man right now able to pass the sacrament and so they send out an email to the elders corrum asking for volunteers to like sign up on a sign of genius to help with whatever Sunday’s passing the sacrament and he. Has None daughters in young women’s and he is thinking why can’t they use my daughters and so he goes back and he he talks about like doctrine and covenants um prohibits deacons and teachers from administering the sacrament which means passing and preparing it or not administering it because deacons and teachers. Pass it and prepare it. So um, and then he also talks about you know a few years ago they changed um the policy so that if a mother is in the mother’s room nursing a young woman can stand outside the nursing room take the sacrament from a deacon and take it into the nursing room for her. You I didn’t realize yes, oh that’s yes and this stemmed from I can’t remember oh it was a ward in Chicago that we’re having girls. Yeah that and then the church was like ok, let’s yes, this is okay like the church said yes you can do this is okay, um, they gave the stamp of approval. So. His theory is well okay, that was a step closer if girls can do that. Why can’t they pass. Yeah and I think this idea has been bumped around for years. Yes, um, just amongst members yes, discussion like why could they not? There’s nothing that says like it anyways I totally get. Um.

TWiM Sisters
Totally get his desire for his daughters to do that as a mom of daughters. Yes I totally understand it and it’s not so much about the boys can do it so they should do it. Well it it is but also it’s I think just the idea of having responsibility I feel like as a church. We’re getting a lot better when I none in young women’s when we were first newlyweds. It was very even divide the boys pick up the chairs and do the sacrament and the girls do the babysitting like every time there’s a release society event. You ask the young women to be the babysitters and I feel like we even in my time in young women’s we were moving away from that like in my ward in Oregon. We would have the girls help with the chairs after church too. It was all the you. Yeah and we would have the boys help with the babysitting on nights where we needed that we would have girls do a night boys do night yesterday night. So it’s they’ve been trying to mix it and I just think for girls in the church There’s not a lot of responsibility that you get to do? Um. So I I totally get his idea behind it anyway, it’s a interesting thing. It’s an interesting thing to think about especially when there’s a necessity. Um, when it’s a necessity I think it’s kind of like a it makes you think of it in a different way right. Like oh we don’t have deacons. Why could we not use the young women that’s different. You know exactly it really makes you kind of think of it like in actuality this is very practical solution but I don’t know well interesting articles to read very interesting food for thought. Yeah. Shall we move on to mormons behaving. Badly yes I’ve been looking forward to this segment I have some rather tawdry things to discuss. We’re going to discuss one really in my thing first before we get into the tawdry that I’m just like of this is good. This is rich. So just real quick. Um, you know we were talking about ah fsy camps at the beginning of the show and your daughter went to an fsycamp as you can imagine be why you was sponsoring a ton of fsy camps and so just last week they had this homeless person. Who somehow or another got onto the campus and he inappropriately touched 2 girls that were attending yeah camp like right in front of camp counselors other camp other fs. Why people so he was ah arrested without haste. Um, when the police arrived the police the the adviser said oh he’s over there. The police go over to him and the none words out of his mouth are I’m no pervert. The police do like a dude we haven’t even asked you a question red flag red flag. Exactly.

