Church Updates Names for Two Temples

A curious case of nomenclature.

Every now and then, an upcoming temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints receives a new name. Sometimes it’s because the final name simply isn’t sorted out at the time of announcement, such as the Lima Peru Los Olivos and Miraflores Guatemala City temples . Sometimes it’s because the temple itself moves location, such as the formerly-Tooele-now-Deseret-Peak-Utah Temple. Sometimes the Church just flat-out renames a building, like with Feather River California and Red Cliffs Utah.

The First Presidency of the Church has announced the names of two upcoming temples, one of which is a confusing announcement at first glance.

As we predicted in October 2021, President Nelson announced a temple in North Rexburg, Idaho at the end of General Conference. Since then, the temple, which will sit less than four miles up the road from the Rexburg Idaho Temple, has been known as the Rexburg North Idaho Temple. Now, the temple will have an identifier that won’t make it come off as Rexburg’s “junior” temple, or an appendage to the “real” Rexburg temple. Instead, it will now be known as the Teton River Idaho Temple. The Teton River flows around Rexburg, and the new name will give it broader regional appeal.

Now to our headscratcher. The Church has revealed that the temple announced in April 2022 for Birmingham, England will in fact be known as the… drumroll… Birmingham England Temple.

You might wonder why this merits an announcement. After all, the Church is not typically in the business of issuing press releases to confirm the name of a temple already announced as it is. There was no article on the Layton Utah Temple in fact being named the Layton Utah Temple. The Yorba Linda California Temple remains named as such. So what gives?

When President Nelson announced the Birmingham Temple, he said, “Birmingham, United Kingdom” (emphasis added). The Church’s subsequent press release confirmed it.

The other two temples in Great Britain are the London England Temple and the Preston England Temple. Why would a third temple carry a “United Kingdom” identifier? Perhaps this was a simple oversight at the time of announcement that made it all the way through the Newsroom, but it must be the only reason why the Church would bother to confirm the name of the Birmingham temple in a press release.

Either way, more temples are coming! No renderings or groundbreaking dates have been announced for either temple.

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