Hi folks. Due to numerous requests, we’ve decided to offer archives of every bit of Gospel Study Sesh done thus far. No clue what Gospel Study Sesh is? Read this to understand the love.

So for those of you who missed a module or just want to go back and reflect on the good ol’ days, this is for you. Click away and study!

What is Gospel Study Sesh?

We created Gospel Study Sesh many years ago during the early days of This Week in Mormons. Through our email list, we ran a back and forth during the week on a given topic, all with the idea of improving our regular gospel study.

Each day, Geoff or Al asked a question and then the other responded with their own thoughts, links to related material, and questions for the other. All the while, we encouraged you, our dear friends, to respond to the emails and enlighten us with your thoughts.

Below you’ll find links to all of these exchanges. We hope you’ll find them useful in your own gospel study.

The Plan of Salvation

The Nature of God

The Priesthood

The House of Israel




The Atonement








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