TWiM Sisters
Anyway, so he was arrested in charge superreate. Okay I tell you when I read this article. My daughter told me when she was at Fsi up in Northern Idaho the last night she was there at Eleven o’clock at night in their dorm she was in a friend’s room. A guy walked down the hall in a hoodie and this was supposed to be an allg girls dorm and. She said it was like a unicorn. It wasn’t like a u of I hoodie. Yeah, it was like a regular guy hoodie and so they went and told the counselor. Yeah like ah we just saw this guy walk down the hall and then I think they had seen him outside the wolves walking around the building too. She like I don’t think he’s supposed to be in there because you have to have a key car. Yeah get in. Yeah and the counselor was like oh I think it’s just someone. It’s probably just someone who works here and the girls were like well he wasn’t wearing a uniform. He’s wearing a unicorn hoodie and the counselor totally blew it off and I like you freaky kitty oh I was like um. That doesn’t sound good. Oh my god thank goodness nothing happened that I know yeah, but when I when she told me the counselor blew it off I was like what I would be like where’s he where is he wears that much easier. Dale I don’t where’s my phone I’m calling the cops. Wow. So wow wow! Super creepy super creepy. All right? Sorry okay, let’s get into my tawdry and salacious because this is good so you remember Zach Wilson oh yes he is our favorite cougar. Our favorite cougar and the title of this article is Zach Wilson’s cougar situation is all over the place. So let me tell you what went down. Um, so Zach Wilson be way you quarterback got drafted last year by the jets he’s the jets quarterback he had this girlfriend that he had since high school and her name was Abby Giles and she was with him at the draft and she went back to New York with him. Well apparently in January they broke up now. There’s no official announcement of breaking up because that’s not how kids do it these days to announce that you’re breaking up you scrub each other from each other’s social media accounts. Erase all pictures era all pictures stop following stop following and that is the equivalent of announcing to the world. We’ve broken up so that happened in January. There was very little fanfa about it. Well this last weekend. Um, there was a picture posted. Um, so there’s a gentleman by the name of Dax Malign and he was Zach’s roommate in college and he was a receiver and apparently Zach threw all sorts touchdown passes to him. They’re very close this last weekend Dax posted a picture on his social media account of him and Abby because him and Abby are now together.

TWiM Sisters
And so somebody then ah posted on Abby’s account and said um oh and then they noticed that Zach and Dax have scrubbed each other from their social social media accounts. Oh which apparently um, in this tmi area. Yeah athletes frequently use social media to send passive aggressive messages. So anyway, so so Dax and Abby announced their relationship and then um and of course athletes dating each other at each other’s ex’s is a tradition as old as the olympics. And um, Giles is one of the few people who successfully pulled off what is known as the Seinfeld switch anyway, so um, somebody put on Abby’s account and called her what is referred to as a homeie hopper and that’s when you like date. Your ex’s best friend and so she decides to air out some dirty laundry and she claims she she replied back and said that Wilson was sleeping with his mom’s best friend and that was the real homie hopper Mike Drop Boom walk away. And of course she immediately deletes that comment after it’s out there in the zen whoops. So the New York Media being what the New York media is like immediately pick up on this. And so they are knocking on Lisa’s door going Lisa Lisa’s his mom Lisa who zac sleep with which friend right? and we’ve talked about Lisa on here before yes you follow her I follow her and so um Lisa happens to open the door and she’s like this is just silly I’m not even gonna respond and she just says Abby is a very angry young woman. Anyway, so the only thing that Lisa says publicly she says on Monday and she’s like would y’all stop calling my friends because everyone’s trying figure out I would start to figure out who he is Zach meanwhile last weekend is up in court laine with several of his teammates hanging out at a swanky golf resort when all of this goes down so he. On social media on Tuesday and he’s like yeah been out of cell phone range. What I miss when I like his media adviser that was such the brilliant response because I got to thinking about this I’m like okay I don’t know if he slept with his mom’s friend or not or this is. I don’t know if he’s behaving badly or the ex-girlfriend’s behaving. Badly one of the 2 of them is behaving badly but I’m not sure which one it is because I don’t know if this is sour grapes or if he really slept with his mom’s best friend but in any event if you were to get online and deny it nobody believing you know they’d be like oh you’re just denying that you really did it.

TWiM Sisters
Is he going to get online and admit it if he didn’t do it so he just plays koy and the media has just eaten this up and now all of a sudden you know, whatever response that Abby was seeking to throw him under the bus has now endeared him to even more people with the thought that he might have snagged himself a cougar. Oh my god it’s had exactly the opposite effect and it’s pumped his status up and it’s just been there. Absolutely there are memes floating around. Oh there are memes. It’s been hilarious I would have heard this talked about my pop culture podcast. Ah, were you kidding it made the pop culture podcast. They referenced it last week very briefly because they don’t really talk about sports but None of the one of the hosts is into sports and he briefly referenced it and I was like wow there. There are a lot of people. Who don’t really know a lot about exactly why you or Zach Wilson that have picked up on the yeah story and are very interested in it. Yeah, you know what I kept thinking through this whole thing and the media coverage I just kept thinking this whole situation. Yes, feels like a brilliant Chris. Jenner Media Plant oh because of all of the good publicity is she is like the queen of like let’s plant some bad publicity and make it spin it to be good. She really is I feel like this like she could have cooked this up perfectly. This is like right up her alley. So do we think Lisa Cook this up or do we think Abby could I don’t at least I don’t know because that’s the thing I’m like they’re not They’re not so as conniving as christian or are they or are they or will my team cook it up. I think she I know seriously I think she truly is dating his ex roommate now I don’t I don’t think that’s like right face I mean because it came from the ex-girlfriend it really does feel revenge I mean why would yeah why would your ex-girlfriend play into your media play exactly exactly. Well not only play into your media play start the media play by saying I’m not the homie hopper. He’s though, but I’m just saying it’s like so good like next level good. It feels. It feels almost like Kardashianesque well I I do have to say I think both Lisa and Zach’s responses ah, you know I’m I’m sure knowing that he was going to New York which they they are like the british tabloids they eat their young that he probably hired a very media savvy person to help him navigate media and social media and all of that and whoever this was in my opinion I’m like brilliant.

TWiM Sisters
Brilliant response which is so weird to me. So do you think this is just a New York thing that they are so fascinated with is Zach Wilson in his family or do you think like is New York like this with all of their athletes or is this an Lds. He’s mormon. He’s a clean cut Byu kid. it’s my thinking is it’s None parts this is New York one part this is a you topic? Okay, um, the New York Media has a history of always wanting to know their athletes whether it’s football baseball or basketball who are they sleeping with like the tabloids like that’s their relationship staggered to me because i. Feel like we don’t see that in West Coast smart we don people just say we don’t in general. Yeah, you know how like Meghan Markle was warned the british press will you alive the british tabloids Zach Wilson got a similar kind of warning that said. Oh the New York media is going to eat you a alive honey you by be prepareded for them and there’s not a tougher media market for a sports figure than New York say that is so weird I know feel like that happens with so us they’re dating a kardashian so you yes so you’ve got the factor of the New York media that is obsessed with the personal lives of their sports star. And then you have this sports star from Utah who looks like he’s carved out of cream cheese and so does his girlfriend and so do his family everyone in his family looks like that so they have this kind of clean cut. You know all american look and then you hear rumors of tawdry behavior that maybe is not so all- american. I think the New York media just can’t help themselves. They’re like this is a good story anyway. So yes, it was it was rising in the um in the social media sphere and Twitter sphere and all of that last week um and like I said you know it it was a really good spin that Zach ended up. Coming out of this thing smelling like a rose so you know revenge was not a dish served cold. Well, it’s a good thing. He’s a boy because opposite. Oh yeah, oh yeah, if this if the situations were reversed and this were a female a day a much older man. Yeah. And and so yeah, it does show some sexism as well. But in any of it I I thoroughly enjoyed getting on every day for my daily like all right and then in my last piece of mormons behaving badly in other tawdry news since I’m doing taudry news stories. Jen Shaw she is on the real housewives of Salt Lake city oh yes she used to be mormon she converted to muslim or islam yes, when she married her husband who um is the football coach assistant football coach for the University Of Utah as you know she faced several federal charges for.

TWiM Sisters
Racketeering and wire fraud and a whole bunch of other stuff she was said to start trial this week but she ended up pleading guilty last week to wire fraud and she now faces for up to 14 years in jail so whoa she’ll be doing a little time somewhere between eleven and fourteen years is the plea agreement well so they’re going to have to find a new housewwack to replace her. Yeah, so anyway I vote for Zach Wilson’s mom. She’d be a good housewi. Oh my gosh. She’d be the best but I think she hast enough sense to go I’m not getting in that cesspool is she got enough to worry about right now exactly. Like I got enough Cis pool I don’t need that says full. All right? Should we talk about our favorite. Yes let’s do favorite things all right I go first? Yeah, well we are keeping on the food. We both brought we both nice. Ok. So my favorite thing is we must be hungry. We must be this is like. The best season it’s called ok, Freddy’s the restaurant fred. Yeah, Freddy’s is like a custard restaurant is I don’t know is this a west coast thing. Do they have these all over the United States but they have custard and steakburgers. Their hamburgers are really good I have a beef with their french fri their french frier I don’t like their french I want a meteor french or french frieser skinny. Yeah um, anyway. Freddy’s is a restaurant probably in the west maybe all over um they have they sell in their restaurant but they also sell on Amazon because I checked this. Freddy’s steak burger and fry seasoning. You could buy it in a little jar. It is seasoning and supposedly they put it on their. Burgers hold it up there. So are people anybody who’s watching the time video can see yes, um, so supposedly they put it on their burgers but we bought a jar and my favorite thing to do with it is to sprinkle it on potatoes and put it in the air fryer. Ah, it makes really good seasoned potatoes and then. Discovered this week you can also sprinkle it on cauliflower ohh and roast your cauliflower like little olive oil roll sprinkle of the sea in the in the air fryer roast it in the air fryer and then dip it in ranch. It’s like you know when you go to restaurant and they give you fancy cauliflower yeah roasted cauliflower is an appetizer. And you’re like how come cauliflower doesn’t taste this good at home. Oh I’m so go to have to try that. Yeah, it’s delicious. It can taste this good at home. So how long do you cook it for the air fryer like 6 or 7 minutes oh that’s I’m gonna have to go get ahead of cauliflower. Yeah easy. You can I buy that in the restaurant. Yeah, you can buy at the restaurant or they also sell it on Amazon so I’m pretty sure. It would make anything good in the air fryer. So I’ve tried potatoes and cauliflower I’ll let you know what I try next? Okay I’m just gonna sprinkle it on everything and that goes in the air fire I did 2 food things tonight. This is my first one. It is the goldfish vanilla cupcake ah crackers those are delicious.

TWiM Sisters
So here’s what I like about them. They you put them in your mouth and they just kind of melt in your mouth and they have this graham cracker vanilla thing. They are so yummy. So I’m trying to be a little healthier and cut back on excessive amounts of sweets and things. And so I will have these like as a nighttime snack I’ll take like 10 to 15 little crackers I’ll put them in a little bowl I’ll eat them 1 by 1 they are so yummy, but here’s the problem so I had I had my little stash of these and I I kept them hidden. Happened to get them out one night and I was eating them in the presence of my husband and my husband is like what are those so I let him have a few and he’s like how come you’ve been holding out on me and so now I have to buy like 3 times as much because he’s like he will literally sit down and down a whole package. They are just that yummy and delicious. So the none thing I brought. Was sprite zero if you have not tried the sprite zero it is I I do not like diet sprite. But I love the sprite zero because it really does taste like sprite. And it is so good. So those are my None recommendations you are drinking sprite instead of diet coke well I still drink diet coke but I know but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you drink another soda besides diet. Oh I know this. But. The the only other soda that I keep on hand besides diet coke is I really do like fresca and so like maybe at night I’ll be like okay I don’t really want to have a diet coke but I want to have some sort of a soda so I will do the sprite or I will do a fresca but I’m loving the sprite zero I don’t like like I said I don’t care for diet sprite that point right? None right? Zero well I could share with you but you don’t want my covered jokes not drinking your covid ju ok, ok, well think that’s I set about wraps it up for us tonight twin nation. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. It was so fun to be here. We hope that you enjoy the show if you have any questions or comments you can reach out at contact at this week in http://mormons.com and Jeff will answer you. You can find us on Twitter Instagram Facebook and if you really really really want to be a super loyal fan. Join Patreon three bucks a month keep our power bill going. Thanks guys! Thanks for listening.


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